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Of the age of one year and under 5
Between one and two
Between the age of 2 and 5

5 and 10
10 and 20
20 and 30
30 and 40
40 and 50
50 and 6
60 and 70
70 and 80
80 and 90
90 and 100

From the 22d to the 29th,

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Adults 14, children 19; total 33.

OF THESE THERE WERE Of the age of one year and under 7 Between one and two Between the age of 2 and 5

5 and 10
10 and 20
20 and 30
30 and 40
40 and 50
50 and 60
60 and 70
70 and 80
80 and 90
90 and 100

Total 33
Dropsy in the head
Fever, nervous
Fever, scarlet
Inflammation of the lungs 1
Old age
St. Anthony's fire
Small pox
Still born

Fever, typhus
Inflammation of the head 1
Inflammation of the sto-

Locked jaw
Small pox

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Total 42

From the 5th to the 12th.

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Adults 24, children 16; total 40.


Of the age of one year and under 8
Between one and two
Between the age of 2 and 5

5 and 10

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18. W. cloudy. do. fair. WNW.


19. W. fair. do. do. do. do. AT Baltimore, Alexander Hazle. 20. NE. fair. do. do. do. do. hurst, Esq., to Miss Frances Purvi.

21 NE. cloudy. N. cloudy. NE. ance, daughter of Robert Purviance, snow.

Esq., all of that city. 22. N. fair. do. do.

At Philadelphia, Mr. A. Snyder, * 23. N. fair. NNE. cloudy. do. printer, to Miss Margaret Wial, of do.

that city. 24. NW. snow. NNE. cloudy. December 13, at Abingdon, Penndo. do.

sylvania, Mr. Joseph Ely, merchant, 25. NW. clear. do. fair. do. do. of Philadelphia, to Miss Ann Wilson,

26. W. clear. do. fair. WNW. only daughter of Mr. Oliver Wildo.

son, of Bristol township. 27. SSW. rain. W. hail. do. 19. At Philadelphia, Mr. George cloudy.

Ritter to Miss Ann Wilt, both of 28. W. fair. do. do. do, clear. this city. 29. SE. snow. E. rain. SE. hazy. 20. At Philadelphia, Mr. Nathan

30. WNW. cloudy. do. do. do. Pawling to Miss Priscilla Thomas, do.

of East-town, Chester county, Penn31. W. clear. do. cloudy. do. do. sylvania. 1805.

20. At Philadelphia, Mr. John January 1. W. clear. do. cloudy. Turner, to Miss Ann M‘Leod, do. do.

daughter of Mr. John M‘Leod, mer2. WNW. cloudy. do. fair. do. chant, of Southwark. do.

20. Mr. James Cooper, of Wood. 3. W. cloudy. SSW. fair. S. bury, to Miss Barbary Wilks, of fair.

Philadelphia. 4. NW. fair. do. do. do. do. 26. Mr. Caleb Cobourn to Miss 5. NW. cloudy. W.cloudy, snow. Ann Dizer, of Chester township, W. cloudy.

Delaware county. 6. NNW. clear. WSW. clear. 26. Mr. Jacob Creemer, of Wil. NW. clear.

mington, Delaware, to Miss Sarah 7. W. cloudy. WSW, rain and Hugt, of Philadelphia. sleet. WSW. rain.

27. At Rahway, New Jersey, 8. WNW. clear. N. cloudy. NE. Christopher Marshall, jun. of Phiclear.

ladelphia, to Phæbe Shotwell, jun., 9. E. hard rain. SW. rain. SW. of that place. hazy.

January 9. At Philadelphia, Mr. 10. NNE. cloudy. NE. snow. William J. Baker to Miss Marga. do. do.

retta Wager, daughter of Philip 11. N. fair. NW. fair. do. do. Wager, Esq., of Philadelphia.

9. At Lancaster, Pennsylvania, RAIN GUAGE.

Mr. Charles S. Sewel, of the east

Inches. ern shore of Maryland, to the amiDecember 8

.7 able Miss Ann Catharine Keag, of 1.50 that place.

17. At Philadelphia, Thomas B. January 9

1.80 Zantzinger, Esq., to Miss Sheaff, 10.35 daughter of the late Mr. William

Sheaff, all of Philadelphia.

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December 24, 9 inches on a level.
January 1 and 2, 8

3, 10, 7

AT Middletown, Pennsylvania, a negro man, named Jack, the property of colonel W. Chambers, aged John Kennedy. His death was ocabout one hundred and sixteen years. casioned by a fall on the ice, in the

At Norwich, Connecticut Mr. Sa, street, on the 30th December ; his muel Brown, aged ninety years... leg was fractured in several pieces, He was the first owner of a chaise and his head very much injured. in the town of Norwich, and was He has left a wife and two children. prosecuted, in those early days, for 21. At Belmont, the seat of judge a breach of the Sabbath, and fined Peters, Mrs. Sarah Peters; a wofor riding in his carriage on a Sun- man whom those who knew her day, to attend public worship. best, loved her most; whose heart

At Louisa county, Virginia, John was the repository of all the virtues; Woodger. He wanted about three whose person once united all the weeks of ninety years. He was a graces, and even at the age of fiftynative of Virginia ; plain and tem- two, retained an unusual share of perate in his diet, and his constant loveliness; whose cheerfulness of drink, for many years, was hard disposition, elegance of manners, cyder. He never took a doze of benevolence of mind, and purity of physic, nor had a vein opened in his friendship, endeared her to every life. He was remarkable for scru. society in which she moved; but pulous honesty; plain and blunt in who, in the nearer relations of wife, his manners, he had some oddities, and mother, and sister, shone with but none that ever injured his neigh- superior excellence; creating and bour; a warm friend and indulgent concentering, in her domestic circle, master. By mere economy he sav. all the felicity that, perhaps, human ed a handsome property. It is sup nature can obtain, and leaving, to posed that, at his death, he owed no the fond affections of her family, no man a dollar.

other wish than that of perpetuity. December 19. At Philadelphia, 22. After a short indisposition, of a consumption, Mr. Thomas Mr. John Taylor, formerly a mers Dalton, printer, a native of Canada, chant, and for many years an inhabut, for some time past, resident in hitant, of Philadelphia. As a mem.

ber of the community, he was res19. Mrs. Margaret Swift, the wife pectable and exemplary, and has of Joseph Swift, Esq., who, for many left a numerous and amiable family years, was a respectable merchant of children long to lament a depriva. in Philadelphia. Her remains were tion to them irreparable. decently interred in Christ's church 24. Mr. William Drew, mer. burial ground, attended to the grave chant, in the forty-second year of by her numerous relatives. On his age. He was an inhabitant of these occasions the partial pens of Dover, state of Delaware. From a friends too frequently delineate vir long establishment in business, he tues and perfections which never was known to a large circle of acbelonged to the deceased; but, in quaintance, who sincerely regret his the present instance, we can de- premature death. He was an ho. clare, with the utmost truth, that nest man, a sincere friend, and a the conduct of Mrs. Swift, during a faithful companion; his last accents long life of seventy-five years, has were spent in supplication to his been highly meritorious and exem- Maker. plary.

24. Mr. William Donally, aged 20. At Chester county, Pennsyl. twenty-seven years, a native of Irevania, Richard Humpton, adjutantland. His remains were interred general. He was a native of the with the honours of war, by the west of England, and entered very company of American blues, of early into the military profession, in which he was a member, and the which he distinguished himself as a first light infantry, commanded by gallant soldier.

captain Irwin. 20. In the Pennsylvania hospital, 26. At New York, Mr. Thomas



Gardner, merchant, one of the illness, in the twenty-sixth year of wealthiest inhabitants of that place. her age, Mrs. Susan Stuyvesant,

28. At Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, wife of P. G. Stuyvesant, Esq., and in the twenty-eighth year of her daughter of Thomas Barclay, Esq., age, Mrs. Mary Huber, wife of Mr. the British consul general. The John Huber, and daughter of the virtues and amiable qualities of this late Mr. John Hirst, sen., of Phila- much beloved and deeply lamented delphia, after a very lingering and lady occasions her loss to be deplorpainful illness, which she bore with ed by her relations and friends with that christian fortitude and resigna- the most poignant grief. tion which gave her friends, in the 9. At Philadelphia, Mr. Matthew midst of deep sorrow, unspeakable Pratt, a respectable inhabitant of satisfaction. When her spirit took that place, aged seventy years and its flight, her body was not disco- four months. vered to move, nor was there a sigh 10. At Washington, James Gillesheard at its departure ; a clear and pie, Esq., member of congress from indubitable evidence, that death was the state of North Carolina. a friendly, welcome messenger, sent 15. At Philadelphia, after a short to waft her blessed spirit into the illness, Joseph Ogden, of that place, arms of her adorable Redeemer, in the eighty-first year of his age. where uninterrupted happiness reigns.

29. At Philadelphia, Mr. Jacob Anthony, musical instrument ma- LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS IN ker, in the sixty-eighth year of his

JANUARY. age, of a nervous complaint. He was a German by birth, and resided Authors and publishers are requested to in Philadelphia for more than forty communicate notices of their works, years. His great skill in his own post paid, and they will always be line of business, as well as in other inserted, free of expence. branches of mechanism, his unaffected modesty, his inflexible honesty,

GUILTY or not Guilty, a comeand his sincere good will to all man- dy, by Dibdin.-D. Longworth, New kind, rendered him very much York. esteemed by all who knew him. Sailor's Daughter, a comedy, by

80. At Philadelphia, Mr. Thomas Cumberland.-D. Longworth, New Nayler, of Sheffield, in England. York. He was a truly worthy man, and Hunter of the Alps.-D. Longmuch regretted by his friends and worth, New York. acquaintance,

Shakspeare's Works, volume I, 31. At Philadelphia, in the se. with the notes of Johnson and Steventy-sixth year of her age, Eliza. vens, revised and augmented by beth Fox, relict of the late Joseph Isaac Reed.-H. Maxwell and T. Fox, Esa. The tenour of her life S. Manning, 150 cents in boards. confers the best meed of eulogium, Friendly Cautions to the Heads of and her peaceful departure affords Families and others, very necessary a flattering hope that her spirit hath to be observed, in order to preserve gained an admission into the man- health and long life, &C.-Humphsions of eternal rest.

reys, 87 cents. January 4. At Philadelphia, after A Defence of the Measures of the a long and painful illness, Mrs. Ann administration of Thomas Jefferson, Abercrombie, wife of the Rev. Dr. by Curtius.-S. H. Smith, WashingAbercrombie, a lady deservedly be. ton city, 50 cents. loved, and justly lamented, by all New York Term Reports, vol. 2, who knew her.

part 1.- Isaac Riley and Co., New , At New York, after a short York, 125 cents.

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