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nation, large as it was, was accom- its clothes, by playing with a lighted panied with an intimation, that candle, and was so much burned, when it was expended, more was that it died shortly after. ready.

The name of this gentleman is John Townsend.

A man of the name of James Boner, of New York, fell into the

dock, near the Old slip, and was

January 25. drowned. He bore the character of Twenty thousand dollars was ap- an industrious man, and has left a propriated, by law of the United wife and seven children. States, to complete the north wing of the capitol, and other public buildings, at Washington.

A recent instance of swindling has occurred in New York, which,

both for the purpose of exposing a New York, Jan. 26. scoundrel, and putting the public on The late mild weather and rain their guard against him, ought not has reduced the price of wood, and to pass unnoticed. A person, callrendered our port so free of ice, that ing himself J. Barclay Croker, and when the wind permits, there will who says that he comes from a be no difficulty in vessels coming in house in London, has lately ushered or going out.

himself into notice, as a goldsmith, As an elderly gentleman was jeweller, &c., and has so far imwalking along Pearl-street this mor. posed on the public, as to possess ning, the snow from the roof of an himself of many valuable articles, adjacent house suddenly came off, in the line of his pretended profesknocked him down, and so com- sion. Suspecting, as it seems, that pletely buried him up, that they he could not continue his nefarious were obliged to dig him out. No practices, without discovery, he limbs, however, were broken, nor clandestinely left his lodgings on any material injury done.

Sunday last, and has not since been heard of. Some circumstances lead

to conjecture, that he has gone to January 27. Yesterday morning, Norfolk or Richmond. a ferry boat, commanded by Richard Cole, left Powles hook, early in the morning, for Whitehall. The tide Mr. William Payne, late first was changing, the wind died away, mate of the ship Hibernia, which and was succeeded by so thick a was cast away upon Plymouth beach, fog, that during the whole day, no has arrived in Boston. He informs, object, at a hundred yards distance, that the ship struck about four could be perceived. It is therefore o'clock, P. M., when the sea made probable, that the boat has been a fair breach over her. All the drifting with the tide ever since, as people on board, eleven in number, Mr. Cole had neither compass nor were obliged to climb the shrouds, oars. The boat was loaded with to prevent being washed over board; hoop poles, and had on board a that in the struggle he lost his shoes number of passengers. She could and mittins; that he continued on receive no damage from the ice, as the shrouds until the people perishwhat is left is very soft.

ed and fell off, one after another, until he supposed they were all

dead. Finding himself unable to A child of Mr. Robert Hewitt, continue there any longer, he went pilot, aged about three years, being down upon the main deck, which is left alone, at his house, No. 12, the last thing which he can recolCliff-street, New York, took fire in lect, while on board the ship.

About the time the ship went on born after the passing of the act shore, the people in Plymouth dis. shall be free, but to remain the sercovered her, and a number of the vant of the owner of the mother uninhabitants repaired to the beach, til twenty-one years of age. built a large fire, and erected a It provides also for the register. tent, in order to save the lives of ing, by the recorder of each county, any who might get on shore. The of all such children, and for all sea running so high, they found it slaves now in the state, and declares, . impossible to board the ship, until that all not registered within six about two o'clock in the morning months, shall be deemed free, Thinking the tide a little more fa- It also provides against the sepavourable, a Mr. Leonard took an ration of a husband and wife, or end of a rope, lashed it around him, child under four years of age, from and attempted to swim on board the a parent. It has passed the comship, it being about twelve rods, mittee of the whole house, and its leaving the other end on shore, friends hope its final passage. which he accomplished. Finding Mr. Payne and the boy alive, he lashed the rope around them both, Dr. Trumbull, in his history of threw them over board, calling up- Connecticut, mentions, from Win. on the people on the beach, who thorp's journal, that, in the year drew them on shore.

1637, the snow lay from the 4th of The account of the manner of his November until the 23d of March ; getting on shore was related to him that it was sometimes three or four by the inhabitants; he had no know. feet deep; that once, in the winter, ledge of it at the time, neither had it snowed, for two hours together, he any sense for a number of hours flakes as big as an English shilling. after. He observes, that he had The depth of the snow is now, or every attention paid to him by the lately has been as great or greater ; people at Plymouth, for which he but it is hoped that it will not be feels himself under the greatest ob- equal to that in duration. ligation. His feet and hands are very much frozen, which will probably prevent him doing any tusi

Jamiary 29. ness until warm weather. He has The academy in Hallowell, dislost all his clothes and his adven• trict of Maine, was consumed by ture, and has a wife and one child. fire, together with the apparatus be

longing to the same, and the books

of about sixty students. This valu.

January 27. able institution has been in operaThe senate of Pennsylvania de. tion about nine years, during which cided on the article of impeachment time about nine hundred students against the judges of the supreme have there received the benecourt. Thirteen of the members fits of an academic education. It voted for condemning, and eleven was the first organized institution for acquitting, them. They were of the kind in the district of Maine; therefore acquitted, as no person and, at the present time, only one can be convicted without the concur- more is in operation eastward of rence of two-thirds of the members Portland. present.

Newark, N. J., January 29. Mr. Perkins has obtained leave to On the morning of Thursday last, introduce into the legislature of De- about half after one o'clock, a fire laware, a bill for the gradual aboli, was discovered in the house of ma. tion of slavery within that state, jor Samuel Hays, of this town; and which provides, that all children notwithstanding the alacrity of our

citizens in turning out, and their ex. three miles, when the wheels of one ertions at the fire, the house, toge- side ascended a hillock, over which ther with the principal part of the it would have passed in perfect contents, were consumed. And had safety, had not the four fallen to its not a person, who accidentally pass. lower side, which immediately uped by, alarmed the family, it is al. set the carriage. The writer of together probable a part, if not all this is sorry to state, that the justly of them, would have perished in the celebrated Dr. Beynham, of Caroliflames.

na, one of the passengers (all of In this providential escape, they whom received a very distressing had to fly with no other apparel shock), suffered a dislocation of the than what they went to rest in ; and right shoulder joint, which has hi. but a few escaped without receiving therto proved irreducible. some personal injury by the fire.

The goods lost in the house, at a moderate calculation, is estimated

Litchfield, Con., Feb. 6. at fifteen hundred dollars. The fire On Tuesday of last week, during originated in the cellar.

the violent snow storm, William The want of fire-buckets was ma- Hitchcock, aged 29, perished in nifestly evident on this occasion. this place. In company with a Every body was proceeding to the number of others, he had been fire, but nobody had buckets to hand breaking a path from a south-east water for its extinguishment. We neighbourhood to the meeting-house. believe twenty could not have been For some reason, he was a few micounted. The consequence was, nutes after the rest in returning. the ludicrous sight of men snow-ball Just before sun-down he was met ing a house, to put out the fire ! on his way homeward ; and about

a hundred rods further on he was

found, before dark, with his face The winter thus far has been ex- downward, and nearly lifeless. Aftremely severe. We have had ter he was carried to the next house, more snow than common; and the he gasped twice and expired. His cold weather is remarkably tedious relations, it is supposed, live in and steady. The snow has been Greenfield, Massachusetts. falling, without intermission, for Three other persons, one a wonearly forty-eight hours; and on man, belonging to Colebrook, the Monday, at seven o'clock, P. M., it other two men, one an inhabitant of still continued falling. It is well on Canaan, and the other a stranger, to thirty inches deep, on an average. perished in the storm in which Mr.

Hitchcock was a sufferer. Five

persons in this county lost their lives

January 30. in the violent storm of the 22d ult. Six hundred dollars, the profit of one night's exhibition at the new theatre, Philadelphia, with fifty By letters received in this city dollars from Mr. Cooper, was pre- from the Mediterranean we learn, sented to the committee of the relief that a duel took place between Mr. of the poor.

Dehart, of New Jersey, and Mr.
Nicholson, of Maryland, both offi-

cers in the American squadron. Williamsburg, Feb. 3. The third fire proved fatal to Mr. On Saturday last, the proprietor Nicholson. He was shot through of the mail stage from Williamsburg the head, and died instantly. to Richmond, inconsiderately suffered an importunate passenger to enter a barrel of flour for convey

February 7. ance. The carriage had not gone From Trenton we learn, that the mild weather and rain raised the mediately replied “ yes, sir;" but Delaware so much, that a great being terrified by the severity of his number of people, who lived on the manner, or not having acquired the low land contiguous to the river, command of articulation, or possiwere obliged precipitately to leave bly, but not probably, from a pertheir houses, in such numbers, that verse humour, she pronounced it jig. sixty or seventy men, women, and He then went out and collected a children were collected about a fire, number of green rods or switches, on a hill above Trenton, without about three feet in length, with shelter. The water was at one which he returned, and threw them time twelve or fifteen feet above the down by the fire, declaring that he common level, and had carried would whip her until she pronounaway a mill and several houses; it ced the word aright. His wife obis further said, that the ice was en served that the sticks were too tirely broke up, above the falls ; big; he said he would fix them, that boats, from fifty or sixty miles and placed them in the embers, and up the river, had come down with twisted them so as to render them produce, and were waiting for the supple. He then took six or seven breaking up of the ice below Tren- of them, and the affrighted child, ton, to bring the same to this city. out of the house, into the cold eve

ning air, and turning her clothes

over her head, to prevent her Norfolk, Vir., Feb. 9. screams being heard, and closing The skipper of a craft, a white them in his left hand, which he man, named Amos, was murdered, rested on the top of a stake or post, on Wednesday night, in Calvert's held the child up in that manner, alley, by three negro fellows. From with her body entirely naked, and what has transpired we learni, that whipt her for some time with great Amos was drinking in a tippling severity ; when being himself cold, shop, in that nefarious alley, kept he took her into the house, and askby a negro woman, when the three ed her if she would pronounce the fellows came in, and called for liword right; she, as before, replied quor ; that he abused them for dar- in a humble and obedient manner, ing to call for liquor in a white « yes, sir," but could not, or would man's presence. The negroes re- not, pronounce the ghard, but still torted, by saying, “ their money was said jig. He then took her to the as good as his, and if he would same place, and repeated the barcome out of the house they would let barous scourging in the same manhim know it.” Upon which he ner, at seven intervals, bringing her went out, and in a few minutes af- into the house between each, and ter was found dead, having received repeating the same question, and a violent contusion in the head. The receiving the same answer as before. murderers have since been commit. The sixth time he came in, after ted to prison.

warming himself, he told her she must go out again, upon which the child, in a piteous and entreating

tone, said, “ Do, uncle, let me warm On the 10th instant, Stephen Ar my feet, they are almost froze." nold, of the town of Burlington, He quickly replied, in an enraged county of Otsego, and state of New manner, i'll warm your feet for York, returned home from a school you; and seizing her, repaired again he was teaching in the neighbour- to the bloody post, where he, in the hood, and enquired of a little orphan most savage manner, exceeded his girl, of six years of age, who lived former tortures. The miserable with him, whether she would spell child languished nearly four days, and pronounce gig aright; she im- and expired. The stubs or remains

of several of the sticks were found sand dollars. Messrs. Makepeace broken or shivered off to about a and co., merchants, and Mr. Mason, foot in length.

tavern-keeper, are the principal sufThe whole of the horrid transac- ferers. tion occupied about an hour and a half of time, during which time neither pity nor compunction was A new house, in Belknap-street, discernible in his eyes, features, very narrowly escaped conflagrawords, or actions ; but he declared tion, yesterday morning, from the that he had as lieve whip her to water in the cellar taking a hogs. death as not. The savage fury of head of unslacked lime. this tyger in human shape is declared, by the physicians and members of the coroner's inquest, to be indes. As the ship Augusta was proceed. cribable. The whole of her back ing through the narrows, on her had the appearance of a mass of voyage to Belfast, the people were bruised and lacerated raw flesh; called aft on duty, when one of the her thighs and legs were deeply cut men, with great deliberation, pulled in many places; exhibiting a sight off his hat, and, taking farewel of of horror that would chill the blood his comrades, leaped over the stern of the most insensible of the human of the vessel, and although the ship race. The bereaved and distressed was immediately hove to, the boat mother has been at times delirious. hoisted overboard, and every means The monster, who perpetrated this tried to save the infatuated man, he horrible act, made his escape a few sunk to the bottom. No cause can hours before death had delivered be assigned for the rash act, the victim of his barbarity from further torture. He has a wife, but no children, is about thirty-four years

February 17. of age, sandy hair, a little bald, Mr. Henry Goodall, of Chatham, speaks through his nose, has some an aged man, under the care of that thing of a down look, shows his up- town, being a little insane, was per teeth when speaking, is very chained to the floor of the house in abstemious as to strong drink, has a which he was kept, on the night of father in Rhode Island.

the 5th inst., and, in that situation, froze to death

Boston, Feb. 16. The New York mail, due at FreYesterday morning, about three dericksburg, Virginia, on the 18th o'clock, our citizens were alarmed of February, was lost in Potowmac by the cry of fire, which proved to creek, together with the stage and be in Cambridge village, near the two horses, owing to an unusual bridge causeway. It broke out in freshet in the creek. a small building occupied for the storage of lime. The water having made its way into the lime barrels, immediately communicated fire to

February 20.

On the evening of the cold Fri. very strong at west, the adjacent day, so fresh in the memory of buildings to leeward caught and con- every one, a Mr. John Johnson, who sumed so suddenly, that nothing of commanded a sloop, belonging to value could be saved. Two stores Norwalk, was beating up to the and a large barn were burnt, with harbour of that place, when he droptheir contents of provisions, liquors, ped his mitten overboard. The lime, &c., amounting, by estimation, boat lying along side of his sloop, he to between twelve and fifteen thou- jumped into it to recover his mitten, VOL. III. NO. XVII.


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