Botanical Gazette, Том 14

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John Merle Coulter, M.S. Coulter, Charles Reid Barnes, Joseph Charles Arthur
University of Chicago Press, 1889
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Страница 58 - An organic being is a microcosm — a little universe, formed of a host of self-propagating organisms, inconceivably minute and numerous as the stars in heaven.
Страница 145 - Vienna are quite different from those in vogue at home, it may be of interest to some of the readers of the...
Страница 168 - JR., Ph.G., Phar.D., Professor of Pharmacy in the Maryland College of Pharmacy, Baltimore, Member of the Committee of Revision of the USP; and HENRY H. RUSBY, MD, Professor of Botany and Materia Medica in the New York College of Pharmacy, Member of the Committee of Revision of the USP Imperial octavo, 1858 pages, 478 engravings.
Страница 200 - The remainder of the cell is more or less densely filled with an opaque, viscid fluid of a white color, having granules intermingled in it, which fluid I call protoplasm.
Страница 73 - That portion of nitrogen existing as amids has been estimated in the alcoholic extract. The total nitrogen was also estimated and entered as albuminoids ; a small portion of the nitrogen has thus been counted twice in the total results which add up a little over 100. A characteristic feature of the cassava root is shown in the large amount of substance present, soluble in alcohol. The amount of starch also compares fairly well with the best varieties of potatoes. On account of the large quantity...
Страница 74 - ... here now. The plant here grown is different from the manioc root of South and Central America ; our root contains no poisonous elements which need to be dissipated by heat. It is customary here for many persons to make their own starch from it. The root, which must remain in the ground until one is ready to use it, is dug, washed and its two inner and outer peelings removed ; it is then grated and the pulp washed, the water poured off in a vessel and allowed to stand when the pure starch settles...
Страница 200 - ... in the form of a closed vesicle, which becomes more or less contracted, and consequently removes all the contents of the cell, which are enclosed in this vesicle, from the wall of the cell.
Страница 194 - ... consists of an excellent guide to | the botanical literature of the British Empire. The primary ! object of the compilation is to supply useful information on the literature of the systematic, economic, and geographical botany of British Possessions, Dependencies, and Protectorates. The compiler explains that Kew is often called upon to answer questions, on the shortest notice, concerning the vegetation of some remote part of the world, and the best books to consult on the subject. Such questions...
Страница 203 - ... sometimes direct, sometimes indirect, between one protoplasmic mass and another. This has been shown to be so widely true in the case of the plants hitherto investigated, that the generalization has been ventured on, that all the protoplasm throughout the plant is continuous. The formation of the dividing wall in cell division is now better understood than ever before, and our knowledge of this process lends great probability to the truth of the general statement made. It is not unlikely then...
Страница 75 - ... Cut the stalks about 1 inch above the ground, just before frost; after cutting, the stalks should be left to dry in a cool place a few weeks, and then placed in a trench and covered until time for planting. Some save the stalks by keeping them in a dry, cool place until February and then plant. The roots should be dug as used; they will not keep in good condition out of the ground more than three or four days. It is perhaps the best feed we can raise for hogs; it is also a fine feed for poultry....