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of the missionary societies will look managed to make herself the chief after that. They ought to, anyway,

centre of attraction in the room. for they get a great deal of money And though Jack had been too stufor such purposes. Janet, is tea in ?" diously inclined to go to the station,

Yes, mamma,” said Janet. So he seemed to find time to listen to they gathered about the table, all Airlie's account of her voyage, and to except Airlie, who was glad to sit laugh over her irresistible descripstill and be waited on by Errol, who tions of its more comical aspects. seemed to like the task. And the Not again that night did Airlie shadow lifted from her heart a little, allude to Tabai or anything conand she had a happy laugh and a nected with it. It seemed as if she gay jest for them all, and somehow could not bear to talk about it yet.



SPEAK to me, Lord, I listen, O, I listen,

Give me the words which Thou would’st have me say ;
Thou know'st my lips would move but at thy bidding-

Teach me, teach, I pray !
Lord, I am tired, - but in Thee there is resting ;

And I am sorrowful,-but Thou canst cheer;
O comfort me--and let me comfort others

With the sweet words I hear :

For Thou dost gently soothe the worn and weary ;

And whisper heavenly hope unto the sail---
That by the gladness which to them Thou givest

They may make others glad.
Happy the visions, Lord, which oft Thou sendest,

Of the fair land far from this world of care :
Would that these faltering lips were graced with language

To paint the glories there!
Oh, for fit words to tell of radiant mansions

ithin a city shining jasper-bright :
Or speak of crystal sea, or throne resplendent

Circled with rainbow light !
Oh, for an echo of the swelling chorus

Which angel-multitudes delight to sing,
All the redeemed from earth glad voices joining,

To praise the Saviour-King !
And oh, to tell how, in the homes supernal,

Where friends long sundered meet to part no more,
Pure joys abide ; and sweet, sweet rest remaineth-

Sorrow and suffering o'er!
But ah! I may not-cannot : shall the earthly

Attempt the things of heaven to portray?
Yet still I yearn to cheer the weary pilgrims

Treading life's toilsome way :
( teach me, Lord ! all eagerly I listen !

With Thine own words my feeble lips endow;
Thou know'st that they would move but at Thy bidding ;

Speak, for I listen now!





“I think,” said Faith, looking the clerk in the eye, “that that is a very large prescription."

The clerk had the grace to blush. The most stringent temperance The sight of that "prescription" legislation can result in nothing

result in nothing made Faith uneasy. Was this the more than to make it difficult for place where father got his liquor ? men to obtain strong drink. It She went across the street to try to cannot be made impossible. It is match some floss for Letty's work, always true that where there is an and while she sat in the store she evil appetite evil ways for its grati. saw her father enter the drug store. fication can be found. The chief She waited a little, and returned benefit of temperance legislation there. Her father did not look and prohibitory law is that temp.. around as she entered; the clerk tation is by it prevented from being did not know of their relationship, thrust upon people; the man who is and the proprietor came from behind making honest efforts to reform is the screen-which hides a good deal helped up by the law; he does not of suspicious doings in some drug find at every corner something to stores—and was handing her father pull him down; the safety of youth a pint bottle of brandy. Faith is also in a large measure conserved. stepped forward and laid her strong But there are those who are joined white hand on the evil thing just as to their idols, and who draw sin as her father was putting it in his with cart-ropes; as soon as one evil pocket. path is hedged up they will open “ You cannot have this, father." another.

Then to the amazed clerk: « This Thus it was with Ralph Kemp. is my father. I have warned the Faith's warning to the liquor-seller saloons not to give him liquor. I Hill had not been effective, for Hill did not know that I had to give a or her father, or both, had found a warning here also! What he buys means of evasion. Faith was a girl is not for medicine, but for poison. of vigorous spirit, and when she had A prescription! Who wrote the preundertaken anything she persisted; scription ? Did you ? Take back accompanied by Kiah Kibble she the stuff. He cannot have it." went to the two other places in the Father stood silent. He was inlittle town where liquor was sold, tensely angry and deeply humili. and warned them also. Now those ated, but he was sober, and when three places paid high license, and sober he never forgot respect toward to protect them under that nefarious his daughters. license, the druggist was not allowed The druggist received back the to sell liquor, except as called for by bottle, then said sharply, “He owes a prescription. One day Faith was us for ten pints, at fifty cents a pint at the town and went into the only --five dollars. Will you settle the drug store to buy some fine white bill, as you assert control over him ?” wax for her work. As she stood by No, I will not,” said Faith roundthe counter a man from the country ly. “I do not call liquor bills just was handed two bottles, each hold- debts, any more than I call gaming a quart of whiskey.

bling debts debts of honour. Not

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one of the dimes my sister and I anything. Come—suppose you wait earn by hard work shall go for this for me at the first milestone, and I poison which is destroying as good will go and see if there are any à father and as accomplished a papers for you at the school, and then gentleman as ever lived! I shall we will go home and go to work, go and ask Judge Blakely if this is both of us." an honest debt; if it is credible “I won't go with you,” said Kemp that you gave ten pints of whiskey sullenly, “nor forgive you." to one man, as a prescription! Your Yes, you must, father. See now; draggist license is in some danger if you cannot like me for myself, to-day!”

you will put up with me for Letty's There was nothing childlike in sake, and for our dear mother's sake. Faith now : this was a woman, Besides, you do like me sometimes, wounded and insulted, rousing in and you like to read Latin to me. defence of her home and her kin. Let us make friends and go home, The druggist trembled before the and let us keep this secret and not wrath that blazed in the big gray bother Letty. Suppose we find some eyes. Here was not a person to in- arbutus for her as we go over the timidate, but to placate. The man hill. It is early in April, but the began to hesitate: “I didn't under- spring is early this year.” stand it, you see. Of course it is all Finally they patched up a peace a mistake, and you may make sure, and went home together. miss, that I'll never sell him another There remained yet in the village drop. We'll let it go at that.” a source of liquor supply, of which

Faith went out with her father. Faith knew nothing, neither did She felt that it was her duty to the Kiah Kibble. It was a low little community to complain of the drug- den in the outskirts, kept by a gist, but then it would bring her negro, and frequented by the lowunhappy home into just that much est class of negroes and whites who more notoriety, and now that the could not buy drink elsewhere. immediate excitement was over she Hitherto father had not fallen low felt abashed, and as if she wanted enough to go there; the former not vengeance but a hiding place. gentleman and

scholar had yet • Is this," said her father, with a enough native refinement to shrink voice shaking with rage, “a proper

from a resort SO foul. But when line of conduct for a young lady? liquor was to be had nowhere else, What will people think of you when the overmastering passion drove you usurp authority over your father him even to that fiendish place. and threaten druggists and make There would be some weeks of yourself so conspicuous ?”

quiet and peace, and then an out“ They will think that I am my break. Faith grew more moody, father's daughter, and am doing the and longed more intensely for sumbest I can," said Faith bitterly. mer, that she might have the comfort

" You are a rash and undutiful that nature yields to hearts that love girl, and I have a mind never to go her well. Letty looked at Faith pitihome where you are any more!” fully, and up to the limit of her cried Kemp.

small strength wandered with her Where will you go, then ?” asked on the beach and on the dunes, Faith, still angry.

making out-of-door time pay by “ Into the sea if I want to," getting flowers, leaves, mosses, seashouted her father.

weeds, shells, to afford designs for “ Then you will not see Hugh her work. When work was slack when he comes home. And what Faith and Letty arranged for themabout Letty? Letty has not done selves a new industry, collecting

quantities of delicate and beautiful Week by week went on, and now seaweeds, mounting them on cards, once more the air was mild with the and sending them to the city for breath of summer, and the skies sale. They also painted little sea were vivid with her smile. Faith scenes on the inner surface of great sat in her rock-bound bower and clam shells, and sent them for sale worked, and marked the sails drift with the weeds. In all these ways by, like white clouds on the horizon they earned money enough to keep line, and Letty sat by the open winthe wolf from devouring them alto- dow, and the door, too, was open, and gether.

sometimes the bees and butterflies Sometimes Faith's spirits would drifted in. rise in the very reaction of youth and Of what was Faith thinking as health, especially after she had had she sat on the rocks? She was in an excursion on the hills or over to the age of hope; life was strong the woods; then she would jest and within her; perhaps she had pleasmake Letty and father-who had ant dreams about days to come. forgotten his grievances—laugh. But Letty built her nest among the

“ Here now," said Faith in lively stars. Earth had little to offer ber; mood, standing at the table, her sleeves life did not leap vigorously in her rolled up from her round white veins, but, cramped and burdened, arms, a basin of seaweed before her, tarried on its way as in old age. “all these cards are my little ships, Faith's visions were full of unrest to bring our fortune home—not very and of anxious questionings and strong little ships, but they have to doubts, while Letty lived in a deep carry me a pair of shoes and a sun interior calm. Even when father's umbrella. There, Letty, how does vagaries most grieved her she had that spray look ? Fine, I think. As where to lay her burden down. the French say, I'm not an eagle,' Faith was looking for some good but I am a good hand at seaweeds. in this world as it is. How many did you say you bad put Kiah Kibble was looking for the to press, Letty ? twenty-six ? There, dawn of a new era here below, you wolf at the door, won't that scare but Letty was looking for the days you away? Letty, I'm going to of heaven, and through her heart commit the extravagance of getting sang the promises: “The people shall me a hat with daisies on it. What dwell in Zion at Jerusalem : thou do you think of that, my dog? And shalt weep no more: He will be what do you think of that, my cat?” very gracious unto thee at the voice

By all means get it—and don't of thy cry; when He shall hear it, think so often about the wolf.” He will answer thee.”. “Ye shall

“ The wolf," said Faith, “is with have a song as in the night when us a domesticated animal. Ever a holy solemnity is kept; and gladsince I was acquainted with any ness of heart, as when one goeth zoology, the wolf shared our hearth with a pipe to come into the mounas freely as a kitten. I have have tain of the Lord, to the mighty One been long hoping that he would get of Israel.” tired of having his head and shoul- Sometimes the face of Faith was ders in our door, and would go joyful in what of good the Lord had away. I have a scientific interest given her; sometimes it was heavily to see the tail end instead of the head sad with the sorrows that had come end of this wolf. As he won't go, upon her. But the face of Letty was nor even turn around, I might as always at peace; she dwelt near Him well get what fun I can out of him, who is given to be a "hiding-place Letty, by commenting on the size from the wind, and a covert from and shape of his jaws.”

the tempest; as rivers of water in a

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dry place, as the shadow of a great a step on the shingle. Faith looked rock in a wearyland." It is often out of the window and asked : thus with the early called, with “ Is that you, Mr. Kibble?” those who are set to stay on earth “ Yes; and I've brought the things. but a short time, and have little It will do no hurt to let them hang in them of the earthly.

here over these bushes and air toNow that it was fair weather they night. I got them out of a baddish went to the boathouse again, and place! No need to come down, Miss when there Kiah Kibble and Faith Faith, I am not coming in. All took counsel that Kiah should safe?” try to find out where father got Yes," said Faith; "and, oh, thank liquor. “If we can only keep the you so much! Where did you get stuff from him," sighed Faith. them? Of course not at the drug.

But one day she came down to gist's. At Hill's ?" the boathouse alone, running swiftly « No. I went there first and in her excitement, panting, her opened the matter, and Hill bluffed cheeks aflame.

me and played sulky; but I said to "Kiah, I can't stand it! I won't him, See here, Hill, you may be stand it ! You must help me! mad because we kept you out of a Father came back very—bad last customer, but you'd be a deal madnight. We heard him coming and der to know some fellow was selling went upstairs, and he went to his liquor here right and left without room and then Letty locked him in. paying any license and you paying This morning I found that he had a high one. Do you wink at that been hunting among our little things game ?' •No, I don't,' says he. to find something to carry off to pay Show me the man !! Help me to for drink, but he did not seem to find him,' says I; • for he's here in have taken anything. When he town, selling on the sly, and he has was asleep I went into his room and a suit of clothes and an overcoat found that he had taken away his that I'm after.' So Hill and the clothes—the new ones, very good sheriff and I went to work, and by vet, for he had been so careful of seven we ran our fox into his den ; them and his good overcoat, and I got out the clothes and the den Hugh's present. Mr. Kibble, do you is shut and the liquor confiscated, understand ? His clothes are all and the negro in gaol for selling gone now, but a very shabby, mend. without a license. So good-night, ed, frayed old suit. He has not a Miss Faith. I'd like to shut up one decent thing left--and-—and soon of those shops every day." people will be coming to the beach, After a very wild outbreak came and he is not fit to be seen. I can't always the period of rebound; the stand it! I won't! I want those pendulum swung back toward absti. clothes back!"

nence in proportion as it had oscilKiah had laid down his chisel, lated toward intemperance. As in shaken himself free of sawdust and the pendulum the acceleration of shavings, and was pulling on his motion is proportional to the sine of coat.

the displacement, so in the father's “ Miss Faith, I'll go to the town, mental oscillation, just in proportion and I won't come back without to the depth of his drunkenness was those clothes. I'll sift this out as the loftiness of his temperance views sure as my name is Kiah Kibble!” when he returned to himself. His

Darkness had gathered about the high state of virtue on the present house on the beach and father was occasion was increased by having in the heavy sleep that succeeded a good suit of clothes and a wellhis outbreaks, when the sisters heard laundered shirt to get into. It never

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