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those of Billa Flint and his brothers- added to the membership of our own in-law. Not last among these noble and other churches. But it was a men was Nathan Jones, and not work which lifted the leaders in least among the elements which the church to a higher plane of from the outset contributed to his Christian life. success, were the splendid talents of For fifteen or twenty years, under his young wife. No one could the labours of Caughey and the select the most attractive goods for Palmers, the doctrine of entire sancthe season's trade as could she; and tification was very familiar to our no one could find just what each Canadian Methodism. We will not lady customer required, whether she claim that the form of teaching and were the dashing belle of twenty preaching this doctrine was beyond from the town, or the elderly lady criticism. Perhaps it made too much of sixty from the farm, as could she. of the instantaneous work. Perhaps With keen, sympathetic insight she it tended to undue subjectivity in seemed to understand everything; religion, turned the thoughts too and the spare hours which at their much within and too little to the first start in life she gave to helping calls to work without. Perhaps, in her husband in his business, were its call to work it looked more at worth more to him than thousands the spiritual than at the temporal of capital. They grew and prospered needs of humanity. Perhaps it exrapidly, and soon built the beauti- alted simple faith above works, ful Bridge Street home which many of beyond the measure of St. James. us remember for nearly forty years But it certainly did this: It aroused past. Her little family, too, began the conscience of the Church to a now to engross her time and strength, sense of the sin of lukewarmness. and other fields of consecrated work It called true followers of Christ up began to open before her, but still to a far higher consecration and a for long years her husband enjoyed more earnest perfect Christian life and prized her company and counsel than they had ever attempted before. in the purchase of stock for the It brought a baptism of power, of ladies' department of his now exten- living present joy and peace, of sive business. If she shared his abiding indwelling of the Spirit, wealth she had the proud satisfaction unknown before; and certainly John of knowing she had shared the toil Wesley would have rejoiced over it by which it was made.

with great joy. But we now approach a point

Mrs. Jones was now thirty years from which her talents were to find of age, rich in rare gifts temporal a wider field and accomplish rarely and spiritual, physical, intellectual successful work for God and for His and social, and all were now and Church. In the winter of 1855-6 forever consecrated to the Master's the Rev. James Caughey visited service, and for forty years her Belleville, and for several months fidelity to that consecration never conducted services in the Pinnacle weakened. During the last five Street church, the Rev. John Carroll years the consecration was that of being the superintendent of the cir- the patient sufferer, but for thirtycuit. Our older people will well five it was that of work, amazing remember the character of the work in its abundant la bours, its energetic of this man of God in various parts zeal, and its triumphant faith. It of our country. It was not merely was this active consecration to work a large ingathering of the young which saved her from that mere and the undecided, or the openly subjectivity which has marred the ungodly, into the church, though Christian perfection of so many good some five hundred of these were men, and which in our day has fallen into fanaticism, bringing re- Discussions arose in the Church proach upon the very name of again and again which compelled it holiness.

to vindicate its place in the constiNor was that work the mere pur- tution of the Church by its inherent suit of hobbies. She had heart and usefulness, and in few places was hand for everything that was good. that vindication more satisfactory She was faithful to her share in all than in the town of Belleville, and the activities, agencies and means in such a class as that of Mrs. Jones. of grace of the Church. Her pastor I have before me twelve class-books, could always depend on her for each covering a period of about prayer meeting, class-meeting, love- three years, all carefully marked feast, special service or public wor- for attendance each week, not merely ship. Home was not neglected, but as present or absent, but as distant time must be found and was found or sick, showing that each week she in a wonderful way for every part made it a point to know just where of the work of God. It was a each member of this large class matter of conscience. “I would feel was, and the cause of absence guilty if I did not go," she would when absent. The former pastors say in her cheery yet serious way. of Belleville know well, too, how Yet God had given her some special carefully this accurate bookkeeping gifts; these she understood, and was followed up by personal visitaround them she consecrated and ation, so that we doubt whether she concentrated her special energies. ever lost a member except where, In these she excelled, and anticipated through some unfortunate influence, by many years some of the most im. there was a wilful determination portant achievements of the Church to give up the Christian life. Those of to-day.

committed to her care did not easily The three fields which now spec- slip away from her. This, of course, ially opened up before her were: implied great watchfulness for souls. 1. The class-meeting. 2. The or- Few leaders kept such perfect trace ganization of young men for Bible of the spiritual advancement of study, self-improvement and Chris- each individual member from month tian work. 3. The care of the to month, as she. Each one seemed sick and the poor. We can give to lie as a burden on her soul. If but an outline of what she accom- any were in danger or difficulty plished in each of these important they were always the subject of departments.

special prayer. When she felt that Her class-books, which she care- the safety of any one of her charge fully preserved, date from 1857, so needed special effort she called for that at the time of her death she had the help of the pastor, although few been a class-leader for nearly thirty- of us felt that we could be successful eight years. She began with a when she failed. class of seventeen and an average The intelligent conduct of the attendance of six or seven. In a class-meeting was with her a matter short time the membership increased of special study. Dealing with to thirty, and ultimately to as many young people whose experience of as fifty young ladies. These young the things of God was limited, and women came from all classes of many of whom were as yet but in society. Rich and poor literally the rudiments of Christian life, it met together and their leader was became her special concern to dethe common link that bound them velop a more complete Christianity. in one.

As a foundation for this she aimed During these years the class-meet- first of all to bring each one out to ing was frequently on its trial. the clear, abiding witness of the Spirit. She never felt that one of tory, antiquities, books of travel, all her charge was safe until they were contributed their light on the section sure of sins forgiven. Next to this studied. She possessed that essential she inculcated high ideals of Chris- requisite of the successful exegete tian duty and consecration. Holi- -the historical imagination. She ness to the Lord was the motto of converted brief annals into living her own life, and the standard of pictures filled with real, moving, life which she constantly and con- acting men, and out of these she sistently held up before all her class. taught the great lessons of morals But in this she was very far from and religion with such attractive depending on mere emotion. The

power that in a short time her class Word was her touchstone, and few was overflowing. possessed in more eminent degree The situation in Belleville was the power to use the Word to en- peculiarly favourable to her work. large and enrich the work of the Two large colleges, Albert and the class-meeting hour. While fond of Ontario Business College, brought music, and deeply appreciating the young men from all parts of the power of song in the social means, Dominion and even from beyond the precepts and promises of the the seas. In the course of fourteen Word were her sheet-anchor, and years in this work seven hundred her aim was to fashion and perfect and seven young men passed through both the inner faith and the outer her class, which often consisted of life of her class by the rule of the more than one hundred members. Word.

The gathering together of these The year 1869 marked the com

young men was to her a golden mencement of another of Mrs. Jones'

opportunity. Her first thought was distinctive fields of work. She had the conversion of each one. On the now been for twenty-eight years a blank page of her roll of members Sabbath-school teacher and a care- is pasted this verse: ful Bible student. This experience led her to appreciate fully the im- "My class for Jesus ! nothing less

Can save, can sanctify, can bless, portance of a link between the Sab

All earth-born skill could I convey bath-school and the Church, some 'Twould perish in the judgment day.” agency by which the young men trained in the Sabbath-school might

Of the result of her work in this be held in touch with the school until respect we have no exact record, they became fully established as but the belief of some of the old members of the Church of Christ.

members is that the great majority In that year she was placed in were led to Christ. Once they were charge of the senior Bible-class of clearly converted, her next effort boys, which henceforth became one was to develop and organize their of the most successful agencies of the powers of work along lines which Belleville church. She immediately would give character to their after estimated at full value the impor- life. They formed themselves into tance and the claims of the task a mutual improvement class: "The before her. She felt that to hold object the intellectual and moral these young men she must give improvement of those who unite them work worthy of keen, active, therewith.” In the minute-book of educated young minds. Hence she this society we find that they collected laid the foundation of her success in a library, visited sick members, kept careful, thorough, and high-class up a weekly programme of discuspreparation. Her notes of prepar- sions and entertainments, organized ation indicate Biblical scholarship a temperance society, and organized of no mean order. Geography, his- a band to pray and work for the con


version of such of their class-mates and Mrs. Jones took her place, and as were not yet decided for Christ. thus almost from its beginning was

In addition to this work, which the leader of the work. They began implied three meetings each week, by visiting the gaol, where in the one for prayer, one for Bible study severe weather the poor found refuge and one of a literary and social with the criminals. Their hearts character, a detachment of the class were at once drawn out toward were always ready to assist Mrs. these unfortunates, who for no crime Jones in the cottage prayer meetings but their poverty and age were among the poor of the city. Here driven to find their winter home was certainly the Epworth League surrounded by sin. They hired a in all its essential elements already little house. The furniture was in operation twenty-five years ago. begged from the members from It will surprise no one to learn that house to house, Mrs. Jones conveyout of this work came eight or nine ing it in her own carriage to the ministers of the Gospel, besides Sab- new and humble institution. bath-school teachers and workers Presently their quarters were too beyond our power to number. small for their work and a larger This work for young men

house was taken. Then the city just fairly started when, in 1872, a council transferred to them the enterrible accident opened the door to tire care of the aged and destitute a new field of work for Mrs. Jones, of the city. This they willingly Through some mistake two trains undertook, combining with it efforts collided a short distance east of for the salvation of unfortunate Belleville, and in a moment cars young women. In the next twenty filled with passengers were conver- years they reduced the expenses to ted into a mass of mangled and the city of this work by at least onescalded suffering. The wounded and half, while they far more than dying were brought to Belleville to doubled its efficiency. For in the be cared for. A building was ex- meantime they had conceived and temporized for a hospital. The carried by faith and prayer to a ladies of the city volunteered as successful issue a great city charity, nurses, and, with a unanimity which an honour and an ornament to their was her most emphatic testimonial, town. They built on the shores of they turned to Mrs. Jones as their the beautiful Bay of Quinte a group leader. The service of mercy was a of noble buildings in wbich the protracted one, for it was many aged and the poor could be sheltered weeks before all could be removed and cared for in comfort both to to their own homes. But it brought body and soul and surrounded by to the ladies of Belleville the con- pure and holy influences, and in viction that permanent provision which the sick could be nursed must be made for the wounded, the back to health again. sick, and the aged and infirm poor The faith and effort needed to in their young city.

struggle through to the culmination Movements of this kind advance of such a work can scarcely be slowly, but in 1879 Woman's realized. At one time their treasury Christian Association was formed was reduced to twenty-seven cents for the care of the poor and the with fifteen people in their home to building of a home and a hospital. be fed, when an anonymous letter It was organized upon the common to Mrs. Jones brought ten dollars to basis of Christian charity, without their relief. She lived herself in an distinction of race or creed. Its atmosphere of wondrous faith in first president was Mrs. Jacques, who God and in the sure success of His shortly after passed to her reward work, and she possessed the rare


gift of inspiring others with a por- art as they tasted their good things tion of her own gracious spirit. of life together, is told at fifty with The Hospital and Home for the the artless simplicity and sweetness Friendless, in Belleville, are to-day of a honeymoon. an imperishable monument of her In their children also they were consecration to duty.

greatly blessed.

The eldest son Our sketch of this eminent saint became the companion, almost the would be imperfect without a glimpse compeer, of his mother in varied of that inner home-life in which the work for the Master. They lived to highest type of womanhood appears see their daughters settled in life, in its richest beauty and glory. united to Christian men of sterling The faithful, zealous class-leader, character and ability and growing the leader and teacher of the young influence in the country, while to people, and the soul and life and one fell the quiet but blessed portion head of large charitable enterprises, of tenderly caring for father and was at the same time the centre and mother in the declining years of soul of a remarkably happy home. weakness and suffering, until first Her husband was a man of remark- one and then the other entered into ably quiet, even temperament, re- the rest of God. fined tastes, and excellent judgment, For the last four or five years the and the two were united in the house which had in days past been tenderest affection. We have already bright with the prattle of children, noted the helpful spirit with which or cheery with the merry voices of she began married life when fortune young people, or vocal with the was still to be made. The memory sweet sounds of praise and prayer, of those early days of work together for father and children were rarely seems to have been treasured as a gifted in lute and song and led the very sacred thing, only referred to devotions of the house of God for once in a long time to most intimate many long years, the house thus the friends. But in after years, when brightest with pure joys in all the the children were grown up, we find city was hushed into the saddened husband and wife repeating the old quiet of suffering. First father and trip to make purchases together in then mother were called to pass Montreal or holidays to the seaside, under the rod. The grace which in and the little records of those trips the toil of life had made them strong are full of the most beautiful spirit to la bour now made them patient to of tender wedded love purified and suffer, until after some years in this perfected by the sweetest graces of twilight of life Nathan Jones passed religion. The story of all the little to his rest at seventy-six, April 22nd, incidents of the way, of the little 1892, and Jane Clement Jones in gifts of husband to wife and wife to great peace and child-like faith folhusband, of the daily little remem- lowed, January 4th, 1895. Their brances of the children, and of the record is well worthy of the study heightened pleasure which came to and imitation of coming generations all their enjoyment of nature and of Methodists.

What though the night of earth be long and drear,
And grief may be your guest its slow hours through ;
Think but of Him who left His home of light

To dwell with grief for you-
Then patient bear with the unwelcome guest,
And wile away the weary hours of night
By musings on the joy your Lord will bring
With the sweet morning light.

- Amy Parkinson.

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