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liament, are a number of handsome and well-equipped educational buildings which justify Toronto's claim of being one of the great centres of education. Nowhere in America, within such a small radius, is to be found such a handsome group of educational buildings, and yet these are but a part of the great educational institutions of the city.

University College is the central figure, both as to extent and beauty of architecture. Fronted by a spacious lawn, and surrounded by beautiful ravines and trees and shrubbery, this massive and handsome grey stone

to the Bon Marchè, of Paris, and Wannamaker's, of Philadelphia, you can buy anything, from a lunch to a piano, or from a straw hat to a furnished house. When we state that one of these establishments has in regular employment about seven hundred clerks, some idea will be obtained of the immensity of the business done.

Queen Street Avenue is one of the finest on the continent. With its double row of luxuriant shade trees on either side, it is almost a park in itself.

At the head of Queen's Avenue, and situated in Queen's Park, the handsome and massive brown stone front of the Provincial Parliament Buildings meets the eye, its huge portals protected by two large Russian cannon, taken by the British at Sebastopol, and presented by Queen Victoria to Toronto citizens, which have for years guarded the entrance to the park.

The Parliament Buildings will well repay a visit. Here are enacted the laws which govern this fair Province. Here reigns an honest and capable man, Sir Oliver Mowat, wbo for twenty-three consecutive years has held the reins of government in the Province.

Opposite the north-western angle of the Parliament Buildings is the fine bronze statue of the Hon. George Brown, journalist, patriot and politician, whose name and influence will long live on Canadian soil. Near by, and surrounded by a fence of artificial muskets, swords and cannon balls, is the artistic monument which commemorates the gallant members of the Queen's Own Rifles who fell in defence of their country in the Fenian raid of 1866. And at the entrance of the Park facing Queen's Avenue, is the fine bronze statue of the veteran premier of the Dominion Parliament, Sir John A. Macdonald, K.C.B.

Clustered around Queen's Park, and in sight of the Provincial Par

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perior of its kind on the continent, from all parts of America and other and the School of Science, an im- countries. mense red brick building which There are over fifty public schools contrasts strangely with the sur. in Toronto, not including a large rounding structures of grey stone. number of separate schools. There

Behind University College is the are also three collegiate institutes new Wycliffe College, and north of and a number of kindergarten this, and separated from it by forest schools. The public-school system trees, is McMaster Hall. Near the of Toronto has admittedly no sunorthern entrance of Queen's Park perior anywhere. Education is is Victoria College, a handsome compulsory for all, and as textbrown stone building which, under books are free the poorest children the popular name of “Old Vic,” is can attend. The schools are so exthe pride of Methodism throughout cellent, however, that the wealthiest the Province. The new Upper

Upper classes find them the best place to

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Canada College at the head of send their children for an all-round Avenue Road, near the northern education. limit of the city, is a magnificent Of medical colleges there are three; testimonial of the esteem and in- the University Medical College, fluence of its old graduates, for a Trinity Medical College and the few years ago the Government had Woman's Medical College. They about decided to abolish the old are all well conducted and scienUpper Canada College, considering tifically equipped. The standard for it an unnecessary adjunct to the matriculation and other examinapresent educational system; but the tions in these colleges is much higher cold boys,” who are now some of the than in most medical colleges of the most influential men of the country United States. A five years' course rallied around their Alma Mater, is compulsory. There are over and the present new and beautiful five hundred medical students in building is the result. It has students the city, and these, together with about five thousand students attend College of Music, and the Toronto ing the various other schools and Conservatory of Music, besides many colleges, form quite a feature in this lesser musical schools and colleges. busy metropolis.

Who has not heard of the sanctity Osgoode Hall, of which we give of the Toronto Sabbath! Where is an engraving, commemorates by its to be found its counterpart among name the first Chief Justice, and one the large cities of the new world! of the ablest jurists of Upper Canada. It is the embodiment of peace, quiet The building has undergone re- and repose, a “Day of Rest" in its markable vicissitudes of fortune, truest sense. No trolley car can having been at one time employed rush o'er its business thoroughfares as barracks for soldiers—and the or residential avenues. The places sharp challenge of the sentry and of worship are conveniently located the loud word of command of the in all parts of the city, and there is drill-sergeant were heard in the pre- no necessity for anyone to walk far cincts where now learned barristers without being able to attend some plead and begowned judges dispense church. There are over 170 churches justice. The building, however, has embracing all denominations and

creeds with seating capacity for over 100,000 persons; and as a rule, even in summer time, most of the churches are comfortably filled both at morning and evening service.

The roads around Toronto are good for riding, driving and bicycling, and innumerable short and pleasant trips can be taken to the north, east

and west. The scen: OSGOODE HALL, TORONTO.

ery, too in many places

is very picturesque and undergone such changes that its the roads delightfully shaded. Durquondam military occupants would ing the nutting season the spreading no longer recognize it.

beech-trees, the gnarled and knotty Toronto is admittedly the great oaks and the old hickory and buttermusical centre of the Dominion, nut trees prove very attractive to many of the leading events of the squirrels and small boys. season being held here. Notably To the north the ravines of Roseamongst those of 1894 may be men- dale, the side-roads around Moore tioned the Massey Musical Festival Park and the reservoir, and the to inaugurate the opening of the winding roads along the banks of Massey Music Hall, the erection of the Don, are very attractive for ridwhich is due to the munificent gifting or driving. High Park contains of its founder, Mr. H. A. Massey, of 375 acres and has many natural ad$160,000 for this purpose, and stu- vantages and attractions. dents from far and near annually Toronto is fast becoming a great attend the two splendidly equipped industrial and manufacturing centre. Musical Institutions, viz: the Toronto Within the last twenty years there

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has been a large increase in this re- three or four baggage rooms before spect. Many manufacturers through they could find their luggage. out the Province have found it to The street-car system in Toronto their interest to have their main is one of the finest on the North establishments in the Provincial American continent, from a standcapital. Many proprietors of the point of speed, utility and comfort. large industries in the United States During the year 1893, over 21,000,have found it necessary in order to 000 of people were carried. successfully compete for the Cana- There is no city in the world where dian trade, to have branch establish- more pastime and enjoyment can be ments in this country where they had, and is participated in by its can manufacture their goods, and citizens than Toronto. The almost have located in Toronto.

unrivalled advantages of harbour, The largest deposit of nickel in bay, lake and river have given an the world is situated in the Sudbury unusual zest to aquatic sports, such region north of Toronto. There is as boating, bathing, yachting, etc. no nickel in the United States, and The Toronto island is the summer the possibilities in connection with home of hundreds of its citizens, and the nickel industry as far as Toronto is daily visited by thousands more. is concerned are very great.

The Union Station is a very im. posing specimen of architecture, and furnishes ample facilities for the convenience and comfort of travellers, In this respect the old station was very defective. Travellers used to complain that they had to go to each of


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