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work and devote himself to search- station, and I will go to the three ing for his tenant seemed to him a saloons and find out pretty soon if matter of course. In Kiah's opinion, your father has been there, and I'll time could not be better employed find out if there is any person that than in helping one's neighbour. they suspect of illegal liquor-selling. “I may not be so fortunate,” said It is a crying injustice, Miss Faith, Kiah, “ as to live until that beauti- that any liquor-selling should be ful day when all the kingdoms of legal. The law ought to be for the this world shall become the king- betterment of the citizens, and not doms of our Lord and of His Christ. work out their destruction. As I I have always thought I should be take it, God is the only true founso happy if I could be here on the tain of law and of the authority of earth until the Lord's return, and men over men, and the holy Bible be one of those caught up to meet is the pattern law book or statute Him in the air. I fear that can't book; but I tell you, the race of be; but if I am not to live until that men has got to be mightily perverted! good time, there is no reason why I That is one thing that gives me should not have as far as possible courage. I think the measure of the manners of that time, and I iniquity must be just about even make sure that then every man full." will live for the good of his neigh- “ And I think it has been heaped bour. Keep up courage, Miss Faith. up and running over ever and ever Along these ways that you and I so long!” cried Faith. now walk in trouble some day " Now, Kiah, I'll go over to the angels will walk, communing with station to wait for you; but mind, men able to see such holy creatures; I am not going home until I find and then there will be no more my father and get back my pictures; tired feet carrying heavy hearts, and I have some money with me, but only the ransomed of the Lord so that as soon as we do get father going on their errands with joy and and the pictures we

take a singing."

carriage and drive back as far as Faith could not that sad morning your boathouse. If there is money take the comfort that Kiah did in needed, spend it; I have some.” these prognostications. She was “Go thy ways, child," said Kiah younger, and her present trouble kindly. “I too have brought money, was heavy.

and this much good I can get out of “Where are we to go, and what my earnings, that they shall be are we to do?" she asked Kiah. used to cure sorrow and rescue my

“You'll go and sit in the railroad neighbour."



Yes, I shall understand it,

My Saviour's thought alone,
When He to me shall hand it,

My name upon the stone.

Some time I shall behold it !

What will the wonder be
From hands that now enfold it,

To read the name for me?
Unknown to any other,

Designed for me alone,
When my dear Elder Brother

Shall make the gift my own.
O stone of beauty waiting !

With polishment most rare ;
The King Himself translating

The words engraven there ;

'Twill only be His story

In the enjewelled phrase,
And His shall be the glory,

And mine to speak his praise ;
Then shall I know the measure

Of all His love to me ;
The sum of all my treasure

Safe in my hand shall be.

Religious and Missionary Intelligence.


THE METHODIST CHURCH. General Superintendent.-The annual Conferences in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia have all been held. The General Superintendent could only be present at Toronto, Hamilton, and London Conferences, and only for a few days at each. Before going to the Conferences in the Maritime Provinces, he made a hasty trip to Nashville, Tenn., where he preached the baccalaureate sermon at Vanderbilt University. The Southerners were pleased with him and regretted that his stay was so short. The addresses by Dr. Carman at the opening of the Conferences which he attended were, as usual, comprehensive and powerful, and the ordination sermons which he preached at Hamilton and London Conferences were appropriate and full of Gospel truth. The several Conferences were held at Toronto, Hamilton, Strathroy, Picton, Smith's Fails and Victoria respectively.

Presidents and Secretaries. ---The following brethren were elected to the offices of president and secretary in their respective Conferences. Toronto-Revs. M. L. Pearson and G. K. Adams. Hamilton-Revs. W. Kettlewell and S. Sellery. London-Revs. W. Williams, D.D., and R. J. Treleaven. Bay of QuinteRevs. F. B. Stratton and T. J. Edmison, B.A., B.D. Montreal-Revs. J. Armstrong and F. G. Lett. British Columbia -Revs. S. Cleaver and J. B. Bowell.

Jubilee Sermon.--An incident occurred at the Montreal Conference which was of more than ordinary interest, the venerable Richard Whiting preaching a ju. bilee sermon. He had borne an honoured name among his brethren all these years, and had filled various important positions, such as chairman of district and president of Conference, and now he told of the way God had led him all these years, and exhibited the first ticket which he received when he joined "the people called Methodists."

Deaths.— There was a large mortality reported among the ministers. Not less

than thirteen had been called from labour to rest, some, like Fathers Shaler and Graham, had long been venerable with age ; others, such as J. C. Slater, W. Lund, T. Cleworth, J. Fairchilds, S. Blanchard and J. H. Andrews, had been retired a few years. W. Hall, J. W. Annis, D. G. Sutherland, E. D. Lewis and W. Torrance were in the active work, and might be said to have died at their post. They were blameless in life, calm and peaceful in death. Their comrades in arms bore testimony to their fidelity in preaching the glorious Gospel.

Ministerial Character.-Happily there were few cases which required disciplinary action. One brother in the Montreal Conference was deposed from the ministry for refusing to go to the station assigned him in 1894, and for acting very irregularly in holding evangelistic services in various places without the consent of the ministers in charge, thus creating divisions in the churches and doing much injury. A few probationers, haring acted irregularly, were dropped in silence; and one, found guilty of immorality, was expelled.

Statistics. - It is not an easy task to obtain correct statistics, but as far as we have been able to examine the returns there have been received into full connection and ordained not less than seventy-five probationers ; and 130 candidates received on probation. So large was the supply that all racancies in the ministry through superannuation and removal by death, were filled. There is no scarcity of labourers, but there is great lack of means for their support. In one Conference where there are 150 ministers and probationers, the total deficiency of salary reported was $3,999.

Gorernor-General.- As usual there were several welcome visitors to the various Conferences. At Hamilton the Earl of Aberdeen was among the number; and his Excellency, on being invited to the platform by the president, kindly acceded to the request, and spoke a few kind words to the Conference.

He was

companied by Ilon. W. E. Sanford, ministry as their life work. ... The Wessenator.

leyan Theological College in Montreal Holiness.-London Conference had se

has not been retarded in its prosperity cured the services of the Rev. Dr. Keen,

by the death of its late eloquent and a distinguished revivalist from the United gifted principal, Dr. Douglas. Principal States, who held sereral pentecostal

Shaw is to be congratulated on the services which were seasons of great

successful year with which he and the spiritual power. At all the Conferences

members of the faculty have been favourspecial services for the promotion of

ed.... Manitoba College reports a sucholiness were held.

cessful term. The liberality which has

been called forth among both ininisters Funds.—Owing to the almost universal

and people in supporting the institution depression of every kind of business the

is worthy of the highest praise. ... The various connexional funds were not

Columbian Methodist College in British sustained as they should have been. At

Columbia has struggled manfully to the time of writing these notes the returns

carry forward the work of higher educato the Missionary Fund are not completed;

tion. More than forty pupils, male and but, so far as reported, there is a consid

female, have been in attendance, and a erable deficiency. This is the more to be

still larger number is expected next year. regretted as not only can there be no

Valuable property has been secured in extension of the work into the “regions

New Westminster as the future home of beyond,” but there must necessarily be the college. Mr. H. A. Massey has considerable reduction in the scale of

greatly aided in this enterprise, and the allowance to those who are now labouring friends are hoping that the time for them in poor fields. In Toronto Conference

to build will soon come. ... The friends of the amount paid to the ministers exceeded

Albert College, in Belleville, have fought $129,000, but a deficiency of more than

hard against the most adverse circum$7,000 was reported. Several married

stances to bring their institution to its ministers received less than $500.

present state of prosperity. They must Young People's Societies. The reports of necessity increase their accommodation. from the Sunday-schools and Epworth Mr. Massey promised $10,000 if the friends Leagues contained many interesting would raise an equal amount. They incidents. Hundreds of conversions have actually raised $15,000. ... The were reported among the scholars, and ladies' colleges are being vigorously mainseveral thousands have signed the total

tained. The institution at Whitby canabstinence pledge. The appointment

not make further progress without enof the Rev. A. C. Crews to the posi- larging its borders. Here again Mr. tion of Secretary for the Sunday-schools

Massey has acted a most generous part by and Young People's Societies, has given donating a large amount, providing a universal satisfaction. Great hopes are reasonable response is given by the friends entertained that his visits to various of the college. The corner-stone of the connexional centres will be the means new wing has been laid by a daughter of of largely augmenting the number of the generous donor whose name has just the members of those societies, and also been mentioned. Dr. Potts delivered the increasing their efficiency.

oration. The commencement and the

corner-stone laying made a grand redDebts.--A few of the Conferences are

letter day ....Alma College, St. Thomas, greatly encumbered with church debts.

reported 150 pupils enrolled. Principal This is a matter greatly to be deplored,

Austin was full of gratitude for the past as much time must necessarily be oc

and of hope for the future. The debt cupied in contriving ways and means which could be better spent in spiritual

was being reduced. The young ladies

were doing a good deal of real missionary labours. A lay member in Toronto Con

work ; indeed, this is a feature in all the ference expressed the hope that in future

colleges. The real which is being disgreater care would be observed in church erections so as not to increase the burdens

played in Christian missions augurs well

for the future. ... Hamilton Ladies' Col. which in some places have become almost

lege, which is the oldest of its kind in intolerable.

Canada, has, we learn on the authority Education.—The reports from the edu- of its principal, enjoyed a most prosper: cational institutions were of a most en- ous year. He claimed that four hundred couraging character. Victoria never had young ladies have graduated within its such a large attendance as during the walls since its inception. Several of past year. Of those in attendance more these are filling important positions both than 150 have made the choice of the in our own and other lands.

the year.

The Book-Room.- Great interest is al- ronto Conference and greatly interested ways felt in the report which Dr. Briggs the members with an account of what the presents from year to year at all the Con- sisters are doing on behalf of the sick ferences. However dry figures may be

and suffering. As the deaconess work the genial Book-Steward so presents his becomes - better known it will be better bill-of-fare that it suits even the most appreciated. It is a work of mercy such fastidious of his hearers. He stated that as we feel sure the Lord will bless. about $430,000 of cash was turned over in

Rer. W. 8. Griffin, D.D.—This esNotwithstanding the hard

teemed minister is treasurer of the Sutimes he claimed that the House had

perannuation Fund. He looks well after enjoyed a prosperous term, as a proof

the interests of the fund committed to of which $7,500 had been donated to the Superannuation Fund--the largest

his care, and his annual visits to the

Conferences, and his labours on circuits, amount ever donated. The Book-Stew

both in the pulpit and at conventions, ard, however, startled some of his hearers when he told of the debts owing to the

are a great inspiration. Book-Room by certain ministers, some of Manitoba School Question. It was not whom were not at all courteous in the possible to avoid expressions of opinion replies which they sent him to letters on this vexed question. Some were asking for payment. With great regret afraid of politics, and cried aloud “hands he stated that unless there was a dimi- off," but for good or for evil the Confernution of these obligations severe means

ences voiced their sentiments. The conwould have to be adopted.

sensus of opinion seemed to be that the

people of Manitoba should be allowed to Sabbath Observance.-Ontario reveres

settle the matter as they think best. the Sabbath, and probably Toronto excels In this opinion no member of Conferall other cities in its efforts to keep the ence desired to injure their Roman CathSabbath day holy. There is an increas- olic fellow-subjects a single iota. ing effort on the part of many to break down the sacredness of the day of rest.

The Outlook. -No doubt some are disAll the Conferences spoke in strong terms

appointed. But taken as a whole we in favour of maintaining the sanctity of

trust that the various Conferences have the Lord's day. Sir Charles H. Tupper's

entered upon a successful year. If the efforts to secure an amendment to the

religious services that were held, more Lord's Day Act, which would prevent the

particularly the devotional meetings at publication and sale of all newspapers on

the opening, with the love-feast, reception the Lord's day, were highly commended ;

and ordination services, are an indication, while the praiseworthy and zealous man

we may anticipate that showers of blessner in which John Charlton, Esq., M.P.,

ing will descend upon all the Conferhas contended for parliamentary enact

ences during the present year. God ments to further promote the sanctity of

grant that our expectations may be realthe Lord's day received like recognition

ized! from the various Conferences. The members of our churches were urged to avoid

OTHER CANADIAN CHURCHES. travelling by all kinds of public convey

The Presbyterian Assembly met in Lonances on this day, to avoid late shopping

don. More than five hundred commissionon Saturdays, to support all those efforts

ers were appointed, but not more than three which were being made to secure a better hundred were in attendance at any single observance of this holy day, and wher

session. The retiring moderator was the ever possible to secure a half-holiday apostolic Mackay, the founder of the during the week. Works of necessity and mission in Formosa. His sermon and mercy alone should be performed on the addresses were of the most arousing kind. Lord's day.

The new noderator, Dr. Robertson, has Temperance. Of course, all Methodist long been known by his indefatigable Conferences favour temperance. When

labours as General Superintendent of the subject was not so popular as it is at

Missions in Manitoba. He richly merits present our ministers and people were

the honour thus conferred. Some of the among its most zealous advocates, and aged Presbyterian veterans, such as the such they have remained to the present

venerable Dr. Reid and Dr. Gregg, were time. A temperance meeting is held at

compelled to retire, but they will be every Conference.

succeeded by other efficient men. The

missions at home and abroad were reDeaconess Movement.-A delegation ported prosperous, though for obvious from the Deaconess' Home visited To- reasons those in China and Formosa ex

gate it.

cited the greatest interest. The band of made on the ground that the climate of workers have returned to China, and Dr. Algoma is too severe for the health of Mackay will soon return to Formosa and the bishop. The Anglican Church would spend most of his time in raising up a favour the establishment of parochial native ministry. The support given to schools. the ministry reflects the highest honour

ITEMS. upon the Church. The Augmentation Fund is a great boon to poor churches. Archbishop Whately said, “If our reThe more wealthy churches and several ligion is not true, we are bound to change of the ministers subscribe munificently to it; if it is true, we are bound to propait. Methodists might learn a lesson here and treat their Sustentation Fund more

Washington Square church, New York, liberally. Presbyterians in Canada claim

has been sold for $250,000. The amount 100,000 families, or 500,000 souls, and

is to be used solely for evangelistic work 174,000 communicants.

in the lower part of the city. Congregational Union.—This annual

The Governor of Chin-Kiang, China, gathering took place at Hamilton and

some time ago visited the Methodist was attended by delegates from different

girls' school in the city and gave each of Provinces. The Colonial Missionary So.

the principals $50 in appreciation of their ciety had offered $1,250 to the support of

work. missions in Canada, but the offer was refused, so that our friends possess a

Three women have lately been ordainlarge share of independence. "We love

ed by as many Conferences of the Meth

odist Protestant Church. Another Conthe principle of self-reliance. Lack of

ference refused to ordain a young lady, funds greatly retards the progress of the Union.

even though she had graduated at a

theological seminary. Baptist Convention.— The Baptist Church has made great strides in Canada

In the British navy there are not less during the last few years. The recent

than 5,680 enrolled Wesleyans. In the convention held in Toronto was numer

ships of the Mediterranean and Red seas ously attended. Several members were

there are 736 Wesleyans, and 252 in appointed to attend the Pan-American

those at the Cape and West Coast of Congress. Much time was occupied with

Africa, while others are in China, West the reports of the colleges, which were

Indies, Australia, etc. satisfactory in every respect, though

November 21st, 1894, was the birththere was a small monetary deficiency in

day of the Queen of Madagascar. The some of the funds. The home missions first pocket-edition of the revised Malagasy were regarded as particularly prosperous.

Bible was then issued. This pocketThe average salary of the missionaries Bible is a great boon, and when the is $557.30. The late Senator McMaster, consignment reached Antanarivo, there whose gifts to the Church were so great,

was a rush to secure copies. In a few did not forget aged ministers. His lega- days every copy was sold, and the people cy has brought in $31,035. His example were crying out for more. might be observed by the wealthy of all The Wesleyan Missionary Society is Churches.

recovering from its discouragements of The Anglican Church. The Synod of

the past few years. The proposal to Toronto met in St. James' school-house. establish a society somewhat akin to the Bishop Sweatman delivered a lengthy Epworth League has been received with address. There was a loss of ten clergy

great favour. Methodists are very conmen, but not less than twenty had been

spicuous in the ranks of temperance and received, which now makes 150 engaged

social purity workers. The Local Option in parochial work, besides others, includ

Bill of the Government received special

favour. ing ten superannuates. His lordship reported 552 communicants by confirmation. A granddaughter of Charles Wesley He quoted numerous statistics which recently died in London, aged seventyclearly proved the advancement made

Like her ancestor, she was a both in Canada and other parts of the lover of music, and could compose music world. A new officer called Canon Mis- as well as perform the duties of organist. sioner had been instituted. A new diocese Her funeral was conducted in Wesley's is contemplated which will reduce that of chapel, City Road. Her surviving broToronto, and the Bishop of Algoma is ther is organist in that famous Methodist likely to be made principal of the univer- cathedral and has done much to raise the sity in London. The change will be standard of the service.


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