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The Reformation of Parnassus.

Α Τ Α Ι Ε.
Serving to explain the Frontispicce.

NCE, as Parnafsus was with Frost o'er

(ipread, The Muses to their King for Succour fledi In mournful Accents their distress they

(told; Too tender to endure the piercing Cold; But ah! the God no chearful Bcam displays ; Thick vapours intercept his gladning Rays.

“ Alas, says CL10, with a trembling tongue, - No more shall we be callid the ever-young : " Rather than leave our virgin-blooni to fade, 6. Those Wreaths shall heat us, which were wont to


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“ Spare the rash thought, th'alarmid EUTERPE cry'd; “ Shall we destroy the Bard's and Hero's pride! « An Act ro impious shall no God permit; " Flourish the Lawrel still; and flourish Wit! - A thousand authors have, a thousand ways, Try'd to obtain, but few obtain’d the Bays;

« Of


« Of all their works, the best selected first,
« Let us disarm the winter with the worst.
Each Muse consenting, swift they rummage o'er
Heaps pild on Heaps; the Poet's endless store!

And to the flames a thousand Satires fly; But GARTH, and Young, and DRYDEN, cou'd not die. Unnumber'd Epic Songs the fires consume; Nor does the Drama meet a gentler doom: But Apoison and CONGREVE Favour find; To OTWAY, LEE, and VANBRUGH too, the Mure is kind. Th' agglomorated Odes high raise the pyre, And furnish ample fuel to the fire : POPE, WELSTED, WALLER, PHILIPS, chosen names! And a few others 'scape the threat'ning flames : Of Sonnets, Epigrams, and Roundelays, Scarce One does in a Thousand merit Praise : These are committed to ERA To's care; And Few the faves, tho' fain the more wou'd spare.

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These Few the facred Goddess of the Lyre,
Indulgent to my wish and fond desire,
Cullid from the heap, by me a Present fends,
A small but yalued Present, to her friends.

A TA BI.E of

of the SONGS Contained in this Volume.




143 138

75 177 125 128 265

7 is 267 222 181

Female friend advis'd a swain,
Ab, how sweet it is to love,
Ah! whither, whither shall 1 Ay,
Alexis foun'd his fellow swains,
A little love may prove a pleasure,
All in the downs the fleet was moor’d,
All my past life is mine no more,
All the materials are the same
d'maxim this,'amongst the wise ;
An elderly lady, whose bulky, squat figure,
A nymph of the plain,
Apollo once finding fáir Daphne alone,
As Cupid, many ages past,
As Cupid, one day roving, saw
As he lay in the plain, his arm under his head,
As I sat thoughtful in a fade,
As I saw fair Clora walk alone,
As the snow in vallies lying,
As wretched, vain, and indiscreet,
A young Mepherd his life

Alda! thou art of womankind,

, my Lydia, these sad thoughts;
Behold where weeping Venus stands!
Belinda, fee from yonder flowers
Beneath a myrtle shade,
Beneath a verdant lawrel's ample shade,
Boafting fops, who court the fair,

[blocks in formation]


Boast not, mistaken fwain, thy art Pag. 241 Brunetta wou'd in vain conceal

30 C. A N then a look create a thought,

219 С Celestial muses, tune your lyres,

132 Celia has a thousand charms,

76 Celia, hence with affectation,

129 Celia's (miles will quite undo me,

198 Celia, that I once was bleft, Celia, too late gou wou'd repent ;

259 Charmid with Belinda's voice and wit,

34 Charming is your shape and air,

210 Chaste Lucretia, when you left me,

130 Chloe, be kind, no more perplex me,

91 Chloe! your sovereign charms I own;

244 Chloris, farewel, I now must go ;

119 Chloris, 'twill be for either's rest,

9 Ciara, charming without art,

238 Come, Celia, let's agree, at laft,

180 Come, fair one, be kind,

209 Come, Pyrrha, tell what lover now

217 Come tell me no more of love, Corinna cost me many a prayer,

121 Corinna, 'tis you that I love, Coy Belinda may discover,

213 Cupid, instruct an amorous fwain

135 D. Amon,

197 D'Dear minda; in vain you fo coily refuse,

29 Dear Cloe, how blubber'd is that pretty face? 25.1 Delia, how long must I despair,

237 Despairing beside a clear stream,

47 Diogenes, surly and proud,

169 Distracted with care

57 Do not ask me, charming Phillis,

136 Dorinda has such mighty charms,

219 E.

204 VER Y man take a glass in his hand, E




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