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Страница 26 - Butler's famous tautology that " . . . . the value of a thing Is just as much as it will bring...
Страница 74 - Imprinted at London, in Flete strete, within Temple barre, at the sygne of the Hand and Starre, by Richard Totell, the third day of February, an. 1557. Cum privilegio ad imprimendum solum.
Страница 108 - Let us picture to ourselves the condition of a well-cultured farm, so large as to be independent of assistance from other quarters. On this extent of land there is a certain quantity of nitrogen contained both in the corn and fruit which it produces, and in the men and animals which feed upon them, and also in their excrements. We shall suppose this quantity to be known. The land is cultivated without the importation of any foreign substance containing nitrogen. Now, the products of this farm must...
Страница 363 - Granada, as to put a stop to the cultivation of this plant ; and a reward of 20,000/. was offered to any one who should discover an effectual mode of destroying them. Their numbers were incredible. They descended from the hills like torrents, and the plantations, as well as every path and road for miles, were filled with them.
Страница 146 - ... in such a manner as to prevent, as far as possible, any rain from penetrating through the top into the heart of the rickles.
Страница 216 - If you would have your kennel for sweetness of cry, then you must compound it of some large dogs that have deep solemn mouths...
Страница 64 - ... knowledge of those substances which plants extract from the soil on which they grow, and of those restored to the soil by means of manure. The discovery of such principles will be the task of a future generation, for what can be expected from the present, which recoils with seeming distrust and aversion from all the means of assistance offered it by chemistry, and which does not understand the art of making a rational application of chemical discoveries ? A future generation, however, will derive...
Страница 68 - It is known, that the aluminous minerals are the most widely diffused on the surface of the earth, and as we have already mentioned, all fertile soils, or soils capable of culture, contain alumina as an invariable constituent. There must, therefore, be something in aluminous earth which enables it to exercise an influence on the life of plants, and to assist in their development. The property on which this depends is that of its invariably containing potash and soda.
Страница 76 - So where a man's better will open a gap, Resist not with rudeness, for fear of mishap." He begins his monthly husbandry with September, for that was then the period, as now, when arable land was commonly entered upon by the farmer. He says, in his opening stanza— " At Michaelmas lightly new farmer comes in, New husbandry forceth him new to begin ; Old farmer, still taking the time to him given, Makes August to last to Michaelmas even.
Страница 82 - The jewel house of art and nature: containing divers rare and profitable inventions, together with sundry new experiments in the art of husbandry.