Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophel and Stella und Defence of poesie: nach den ältesten ausgaben mit einer einleitung über Sidney's leben und werke

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M. Niemeyer, 1889 - 112 страници

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Страница 78 - On the other side, the historian, wanting the precept, is so tied, not to what should be but to what is, to the particular truth of things, and not to the general reason of things, that his example draweth no necessary consequence, and therefore a less fruitful doctrine.
Страница lii - Leave me, O love which reachest but to dust, And thou, my mind, aspire to higher things. Grow rich in that which never taketh rust: Whatever fades but fading pleasure brings. Draw in thy beams, and humble all thy might To that sweet yoke where lasting freedoms be; Which breaks the clouds and opens forth the light That doth both shine and give us sight to see.
Страница 104 - ... decency nor discretion ; so as neither the admiration and commiseration, nor the right sportfulness, is by their mongrel tragi-comedy obtained. I know Apuleius did somewhat so, but that is a thing recounted with space of time, not represented in one moment : and I know the ancients have one or two examples of tragi-comedies, as Plautus hath Amphytrio.
Страница 108 - Now, of versifying there are two sorts, the one Auncient, the other Moderne : the Auncient marked the quantitie of each silable, and according to that framed his verse : the Moderne, observing onely...
Страница 77 - The philosopher therefore and the historian are they which would win the goal, the one by precept, the other by example. But both not having both, do both halt.
Страница 110 - Thus doing, your name shall flourish in the printers' shops ; thus doing, you shall be of kin to many a poetical preface ; thus doing, you shall be most fair, most rich, most wise, most all ; you shall dwell upon superlatives. Thus doing, though you be libertino patre natus...
Страница 98 - Who list may read in Plutarch the discourses of Isis and Osiris, of the cause why oracles ceased, of the divine providence, and see whether the...
Страница 87 - Thraso ; and not only to know what effects are to be expected, but to know who be such, by the signifying badge given them by the comedian. And little reason hath any man to say that men...
Страница 109 - Muses, no more to scorne the sacred misteries of Poesie : no more to laugh at the name of Poets, as though they were next inheritours to Fooles : no more to jest at the reverent title of a Rymer: but to beleeve with Aristotle, that they were the auncient Treasurers, of the Graecians Divinity.
Страница 88 - ... blood. So as he, that was not ashamed to make matters for tragedies, yet could not resist the sweet violence of a tragedy.