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how to be treated-Anecdote of a
French Officer

STEBLE. 136. History of Tom Varnish-Petition

ers for the Farthingal
137 Various Abuses of Speech-Swear-

ing-Departure of the Duke of
Marlborough, &c.

...... STEELE. 138 Deference to the Opinion of the

World-Gyges' Ring-Actions of

Public Spirits—Whetters 139 Women more improveable than Men

-On Courtship—The Author's

Discoveries by the Use of his Ring 140 Letters on a Charitable Provision for

poor Boys—Cicero's Defence of
Archias—Use of the term Madam
-Indecorums at Church From

an Inquisitive Lady
141 Education of Girls - Whetters

Noisy Neighbours-Letter from
a Valentine-Petition of the Inha-

bitants of Gotham 142 Political Anxiety

tion of Charles the Toyman
143 Sister Jenny appears in her own

Chariot, The Author's Letter to
her Husband-Provision for Pas-
torals—Public Impostors --Joshua

144. Prevalence of Extravagance and

Show--Change of Manners in

Scotland 145 Complaint against the Oglers-Angel

at the Royal Exchange 146 Various Cases of Complainers-

Dream of Jupiter and the Destinies ADDISON. 147 Juno's Method to regain Jupiter's Af

fection : ADDISON -Trial of Wine STEELE.


165 On the Impertinence of Criticism

Character of Sir Timothy Tittle.. ADDISON. 166 Rules of Visiting-Character of Tom

Modely-Notice of a Pastoral

Masque, &c. 167 Funeral and Character of Mr. Bet

terton the Actor 168 Characters of Impudence and Ab

surdity-Education of the Jesuits

-Petition of Sarah Lovely 169 On the Evils of Drinking-Charac

ter of a Country Gentleman

Letter from F. Bickerstaff 170 Vicissitudes of human Life - Visit to

the Lottery Office-Advertisement

of a Heart lost 171 Origin of Honour and Title-Beha

viour of the Indian Kings--Imper

tinence of Minucio 172'Mischiefs arising from passion-Story

of Mr. Eustace 173 Errors in Education-Character of

Horace ...... 174 Various Species of Mad persons

Lady Fidget and Will Voluable 175 On the Life of People of Condition 176 On Heroism in Sufferings-Eucrates,

the good-natured Man--Characters
of Martius and Aristæus-Letter
from an Idle Man, and his

177 On Dedications
178 On Don Quixote-The Upholsterer

at the Coffee-house ...... 179 Letter on the Construction of a Green

house 180 Injustice of not paying Tradesmen

Of Show and Extravagance


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