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Cor. No, truly.

Clo. Then thou art damn'd.

Cor. Nay, I hope

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Clo. Truly, thou art damn'd, like an ill-roafted egg, all on one fide.


Cor. For not being at Court? your reafon.


Clo. Why, if thou never waft at Court, thou never faw'ft good manners; if thou never faw't good manners, then thy manners must be wicked; and wickedness is fin, and fin is damnation: thou art in a parlous ftate, fhepherd.

Cor. Not a whit, Touchstone: thofe, that are good manners at the Court, are as ridiculous in the Country, as the behaviour of the Country is most mockable at the Court. You told me, you falute not at the Court, but you kifs your hands; that courtefy would be uncleanly, if Courtiers were fhepherds.

Clo. Inftance, briefly; come, inftance.

Cor. Why, we are still handling our ewes; and their fels, you know, are greasy.

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Clo. Why, do not your Courtiers' hands fweat? and is not the greafe of a mutton as wholfome as the fweat of man? fhallow, fhallow!a better instance, I fay: come.

Cor. Befides, our hands are hard.

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Clo. Your lips will feel them the fooner. Shallow again a more founder inftance, come.

Cor. And they are often tarr'd over with the furgery of our fheep; and would you have us kifs tarr? the Courtier's hands are perfumed with civet.

Clo. Most shallow man!-thou worms-meat, in refpect of a good piece of flesh-indeed!-learn of the wife, and perpend. Civet is of a bafer birth than tarr; the very uncleanly flux of a cat. Mend the inftance, fhepherd.

Cor. You have too courtly a wit for me; I'll reft. in Clo. Wilt thou reft damn'd? God help thee, fhallow man; God make incifion in thee, thou art raw.

Cor. Sir, I am a true labourer, I earn that I eat; get that I wear; owe no man hate, envy no man's happiness; glad of other men's good, content with my harm; and the greatest of my pride is, to fee my ewes graze, and my lambs fuck.

Clo. That is another fimple fin in you, to bring the ewes and the rams together; and to offer to get your living by the copulation of cattle; to be a bawd to a bell-weather'; and to betray a fhe-lamb of a twelvemonth to a crooked-pated old cuckoldry ram, out of all reasonable match. If thou be'ft not damn'd for this, the devil himself will have no fhepherds; I cannot fee elfe how thou shouldft 'scape.

Cor. Here comes young Mr. Ganimed, my new miftrefs's brother.

2 Make incifion in thee.] To make incifion was a proverbial expreffion then in vogue, for to make to understand. So in Beaumont and Fletcher's Humourous Lieute


O excellent King,

Angel-ey'd King, vouchsafe at
length thy favour;
And fo proceeds to incifion.

i. e. to make him understand
what he would be at.

WARBURTON. 3 Bawd to a Belwether.] We

Thus he begins, thou life and ther and Ram had anciently the

light of creatures.

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Enter Rofalind, with a paper.

Rof. From the east to western Inde,
No jewel is like Rofalind,

Her worth, being mounted on the wind,
Through all the world bears Rofalind.
All the pictures, faireft limn'd,

Are but black to Rofalind.

Let no face be kept in mind,

But the face of Rofalind.

Clo. I'll rhime you fo, eight years together; dinners, and fuppers, and fleeping hours excepted: it is the right butter-woman's rate to market.

Rof. Out, fool!

Clo. For a tafte.

If a hart doth lack a hind,
Let him feek out Rofalind.
If the cat will after kind,
So, be fure, will Rofalind.
Winter-garments must be lin'd,
So muft fender Rofalind.

They, that reap, must fheaf and bind;
Then to Cart with Rofalind.

Sweetest nut hath fowreft rind,

Such a nut is Rofalind,

He that fweetest rofe will find,

Muft find love's prick, and Rofafind.

This is the very falfe gallop of verfes; why do you infect yourself with them?

4 Rate to market. So Sir T. Hanmer. In the former Editions rank to market.


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Rof. Peace, you dull fool, I found them on a tree. Clo. Truly, the tree yields bad fruit.

Rof. I'll graff it with you, and then I fhall graff it with a medler; then it will be the earliest fruit i'th' country; for you will be rotten ere you be half ripe, and that's the right virtue of the medler.

Clo. You have faid; but whether wifely or no, let the Foreft judge,


Enter Celia, with a writing,

Rof. Peace, here comes my Sifter reading; stand afide.

Cel. Why should this a Defert be,
For it is unpeopled? No;
Tongues I'll hang on every tree,
That shall civil fayings show":
Some, how brief the life of man
Runs bis erring pilgrimage;
That the Stretching of a Span
Buckles in bis fum of age;
Some of violated vows,

'Twixt the fouls of friend and friend;
But upon the fairest boughs,

Or at every fentence' end,

Will I Rofalinda write;

Teaching all, that read, to know,
This Quinteffence of every Sprite
Heaven would in little fhow.

That fball civil fayings fhow.] Civil is here ufed in the fame fense as when we fay civil wifdom or civil life, in oppofition to a folitary states or to the state

E 3

of nature.
This defart fhall not
appear unpeopled, for every tree
fhall teach the maxims or inci-
dents of focial life.


Therefore heaven nature charg'd",
That one body should be fill'd
With all graces wide enlarg'd;
Nature prefently diftill'd
Helen's cheeks, but not her heart,
Cleopatra's majefty;
Atalanta's better part "; }
Sad Lucretia's modesty.


Thus Rofalind of many parts

By heav'nly fynod was devis'd;
Of many faces, eyes, and hearts,

To have the Touches deareft priz'd.
Heav'n would that the thefe gifts should have,
And I fhould live and die her flave.

Rof. O moft gentle Jupiter'!-what tedious homily of love have you wearied your Parishioners withall, and never cry'd, Have patience, good people?

6 Therefore heaven nature charg'd] From the picture of Apelles, or the accomplishments of Pandora.

Πανδώρην, ὅτι πάνες ὀλύμπια δώματ ̓ ἔχοντες

Δῶρον ἐδώρησαν.
So before,

But thou

better part feems to have been her heels, and the worfe part was fo bad that Rosalind would not thank her lover for the comparifon. There is a more obfcure Atalanta, a Huntress and a Heroine; but of her nothing bad is recorded, and therefore I know not which was the better part.

So perfect, and fo peerless art Shakespeare was no despicableMy


Of ev'ry creature's beft.

Tempeft. Perhaps from this paffage Swift had his hint of Biddy Floyd.

Atalanta's better part.] I know not well what could be the better part of Atalanta here afcribed to Rofalind. Of the Atalanta moft celebrated, and who therefore muft he intended here where he has no epithet of difcrimination, the

thologift, yet he feems here to have mistaken fome other cha racter for that of Atalanta.

8 Sad, is grave, fober, not light. 9 The Touches.] The features; les traits.

10 most gentle JUPITER!] We fhould read JUNIPER, as the following words fhew, alluding to the proverbial term of a Juniper lecture: A fharp or unpleafing one! Juniper being a rough prickly plant. WARBURTON. Surely Jupiter may ftand.


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