The life of Edward earl of Clarendon, written by himself. [on large paper, cm.24].

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Страница 429 - That he hath caused quo warrantos to be issued out against most of the corporations of England immediately after their charters were confirmed by Act of Parliament, to the intent he might receive great sums of money from them for renewing their charters, which when they complied withal he caused the said quo warrantos to be discharged, or prosecution thereupon to cease.
Страница 391 - It is the fourth article of his impeachment that he "advised and procured divers of his majesty's subjects to be imprisoned against law, in remote islands, garrisons, and other places, thereby to prevent them from the benefit of the law, and to produce precedents for the imprisoning any other of his majesty's subjects in like manner.
Страница 325 - or received message from either in my life. And " this I protest to your majesty is true, as I have
Страница 105 - That it would be fit, either by a procla" mation to forbid all persons to resort to those " houses, and so totally to suppress them ; or to " employ some spies, who being present in the " conversation, might be ready to charge and " accuse the persons who had talked with most " license in a subject that would bear a complaint...
Страница 96 - ... neither the judges nor any present at the trial did believe him guilty, but that he was a poor distracted wretch, weary of his life, and chose to part with it this way.
Страница 90 - And very many on both sides of the Strand, who knew not whither to go, and scarce what they did, fled with their families out of their houses into the streets, that they might not be within when the fire fell upon their houses.
Страница 35 - ... streets were as full, the exchange as much crowded, and the people in all places as numerous, as they had ever been seen, few persons missing any of their acquaintance, though by the weekly bills there appeared to have died above one hundred and threescore thousand persons: and many, who could compute very well, concluded that there were in truth double that number who died; and that in one week, when the bill mentioned only six thousand, there had in truth fourteen thousand died.
Страница 87 - Hollis told him what he was accused of, and "that he was seen to have thrown somewhat out of his pocket, which they thought to be a fireball, into a house which was now on fire...
Страница 5 - ... all the miscarriages and oversights in the treasury, and to propose ways of reformation to them. ' The root of all miscarriage was the unlimited power of the Lord Treasurer, that no money could issue out without his particular direction, and all money was paid upon no other rules than his order ; so that, let the King want as much as was possible, no money could be paid by his, without the Treasurer's warrant ; ' which, to men who understood no more than they did, seemed a very great incongruity....
Страница 341 - ... and principles from me, both in church and state ; and who have taken all opportunities to lessen my credit with the king, .and...