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them, 232.


nobles, 171.

of, 360.


employments recommended to
ANTOMIMES, great expressive Poles, their origin, 161. Fre-

of the antient, 352. queni odd ways of disposing of
Their use in arbitrary govern- the crown of Poland, 162,
ments, 353:

Origin of the republican power
PAINTING and sculpture, why among, 163. Awful appear-

popish countries excel most in ance of the diet, 164. In-
those arts, 21.

stance of the oitentation of the
an art the least liable
to be perverted to any bad . Pope of Rome, de cription of,
purpose, 245. More honour- 460.
able for a country to boast the Pride described, 203.
improvement than the mere PROPHECY, the intention of,
antiquity of this art, 247. 310.
-in oil, supposed to be in. PROPHET, Jewish, character
vented in England, 249– of, 308.
on glass, not lolt, as in gene- Publication, some of the arts

ral imagined, 250.
Paris and London, comparison

between those two capitals,

ABENER, M. instance of his
PAscion and emotion distinguish- philosophy, 382.
ed, 420.

RAILLERY, definition of, 200.
PERCEPTION by the senses, re. Reason, of small use without
markable difference in, 415.

the aid of the pasions, 177.
Superiority of those by the eye Religion, the intention of, 446.
and ear, ib.

Whether human reason is fuf-
PerPLEXITY, the signs of, 201. ficient in, 448.
PERSECUTION worlé than infi- REMOR: E, the signs of, 203.
delity, 22.

REVIEWERS, professions of their
described, 462. integrity, 3i. Their motives
PERSECUTORS for religion, how for centuring the author of

considered by M. Rousseau, Tristram Shandy, ib.

REWARDS, whether calculated
PHÆDRA, various opinions re- to promote the interests of mo-
lating to her speech in Hippol.

rality, 176.
v. 405, 6, 7. 411.

RICHARD II. characterised, 87.,
PHILOSOPHY, in what language Robin and Makyne, an antient
only to be learned, 268.

Scots palloral, 183. The fame
Pity, the signs of, 201.

modernized, 193
PLANETS, propagated by fexual ROUSSEAU, his remark on perse.
generation, 147.

cutors for religion, 240.
PLEASURE and pain, origin of our

Poet, terrible effects from the AL AMMONIAC, its efficacy in
bite of a mad one, 316.

vernal intermittent disorders,
, one good, the cause of

sense of, 505.

many bad, 356.

Scurvy, whence that word is
Poets, quarrelsome, iwo other


derived, 271.


SHAME, expressions of, 202.

Chevalier, his various SIBERIA, extraordinary quick accomplishments, 112. vegetation there, 431.

TESTAMENTARY wills, how reSIN, not pardoned on account of gulated by the Prusian law, 12.

any relative act or suffering, 114. Theatre, the cause of the reSOBIESKI, John, king of Po strictions laid on it, 371. Reland, his birth, 16;. His ex

flexions on, 372. traordinary military address, Thomson, the poet, short ab. 166. Marries, 167. His fig. ftract of his life, 299.' His nal victory over the Tartars, ib. person and character, 304. Extract from his coronation Thought, how governed, 418. sermon, 170. Destroys a ghoft, TRISTRAM Shandy, why deand frightens bis confefior to serving a bithopric, 453. death, 171. Defeats the Turks, TRULLIDER, Parfon, in Joseph and rescues Vienna, 172. His Andrei-s, whence that cha. noble behaviour at the inter- railer was taken, 366. view with the emperor, 173. TYDE us, noble defcription of,327. His rash confidence, and great TYRT ÆUS, his story, 57. acknowledgment, 174. Dies, 175.

V. Socrates learned to dance when advanced in years, 316.


merits of blank and metri. 255. Song from, 263,

cal, 283. Beauty of varied SOPHOCLES, his barbarous usage pauses, 284. Illustrated by from commentators, 401.

extracts from Shakespear, MiSoul, its seat, and mode of its ton, Dryden, and Pope, 286.

transmigration, conjectured, Comparative imagery, remarks 507

on, 291. Three queries reSPANISH papers, extract from, lating to imagery, 298.

in defence of Mr. Pitt's con- VERTUE, Mr. hisindustry and care

duct relative to Spain, 228. in collecting materials for an hisSpencer, father to Edward II's tory of English painters, 243.

favourite, anecdotes relating Vexation, how manifelted, 201. to, 85.

VOLTAIRE, censure of, by Dr. STERNE, Rev. Mr. his chief ex

YOUNG, 465.

Urim and Thummim, conjecSTYLE, greac latitudes for diver. ture concerning, 308.

fity in, 28. SUPERSTITION, her dwelling de


SOLYM a N and Almena, fory of, V Enchas examination into the

cellence, 41:

scribed, 459

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Aste and Genius, flourish

molt in freedom, 17. In. Itance in the Auguftan age, ib. -in the age of Louis XIV.

19. Taylor

comical adventure of that book, 479.

Oung, Rev. Mr. the

from whom the character of parson Adams was drawn, a. necdote of, 492

Just Published, Price 2 s.



Of all


Published since the Commencement of the Monthly Review

in May, 1749, to the End of the twenty-fourth Volume, concluding with June, 1761. Being a ĠENERAL INDEX to the Titles, Author's Names, &c. of all the Articles contained in the said Review ; with proper References to the leveral Volumes, and to the respective Pages, wherein may be found an impartial Account of every Publication during the above-mentioned Period.

67 The Price of each Book or Pamphlet is correctly inserted in this


** The Catalogue, for the first ten Years, may be had alone, Price is, 6 d. stitched. And the Catalogue for the two last Years, Price 6d.

Printed for R. GRIFFITHS in the Strand.

Of whom may be had
Entire Sets of the Monthly REVIEW, from the Beginning

of the Book to the present Time; or any particular Vo-
lume or Month ; new Editions being printed of most of
the Numbers.

N. B The compleat Catalogue will, for the future, be regularly

continued every two Years, and the third Part will be published in July, 1763

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