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Imagination, effects of, 305.

Impartiality, no man a judge of his own, 49.

Imponderables, modern progress in the study of, 66, 67.
Impossible, what we may properly declare to be, 63.

Indian mutiny foreshadowed, 201.

Inquiry entertained in this volume, a practical one, 18.
Instincts, human, too little studied, 496.
Invisible and inaudible world, the, 508.

Jansenists, alleged miracles among the, 85, 86.
Johnson, Dr., his opinion on apparitions, 30.

Kepler's bargain with Martin Korky, 48.
Kerner's Seeress of Prevorst, 251.

Korky, Martin, his presumptuous skepticism, 48.

Laplace on the evidence of sense, 115.
Law-suit, the. Disturbances in Edinburgh, 253.
Laws may be change-bearing, 80; such laws rare,
Lee, Sir Charles, death of his daughter, 148.

Legal investigation of disturbances in France, 273.
Life saved by a dream, 151.

Linn, Senator, how his life was saved, 455.


Livonian school-teacher, how she lost her situation, 348.

Looking on one's own body, 345.

Lorenzo the Magnificent and the Improvisatore, 365.

Louise. Apparition seen by two persons independently, 378.

Luther sweeps out Hades, 481; causes Gehenna and Hades to be both
translated Hell, 482.

Mackay, the credulousness of his incredulity, 258.

Macnish, his dream verified, 155.

Man cannot sympathize with that for which he is not prepared, 492.
Man remains human after death? 502.

Man's choice becomes his judge, 510.

Man's nature and his situation present an apparent anomaly, 497.
Marvel of marvels, the, 62.

Marvelous, love of, misleads, 98.

Master-influence, that will exist in another world? 503.

Medical admissions in regard to Animal Magnetism, 24.

Medicine, effect of, on perceptions, 313.

Miracle, definition of, 72, 74.

Miracles, modern, rejected, 70.

Miracles of the New Testament, 91.

Mirville, Marquis de, his pneumatology, 39; his evidence, 277, 282.

Mischief of over-credulity, 43.

Modesty enlists credence, 105.

Monks of Chantilly, their ingenuity, 101.

Montgéron, Carré de, his extraordinary work on the Jansenist mira-
cles, 86.

More light hereafter, 512.

Mother and son. Synchronous impressions, 184.

Mother's longing, the, 187.

Murder near Wadebridge, seen in dream, 173.

Murdered, the alleged, reappears, 298.

Mysteries, God protects his own, 58.

[blocks in formation]

Negro servant, the. Murder foreshadowed in dream, 204.

Nervous reservoir, how supplied, 132.

New Havensack disturbances, 240.

Nicolai, his memoir on hallucinations of which he was the subject, 307, 308.
Nobleman, the, and his servant, 377.

Norway, Edmund, his remarkable dream, 173.

Number and variety of virtues here indicate number and variety of avoca-
tions hereafter, 494.

Oberlin, his belief as to apparitions, 362.
Officer, English, what he suffered, 447.
Official investigation of disturbances, 265.

Old Kent Manor-House, the, 416.

One success not disproved by twenty failures, 106.

Origin of Modern Spiritualism, 288.

Outlines only of a future life may perhaps be discovered, 509.

Past events, though forgotten, may be recalled in dream, 143.
Peer, son of a, leading member of the "Ghost Club," 34.
Perception, exceptional cases of, 312.

Percival, his death seen in dream, 181.

Perquin's observation as to dreaming, 120.

Perrier, Mademoiselle, subject of an alleged miracle, 83.

Persecution, apparently by spiritual agency, 436.

Phenomena, how they are hushed up, 18, 344.

Phenomena independent of opinions, 25.

Plymouth Club, the, 191.

Pneumatology of the Bible, general, not specific, 511.

Polygamy, can any authority sanction it? 42.

Port Royal, alleged miracle at, 83.

Porter, Anna Maria, her visitor, 367.

Postulates, two, involved in the hypothesis that departed spirits occasionally

return, 480; these postulates rational, 486.

Prescience in dreams, 197, 199, 201, 202, 204.

Press, the indications of change of tone, as to the supernatural, 48.
Priestley, Dr., his opinion of the Wesley disturbances, 238.

Proofs of ultramundane agency spread all over society, 509.

Punishment, future, speculation regarding, 397, 452, 510.

Punishment, to be effectual, must speedily follow the offense, 487.

Purgatory, Hades swept out along with it, 481.

Racine vouches for a Jansenist miracle, 83.

Rational opinions may be irrationally defended. Example of this, 35.
Reichenbach's experiments, 67, 311.

Reid on the evidence of the senses, 114.

Religious researches involve more risk than secular, 48.

Representation of cerebral action? 195.

Rescue, the. Apparition of the living at sea, 333.

Responding of unexplained sounds, first example, 217.

Retina, image on the, during hallucination? 304.

Retribution, apparent examples of, 434, 447.

Reward and punishment, effect of removing to a distance the expectation
of these, 488.

Right and duty to prove all things, spirits included, 41.

Rochester Knockings, 284.

Rogers, E. C., his theory of cerebral action represented, 195.

Rogers the poet, his logic, 94.



Roman Ritual, doctrine of, 40.

Romance, etymology of the word, 498.

Romano, Signor, his story, 153.

Romantic incident, misleading effect of, 160.

Sadducism, whither it may lead, 28, 302.

Sagée, Mademoiselle Emélie, her strange story, 349.
Science, regrets of a man of, at death, 495.

Scott, Sir Walter, his story, 165.

Scripture proofs of the soul's immortality do not convince all, 50.
Second-Sight, 109; in the Fox family, 284.

Seeress of Prevorst, disturbances in her house, 250; apparition to, 398.
Sense, the strongest evidence, 55.

Senses of hearing and touch vouch for an apparition, 461.

Senses of sight and touch discredited, 114.

Sentiment linked to action, 26.

Sepulture, rites of, paid to what? 505.

Sheol of the Jews, 482.

Sherbroke, Sir John, apparition to, 383.

Shipwreck foretold in dream, 157.

Sight and sound. Apparition of the living, 326.

Skeptic, confession of a, 52.

Skepticism among the educated classes, 50, 51.

Skepticism, curious specimen of, 114.

Skeptics, often unwillingly so, 52.

Slawensik, the Castle of, 242.

Sleep, its marvels, 117; is it ever dreamless? 119.

Sleep, various phases of it have much in common, 124.
Sleeping powers may exceed the waking, 126.

Smellie and Greenlaw, their compact, 143.

Soul, does it ever sleep? 121.

Soul, what becomes of it immediately after death, 482.
Southey, his opinion of the Wesley disturbances, 238.
Spaniard, his inference, a type of modern logic, 106.
Speech, habitual, of an apparition, 466.

Spiritual agency not miraculous, 88.

Spiritual body, 30, 360.

Spiritual body seems to show itself where its affections are, 187, 319, 343,

374, 377, 380, 383, 411.

Spiritual guardianship, is it an unholy or incredible hypothesis? 477.
Spiritualism, modern, an influential element, 36.

Spiritualism, modern, origin of, 288.

Spontaneous phenomena of a spiritual character, how snall we dispose of

them? 46.

Stains of blood, the, 406.

Steele, Sir Richard, his opinion on apparitions, 31.

Stilling, Jung, his pneumatology, 20; his story, 317.
Stove, the iron, 393.

Strahan, Rev. Dr., his opinions on apparitions, 361.

Stratford, Connecticut, disturbances at, 299.

Strauss, Dr., his argument against the supernatural, 28.

Subject of this volume, severe test applied to, 58.

Suitor, the rejected, 469.

Surgeon's Assistant, the, 325.

Swedenborg, his system, 21.

Sympathy, destined to become an element of active organization, 503.

[blocks in formation]

Table-moving, 110, 112.

Tantum, Francis, death of, 376.

Taylor, Isaac, a distinguished pneumatologist, 20, 30, 32, 490, 507.
Tedworth, disturbances at, 214.

Teller, a Glasgow, his dream, 163.

Testimony, argument as to concurrence of, 96.

Testimony, its posture in the scientific world, remarks by Robert Chambers
upon,-Appendix, Note B., 517.

The virtuous reasonably desire another stage of action, 494.

Tillotson, Dr., his opinions, 55, 90, 110.

Time an essential element, 19.

Trapper, the, his story, 459.

Truth in every rank, 32.

Truth to be reached only by taking trouble, 192.
Truths that appeal to our consciousness, 56.
Two lives, the conception of, 491.

Ultramundane phenomena, importance of, 27, 509.
Unexpected consolation, 461.

Utterings of the presaging voice, 500.

Vision, origin of a, 142.

Visionary excursion, the, 345.

Visit foretold in dream, 199.

Volition, suspension of, essential part of sleep, 130.

We are journeying toward a land of love and truth, 504.
Wesley narrative, disturbances at Epworth, 224.

Wesley, Emily, sounds pursue her through life, 236.

Westminster Review, on Spiritualism, 38.

What a French actress suffered, 436.

What an English officer suffered, 447.

Wife of Oberlin, said to have appeared to him, 364; record of this by
Oberlin, 361.

Wilkins, Joseph, dream of, 184.

World, an inscrutable, during sleep, 118.

World, this, never fully develops the character of man, 497.

Wraith, as believed in Scotland, a superstition, yet founded in truth, 357.
Wraxall, Sir Nathaniel, narrative vouched for by him, 393.

Wynyard apparition, 383.


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