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· Praise to the Lord of boundless might Doddridge. 291
Praise ye the Lord ! 'tis good to raise Watts. 86


Raise your triumphant songs

Watts 292
Rejoice, ye righteous ! in the Lord Watts. 293
Remark, my soul! the narrow bounds Doddridge. 481

Salvation! O the joyful sound

Watts. 294
Sages of ancient lettered times

Scott. 295
See from on high a light divine fEx. Coll. 296

See how he loved !' exclaimed the Jews tEx. Coll. 297
See Israel's shepherd stand

Doddridge. 482
Shall I forsake that heavenly Friend Jervis. 483
Show mercy, Lord ! O Lord! forgive Watts. 298
Shine forth, eternal Source of light Doddridge. 299
Shine on our souls, eternal God Doddridge. 300
Sing to the Lord, Jehovah's name

Watts. 87
Sing to the Lord, who loud proclaims Doddridge. 88
Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands

Watts. 301
Sing, ye redeemed of the Lord Doddridge. 302
Sleep, sleep to-day, tormenting cares Mrs. Barbauld. 89
Songs of immortal praise belong

Watts. 303
Soon will our fleeting hours be past Kippis' Coll. 90
Sovereign Lord of light and glory Ex. Coll. 91
Stand still, refulgent orb of day

fButcher. 304
Stand up, my soul! shake off thy fears Watts. 305
Supreme and universal light Rev. H. Moore. 306
Supreme in wisdom as in power Scotch Para. 307
Sweet is the friendly voice

Jervis. 308
Sweet is the love that mutual glows Dr. Gregory. 309
Sweet is the work, my God! my King Watts. 92

Teach me, O teach me, Lord! thy way Merrick. 310
Teach me the measure of my days

Watts. 312

Thanks be to God the Lord

t Drummond. 311
That awful hour will soon appear Mrs. Steele. 313
That man, in life wherever placed

Burns. 315
That man is blessed, who stands in awe Tate. 314
The common Parent, Lord of all

Watts. 316
The darkened sky-how thick it lowers Doddridge. 317
The day approaches, O my soul Doddridge. 319
The earth, and all the heavenly frame Gibbons. 318
The evils that beset our path Olney Hymns. 320
The gifts indulgent heaven bestows Mrs. Steele. 321
The glories, Lord! thy works proclaim tEx. Coll. 93
The God of mercy will indulge Salisbury Coll. 484
The God who reigns alone

Drummond. 322
The heart dejected sighs to know Needham. 323
The heavens declare thy glory, Lord Watts. 94
The heaven of heavens cannot contain Drennan. 95
The hour of my departure's come Logan. 485
The Lord descended from above · Sternhold. 97
The Lord himself, the mighty Lord

Tate. 325
The Lord—how tender is his love Darwin. 324
The Lord my pasture shall prepare Addison. 326
The Lord our God is full of might H. K. White. 327
The mighty God, who rolls the spheres tJ. Taylor. 330
The morning flowers display their sweets C. Wesley. 328
The morn of life, how fair and gay Ex. Coll. 329
The rising morn, the closing day Mrs. Steele. 486
The short-lived day declines in haste Ex. Coll. 331
The spacious firmament on high

Addison. 98
The swift-declining day

Doddridge. 332
The time draws near, when thou, my soul tEx. Coll. 333
The traveller, lost in night

Mrs. Steele. 334
The uplifted eye and bended knee

Scott. 99
There is a God all nature speaks Mrs. Steele. 96
There is a glorious world on high Mrs. Steele. 335
There is a land of pure delight

Watts. 336
There is forgiveness, Lord! with thee tEx. Coll. 337
These mortal joys, how soon they fade Doddridge. 338

Thine influence, mighty God! is felt Salisbury Coll. 100 This feast was Jesus' high behest Enfield's Select. 487 This is the day the Lord hath made Watts. 101 Those happy realms of joy and peace Mrs. Steele. 339 Though earthly shepherds dwell in dust Doddridge. 488 Though every grace my speech adorned Scot. Para. 340 Though others, confident and vain

Watts. 341 Thou, Lord ! by mortal eyes unseen Mason. 342 Thou, Lord! by strictest search, hast known Tate. 344 Thou, Lord! in mercy wilt regard

Jervis. 345 Thou, Lord! through every changing Doddridge. 343 Thrice happy men, who, born from Doddridge. 346 Through all the changing scenes of life Watts. 347 Through all the various shifting scene L'pool Coll. 349 Through endless years thou art the same Tate. 348 Thus far the Lord has led me on

Watts. 490 Thus saith the first and great command Watts. 350 Thy gracious aid, great God ! impart. Watts. 103 Thy kingdom, Lord! for ever stands Mrs. Steele. 102 Thy presence, ever-living God Doddridge. 489 Thy wisdom! power and goodness Lord Mrs. Steele. 382 'Tis by thy strength, the mountains stand Watts. 104 'Tis mercy calls—a tribute bring Williams' Coll. 351 Time—what an empty vapour 'tis

Watts. 353 To calm the sorrows of the mind

Jervis. 354 To God let fervent prayers arise. Watts. 355 To God, of every good the spring Ex. Coll. 105 To thee, let my first offerings rise Drennan. 491 To thee, my heart, eternal King Exeter Coll. 357 To thee, o God! my days are known Doddridge. 358 To thee, O God! we homage pay Doddridge. 359 To those bright realms I lift mine eyes Watts. 360 To-morrow, Lord ! is thine

Doddridge. 356 'Twas God who formed the rolling Lpool Old Coll. 361 'Twas on that dark and mournful night Watts. 492

Upward we lift our eyes

Watts. 493

Vast are thy works, almighty Lord Merrick. 362


Wait on the Lord, ye heirs of hope Doddridge. 363
Wayfaring pilgrims, bound for heaven tEx. Coll. 494
Weak and irresolute is man

Cowper. 364

We bless thee for this sacred day


We sing of God, the mighty source Smart. 107

We sing the almighty power of God Watts. 108

We sing thy mercy, God of love

* 495

We would not seek, with God our friend Mo. Anthol. 365

What power shall be the sinner's stay Walter Scott. 366

What though no flowers the fig-tree fScotch Para. 367

What works of wisdom, power and love Butcher. 368

When all thy mercies, O my God Addison. 496

When, as returns this solemn day Mrs. Barbauld. 109

When blooming youth is snatched away Mrs. Steele. 497

When darkness long has veiled my mind Cowper. 369

When fancy spreads her boldest wings Mrs. Steele. 371

When gloomy thoughts and boding fears Mrs. Steele, 372

When he, who from the scourge of wrong * 373

When I review the devious way.

Young. 375

When I survey life’s varied scene Mrs. Steele. 374

When Jesus, our great master came Watts. 376

When in obedience to their Lord Ex. Coll. 498

When in the vale of lengthened years Bristol Coll. 499

When life's tempestuous storms are o'er Belfast Co!l. 370

When reft of all, and hopeless care Drummond. 377

When rising from the bed of death Addison. 378

When sickness shakes the languid Heginbotham. 380

When the last trumpet's awful voice Scotch Para. 379

When love with other graces reign Watts. 382

Wherefore should man, frail child of clay Enfield. 381

Wherewith shall we approach the Lord Browne. 110

While here as wandering sheep we stray Merrick. 111

While some in folly's pleasures roll Cotton. 383 While sounds of war are heard around Aikin. 500 While thee I seek, protecting Power Miss Williams. 384 While with ceaseless course the sun Olney Hymns. 501 Who can by searching find out God

Watts. 385 Who, gracious Father! shall complain Scott. 386 Why should we waste, in trifling cares Doddridge. 387 Why sinks my weak desponding mind Mrs. Steele. 388 With eye impartial, heaven's high King Needham. 389 With glory clad, with strength arrayed Tate. 112 With God my friend, the radiant sun Toplady's Coll. 390 With one consent, let all the earth

Tate. 113 With pleasing wonder, Lord! we view Doddridge. 301 With pure delight the bosom glows Ex. Coll. 392 With reverence let the saints appear Tate and Watts. 114 With songs and honours sounding loud Watts. 393 With warm affection, let us view tExeter Coll. 502 With warm delight and grateful joy Ex. Coll. 394

Ye followers of the Prince of peace Beddome. 504 Ye golden lamps of heaven! farewell Doddridge. 395 Ye humble souls ! who seek the Lord Doddridge. 396 Ye nations round the earth

Watts. 115 Ye servants of the Lord

Doddridge. 397 Ye sons of men ! in sacred lays Pope's Coll. 116 Ye sons of men! with joy record Doddridge. 117 Ye tribes of Adam ! join

Watts. 119 Ye weak inhabitants of clay

Doddridge. 398 Ye who delight to serve the Lord

Watts. 118 Ye works of God! on him alone

Merrick. 120 Yes, to the last command

503 Yet a few years, or days, perhaps Hawkesworth. 400 Yon glorious orbs that gild the sky · L'pool Coll. 399

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