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On which two Hearts, as well as Hands,

Were join'd in Matrimonial Bands.
With Smiles the Goddess views the Pair,

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And envies this too happy Fair.
See her with equal Hands dispense
To both, her sacred Influence.
See near 'em joyful Hymen stand,
A blazing Torch in either Hand,
Whose Flames on equal Wings afpire
Nor brighter this, nor t'other's Fire.
The Emblems of each Lover's Heart,

Which mutually their Flames impart.

The God beholds their matchless Loves,

'Till even he' a Rival proves :
This happy Couple guarded see,
On either side a Deity ;
Together on a Rosy Bed,
Which less sweet Odours round 'em spread.
See claspt their wond'rous, matchiess Charms,
Within each others circling Arms.

See !

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See! see the Lovers, how they twine !
Like Ivy or the spreading Vine.

While little Loves around 'em wait,
To guard 'em from the Harms of Fate. ,
Thro' ev'ry Sign, the punctual Sun
With fiery Steeds his Course has run,
Since Hymen join'd the happy Pair,

9. Ons And freed 'em from their mutual Care

Each Minute since has been Delight,
Ease crown'd the Day, and Joy the Night.
Their Hearts bound under equal Yoke,
Shou'd one receive, both feel the Stroke ;
What one delights, makes t'other glad,
Thus both are gay, or both are sad.
So Strings which at some Distance stand,
If one but feel the Artist's Hand,
The other, if together wound,
By Sympathy repeats the Sound.
While neither aims to get the Sway,
They both command, and both obey.


Thus which shall prove; (is all the Strife)
The Husband kinder, or the Wife.
Whilst each partakes of Joy such störe;
That only Time can make it more.
Did Phoebus and the Nine inspire,
Twou'd Phoebus and the Ninë require,
To celebrate with Praises due,

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Their Graces and their Vertues too.

Whilft Gladness in each Face is found,

And nought but Joy and Mirth go round:
See where despairing Cupid lies,
Breathing his latest Breath in Sighs,
His useless Bow and Arrow by
He lays, with Love's Artillery.
Tho' blind by Poets feign'd, yet he
His sinking Empire can foresee;
A fairer Cupid is at Hand,
Who must the Realm of Love command,

Securely arm'd with fresh supplies
Of Arrows, from his Mother's Eyes.

LÚCINA see with facred Care,
To aid the lab'ring Birth prepare.
PAGBUS thy rapid Course forbear
To view a while the matchless Pair.
Let ev'ry distant Country know
To which thy shining Carr shall go,
That none beside this Land can shew
A Nymph so kind, a Swain so true.

Timely Advice to an Arrogant Prude.


F haughty Celia hopes to gain,

Or keep an Empire o'er the Men,
'Tis One of them can best impart,
Both how to win and keep a Heart.
As Sages a&, who Greatness wait,
Must you in Love Affairs of State.



They smile and pleasant look, when they Wou'd make the giddy Crowd obey. They Bow, and Cringe, and ev'n my

Lord Must seem t'adore, to be ador'd. Nay Kings themselves scarce dare to frown, For threat’ning Nods must shake a Crown. When Vi&ors arrogantly use Their Power,– A Revolt ensues.

If this Affertion you shou'd doubt,
There's not a Whig but will avow't.
Nay more: They'll dire Example give ye
Of mighty Nassau, poor King JY.
You then to keep those Hearts you've won,
Muit never put the Conq'ror on.
And if for Conquest you prepare, no
Be kind and courteous as you're fair.
Thus CÆSAR and thus PHILIP's Son,
Their universal Scepters won.
They (which no Instrument of Blood
Cou'd ever have perform’d) subdued

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