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For as I shine most bright by Sol's distant Aslistance, So Wives are the Lightes, their Husbands at Distance.

In you

Upon Mrs. ANNE M----T.

ERE matchless Beauty, matchless Wit H

( confpire To charm Mankind, and make the World admire :

we see whate'er the Poets thought,
By Love instructed, or by Fancy taught.
When Waller fings his Sacharissa's Charms,
Or celebrated MIR A Lansdown warms;
There lovely Mt's seen in ev'ry Line,
To rate her Beauties all the Bards combine :
Nor can the Mantuan, or Maonian lays,
With equal Numbers reach her lowest Praise;
That, that's too great to be in Words confin'd,
A Theme too lofty for a Pindar's Mind.


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Corinna imitated from Buchanan.
I belief Certidos ciento

your Face?

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Know not whether in NARCISSUS's Glass,

Matchless Corinna, you e'er faw
But this I know with Beauties all your own,
Matchless Corinna is enamour'd grown.
The Toutb fome Reason for his frenzy had;
What made him fo, made many otliers mad.
Your Cause is less, therefore your Madness more,
Without a Rival you your self adore. .

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Penelope imitated from Buchanan.

HE * MAN that believ'd a rich handT

(fome young Widow, Livd for twenty fair Years, and yet no Harm did do, Mong so many strapping, stout, broad-shoulderd

(Fellows, Wanted more than his Eyes, tho' Writers won't

(tell us.

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On Mrs. M-----t, Extempore.

UCH Rays she darts from her all-ruling Eyes, S

As give at once both Wonder and Surprize; Each Look, each Action, ev'ry Smile's a Dart To wound my Soul, and pierce my willing Heart; Whilft I with eager Rashness urge my Fate, Obey Love's Didates, tho'at any Rate : So senseless Insects, lur'd by th’ Radiant Frame To their Destruction, hover round the Flame.

Valentine's Day.

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OON as the Sun had joyn'd his fiery Steeds
To cheer the World, and deck the verdant

Waking, I rose with Expectation great,
Like some profound Enquirer after Fate;
Seeking auspicious Omens in the Sky,
I watch'd the feather'd Kind with careful Eye,


When, lo! a Sparrow to my Window came,
And by his sprightly Looks confessd a Flame:
For now the Genial Spring the Birds inspires,
And warmer Breezes fan their am'rous Fires.

Now thro' their Breasts the active Passions move,

And all their Looks confess the God of * Love:

First with his Bill his ruffled, Plumes he drest,

And smooth'd the Feathers on his Downy Breast; Then flew with Swiftness to the adjacent Streams,

Which now were reeking with Apollo's Beams;
There he, Narcissus-like, himself admired
With no less Love, but not like his, inspired':

So e'er his Mistress gentle Damon meets
In ample Mirrour first himself he greets,
Adjusts his Peruke with becoming Grace,
To add new Beauty to his pretty Face.

The Bird now pleas'd, and still observ'd by me, Straight sought the Summet of a neighb'ring Tree;

Vid. Lucretius.


Scarce had he raised his hoarse untuneful Throat,
Not fweet, tho' loud, as Philomela's Note;
When Female Sparrow Wing'd to him her Way,
To feek a Mate, and folemnize the Day :
Meeting, they joyn, and form an hàppy Pair,
Whilst loudest Chirips rend the yielding Air ;
All with their Mates, their nimble Tongues employ,

To thank the Goddess, Author of their Joy;
Thro' the whole Park the ecchoing Strains resound,
And Venus praises every where abound.

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