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The arrangements as to the children's meals, study hours and sleeping time made by the Superintendent we heartily approve, and recognize a careful and kindly guardianship for the protection and physical and moral safety of the pupils.

The absence, however, of a Matron for the smaller boys, who need a mother's care, and should have a mother's love, seems to your committee as much to be regretted, in view of the fact that so many of this class are not in condition to be self-depending. We recommend with positive convictions that this betterment be made at an early date.

The manner of purchasing supplies appears to your committee as one offering an opportunity for overcharges and deficiencies. A better check on charges for and quantities of goods delivered, should be adopted, and all supplies, as far as practicable, should be bought in competition, under sealed bids, on estimates made per quarter or semiannually.


We are pleased to note the general good condition of the school for the last two years in regard to the health of its inmates, and are willing to ascribe this desired result to proper and careful supervision. The records of the hospital show only eight cases of sickness, and these of a trivial character. The hospital we found a convenient, neatly arranged room, suitable for ordinary requirements.

In this connection we suggest, as not only conducive to health, but as a matter of physical development, the introduction of gymnastics and calisthenics.


The appropriation asked by the Board of Trustees would seem to your committee as too large, were it not that part of the same is to be devoted towards securing better and more pleasing and necessary surroundings. There is no question that the children's play grounds and the immediate neighborhood of the buildings need attention, and certain improvements are absolutely necessary. Also, that certain divisions of the fence should be replaced. Much in this direction can be done by the inmates themselves, and the physical exercise incident to outdoor work can be but healthful and beneficial.


The present condition of the west wing appears to your committee as positively dangerous, and demands at the hands of the General Assembly prompt action in making the necessary appropriation to remedy the same. The walls necessarily should be anchored, and such betterments made as will be lasting and of substantial benefit. The dilapidated appearance of halls and rooms in this part of the building should be removed by the necessary plastering and replacing of woodwork, and the instituting of other repairs. The work-shops also need the attention of the mechanic, and the judgment of your committee is that the amount asked for is reasonable and necessary.


For the better protection of building and furniture, as well as for the health and comfort of the inmates, the windows should be provided with shutters. There seems to be a positive necessity for this improvement, and your committee beg leave to recommend that provision be made therefor.

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The expediency of changing the site of the laundry and removing same where expense of fuel would be less and the demands for this necessary attachment be better recognized was carefully considered and fully investigated by your committee. The foundation being already built, a suitable building with a comparative small outlay could be erected, and thus remove the laundry from the place where now it requires extra boiler and attendants, and consequent increased cost. This removal would also add to desirable additional room in the workshops, and the consequent purchase of new machinery do away with the old slow process as now in use of wash-board and tub. An institution under the roof of which near three hundred inmates demand as for rules of health and cleanliness constant attention, the absolute necessity of a change in this direction becomes at once apparent.

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There sems to be no question as to the absolute necessity in the early future of providing some means to avert the impending danger threatening the institution in a supply of impure water or a sudden total want of present supply by the breakage of reservoir or pipes. The plan recommended by the Board of Trustees seeking safety in boring artesian wells your committee deem as a doubtful experiment, necessitating a large outlay of money without the promise of positive reward.

While your committee recommend an appropriation for the purpose of securing a better and safer water supply, they would also recommend that any plan adopted by the Board of Trustees should first receive the sanction and approval of the Execctive Council, or a competent civil engineer appointed by said Council, before any expenditure in obedience to such plan be made.


During the visit of your committee, a number of petitions were presented by the pupils, praying for a removal to Des Moines, claiming and suggesting that by such change better facilities would be open for the growth and beneficial results of the institution. These petitions have been supplemented by communications received from parents, citizens of the State, giving numerous arguments why this change should be made and offering suggestions as to the future occupancy of buildings and grounds.

Opinions as to the desirability of such removal, both from local promptings and from interest in the success of the school, have also in the same measure been offered in opposition thereto.

The committee deemed the time too short to at this session secure the necessary information which influence a positive recommendation in this regard. The importance, however, of the suggestions will demand at no distant day a close examination and thorough investiga



The committee have thus briefly reviewed the important matters to which their attention has been called by personal observation, and submit the following summary of


1. Better system of book-keeping.

2. Better management of industrial schools.

3. Appointment of principal of school.

4. Appointment of drawing teacher. 5. Appointment of book-keeper.

6. Appointment of matron for small boys.

7. Increase of teachers' salaries.

8. Addition of academic department.

9. Training of teachers and scholars with reference to cases of fire. 10. Instruction of gymnastics and calisthenics.


Better record of Board of Trustees.

12. Appropriation for library.

13. Appropriation for school desks and furniture.

14. Appropriation for fence and grounds.

15. Appropriation for laundry.

16. Appropriation for repairs.

17. Appropriation for water supply.

18. Appropriation for stairs and fire-escapes.

19. Appropriation for shutters.

20. Increase of quarterly allowance.

21. Purchase of supplies by contract awarded to lowest responsible bidder on estimates made, and a more careful and closer inspection of delivery of such supplies.

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