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The schools of Taylor county have progressed steadily, and in a few districts the schools have made rapid progress.

We have now a better class of teachers than we had one year ago. The last two normal institutes held in this county have done much toward moulding the character and perfecting the efficiency of our teachers.

Our last session convened on the 11th day of July, and continued six weeks, with perhaps better results than have attended any former normal institute held in this county. During the past year, I have ' given my entire time to the school interests of this county. I have visited one hundred and twenty-nine of the one hundred and thirtyfour schools of the county, and have made two hundred and forty-six visits.

One happy feature observable among our teachers is their growing professional pride in their work. During the year seven neat frame school-houses have been erected and furnished with the latest improved desks. At Lenox, a fine brick school-house is in process of erection, which, when completed will be one of the finest and best in this part of the State. We need a normal school in south-western Iowa, and perhaps no better location can be found for such a school than in Taylor county.



We are pleased to report general progress in educational matters. The resources of our county are being developed very rapidly, and our school interests are not being neglected in the general advancement. Many new school-houses have been rebuilt and a marked improvement is noticed. in the better qualifications of our teachers.

It is fair to presume that this county will continue to advance, and take high rank among the counties of our State in educational matters.

Several other county superintendents furnished remarks, but they were received too late for insertion.



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