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J. W. Bissell, J. L. Pickard, B. C. Hammond, F. J. Keith, R. D. Parsons.

C. W. von Coellu, J. Lake....

C. W. von Coelln..

B. O. Hammond, E. Baker..

C. W. von Coelln, J. P. Sanford..

H. S. Hills, E. R. Paige, J. Wernli

J. L. Pickard, R. Graham, Miss E. Gavin

C. W. von Coelln, S. C. Sale, H. C. Nash, E. O. Moulton...

J. A. Mercer, C. P. Bowman, B. P. Salinger..

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J. S. McIntire, A. E. Simons, J. C. Gilchrist, C. A. Marshall, J. W. Bissell, A. Bush, H. W. 19 Bennett..

Mr. Dunlap, T. B. Stuart, J. A. Woodbury..

8. P. Leland, E. R. Eldridge, M. M. Gilchrist.

H. L. Boltwood.

E. H. Ely, J. M. Ferris, C. Pollock, Miss E. Gavin, Miss F. Chidester.

C. W. von Coelln, E. R. Eldridge, W. E. Crosby, J. A. Nash.

R. 8. Ryman, R. J. Hughes

J. W. Wright, Mrs. S. P. Kinsey, J. W. Young, T. O. Walker..

C. W. von Coelln, H. Sabin, J. D. Earr

L. A. Rose, T. H. McBride, Miss E. Gavin....

G. W. Elliott, S. N. Fellows...

J. Wernli...

W. Fawcett, M. M. Trumbull, J. Piper, C. K. Pittman, S. E. Beede.

[blocks in formation]

O. W. von Coelln, F. B. Cowgill..

O. W. von Coellu, J. C. Gilchrist. R. D. Jones, J. S. McCaughn...

C. W. von Coelln, E. R. Eldridge, F. B. Johnson, J. A. Potter

F. B. Gauit, S. P. Leland..

C. W. von Coelln, S. P. Leland, J. C. Shannon.

C. W. von Coelln.......


C. W. von Coelln, J. W. Wheeler, H. C. Hollingsworth, L. Hunt, A. M. Linn.......

[blocks in formation]

C. W. von Coelln, T. A. Collett.

[blocks in formation]

E. R. Eldridge, C. H. Kellogg

H. Sabin, O. E. Aldridge, T. F. Curry, S. Calvin.....

H. Sabin, W. H. Stiffler, L. T. Weld, S. J. Buck, R. G. Young....

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51|Jefferson 52.Johnson

53 Jones

54 Keokuk

55 Kossuth
57 Linn

58 Louisa

59 Lucas
60 Lyon
61 Madison
62 Mahaska

63 Marion
64 Marshall
65 Mills
66 Mitchell

67 Monona.. 68 Monroe



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Mrs. H. J. McClellan, H. H. Freer, J. W. Akers,
Mrs. T. J. Nott

Mrs. B. A. Mansfield, H. C. Hollingsworth, O. I.

Mrs. R. A. Stewart, J. M. Mehan


J. F. Thompson, A. H. Davidson.
S. M. Mowatt, R. M. Goshorn, E. P. Noble..

G. H. Laughlin, M. P Given, J. J. McConnell, C.
E. Tebbetts

J. W. Johnson, J. A. Roberts, J. H. Applegate...
J. B. Jennings, Mary Hartman, Lida Hanna..........
J. Valentine, W. L. Long, N. Dalton..

D. F. Call, Miss K. S. Curtis, G. Chandler, Miss A.
E. McGovern.

F. T. Lyon, Mrs. M. T. Hatch...

J. M. Porter, Maggie L. Wiley.

W. C. Davis, Mrs. M. 8. Hubbell.

J. B. Harris, E. Reeves, Clara Lillibridge..
Harley Day..

J R. Elliott, E. W. Boling

J. A. Woods, C. H. Gurney, S. C. Marshall, A.
Grimes, T. J. Brant..

Mrs. A. B. Billington

S. G. Rogers, J. S. Weaver..

O. I. Strong..


[blocks in formation]

D. B. Horton, Miss E. E. Jones

A. M. Payne, H. Boyd, Libbie McFarlan.

W. H. Brinkerhoff, F. B. Gault, J. P. Hendricks,
Mrs. A. H. Sterrett...

O. L. Kelso, Lizzie Haddock, Lizzie Murphy, H. W.
Zentz, W. P. Jeffrey....

C. B. Stayt, Mrs. C. B. Stayt, J. B. Fisk.

D. G. Perkins, N. V. Harlan, A. A. Griffiths

H. Hollingsworth, Miss A. E. Bucklin, Miss N. J. Bell

E. M. Cotton, E. J. W. Beard, D. Heagle.

J. J. Pollard, S. S. Townsley.

G. W. Samson, J. T. Miller, W. F. Giesman..
M. F. Arey.

L. T. Weld, H. L. Coffeen, J. S. Tucker, Miss F.

J. S. Shoup, A. Armstrong, Mrs. A. Armstrong..
H. T. Toye

[blocks in formation]




O. W. von Coelln, J. W. Young

C. W. von Coelln, J. L. Pickard, S. Calvin..

W. H. Calkins, W. W. Stiffler, J. H. Ely...

L. F. Parker, 8. J. Buck, W. Beattie..

8. P. Leland, C. P. Dorland

J. J. M. Angear....

R. D. Stephens..

O. W. von Coelln, Mrs. B. A. Mansfield, S. N. Fellows, J. Wheeler

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O. W. von Coelln, E. L. Parks, S. N. Fellows, W. Beattie, L. M. Hastings..
J. F. Thompson, E. W. McCord

O. W. von Coelln, C. R. Pomeroy, C. C. Cory.

H. K. Edson, 8. N. Fellows, H. Sabin, L. C. Blanchard.

C. W. von Coelln, 8. N. Fellows..

C. W. von Coelln, S. N. Fellows........

L. Hunt..



C. W. von Coelln, J. Rehmann, S. P. Leland.

O. W. von Coelln, G. S. Houghton, Mrs. M. T. Hatch

8. O. Marshall.....

0. W. von Coelln..

J. B. Harris, F. M. Witter.

O. W. von Coelln, E. R. Paige..

D. J. Baldwin....

J. Piper, C. C. Nourse, J. L. Pickard.

B. O. Hammond....

D. A. W. Perkins, J. Wernli.

E. Baker....

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L. T. Weld, C. R. Pomeroy, J. C. Gilchrist..

C. W. von Coelln, E. R. Paige, Mrs. Thickstun.
Mrs. T. F. M. Curry, L. F. Parker, H. K. Edson, W. R. Akers, J. H. Smart.
C. W. von Coelln, E. L. Parks, L. M. Watters
C. W. von Coelln, Mr. Fish...

O. W. von Coella, J. M. Gregory, J. L. Pickard..
8. F. Prouty

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C. W. von Coelln, G. F. Magoun, S. W. Ingham, B. C. Cary, S. N. Fellows..

O. W. von Coelln, J. L. Pickard, P. F. Bresee, E. L.Parks, R. A. McKinley, J. Hannan....87

O. W. von Coelln, E. L. Parks..

O. W. von Coelln, T. O. Walker. F. Evans

O. W. von Coelin, Mrs. M. A. Mansfield, G. T. Carpenter

C. W. von Coelln, J. Calhoun, H. M. Higg, G. W. Seevers, E. L. Parks...
H. Sabin, T. Palmer


C. W. von Coelln, H. C. Dean, W. H. Tedford, E. E. Clark, A. A. Griffiths, W. F. Howell 93

8. P. Leland, W. A. Chapman, M. Cooper, M. M. Gilchrist, J. M. Hull.

[blocks in formation]


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THIS institution is organized into four departments: COLLEGIATE, LAW, MEDICAL and HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL.

COLLEGIATE DEPARTMENT has four courses of study-Classical, Philosophical, Scientific and Engineering. Tuition, $25.00 a year. County Representatives, $10.00.

LAW DEPARTMENT course (one or two years at option) admits to the bar. Tuition, $50.00 a year. Wm. G. Hammond, LL.D., Chancel


MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. Lecture course of two or three years. Annual fees for lectures, $25.00. W. F. Peck, M. D., Dean.

HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. Lecture course of two or three years. Annual fees for lectures, $25.00. A. C. Cowperthwaite, M. D., Dean.

In the Collegiate department and Sub-Freshman class, two students from each county of Iowa who are recommended by the superintendent, clerk of the courts, and auditor of the county of their residence, all Iowa soldiers and orphans of Iowa soldiers are admitted on payment of only an incidental fee of $3.33 per term.

For further information address Prof. N. R. Leonard, Dean of the Collegiate Faculty; W. G. Hammond, LL.D., Chancellor of the Law Department; Dr. W. F. Peck, Dean of the Medical Faculty; Dr. A. C. Cowperthwaite, Dean of the Homeopathic Medical Faculty; or J. L. Pickard, President of the Iowa State University.


THE affairs of the University are managed by a Board of Regents constituted as follows: The Governor of the State, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the President of the University are ex officio members-the Governor of the State being by virtue of his office the President of the Board-and one regent from each congressional district is elected by the Legislature.

No preparatory work is done in the University, and the connection with our public schools will be closer than ever, since upon them we shall rely largely for our supply of students. The requirements for admission have been determined upon after the fullest consideration of what is best for the High Schools of the State as well as for the State University.

Whenever the Faculty is satisfied that the preparatory work is thoroughly done by any High School of the State, pupils from such school will be admitted without examination.

The same privilege is extended also to academies and private schools.

N. B. Certificates must contain specific statements as to amount of work done in each study.

The enrollment December 1, 1880, is as follows:

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