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2 We will not bring divided hearts

To worship at thy shrine !
But each unholy thought departs,

And leaves the temple thine.
3 Our Father, God below, above !

Man's noblest work is praise.
O fill our hearts with sacred love,

Whilst we our voices raise.


The acceptable offering.
1 Thine influence, mighty God, is felt,

Through nature's ample round;
In heaven, on earth, thro' air and skies,

Thy energy is found.
2 Thy sacred influence, Lord, we need

To form our hearts anew;
O cleanse our souls from every sin,

And thy salvation shew!.
3 Father of light! thine aid impart

To guide our doubtful way;
Thy truth shall scatter every cloud,

And make a glorious day.
4 Supported by thy heavenly grace,

We'll do and bear thy will;
That grace shall make each burden light,

And every murmur still.

5 Cheer'd by thy smiles, we'll fearless tread

The gloomy path of death ;
And with the hopes of endless bliss,

To thee resign our breath.


1 Lord, before thy presence come,

Bow we down with holy fear ;
Call our erring footsteps home,

Let us feel that thou art near.
2 Wand'ring tho’ts and languid pow'rs,

Come not where devotion kneels;
Let the soul expand her stores,

Glowing with the joy she feels.
3 At the portals of thine house,

We resign our earth-born cares;
Nobler thoughts our souls engross,

Songs of praise and fervent prayers. 4 Hapless men, whose footsteps stray

From the temples of the Lord !
Teach them wisdom's heav'nly way;

To their feet thy light afford. 5 Now begin the glorious song,

Theme of wonder, love and joy ;
Angels! the glad notes prolong ;
Seraphs ! 'tis your blest employ,


Sincere worship alone acceptable.
1 0 God! thou spirit, just and wise,

Who sees't our inmost mind
In vain to heav'n we raise our cries,

And leave our souls behind.
2 Nothing but truth before thy throne

With honour can appear ;
The formal hypocrites are known

Through the disguise they wear. 3 Their lifted eye salutes the skies,

Their bended knees the ground ; But God abhors the sacrifice,

Where not the heart is found. 4 Lord ! search my thoughts, and try my

ways, i
And make my soul sincere ;
Then may I stand before thy face,

And find acceptance there.


1 Wherewith shall I approach the Lord,

And bow before his throne ? What shall sweet peace of mind afford ?

What for my faults atone ?

2 Shall altars flame and victims bleed,

And spicy fumes ascend ?

And make my God my friend ?

3 Alas! 'twere idle mock’ry all,

Such victims bleed in vain;
No fatlings from the field or stall

Such favour can obtain. 4 Well dost thou know what must delight,

And what acceptance win;
Repentance true, and heart upright,

And life estrang'd from sin.
5 To God with humble rev’rence bow,

And to his glory live; .

And proofs of kindness give. 6 Hands that are clean, and hearts sincere

God never will despise ; And cheerful duty he'll prefer

To costly sacrifice.


The vanity of forms without true piety. 1 Th’ uplifted eye and bended knee

Are but vain homage, Lord! to thee;

In vain our lips thy praise prolong,

The heart a stranger to the song. 2 Can rites, and forms, and flaming zeal,

The breaches of thy precepts heal ?
Or fasts and penance reconcile
Thy justice, and obtain thy smile ?

3 The pure, the humble, contrite mind,

Sincere, and to thy will resigned, „To thee a nobler off’ring yields, Than fragrant groves, or fertile fields.

4 Love God and man-this great command

Doth on eternal pillars stand :
This did thine ancient prophets teach,
This did the great Messiah preach.


The inefficacy of hymns without devotion. 1 Great God! what rich provision's made,

To fit our souls for heav'n!
How various are the means prepar'd!

How great the aid that's giv'n! 2 Thy word in ev'ry part displays

The wonders of thy grace :
But in the gospel brightest shines

Thy care for all our race.

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