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And with a mafter's hand, and prophet's fire,
Struck the deep forrows of his lyre.

Hark, how each giant-oak, and defert cave, < Sighs to the torrent's aweful voice beneath!

< O'er thee, oh King! their hundred arms they wave,
Revenge on thee in hoarfer murmurs breathe;
Vocal no more, fince Cambria's fatal day,

To high-born Hoel's harp, or foft Llewellyn's lay.
I. 3.

Cold is Cadwallo's tongue,

That hush'd the stormy main:

Brave Urien fleeps upon his craggy bed:

Mountains, ye mourn in vain

Modred, whofe magic fong

Made huge Plinlimmon bow his cloud-top'd head. ** On dreary Arvon's thore they lie,

• Smear'd with gore, and ghaftly pale: Far, far aloof th' affrighted ravens fail; The famifh'd

eagle fcreams, and paffes by.

The fhores of Caernarvonfhire oppofite to the isle of Anglesey.

+ Camden and others obferve, that eagles ufed an nually to build their aerie among the rocks of Snowdon, which from thence (as fome think) were named by the Welsh Craigian-eryri, or the crags of the eagles. At this day (I am told) the highest point of Snowdon is called The Eagle's Neft. That bird is certainly no ftranger to this ifland, as the Scots, and the people of Cumberland, Weftmoreland, &c. can testify: it even has built its neft in the Peak of Derbyshire. [See Willoughby's Ornithol. published by Ray.]

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Dear loft companions of my tuneful art,
* Dear, as the light that visits these fad eyes,
• Dear, as the ruddy drops that warm my heart,
Ye died amidst your dying country's cries
No more I weep. They do not sleep,
On yonder cliffs, a griefly band,
I fee them fit, they linger yet,
Avengers of their native land:

With me in dreadful harmony they join,

́ ́ And † weave with bloody hands the tiffue of thy line.”

II. J.

"Weave the warp, and weave the woof,
"The winding-fheet of Edward's race.
"Give ample room, and verge enough
"The characters of hell to trace.

"Mark the year, and mark the night,

"When Severn hall re-echo with affright

"The fhrieks of death, thro' Berkley's roofs that ring;

Shrieks of an agonizing King!

"She-wolf of France, with unrelenting fangs,

*As dear to me as are the ruddy drops,

That vifit my fad heart- SHAKESP. Jul. Cæfar.
See the Norwegian Ode, that follows.

Edward the Second, cruelly butchered in Berkley-


Ifabel of France, Edward the Second's adulterous


That tears the bowels of thy mangled Mate, "From thee be born, who o'er thy country hangs "The fcourge of Heaven. What terrors round him


"Amazement in his van, with Flight combin'd; "And Sorrow's faded form, and Solitude behind.

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rr. 2.

Mighty Victor, mighty Lord,

"Low on his funeral couch he lies!

"No pitying heart, no eye, afford "A tear to grace his obfequies.

"Is the fable ‡ Warrior fled?

"Thy fon is gone. He refts among the Dead.

"The Swarm, that in the noon-tide beam were born?

"Gone to falute the rifing Morn.

"Fair | laughs the Morn, and soft the Zephyr blows, "While proudly riding o'er the azure realm "In gallant trim the gilded veffel goes;


"Youth on the prow, and Pleasure at the helm; Regardless of the fweeping Whirlwind's fway, "That, hush'd in grim repofe, expects his evening-prey.

*Triumphs of Edward the Third in France.

+ Death of that King, abandoned by his children, and even robbed in his last moments by his courtiers and his miftrefs.

Edward the Black Prince, dead fome time before his father.

Magnificence of Richard the Second's reign. See Froiffard, and other contemporary writers.

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II. 3.

Fill high the sparkling bowl,

"The rich repast prepare:

"Reft of a crown, he yet may share the feast:

"Close by the regal chair

"Fell Thirft and Famine fcowl

"A baleful smile upon their baffled guest. "Heard ye the din of † battle bray,

"Lance to lance, and horse to horse!

"Long years of havock urge their destin'd course, "And through the kindred squadrons mow their way. "Ye towers of Julius ‡, London's lafting fhame, "With many a foul and midnight murther fed, "Revere his Confort's faith, his.Father's § fame, "And spare the meek ¶ Ufurper's holy head.

Richard the Second (as we are told by archbishop Scroop and the confederate Lords in their manifefto, by Thomas of Walfingham, and all the older writers) was ftarved to death. The ftory of his affaffination by Sir Piers of Exon, is of much later date.

+ Ruinous civil wars of York and Lancaster.

Henry the Sixth, George Duke of Clarence, Edward the Fifth, Richard Duke of York, &c. believed to be murdered fecretly in the Tower of London. The okdeft part of that ftructure is vulgarly attributed to Julius Cæfar.

Margaret of Anjou, a woman of heroic fpirit, whe ftruggled hard to fave her husband and her crown. Henry the Fifth.

Henry the Sixth very near being canonized. The line of Lancaster had no right of inheritance to the


"Above, below, the

rofe of fnow,

"Twin'd with her blufhing foe we spread:

"The bristled + boar in infant-gore

"Wallows beneath the thorny fhade.

"Now, Brothers, bending o'er th' accurfed loom, "Stamp we our vengeance deep, and ratify his doom.

III. I..

"Edward, lo! to fudden fate

"(Weave we the woof. The thread is fpun).

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Half of thy heart we confecrate.

(The web is wove. The work is done.)" Stay, oh ftay! nor thus forlorn

Leave me unblefs'd, unpitied, here to mourn

In yon bright track, that fires the western fkies,

They melt, they vanish from my eyes.

But oh what folemn fcenes on Snowdon's height Defcending flow their glittering fkirts unroll? Vifions of glory, fpare my aching fight,

Ye unborn ages, crowd not on my foul!

The white and red roses, devices of York and Lancaster.

The filver-boar was the badge of Richard the Third; whence he was ufually known in his own time. by the name of The Boar.

Eleanor of Caftile died a few years after the conqueft of Wales. The heroic proof the gave of her affection for her Lord is well known. The monuments of his regret, and forrow for the lofs of her, are ftill to be feen at Northampton, Geddington, Waltham,, and other places.

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