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MEANING OF THE LOOK. 151 THE MEANING OF THE LOOK. “ And the Lord turned and looked upon Peter." I think that look of Christ might seem to

say“Thou Peter! art thou then a common stone Which I at last must break my heart upon, For all God's charge, to his high angels,

may Guard' my foot better? Did I yesterday Wash thy feet my beloved, that they should

run Quick to deny me'neath the morning sun ?And do thy kisses, like the rest, betray ?The cock crows coldly.-Go, and manifest A late contrition, but no bootless fear! For when thy deathly need is bitterest, Thou shalt not be denied, as I am hereMy voice, to God and angels, shall attest,Because I know this man, let him be clear."

E. B. Barrett.

EVENING. Evening steals on nature's calm repose, Like death on beauty,- brightest at its close.

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A lowly task was mine, O little book,

A simple toil, by pleasure overpaid
As, culling for thee Flowers of Poesy,
Through her fresh fields and woodlands

I have stray'd, Rejoicing in their loveliness :—and now I send thee forth-a many-hued bo

quetA sweet love-token to the children young ;Let thy fair leaves sing to them this

fond lay :“Come to the old haunts, where our kindred

dwell: We were but lowly ones in that bright

train, Yet the soft breeze played o’er us, as o'er

them; With theirs, our petals drank the gentle

rain ; And therefore are we lovely ;-for the air Of that sweet region breathes of Love

and Peace, Truth, Purity, and Beauty :- list our song Come with us, love us, live with us and


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My mother's sentiments .. C, C. Smith. 13

Marien's mission

Mary Howitt. 16


Shakespeare. 89

Madoc discovering America Southey.


Wordsworth. 25

Nature's Tea

Wordsworth. 127

Natural Piety .. ...

Richd. Howitt. 138
New Year's Eve .. .. Tennyson. 40
Old Friend and New .. Mary Howilt. 9
On leaving a place of retirement Coleridge. 20

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Resolution and Independence Wordsworth. 56


Mrs. Adams. 48

Song after labour

Barry Cornwall. 56


L. E. L.
Sonnet ..

Slavery .



Mrs. Sigourney. 99


from Henry 109


r Shakespeare,


3 Milton, and 115

Mary Howitt. S

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W. Honitt. 118

Song .. . "

Barry Cornwall, 118

Sonnet ..

Anne C. Lynch. 123

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The May Queen .. Tennyson.
The Bramble Flower



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