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ness, you tremble,


say, How shall I go against these mighty hosts! Yet I must conquer them all, or die an eternal death. O soldiers of Christ! banish all your guilty fears. There is, after all, far more for you than against you. You are on the Lord's side, who fighteth for you. He is your refuge and strength, your sun and shield. He is with you, in the field, to teach your hands to war, and to cover your head in the day of battle, and hath promised you the victory. If God be for you, who is he that can overcome you, and put you to death, when you are hid in the Lord's pavilion, and surrounded with the wall of salvation ? While in the heat of the battle, be filled with the hope of victory, and feel assured, that you shall finally obtain a complete and glorious conquest over all that come against you; for hath not the Captain of your salvation engaged to subdue Satan and all his armies, shortly under your feet? Trust him, and take courage, then, you cannot meet with disappointment, “for faithful is he that promised, who also will do it." With a view to strengthen your hope of victory, keep in mind that you have not an enemy, difficulty, or danger to encounter, but which has been already conquered and subdued for you, by the great Captain of your salvation. And the countless millions of his soldiers,

who are now arrived safe in glory, singing the song

of Moses and the Lamb, were once here below, wrestling with all the enemies and difficulties which you now have to encounter. Only war a good warfare, then, and rest assured, that he who carried them safe through the war, will carry you also to the triumphs of the world to come.

Not one of all his true soldiers was ever left to perish on the field of battle. Put on courage, ye Christian Warriors ! fight the good fight of faith, be faithful unto death, and then, your Captain will release you from the war, and give you the crown of life, which you shall for ever wear, in honour of your gracious Lord and Saviour.

T. J.



“ We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against

principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.—Eph. vi. 12.



I. All the people of God must be warriors.
II. We have powerful and malicious enemies to

contend with. III. We must wrestle and strive hard against them.

I.--All God's people must be IN THE WAR. 1. The wicked refuse to engage in this war. Instead of fighting the Lord's battles, they take up arms on the enemy's side. They spend their time in chamber


ing and wantonness, in idleness and carnal security. They are altogether ignorant of Satan's assaults, and of their own danger. Oh that their eyes were opened to see their perilous condition! Oh that such men knew their danger in time to escape it! They are not the Lord's soldiers, but the devil's revellers. They will not fight against Satan, and Satan will not disturb their sleep. So they are in covenant with death and hell,

All the people of God, from first to last, are, and must be engaged in this spiritual warfare, and can say, we do not war after the flesh, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. Such has been the language of the saints in all ages; they were all in the war, even the most holy of them all. Job, Moses and Aaron, Lot and David : the Patriarchs and the Prophets : all had their fiery trials. And so those under the gospel : Peter was winnowed,-Paul was buffeted, and even Christ himself was led of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.


Must all God's people war with devils? Then consider what religion will cost you. The christian soldier must endure hardness. Saints must be winnowed, buffeted, tried and tempted. Wars and dangers shall be their portion. And through much tribulation must they enter into the kingdom of God. See how Paul is in labours, in stripes, in prisons, in deaths. He was always in perils, wherever he went.

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