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Bene arb a beech's grateful shade,
Bene atb a fhady willow,
Bright Cynthia's power's divinely great ;
Bright was tbe morning, cool was tbe air,
by a broad, a Shadowy willow,
By beauty's charms Camilla gains
ibe delicious warmness of thy mouth,

Elia, with mournful pleasure, bears

Celinda, by wbat potent art,
Charming fair Amoret, that dear undoer,
Chloris, your self you so excel,
Clarinda, the pride of the plain,
Cloe, a coquet in her prime,
Cloe brisk and gay app2015,
Cloe, wby so long denying ?
Come, cbear up your bearis,
Come, neighbours, now we've made our bay,
Come, Stoick, come, ibou proud pbilosopber,
Confound those dui fools,
Corinna, I excuse thy face,
Corinna, in tbe bloom of youtb,
Cynderaxa, kind and good,

Amon, if you will believe me,
Dear Dorinda, weep no more,

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Cebo ber ravish'd ear inclines

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224 246

Air Celia love pretended,

False and mean's tbe accusation,
Far from thee be anxious care,
Fear not, dear love, that I'll reveal
Fic! pretty Doris, weep no more ;



33 158

91 Flavia's




Flavia's eyes, like fires suppress'd,

19 Fly, fly, we happy shepherds, fly;

195 Fly from Olinda, young and fair ; Foolish love, be gone, Jaid 1;

118 For a lovely brigbt nympb, ibai's cruel as fair, 234 Forbear, bold youtb, all's beaven bere ;

47 Forgive me, Cloe, if I dare

95 For many unsuccessful years, Freedom is a real treasure ;

53 From friends all inspir’d with briskBurgundy mine, 179 From grave lessons and restraint,

254 From barmony, from beavenly barmony,

86 From me, dear Charles, inspird with ale

209 From rosie bowers, where seeps the god of love, 242 From fient fbades, and the Elisium groves,

250 G. Enile air, thou breatb of lovers,

29 Gentle figbs, avbile relieve los,

56 Gentle repbyrs, filent glades,

30 Gbosts of every occupation,

191 Go te Amynta, gentle Swain, Grim king of the ghosts, make bafte,

347 H. AD Phillis neither cbarms nor graces,

126 Harken, and I will tell


192 Hark! bow the tuneful British Swain,

268 Hark! tbe trumpet Sounds to aims, Heavy reasoner, talk no more,

190 He wbofe a&tive

tbougbes disdain How can they tafte of joys or grief,

107 How like Élilium is the grove,

62 How levere is forgetful old age,


69 How tormenting's ibe anguish,

73 I. I cannot figb and wish alone,


151 í did but look and love ambile,







94 52 63 84


I die with too transporting joy,
If mulick be the food of love,
if there's transporting pleasure
I go to the Elysian Shade,
tell her the next time, Seid 1:
I'll tell you, my Celia, if never before
I'll tell you what, dear Betty ;
I love thee, by keaven, I cannot say more ;
Inpatient with desire, at last
I must confefs, I am untrue
Insulting beauty, you mispend
In viin a thousand neves bave iry'd
In vain, fond youth, thy tears give o'er ;
I saw, I gaz'd, 1 sigb'd, I lou'd
I fighid, and I writ,


46 136



37 175 113 26 77

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65 172

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Leave kindred and friends, sweet lady,
Let ambition fire thy mind,
Let none be uncivil, but let a health pass,
Let Sofi defires your beart ingagt;
Let the dreadful engine of eternal will,
Liberia's all my thought and dream,
Listen all

, I pray, to the words love to say,
Love bid me bope, and I obey'd ;
Love for love is a charming trade,
Love still kas somer bing of the sea,
Love, when 'tis true, needs not tbe aid
Lucinda, by a secret art,


go 94' 244 189

66 147 22 71 110 * 271 391

Musiik, sweet, enchanting spell
Must tben a faithful lover go,
My Lalage, when I bebold.
My name is honeft Harry,

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35 100

TOT an angel dwells above,

Not, Celia, tbat 1 jufter am,
No warning of th' approacbing flame,

O. O

Beffy Bell, and Mary Gray,

observe the num'rous Stars wbicb grace, Ob fie! wbat mean 1, foolish maid, ob happy, bappy groves, Ob! lead me to some peaceful gloom, Ob! wbat a plague is love, ob! where's the plague in love, On a bank, beside 4 willow, One night, when all tbe village pept, On tbe bank of a river, close under the shade, Qur vows tbus cbearfully we fing,

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Hillis, be gentler, I advise ;

Phillís bas a gentle beart,
Phillis bus fucb charming graces,
Phillis, I pray,
Phillis, men say that all my vows
Pious Selinda goes to prayers,
Poor Damon knock'd at Celia's door,
Prepar'd to rail, refolv'd to part,
Pretty parrot, say, wben I was away,
Prytbee, Billy,
Pursuing beauty, men defiry

Vosb Jocky so Jenny, wu'll love me,


79 127

36 199 142 187 133



R Emember, Damon, you did tel,


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A , lovely Silvia, lewd and fair,

See how fair Corinna lies,
See, see, my Seraphina comes
See, fee, she wakes, Sabina wikes !

38 Send back my long-Stray'd eyes to me,

269 sbou'd auld acquaintance be forgot,

207 Shou'd the nymph I love, disdain me,

75 Silvia, let's from the crowd retire ;

143 Since all that's fair in womankind,

6 Since, Celia, 'tis not in our power

.243 Since Phillis denies me relief,

109 Sitting by yonder river side,

145 Smoois was the water, calm the air,

5. Sound a parly, ye fair, and surrender ;

59 Strephon bath falbion, wit, and youth, Strephon returning from the town,

18 Strephon, wben you see me fly,

74 Strephon, wbose person every grace Sucb moving sounds, from such a careless touch!

39 Sweet Lydia, take this mask and Mroud

60 T. Ake pity, Silvia, charming fair,

106 Teach me, Cloe, bow to prove Tell me no more, I am deceiv'd;

40 Tell me not of joy; shere's none,

72 Tell me, tell me, charming creature, The bright Laurinda, wbose bard fate

49 The charms that blooming beauty shows,

32 The flame of love allwages,

59 The graces and the wand'ring loves

130 The Lawland lads think tbey are fine,

255 There lives a lass upon the green,

186 *Thirsis, a young and am'rous (wain,

97 Thirfis, inconftant, apt to rove,

3 This great world is a trouble,

153 Tboo beauty, like the rose

129 Ibo





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