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Thronging and busy as Hylæan swarms,
Or ftraggled soldiers summon’d to their arms.
See where the princely bark in loofeft pride,
With all her guardian fleet, adorns the tide!
High on her deck the royal lovers ftand,
Our crimes to pardon e'er they touch'd our land.
Welcome to Israel and to David's breast !
Here all your toils, here all your suff'rings reft.

This year did Ziloah rule Jerusalem, ,
And boldly all sedition's Syrtes ftem,
Howe'er incumber'd with a viler pair
Than Ziph or Shimei to affist the chair ;
Yet Ziloah's loyal labours fo prevail'd
That faction at the next election fail'd,
When ev'n the common cry did justice found,
And merit by the multitude was crown'd:
With David then was Ifrael's peace ref d.
Crouds mourn’d their error, and obey'd their lord.


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John Sheffield, Earl of Mulgrave.
Sir Edmundbury Godfrey.
Mr. Seymour, Speaker of the

House of Commons,
s Sir Heneage Finch, Earl of Win-

chelsea, and Lord-Chancellor.
Duchess of Monmouth.
Sir William Waller.
A character drawn by Tate for

Dryden, in the second part of

this Poem.
Earl of Huntingdon.
Duke of Ormond.
Duchess of Portsmouth.
General Sackville.

· Ben




Ben Jochanan,

Rev. Mr. Samuel Johnson. Bezaliel,

Duke of Beaufort, Caleb,

Ford, Lord Grey of Werk. Corah,

Dr. Titus Oates. David,

King Charles II. Doeg,

Elkanah Settle, the city poet. Egypt,

France. Eliab,

Sir Henry Bennet, Earl of Ar

lington. Ethnic-Plot,

The Popish-Plot.

The Land of Exile, more particuGath,

larly Bruffels, where King

Charles II. long resided. Hebron,

Scotland. Hebrew Priests, The Church of England Clergy.

Earl of Feversham, a Frenchman Helon,

by birth, and nephew to Mar

shal Turenne. Hushai,

Hyde, Earl of Rochester. Jebusites,

Papists. Jerusalem,

London. Jews,

English. Jonas,

Sir William Jones, a great lawyer. Jordan,

Dover. Jotham,

Saville, Marquis of Hallifax. Jothran,

Lord Dartmouth. Ith botheth,

Richard Cromwell. Ifrael,


S Thomas Thynne, Efq; who was Islachar,

shot in his coach. Judas,

Mr. Ferguson, a canting Teacher.

Sir Robert Clayton, Alderman, Ithban,

and one of the City Members. Mephibo heth,

Pordage. Michal,

Catharine, Queen of Charles II. Nadab,

Lord Howard of Escrick.
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Henry, Duke of Grafton, natural Othniel,

són of King Charles II. by the

Duchess of Cleveland. Phaleg,

Forbes. Pharaoh,

King of France. Rabsheka,

ş Sir Thomas Player, one of the

City Members:

Dr. Compton, Bishop of London, Sagan of Jerusalem, youngest son to the Earl of

Northampton. Sanhedrim,

Parliament. Saul,

Oliver Cromwel.

s Slingsby Bethel, Sheriff of LonShimei,

don in 168.0. Sheva,

Sir Roger Lestrange. Sion,

England. Solymean Rout, London Rebels. Tyre,

Holland. Uzza,

Jack Hall.

Sancroft, Archbishop of Canter, Zadoc,

bury. Zaken,

SA Member of the House of ComZimri,

Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. Ziloah,

Sir John Moor, Lord Mayor in






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Per Graiím populos mediæque per Elidis urbem
Ibat ovans, Divâmque fibi pofcebat honores.


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