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ers; Charles Wells Moulton; Curtis Publishing Co.; J. B. Lippincott Co.; Macmillan & Co., and G. P. Putnam's Sons.

COLERIDGE. Joseph Blanco White (1775-1841) is chiefly known as the author of the sonnet “Night and Death."

MARTIN. “Love's Way” is original in The MAGAZINE OF POETRY.

Wolcot. The original version of "Epigram on Sleep” was written in Latin, to be placed under the statue of Somnus, in the garden of Harris, the philologist. It read as follows:

Somne levis, quanquam certissima mortis imago
Consortem cupio te tamen esse tori;
Alma quies, optata, veni, nam sic sine vita
Vivere quam suave est; sic sine morte mori!

MR. MOULTON wishes to announce that he is now prepared to publish books of all kinds, including their manufacture and sale. His long experience in the publishing business, and his relations with the trade and public, enable him to place the works entrusted to his care on the market in the best possible manner. As the publisher of THE MAGAZINE OF POETRY he has special facilities for issuing volumes of verse. Manuscripts sent for inspection will receive prompt attention. Correspondence solicited.

KIPLING, "The Conundrum of the Workshops” will be also found in “Departmental Ditties, Barrack Room Ballads and Other Verses."


LATIMER. Arvers was a young littérateur who died by his own hand about 1846. This sonnet was found among his private papers. It is known in French literature as Le fameux Sonnet d'Arvers."


ACCORDING to promise made in the October number of The MAGAZINE OF POETRY, this issue of the magazine goes to its readers in an enlarged and improved form. All the old features have been retained. Owing to a general demand made by our subscribers, the number of Notes have been much increased. Familiar Quotations from Burns and Ingelow, given in this number, will be followed by Familiar Quotations from other standard authors. The departments, “A Collection of Quatrains," “Quotations on Poetry," and Personal Poems," will appear in the April number.

Cash PRIZES to the amount of One Hundred Dollars will be awarded by the Publisher to the persons who will name the author of the greatest number of the PRIZE QUOTATIONS.

I. Nine prizes will be declared. First prize, $30.00; second prize, $20.00; third prize, $15.00; fourth prize, $10.00; fifth to ninth prizes, $5.00 each.

II. Every subscriber to THE MAGAZINE OF Poetry will be entitled to compete.

III. Answers should be arranged and numbered, written legibly in ink, on one side of note paper only, and signed by the full address of the competitor.

IV. The name of the poem from which the selection is made, as well as the author of the quotation, is required. The competitor who answers the greatest number of authors will be awarded first prize, etc.

V. Clubs and Reading Circles are allowed to compete as one individual, but not more than one member of the same club will be awarded a prize. Each winner will be required to furnish a statement that he has neither assisted, nor received assistance from, any other prize winner.

VI. In case of a tie in totals, the combined prizes will be divided pro rata.

VII. Prizes will be declared August 1, 1891, and all answers should be received by the publisher on or before that date.

VIII. All answers and inquiries concerning them should be addressed, with postage fully prepaid, to the editor of “PRIZE QUOTATIONS," in care of C. W. MOULTON, Buffalo, N. Y.

Award to be declared in October, 1891, issue.

For engravings in this number of THE MAGAZINE OF POETRY the Publisher wishes to acknowledge the courtesy of Jacob Leonard & Son, Albany, N. Y.; Matthews, Northrup & Co., Buffalo, N. Y.; The Art Alliance, Buffalo, N. Y.; Harper & Brothers, New York; Frederick Stokes Company, New York; James Phinney Baxter, Portland, Me., C. E. Brinkworth, Buffalo, N. Y.

For Copyright poems and other selections the Publisher returns thanks to The Bowen-Verrill Co.; Charles Scribner's Sons; A. C. McClurg & Co.; F. A. Stokes Co.; Houghton, Mifflin & Co.; D. Appleton & Co.; T. Fisher Unwin; Harper & Broth


A Bibliographical List of Poetry Published in Book Form in America and Great Britain during 1890, including Cyclopædias and Collections.



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and Other Bits of Verse.

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and Poems. Toronto: Rose Publishing Co.,

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Printed. 16mo, cl., pp. 138, $1.


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