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Страница 27 - ... lost. The bending your body back, and that in a great degree, is the greatest security in flying leaps ; it is a security, too, when your horse leaps standing. The horse's rising does not try the rider's seat ; the lash of his hind legs ought chiefly to be guarded against, and is best done by the body being greatly inclined back.
Страница 59 - A A horfe is not to flop without a fign from his rider—Is it not then probable, that when he is driven up to a carriage he ftarts at, he conceives himfelf obliged either to attack or run againft it? Can he underftand the rider's fpurring him with his face directed to it, as a fign for him to pafs it ? That a horfe is eafily alarmed for his face and eyes; (he will even catch back his head from a hand going to carefs him) that he will not go with any force, face to face, even to another horfe...
Страница 36 - If your horfe is headftrong, pull not with one continued pull, but flop,, and back him often, juft fhaking the reins, and making little repeated pulls till he obeys. Horfes are fo accuftomed to bear on the bit, when they go forward, that they are difcouraged if the rider will not let them do fo. If a horfe is loofe-necked, he will throw up his head at a continued pullj in which fituation, the rider feeing the front of his face, can have no power over him.
Страница 77 - When a pampered horfe curvets irregularly, and twifts his body to and fro, turn his head either to the right or left, or both alternately (but without letting him move out of the track), and...
Страница 16 - Sit fquare, and let not the purchafe of the bridle pull forward your moulderj but keep your body even, as it would be if each hand held a rein. Hold your reins with the whole grafp of your hand, dividing them with your little finger. Let your hand be perpendicular; your thumb will then be uppermoft, and placed on the bridle.
Страница 40 - ... and stumble. If your horse is heavy upon the bit, tie him every day for an hour or two, with his tail to the manger, and his head as high as you can make him lift it, by a rein on each post of the stall...
Страница 12 - ... which he cannot do, till he hath firft overbalanced himfelf on one fide or the other: he will then wriggle into it by degrees. The way to mount with cafe and fafety, is, to ftand rather before than behind the ftirrup.
Страница 78 - ... curvets irregularly, and twifts his body to and fro, turn his head either to the right or left, or both alternately, (but without letting him move out of the track) and prefs your leg to the oppofite fide: your horfe cannot then fpring on his...
Страница 52 - When a horfe ftarts at any thing on •ne fide, moft riders, turn him out of the road, to make him go up to what he ftarts at : if he does not get the better of his fear, or readily comply, he generally goes paft the objefl,making wkh hi...
Страница 63 - The management of the curb is too nice a matter to enter on here, farther, than to prefcribe great caution in the ufe of it: a turn of the wrift, rather than the weight of your arm, fhould be applied to it.