The Poems and Ballads of Schiller

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Clark & Maynard, 1864 - 407 страници

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Страница 117 - Men suffer all their life long under the foolish superstition that they can be cheated. But it is as impossible for a man to be cheated by any one but himself, as for a thing to be and not to be at the same time.
Страница 25 - ... daring has won from the water, He lifts to the king as he sinks on his knee ; — And the king from her maidens has beckoned his daughter She pours to the boy the bright wine which they bring, And thus spake the Diver...
Страница 54 - Sirens' harmony, That sit upon the nine infolded spheres, And sing to those that hold the vital shears, And turn the adamantine spindle round On which the fate of gods and men is wound. Such sweet compulsion doth in music lie, To lull the daughters of Necessity, And keep unsteady Nature to her law, And the low world in measured motion draw After the heavenly tune, which none can hear Of human mould with gross unpurged ear.
Страница 28 - Let thy knights put to shame the exploit of the squire ! " The king seized the goblet, — he swung it on high, And whirling, it fell in the roar of the tide : " But bring back that goblet again to my eye, And I'll hold thee the dearest that rides by my side ; And thine arms shall embrace, as thy bride, I decree, The maiden whose pity now pleadeth for thee.
Страница 56 - Here bring the last gifts ! — and with these The last lament be said ; Let all that pleased, and yet may please, Be buried with the dead. ' Beneath his head the hatchet hide, That he so stoutly swung ; And place the bear's fat haunch beside — The journey hence is long ! ' And let the knife new sharpened be That on the battle-day Shore with quick strokes — he took but three — The foeman's scalp away ! ' The paints that warriors love to use, Place here within his hand, That he may shine with...
Страница 254 - Making it momentary as a sound, Swift as a shadow, short as any dream ; Brief as the lightning in the collied night, That, in a spleen, unfolds both heaven and earth. And ere a man hath power to say, — Behold ! The jaws of darkness do devour it up : So quick bright things come to confusion.
Страница 378 - HEAVY and solemn, A cloudy column, Through the green plain they marching came ! Measureless spread, like a table dread, For the wild grim dice of the iron game, Looks are bent on the shaking ground, Hearts beat loud with a knelling sound ; Swift by the breasts that must bear the brunt, Gallops the major along the front ; —
Страница 232 - Fanned by the fleeting wings of time! — No pulse — no heart — no feeling hers! She lends the warning voice to fate; And still companions, while she stirs, The changes of the human state! So may she teach us, as her tone But now so mighty, melts away — That earth no life which earth has known From the last silence can delay! Slowly now the cords upheave her! From her earth-grave soars the bell; Mid the airs of heaven we leave her! In the music-realm to dwell! Up — upwards yet raise — She...
Страница 32 - Fair Cunigonde said, with a lip of scorn, To the knight DELORGES — "If the love you have sworn Were as gallant and leal as you boast it to be, I might ask you to bring back that glove to me! " The knight left the place where the lady sate; The knight he has pass'd thro...
Страница 21 - H, where is the knight or the squire so bold, As to dive to the howling charybdis below ? I cast in the whirlpool a goblet of gold, And o'er it already the dark waters flow; Whoever to me may the goblet bring, Shall have for his guerdon that gift of his king.