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" * The kingdom of heaven is like to Galilee. Ærac. 31.

a grain of multard-seed, which a man 31. Mat. xiiiMinist. 2. “ took and fowed in his field; *which

31. Mat. iv. *Mar.iv.31. “ when it is sown in the earth, is less

Mat. xiij. “ than all the feeds that be in the earth.
32. “ But when it is fown, it groweth up 32.

“ and becometh greater than all herbs,
" and shooteth our great branches, * and 32. Mat. xiii.

" becometh a great tree : so that the
«Mar.iv.32: « birds of the air come and lodge in the

" branches thereof.

Another parable spake he unto them. 33.
“ The kingdom of heaven is like unto
" leaven which a woman took and hid
“ in three measures of meal, till the

" whole was leavened.
Mac. xiii.
*d And with many such parables 33.

Mar. iv. 34. spake he the word unto them as they

were able to hear it. But without a 34.
parable spake he not unto them. And
when they were alone, he expounded all
things to his disciples. * That it might
be fulfilled which was spoken by the
prophet (Psal. lxxviii. 2.] saying, I will
open my mouth in parables, I will utter
things that have been kept secret from
the foundation of the world.

Then Jesus sent the multitude away, 36. Mar. xiii.
and went into the house : and his disci-
ples came unto him, saying, Declare
unto us the parable of the tares of the

He answered and said unto them
“ He that soweth the good feed, is the
« Son of man: the field is the world : 38.
The good seed are the children of the

“ kingdom;


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kingdom; but the tares are the chil- Anno xiii. Mar. 39.66 dren of the wicked one : the enemy Æcar. 31. ce that fowed them is the devil: the har

Minist. 2. vest is the end of the world; and the

reapers are the angels. As therefore " the tares are gathered and burnt in the

fire; fo thall it be in the end of this 41.“ world. The Son of man thall send

forth his angels, and they shall ga. <ther out of his kingdom all things

" that offend, and them which do ini-
42.“ quity: and shall cast them into a fur-

nace of fire: there shall be wailing
« and gnashing of teeth.
"Then shall the righteous shine forth

as the fun in the kingdom of their
6. Father. Who hath ears to hear, let
" him hear.

Again, “The kingdom of heaven is 144P, like unto treasure hid in a field ; the “ which when a man hath found, he

hideth, and for joy thereof, goeth
< and felleth all that he hath and buy-

c eth that field.
45. Again, “ The kingdom of heaven is
“ like unto a merchant-man, seeking

goodly pearls: who when he had
« found one pearl of great price, he

went and fold all that he had, and " bought it.

Again, The kingdom of heaven is cs like unto a net that was cast into the

" sea, and gathered of every kind. 48. Which when it was full, they drew

to shore, and sat down, and gathered " the good into vessels, but cast the bad





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away. So shall it be at the end of the Galilee. #cat: 31. « world: the angels shall come forth, 49. Mat. sili. Minift. 2. « and fever the wicked from among the

just. And shall cast them into the “ furnace of fire: there shall be wailing

and gnashing of teeth.

Jesus faith unto them, Have ye not 51,
understood all these things? They say
unto him, Tea, Lord. Then said he

unto them, Therefore every Scribe which
is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven,
is like unto a man that is an housholder,
which bringeth forth out of his treasure
things new

and old.
And it came to pass, that when Jesus 53.
had finished these parables, he departed

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Jesus goes into a Ship with his disci-

there ariseth a Storm, which
he layeth.



OW it came to pass on a certain 22. Luk: viíl.

day, that[Fesus] went into a Ship with his disciples. *And the same day, 35. Mar. iv. when even was come, [and] * Jesus faw 18. Mat. viii .

great multitudes about him, * he said 22. Luk. viii. * Mat. viii. unto them, Let us go over unto the

other side of the Lake. Mar. iv. 35. * And a certain Scribe came, and faid 19. Mar. viit.

unto him, Master, I will follow thee
whithersoever thou goest. And Jesus 20.
faith unto him, The foxes have holes,
and the birds of the air have nejts; but




or Lake of

Ærat. 21.


Sea of Galilee, the son of man hath not where to lay his Anno

head. Tyberias. And another of his disciples faid un

Minist. 2. Mar. viii. 21.

to him, Lord Siffer me first to go and
bury my Father. But Jesus said unto
him, Follow me, and let the dead bury

their dead.
Mar. iv. 36. * And when they had sent away the

multitude they took him, even as he Mat. viii. 23. was in the ship : * And when he was

entred into a ship his disciples followed Luk. viji.

22. him. * And they launched forth, * and Mur.iv. 36.

there were also with him other littleships. Mat.viii. 24. * band behold there arose a great * ftorm Mar. iv.

C Mar. iv. 37. of wind, and the waves bear into the Thip 37;

Luke viii. Mar. viii. 24. * o insomuch that the ship was cover'd

23 Luke viii. 23.

with the waves : * and [they] were in Mat. viii.

jeopardy. * * And [Fesus] was in the 24. Mar. iv. 38.

part of the thip, afleep on a pil- Mar. iv.

Mar. viii. 25.
low: * And his disciples came to him

Luke viii. and awoke him, saying, * Master ca. 23. Mar. iv. 38.

rejt thou not that we perish? And he · Mar. viii. arose and rebuked the wind, and faid 24, 25, 26.

Luke viii. Miracle. unto the sea, Peace, be still: and the

23, 24, 256 wind ceafed, and there was a great calm. And he faid unto them, Why are ye fo.

fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?

41. 3 And they feared exceedingly and *i won. f Mat. viiiLak.viii.25.5

} i

dred, saying one to another, what man- 26, 27. ner of man is this? for be commandeih Mar.iv.41. even ibe winds and water [and] *s the ® Luke viji. wins anit jea obey him?










Ærat. 31.

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Minift. 2.

$ c T. LVI.
Jesus goes into the Country of the

Gadarenes, one possessed with de-
vils meets him, he casteth them
out, they go into á Herd óf


Mar. V.

Mar. V.

a Mat. viii.

ND they came over unto the 1. 28.

other side of the sea, into the
Luk. viii. country of the Gadarenes * which is 26. Luk. 8.

over against Galilee: * and when he was 2. Mar. v.
come out of the ship, immediately there
met him out of the tombs * a certain 27. Luk, viii.

man which had devils a long time, and
Mar. 8. 3. ware no cloths, neither abode in any
house, but in the tombs, *and no man

3. could bind him, no nor with chains: *

28. Mar. viii. exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way.

* Because that he 4. Mar. v.
had been often bound with fetters and
chains, and the chains had been pluck-
ed afunder by him, and the fetters bro-
ken in pieces: neither could any man
· tame him. And always night and day s.
he was in the mountains and in the

tombs, crying and cutting himself
* Luk. viii. with stones. But when he saw Jesus a- 6.
far off, he ran and worshipped him [and]

28. Luk. villa d Mat. viii. * fell down before him, * dand cried with

29. a loud voice, and said, what have I to 7. Mar. V.
Luk. viii. do with thee, Fefus, thou son of the most

high God? I adjure thee, by God, that
thou torinent me not, * Ari thou come


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