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Galilee. whosoever shall do the will of my Father Anno
Mat. xii. so.which is in heaven, the same is my bro-t, 31.

tber, and fifter, and mother.

Minist. 2

Sea of Galilee. Jesus Speaks the Parable of the Sower

to the multitudes out of a Ship;
explains it to his Disciples;

Several other Parables.

Mar. iv.
1. THE fame day went Jefus out of

· And he began again - Mat. xiii.
to teach by the sea-side; and there were 1, 2.
gathered unto him a great multitude,
so that he entred into a ship, and far

in the sea, and the whole multitude Luke viii. 4. was by the sea, on the land. * And

when much people were gathered toge

ther, and were come to him out of every Mar. iv. 2.city, *o he taught them many things b Mat. xiii.

by parables, and said unto them in his 3, 4, 5, 6, 3.doctrine, “ Hearken, behold there went 7, 8. out a fower to sow : And it came to

Luk. viii. pass as he lowed, some fell by the 5, 6, 7, 8. Luke viii. s.

way fide, * and it was trodden down, *and the fowls of the air came and de"voured it up, and some fell on ftony

ground where it had not much earth, “ and immediately it sprang up, because

“ it had no depth of earth. But when Luke viji. 6.

the sun was up, it was lcorched, * beMar. iv, 6." cause it lacked moisture, * and be

“ cause it had no root, it withered a-
way. And some fell among thorns,

" and

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Mar. iv, 4:3

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" and the thorns grew up, and choaked Sea of Galilee. Ætat. 31. “ it, and it yielded no fruit. And other Minift. 2.

“ fell on good ground, and did yield
“ fruit that sprang up and encreased,
“ and brought forth some thirty, and

“ fome sixty, and some an hundred. * Mat. xiii.

*a And when he had said these things, 8. Luke viii.

he cried, He that hath ears to hear, let Mar. iv. 9. him hear.

* "And when he was alone, * his dif. {. twikevi

ciples * that were with him with the jo. Mar. iv. • Mat. xiii. twelve, asked of him, * Why Speakest 9. Mat. xiii.

thou to them in parables? *What might 9. Luke viii. Luk.viii... this parable be? *° And he said unto 11. Mar. iv. - .

them, “Unto you it is given to know Luk.viii. 10 " the mystery of the kingdom of God:

“ but unto them that are without, all

these these things are done in para-
“ bles: * For whosoever hath, to him 12. Mat. xiii.
« shall be given, and he shall have more

abundance : but whosoever hath not,
“ from him shall be taken away, even
" that he hath. Therefore speak I to 13

“ them in parables. That seeing they 12. • Mar. xiii.

may fee, and not perceive; and hearLuk.viii.10“ ing they may hear, and not under

“ ftand ; lest at any time they should
“ be converted, and their fins should be

forgiven them. * And in them is 14. Mat. xiii. “ fulfilled the prophesie of Efaias (vi.

9, 10.] which faith, By bearing ye
small bear, and shall not understand;
and seeing ye shall fee, and shall not

perceive. For this peoples heart 15.
is waxed grofs, and their ears are
dull of hearing, and their eyes they

Mar. iv.



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Sea of Galilee.“ have closed; left at any time they Anno
Mat, xiii.

Should see with their eyes, and hear Ætat: 31. with their ears, and should understand Minist. 2.

with their heart, and Mould be con-
16. verted, and I should heal them. But

“ blessed are your eyes, for they see
" and your ears, for they hear. For

verily I say unto you, that many pro-
phers and righteous men have desired
to see those things which ye see,

and have not seen them; and to hear

" those things which ye hear, and have Mar. iv.


not heard them. *' And he said unto

them, know ye not this parable? and

« how then will ye know all parables ? Mat. xiii. 18.

"* . Hear ye therefore the parable of. Luke viii,

" the fower. * The feed is the word 11. Luke viii. 11.cc of God. * The fower soweth the Mar. iv. 14.3“ word. ** When any one heareth the b Mar. iv. Mar.xiii.19.5

“ word of the kingdom, and under-15, 16, 17, « ftandeth it not, then cometh the wic-18, 19,

Luke viii. " ked one, and catcherh away that

12, 13, 14. “ which was fown in his heart, * left Luke viii. 12.« [he] should believe and be saved. 6 * This is he which received the feed

cc But he that received the feed into
stony places, the same is he that hear-
eth the word, and anon with joy re-

ceiveth it : yet hath he not root in
« himself, but dureth for a while: for
" when tribulation or persecution ariseth
“ because of the word, by and by he is
u offended.

Mat. xiii. 19.66 by the way side.



« He

Minist. 2.



Anno “ He also that received feed among Sea of Galilee. Aras 31. “ the thorns, is he that heareth the 22. Mat. xiii. ?

word; and the care of this world, • Mat. xiii." and the deceitfulness of riches, * . and 19. Mar. iv.

" the lasts of other things entring in,
c choke the word, and it becometh un-
“ fruitful. * But he that received feed 23. Mat. xiii.
“ into the good ground, is he that hear-
cech the word and underfiandeth it,
cc which also beareth fruit, and bringeth
" forth some an hundred fold, some fix-

ty, some thirty. Mar. iv. * And he said unto them, b“No man 21. Mar. iv.

“ when he hath lighted a candle, co. 16.Luk.viii.

vereth it with a vessel, or putteth it “ under a bed; but fertech it on a can

dlestick, that they which enter in may © Mar. iv. “ see the light. For nothing is secret 17.

“ that shall not be made manifeft; nei

ther any thing hid, that shall not be
" made known and come abroad. * If23. Mar. iv.
any man have ears to hear, let him

And he said unto them ,24.
“ Take heed what ye hear: with what
“ measure ye mere, it shall be measured

to you : and unto you that hear shall • Mar. iv. “ more be given. * * Take heed there. 18. Luke viii.

“ fore how ye hear : for whosoever hath,

to him shall be given; and whoso

ever hath not, from him shall be ta“ ken even that which he seemeth to


c hear.


« have.

* Another parable put [Jesus] forth 24, Mat. xiiii unto them, saying, “ The kingdom of G heaven is likened unro a man which © fowed good feed in his field. But


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Sea of Galilee.“ while men slept, his enemy came Anno kiii. Mat. 25.“ and fowed tares among the wheat, Ætara 31

Minist. 2. 26." and went his way.But when the blade

was sprung up, and brought forth

fruit, then appeared the tares also.
« So the servants of the housholder

came and said unto him, Sir, didst not
“ thou sow good feed in thy field ? from
28." whence then hath it tares? He said

unto them, an enemy hath done this. . “ The servants faid unto him, Wilt

" thou then that we go and gather them 29.

up? But he said nay ; lest while ye

gather up the tares, ye root up also 30.

the wheat with them. Let both grow

rogether until the harvest; and in - the time of harvest I will say to the

reapers, Gather ye together first the

tares, and bind them in bundles to

“ burn them, but gather the wheat into Mar.iv. * And he said, “ So is the kingdom

“ of God, as if a man should calt seed 27.“ into the ground, and should sleep, and “ rise night and day, and the feed should

spring and grow up, he knoweth not 28.“ how. For the earth bringeth forth « fruit of her self, first the blade, then

the ear, after that the full corn in the 29.

ear. But when the fruit is brought « forth, immediately he putteth in the

“ fickle, because the harvest is come. Mat. xiii. 31.

· Another parable put he forth unto * Mar. iv. Mar. iv, zo. them, saying


" * Whereunto shall we 30. “ liken the kingdom of God? or with

what comparison shall we compare it?

my barn.



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