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Anno fake. He that is able to receive it,',Coast of Judea EL Ætat. 33. 6 let him receive it.

beyond Jordan. & Minift. 4.

Mat. xix.

Little Children are brought to Jesus,

on whom he lays his Hand.

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*Hen were there brought to him lit-

13. Mat. xix, Luk. xviii.

le children, that he should put IS.

his hands on them, and pray, * and his 13. Mar. X.

disciples rebuked those that brought • Mat. xix. them. -- But when Jesus saw it he was 14. 14.

much displeased, and said to them, Luk. xviii,“ suffer the little children to come to 16.

me, and forbid them not : for of such “ is the kingdom of God. * Verily is. Luk. xviii. " I say unto you, Whosoever shall not « receive the kingdom of God as a “ little child, shall in no wise enter

" therein *. 'And he took them up 16. Mar. X. Mar. xix. in his arms;

put his hands upon 15. Mar. xix. IS. them, and blessed them *, and departed


Mar. X.IS.


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Jesus answers the question of the rich
young Man, who inquired the

to eternal Life.

In the way

Mar. X

• Mat. xix.

A Luk. xvii.

ND'when (Fesus] was gone forth 17. 16.

running, and kneeling to him * a certain Mar.X.17, ruler, and asked him, saying, Good





Mar. X.

In the way. master * what good thing Shall I do that Anno
Mat. xix. 16. I may * inherit eternal life? | And Jeras33.
Mar. X. 17. fus said unto him, Why callest thou me s Mat. xix.
good ? there is none good but one,

that Mat. xix. 17. is God, * but if thou wilt enter into life, Luk. xviii.

18. keep the commandments. He faith un 19.
to him, Which? _Jesus said, Thou shalt Luk. xviii.

Mar.x.196 do no murther, Thou shalt not commit

adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou Marix: 19. fhall not bear false witness. *Defraud Matxix.19. not, * Honour thy father and thy mo

ther; and Thou shalt love thy neighbour 20. as thy self. The young man faith unto

20. him, * Master, all these things have I i Mat. xix. Mat. xix. 20. observed from my youth, *What lack 1 20, 21.

Lük.: xviii Luk. xviii . 22.yet? * Now when Jesus heard these

21, 22. .' 21. things, * beholding him, loved him,

and said unto him, One thing thou lack..!... Mat. xix. 21.est, * If thou wilt be perfeit, * go thy

way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give
to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure

in heaven, and come, take up the cross Mat. xix. 29. and follow me. *"But when the young "Mar.x.jz.

man heard that saying, he went away Luk. xvii.

sorrowful: for he had great poffeffions: 23. Luk. xviii. 24. * And when Jesus saw that he was very Mar. X. 23. sorrowful, *[He] looked round about,

and faith unto his disciples, How hard-'Mat. xix. Ly Mall they that have riches enter into 23;.

Lúk. xviü. 24. the kingdom of God!. And the disciples

24. were astonished at his words. But Jesus answereth again, and faith unto them, “Children, how hard is it for

« them that trust in riches, to enter Mar. xix. 24766

sce into the kingdom of God; ** And. mmar.x.25.

again I say unto you, It is easier for a Luk. xviii.

Mar. X.

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Mar. X.



* camel 25.

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Mac. xix.

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• When 25.

25, 26.

28, 29.

28, 29.

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camel to go through the eye of a In the way.

needle; than for a rich man to enter
Minift. 4: “ into the kingdom of God:
26, 27:

his disciples heard it, they were ex
Mat. xix. ceedingly amazed, * Aftonished out of 26.

Mat. *
measure, saying amongst themselves;
Who ihen can be saved? And Jesus 27.
looking upon them, faith, With men it

is impossible, but not with God: for Mar. x. with God allihings are possible. *. Then 27. Mat. xixi

answered Peter, and said unto him, Be-
Luk. xviii. hold, we have forfaken all, and followed

ibee's What shall we have iherefore?
And Jesus said unto them, “ Verily I 28.

say unto you, that ye which follow-
"ed me in the regeneration, when the
<fon of man shall fit in the throne of
“ his glory, ye also shall lit upon twelve

thrones, judging the twelve tribes of
• Mat. xix.“ Israel. '* c Verily I say unto you, 29.

Mar. X. " There is no man that hath left house, Luk, xviii. « or brethren, or filters, or father, or 29, 30.

mother, or wife, or children, .or lands
“ for my fake and the gospels, but he 30.
« shall receive an hundred fold now in
« this time, and houses, and brethren,
“and filters, and mothers, and children,

and lands, with persecutions; and in
4 Mar.x.31. the world to come eternal life. * " But zo. Mat. xix.

many that are first shall be last; and
«, the last shall be firit. For the king. 1.

dom of heaven is like unto a man
" that is an housholder, which went
« out early in the morning to hire la.
« bourers into his vineyard. And when
«. he iud agreed with the labourers for a




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Mat. XX,

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Minist. 4.

13.« laying; These iaft have wrought but 10 The History of our In the way.

penny a day, he sent them into his Anno Mat: XX

3. 4. Vineyard. And he went out about #cato 33.
.:"the third hour; and faw others ftand-
4.« ing idle in the market place, And said

unto them, Go ye also into the vine-
yard, and whatsoever is right I will

give you. And they went their way:
S.“ Again he went out about the sixth and
6. C ninth hour, and did likewise. And
« about the eleventh hour he went out,

Sand found others ftanding idle, and
a faith unto them, Why stand ye here
7:44 all the day idle? They fay unto

“ him, Because no man hath hired us.
“. He faith unto them, Go ye alfo in-

u to the vineyard, and whatsoever is
8.« right," that shall .ye receive. So

“ when even was come, the Lord of
" the vineyard faith unto his Itewards

Call the labourers, and give them
« their hire, beginning from the last
s'uñto the first. And when they came

c that were hired about the eleventh
6 hout, they received every man a pen-
ceny. But when the first came, they
u supposed that they should have re-

« ceived more, and they likewise re-
11.c ceived every man'a penny. And when
s they had received it, they murmured

against the good man of the house,

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u one hour, and thou hast made them

equal unto us, which have born the
burden and heat of the day. But he
answered one of them, and faid,
Friend, I do thee 'no wrong; didit


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not thou agree with me for a penny ? In the way. : #car. 33: “ Take that thine is, and go thy way: 14. Mat. XX. Minist. 4: « I will give unto this last, even as un

“ to thee. Is it not lawful for me to 15.
“ do what I will wich mine own? Is
" thine eye evil, because I am good?
“ So the last shall be first, and the first 16.

laft: for many be called, but few
« chosen

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The Rufurre&tion of Lazaruso,

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Joh. xia

W a certain man was sick, na- i.

med Lazarus of Bethany, the
town of Mary and her sister Martha.
(It was that Mary which anointed the a.
Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet
with her hair, whose brother Lazarus
was fick.) Therefore his fifter fent un- 3.
to him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom
zhou lovest, is lick. When Jesus heard 4.
that, he said, This sickness is not unio
death, but for the glory of God, that the
Jon of God might be glorified thereby,
Now Jesus loved Martha, and her fifter,
and Lazarus. When he had heard there. 6.
fore that he was fick, he abode two
days still in the same place where he
Then after that faith he to his

disciples, Let us go inta Judea again.
His disciples say unto him, Master, the 8.
Jews of late fought to stone thee; and
goeft thou thirber again? Jesus answer-9.


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