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Mar. X.






" Are nor two sparrows sold for a Anno


Æcat. 31. 29.6 farthing and one of them shall not

Minift. 2. “fall on the ground without your Fa

ther. But the very hairs of your 30.

" head are all numbred. Fear ye not
31. therefore, ye are of more value than

many sparrows. Whosoever there.
a fore shall confess me before men,

" him will I confefs also before my

" Father which is in heaven. But who-
" foever shall deny me before men,
" him will I also deny before my Fa-

ther which is in heaven.

u Think not that I am come to send 34.

peace on earth: I came not to send
35. peace, but a sword. For I am come

" to set a man at variance against his
“ father, and the daughter against her

" mother, and the daughter-in-law
35.“ against her mother-in-law. And a

“ mans foes Mall be they of his own
c houthold.

" He that loveth father or mother

more than me, is not worthy of me,
and he hat loveth son or daughter

more than me, is not worthy of me;
" and he that takech not his cross, and
38. c followeth afrer me, is not worthy of

He that findeth his life shall
« lose ir: and he that loreth his life
" for my fake shall find it.

“ He that receiveth you, receiveth
me, and he that receiveth me, recei-


veih him thar fent me. He that re.

ceiverh a propher in the name of a
propher, thall receive a prophet's re-




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Anno “ ward; and he that receiveth a righ. Galilee.
Ætat. 31. “ teous man, in the name of a righteous

. Minist. 2.

man, shall receive a righteous man's “ reward. And whosoever shall give 42. Mat. X.

to drink unto one of these little ones " a cup of cold water only, in the name “ of a disciple, verily I say unto you, c he shall in no wife lose his reward.

And it came to pass when Jesus had 1. Mar. xi. made an end of commanding his twelve

disciples, he departed thence to teach 'Mar.vi.12, and preach in their cities. *' And they 12. Luk. ix. .

* departed and went through the towns, preaching the gospel, * and preached 12. Mar. vi. that men should repent. And they caft 13.

out many devils, and anointed with oyl *Luk.ix.vi. many that were fick, mand healed them. The end of the second year of Christ's


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Minift. 3.


S E C T. LXIII. Acar: 32. John the Baptist beheaded by Herod. * Mat. xiv.

ND when a convenient time was 21. Mar. vi. Α'

come, that Herod on his birth day made a supper to his lords, high

captains and chief ettates of Galilee: •Mar. vi. * The daughter of Herodias * came in 6. Mar. xiv.

22. Mar. vi. and danced * before them, and pleafed 56. Mat. xiv. Herod, * and them that far with him. 22. Mar. vi, The king faid unto the damfel, Ask of

nie vibuifiever ihou wilt and I will give Macs.iv.7. itilce Ard he fware unto her, What.



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Mar. vi.



Galilee. soever thou shalt ask of me, I will give Anno
Mar. vi. 23. it ibee, unto the half of my kingdom. #cat. 32.

Minist. 24. And the went forth, and said unto her

mother, What shall I ask? and she said Mat. xiv. 3. The head of John the Baptist. * And

she being before instructed of her mother 25. * she came in straightway wich hafte

unto the king, and asked faying, "IdMat. siv will that thou give me by and by in a

charger, the head of John the Baptist.

25. And the king was exceeding sorry; * neMar. xiv

So vertheless för * his oaths fake, and for
Mar. vi. 26. their fakes which far with him *at mear
. xiv

. 9•* he would not reject her, [and] * he
Mar. vi. 26.
Mat. xiv. 9.

commanded it to be given her. * And · Mat. xiv. Mar. vi. 27. immediately the king fent an executio. 10.

ner, and commanded his head to be

brought: and he went and beheaded him 28. in the prison, and brought his head in "Mar. xiv.

a charger, and gave it to the damfel, 11, 12.

and the damsel gave it to her mother. 29. And when his disciples heard of it, they

came and took up his corps, and laid: Mat. xiv. 12. it in a tomb, * and went and told Je







The opinion of Herod and his Cour-

tiers concerning Jesus. Mat. xiv.

A vi. Mar. vi. 14. A heard of the fame of Jesus * (for 14;

* Luk. ix. 7. his name was spread abroad) * and he Mat, xiv. 2. was perplexed, * and said unto his fervants, This is Folin ile Baptist, he is

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Luk. ix. 72



a Luk.ix. 8.

risen from the dead, and therefore migh-Galilee. Ætar. 32. ty works do Mhew forth themselves in him. Minift: 3; ** Others said, That it is Élias. * And 15. Mar. vi.


others said, That it is a prophet, or as
one of the prophets, *that one of the old 8. Luk. ix.
prophets was risen again. * But when 16. Mar. vi.
Herod heard thereof, he said, *John have 9. Luk. ix.
1 beheaded: but who is this of whom I
hear such things? * It is John whom [ 16. Mar. vi.
heheaded, he is risen from the dead ; 9. Luk. ix.
*and he desired to see him.



The Apostles return to Jesus, he feed

eth five thousand with five Barley
Loaves and two Fishes.


ND the Apostles gathered them- 30. Mar. vi. • Luk. ix.

selves together unto Jesus, and IO.

told him all things, both what they had
done, and what they had taught. And 31.
he said unto them, Come ye your selves
apart into a desert place, and rest a
while: for there were many coming and

going, and they had no leisure so much
b Mar. xiv. as to eat. And they departed into a 32.

desert place by ship privately, * belong. 10. Luk. ix. ing to the city called Bethfaida, *over 1. Joh. vi.

Near Berhthe Sea of Galilee, which is the sea of faida. Mat xiv. Tiberias. * ¢ And the people saw 33. Mar. vi.

, I Ž. them departing, and many knew him, Luk. ix. 11. and ran a foot thither out of all cities, Joh. vi, 2. and out-went them, and came together to him, * because they saw his miracles 2. Joh. vi,





Ærat. 32 Minist. 3;

Joh. vi.


Near Beth

which he did on them that were disea- Anno saida.

sed. * d And Jesus when he came out, Mar. vi. 34. saw much people, * and he received a Mat. xiv. Luke ix. II. Mar. v. 34. them * and was moved with compaffi- 14.

on towards them, because they were as

sheep not having a shepherd: and he Luke ix. 11. began to teach them many things, * and

spake unto them of the kingdom of Miracle. God, and healed them that had need

of healing.

* And Jesus went up into a mountain, 4. and there he sat with his disciples, and

the passover, a feast of the fews, was Mar. vi. 35. nigh. *e And when the day was now far · Mat. xiv. Luk. ix.

12. spent, * then came the twelve and said, 15; Mar. vi. 35. unto him, * This is a desert place, and Luk. ix. 12. Luk. ix. 12. now the time is far passed, ** send the Mar. xiv.

multitude away, that they may go into 15;

the towns and country round about, and Mar.vi.gs. Mar. vi. 36. lodge, * and buy themselves breat: for

they have nothing to eat.

* When Jesus then lift up his eyes and faw a great company come unto

him, he faith unto Philip, Whence shall 6. we buy bread that these may eat? (and

this he said to prove him for he himself knew what he would do) Philip answered him, Two hundred penny-worth of bread is not sufficient for them, that

every one of them may take a little. Mar. xiv. 16.

* But Jesus said unto them, They e Mar. vi. need not depart, give ye them to eai 37;

Luk, ix.19.
* And they say unto him, mall we go

and buy iwo hundred penny-worth of
bread, and give them to eat? He faith unto
them, How many loaves have ye? go and


Joh. vi.



Nar. vi,



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