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$ Mar.v.10.



Gadara. hither to torment us before our time? Anno
Mat. viii. 29. ** For he had commanded the unclean Ætat. 31.

Minist. 2. Luk. viii. 29. spirit to come out of the man. (For Mar.v.8.

e . oftentimes it had caught him and he was kept bound with chains and in fetters; and he brake the bands, and was

driven of the devil into the wilderness) 30. And Jefus asked him saying, what is thy

name? * And he answered saying, f myr Luk. viii. Mar. viii. so name is Legion: for we are many: * be- 30. Luk, viii. 3o. cause many devils were entred into him.

* And they befought him * much * that Mar. v. 10. he would not command them * away out Luk.viii

. 31. 5 of the country * to go out into the deep: Mar. v. 10. * h and there was a good way off from Mar.y.1r. Luk. viii. 31. Mát, viii go.

them * nigh to the mountains a great Luk. viii. Mar. v. 11. herd of swine feeding, and all the de- 32. Mat. viii. 31. vils befought him saying, ** if thou caft Mat. viii. »

30. 31 us out, suffer us to go into the herd of kmar.v.12 Mar. vo 13. fwine.* And forthwith Jesus gave 'Miracle. them leave. * And he said unto them, Mat.viii.32. Go. * 1 Then went the devils out of Mat. viij.

} * ? 1 Luk.viii.33. } the man and entred into the swine, 32. Mat. viii. 32. * n and behold the whole herd of fwine Mar.v. 13:

m Lukviii. 13. ran violently down a steep place into

33, 34, 35. the sea and were choked in the sea,

14. (they were about two thousand) and Mar. viii. 33. they that fed the swine fled, * and went

their ways into the city, and told every

thing * in the city, and in the country Mar, v. 14. Mar. viii. 33.

and what was befallen to the possessed

of the devils. ' * And they went out to see Mar. v.

is. what it was that was done, and they

come to Jefus and see him thar was

pofleted with the devils and had the Zuk. viii. 35. Legion, * * ftring at the feet of Jesus, - Mar.v.15,

, cloached 16.

Mar. v.

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34. Mat, viii;

cloathed and in his right mind, and they Gadara.
Ærat. 31. were afraid. They also which saw it 36. Luk. viii.
Minift. 2. told them by what means he that was

pofleffed of the devils was healed, * and 16. Mar. v.
also concerning the swine; * and behold
the whole city [and] * the whole mul-

37. Luk. viii. titude of the country of the Gadarenes

round about * came out to meet Jesus; 34. Mat. viii. Mar.v.17. and when they saw him, "they befought Luk. viii.

him that he would depart out of their

coasts * for they were taken with great
fear: and he went up into the ship and

rerurned back again. * And when he 18. Mar. v. P Luk. viii. was come into the ship, he that had

38, 39. been possessed with devils, prayed him

that he mnight be with him. How beit, 19;
Jesus suffered him not, but faith unto
him, go home to thy friends, and tell
them how great things the Lord hath
done for thee, and hath had compassion
on thee.

And he departed, and began to pub-
lish in Decapolis, how great things Je-
fus had done for him.

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Jesus cureth a Woman troubled with Galilee near

a flux of blood, and bringeth to
life Jairus's Daughter.

the Sea.


a Luk, viii. ND when Jesus was passed over 21. Mar. v. 40.

again by ship unto the other side much people gathered unto him, * for 40. Luk. viii . they were all waiting for him and he

21. Mar. v, was


H 3.

Minist. 2:


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Galilee near was nigh unto the Sea. * While he Anno. the Sea. spake these things unto them * behold Ætat. 31.

. Mat. ix. 18. there cometh one of the rulers of the Mar. k. 22.

synagogue, Jairus by name, and when he Luk.viii.41.} saw him * bhe fell down at Jesus feet * Mai. ix. 18.} and worshipped' him *° and befought ‘Luk. viii.

Mar. v. 23. him greatly * that he would come in- 41.
Luk. viii. 41.

to his House: * a saying, My little : Mat. ix, Mar. v. 23. Luk. vii. 42. daughter lieth at the point of death, .

18, (* For he had one only daughter, about twelve

years age, and the lay a dy. Mar. V.

ing) I pray thee come and lay thy hands 23.

on her, that she may be healed, and she Mat. ix. 19. Shall live. '*. And Jesus arose and fol. e Mar.v.24. .

lowed him, and so did his disciples, Luk. viii. Mar. v.

25. *f and much people followed him and 42. Mac. ix. 20. thronged him, ** (and behold a woman 3 Mar.v.25.

which was diseas'd with an issue of Luk. viii. blood twelve years,

* and had suffered 43. many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.

When she had heard of Jesus, " came b Mat. ix. 27. in the press behind, and touched his 20.

Luk. viii. * i für she said within herself, Mat. ix. 21. garment:

44 if I may bit touch bis garment, I shall Mar. v.22. Mar. V.

**And straightway the * Luk. viii. founțain of her blood was dryed up, 44. and she felt in her body that the was

Mat.ix.za, Mat. ix. 22. healed of that plague * from that hour. Mar. v, 30.} *And Jesus immediately knowing in himMiracle. self that virtue had gone out of him,

turned him about in the pressm and said, "Luk. viii. Luk. viii. 45.

Who touched my cloths?* When all de: 45. Nar: v.

31. nied; Perer † and his disciples * that Luk: viii.45.

were with him faid, Matter, Thou Mar 31.


Mar. v.




29. be whole.

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seeft * n the multitude throng thee and Galilee, near Æcat, 31; press thee, and sayest thou, who touched

the Sea. Minitt. 2. # Mar.v.31. me?, And Jesus taid, Some body harb 45. Luk. viii.

touched me : for 1 perceive that virtue
is gone out of me. * And he looked 32. Mar. v.

round to see her that had done this Mar.v.33. thing. * , And when the woman faw that 47. Luk. viii.

* The was not hid, ihe came trembling; and falling down before him, she declared unto him before all the people for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed immediately. * But 22. Mat. ix.

Jesus turned him about, and when he Mar.v.34. saw her," he said, Daughter be of good Luk. viii. comfort, thy faith hath made thee whole ; 48.

go in peace and be whole of thy plague. 34. Mar. v. "Mar.v.35.

*: While he yet fpake, there cometh 49. Luk. viii. one from the ruler of the fynagogue's

house, saying to him, Thy daughter is * Luk. viii. dead, '* why troubleft thou the Master any 35. Mar. v. 50. farther? As soon as Jesus heard the

word that was spoken, he faith unto
the ruler of the synagogue, Be not al-

fraid, only believe * and she shall be made 49. Luik. viii. Luk. viii. whole. *? And when Jesus came into 23. Mat. ix.

the * house of the ruler of the syna. S 38. Mar. v.
gogue he suffered no man to follow (37.
him, fave Peter, and James, and John,
the brother of James, * and the father 51. Luk. viii.
and mother of the maiden, * And [when
be] saw the people and the minstrels

making a noise, *the tumult, and them 38. Mar. v. * Luk viii. that wept and wailed greatly. And

when he was come in, he faith unto

them, Why make ye this aído and weep?
* Give place, for i be maid is not dead biet

24. Mat.is, sleepeih.

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23. Mat. ix.


H 4

Ærat. 31.

Gelilee, near Neepth. "And they laughed him to scorn. Anno the Sea.

** But when he had put them all out, Capernaum

Minist. 2. Jairus's house. he taketh the father and the mother of

Mar.v.40. Mar. v.

the damfel, and them that were with Luk. viil. 40. him, and entreth in where the damfel 53.

xMac.ix.25. 41. was lying. And he took the damsel


Luk. viii. the hand, and said unto her, Talitha

54. Miracle.

cumi, which is being interpreted Damsel Luk. viii. 55. (I say unto thee) arise : * and her spi.

rit came again, and she arose straight- 'Mat.ix.25,

42. way * and walked, for she was of Luk. viii, Luk. viii. 55

of twelve years: * and he com- 55. Mar. v.

42. manded * that something should be Luk. viii. 56. ven her to eat. *? And her parents were z Mar.v.42.

astonilhed, * with a great astonishment, Mar. v. 42;} * but he charged them ftraitly that they Luk.viii. 56.3

should tell no man what was done. Mat. įx. 26. * And the fame thereof went abroad into

all that land.

Mar. v.

the age


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Jefis cureth two that were blind.

Mat. ix.

ND when Jefus departed thence,

two blind men followed him, cry-
ing, and saying, Thou son of David,
28. have mercy on 15.

And when he was come into the house, the blind men caine to him: and Jefus faith unto them, Be

lieve ye that I am able to do this? They 29. said unto him, yea Lord. Then touched he their eyes, saying, according to your

And their eyes Mirade. 30.faith, be it unto you.

were opened: and Jefus ftraitly char: ged them, saying, See that no man

k nomo

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