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3 yrs old

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RACING CALENDAR. Mr. O'Kelly's br. c. by Volun yr olds, 8ft zib. Mares allowed teer, dam by Herod, out of

alband winners of a match this Laura, 3 yrs old

5 year, carrying 2lb. - and of Plate 6 to 4 the field ags Hop-planter.

or Sweepstakes, 41b. extra.

2 mile heats.. Kentish Hunter's Sweepstakes

5gs each, 121.-1-mile heats. Mr. Delme's b. c. Gabriel, (12 Subscribers )

by Doriment, 4 yrs old 2 1 1

Mr. Watson's f. by Ulyffes, Mr. Watson's ro g. Black

2 dr Cap Mr. J. W. Brydges's ch.g.

Mr. Watson's f: by Soldier, Warrior

agit Mr. Baldock's f. by PharaMr. S. E. Brydge's ch g.

mond, off by consent. Leapfrog

3 dr

On Friday the 22d, the County A Sweeptakes of 158; each,

Plate of gol. for three yr olds, p. p. for all ages ;

four | 5ft four yr olds, 71. 716. five miles. — Three yr olds, sst. 5lb. olds, St 71b 5 yr olds, gst. and

Mares allowed four yr olds, it glb. 'five yr aged, oft

. 31b.

2lb. À winner of one Plate or olds, 817. 71b. fix yr olds, git, and aged, oft $15., 'Mares

Mares allowed Sweepstakes this year, carrying 3lb ---The owner of the second

2lb. of two, 4lband of three, horse entitled to his stake. (13

extra -4. mile heats. Subscribers)

Mr. Delme's b. Gabriel, Mr. Delme's b. h. Gabriel,

I 1 by Dorimant, 4 yrs old

Mr. Baldock's b. f HopMrs Wood s b. h. Slack, 5

picker, 3 yrs old


Mr. Wood's b. h. Slack, Mr. Baldock's br. h. Hop

2 dr planter, 5 yrs old 3 Kentish Hunter's

SweepMr. Watson's ch. f. by Ulysses, stakes of 10gs each, rode by agft Mr. Baldock's Hop-picker, gentlemen, izft.: 7lb. 2-mile off by consent.

heats. (16 Subscribers) On Wednesday the 20th, His Sir J. Honeywood's ch. Majesty's Flate of rocgs, for all

c. by Chalenger, out ages ; -4-mile heats.

of Cherry, 4 yrs old 4 2 1 1 Ld Egremont's b. c. brother

Sir S. E. Brydge s ch. g. to Precipitate, by Mer


1 5 5 2 cury, 4 yrs

walked over.

Mr. L. Watson's ro. g.
Black Cap

2 I 3 3
A Maiden Plate of 5cl. for all Mr. J. W. Bryages's ch.
ages ;-4-mile heats.

g Warrior, by Achilles 3 3 2 Mi. Baldock's b f. Hop

Sir E. Knarchbull's b.

g. picker, by Dungannon,


5 4 4 3 yrs old, 5ft 121b. Mr Hydes b f. by Highflyer, three yrs old, git.

At NORTHAMPTON. I alb. ran out of the Course 2 dif


fol; three yr olds, 61. 12lb, and four heats, about a mile and a half.


4 yrs old

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yrs old


5 yrs old



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On Thursday the 211, sol. For On Tuesday, August the 26th,

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3 2 dr



rep, 8st. 216.

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6 yrs old

Ld Clermont's b. c. by Mr. Turnor's br. f, Tuzzi-
Trumpator, out of Demi-

muzzi, 4 yrs


Mr Jones's b. c. Young Mr. Wilson's b. f. Jeffamine,

Rockingham, 4 yrs old

dr 8 ft. 3lb.

On Thursday the 28th, sol. Oo Wednesday the 27th, 50l. for three yr old colts, 8ft, and free for gay house, &c. four yr fillies, 7ft. 111b. The winner of a olds, Sit. 71b. five yr olds, 8it

. Plate this year, carrying 21b. 4lb. fix yr olds, sit. 121b. and

heats, once round the aged gft. The winner of one Purse Course this year, carrying 3lb. extra, of Mr. Durand's b. f. Hertwo, 5lb. and of three or more, mione, by Sir Peter 7lb. extra. Maiden horses allowed

Teazle 3lb - 4 mile heats.

Mr. Hallett's b. f. by DunMr. Dawson's b. h. Corian.


3 2 der, by Pot8o's, aged

Mr. Edwards's gr. f. Fancy 4 3 Mr. Jefferey's b. g. by Fag Ld Sherbone's br. f. Cle. gergill, 5 yrs old


2 dr Mr. Hatton's br. h. Wafer,

3 3


N Wednesday, August the

27th, a Maiden Plate of sol. ON

N Tuesday, August the 26th, | for three yr olds, carrying 7ft.

sol. for four olds, 7ft. iolb. żlb. and four yr olds, 8ft. 41b. five yr olds, 8ft. 1o1. fix yr olds, Fillies allowed 21b.--Heats, once 9ft. alb. and aged, gst, 5lb. The round the course. winner of one Plate this year, car Mr. Hutchinfon’s cả. c. rying 3lb. extra, of two, glb, and Briar, by King Fergus, of more, 7lb. Mares allowed 3lb.

6 II -4-mile heats.

Mr. Lockley's b.c. by Drone, Mr. Annefley's ch, h. No

I Ż 2 Pretender, by Pretender, Mr. Jolliff's b. c. Young aged

5 II

Posthumous, 4 yrs old Sir F. Poole's b. m. Kezia, Ld Carysfort's ch. f. 3 yrs 6 yrs old

3 2 2

4 5 5 Mr. Darling's ch. f. Mother Mr. Wilson's ch. Ci 4 yrs Red: Cap, 4 yrs old

I 3 dr

5.64 Mr. Dundas's br. c. Top

Mr. Darling's b. C. 4 yrs gallant, 4 yrs old 2 4. dr old Mr. Corrie's br. c. Banda.

On Thursday the 28th, sól. for lore, 4 yrs old

4 dr four yr olds, 7st. 61b: five yr olds, On Wednesday the 27th, 5ol. 8ft. 416. fix yr olds, &st. 121b. and for four yr olds, 7ft. iplb and five aged, 9ft. A winner of one Plate, yr olds, 8ft. zlb" the other con this year, carrying 3lb. of two, 5lb. ditions as on Tuesday.

extra. -Heats, twice round the

Course. Mr. Annesley's Pandolpho, by Pretender, 5 yrs old

4 II

Mr. Sitwell's ch. f. Rally, Mr. Bailey's br, c. Fort

by Trumpator, 4 yrs William, 4 yrs old I 4 2

old VOL. IV. No. XXIV.



4 yrs old

3 yrs old

2 4 3

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yrs old

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5 yrs old

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yrs old


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4 yrs old



Mr. Donner's b. h. Mean

Ms. Crawford's ch. c. Phan. well, five yrs old, (1

tom, 4 yrs old

3 plate)

6 1 2 Mr. Lyne's b. f. Romana, 4 Mr. Bower's b. h. Moral,

4 aged

4 3 4 Mr. Hutchinson's ch. c.

5 to i on Bruiser. Briar, four years old (1

Fifty Pounds for three yr olds, Plate

5 5 3 7st

. 12lb. five yr olds, 8ft. Blb. Ld Scarborough's ch. h. fix yr olds, Sft. 12lb. and aged, Squirrel, 5 yrs old

A winner of one Plate Mr. Tatton's ch. f Fancy, in 1794, carrying 4lb. of two, 71b. 4 yrs old, (1 Plate)

2 dr extra. Mares and geldings al. Mr Frisby's b h. Griffin, lowed 41b. two mile heats. aged


Ld Donegall's ch. h. Joe

Andrews, by Joe Andrews,

Mr. Snell's b. h. Loyalty, 5
N Wednesday the 27th of

Mr. Poulson's b. f. Address,
August, sol. for all ages ;-

2 dr 4-mile heats.

On Friday the 29th, a SweepMr. Rushton's ch. h. Regu

stakes of rogs each, for two yr ·lus, by Young Morwick,

olds, carrying a feather; and 6 yrs old, gst. 3lb:

three yr old colts, it. solb. and Sir R. Brooke's ro, h. Tom

fillies, 7ft. 71b-two miles. (5 my, 6 yrs old, 8ft. 12lb.

Subscribers.) On Thursday the 28th, 50l. Mr. Dundas's ch. c. Jack of for all ages ;-4-mile heats.

Newbury, by Woodpecker, Mr. Taylor's b. g. Helmet,

by Javelin, 6 yrs old, gst. Mr. Jones's b. f. Sister to 5lb.

Owen Tudor, 3 yrs old Mr. Major's b. h. Fear

Mr. Edwin's dun c. by Eras. nought, aged, gít. 21b. 3

muis, 3 yrs

3 3 Mr. Ralphs's b, h. Mer

Fifty Pounds for all ages ; five senger, 5 yrs old, 88. 71b. 2


yr olds, 8t. 4lb. and fix yr olds, 8ft. 8lb. horses that had won but

one Plate in 1794, allowed 61b. At TEWKESBURY.

those that had

started in 1794, N Thursday, Auguft the 28th, and not won a Plate, allowed

12lb. a Sweepstakes of sgs each : Mares and geldings allowfor all ages; four yr olds, 7ft. ed 4lb.--4-mile heats. 12lb. five yr olds, Sit. lb. fix Mr. Jones's Brandy Nan, yr oids, Sit. 12lb. and aged, oft.

2 II ilb Mares allowed 31b. Mr. Snell's bm. Delta 6 miles. (10 Subscribers.)

yrs old (fell, the third Mr Jones's chim Brandy heat )

I 4 2 Nan, by King Fergus, 5 yrs

Mr. Lord's ch. g. Useful, old

6 yrs old

4 5 3 Ld Oxford's b. h. Bruiser, Mr. Price's bl. h. Critic, aged

5 34



3 yrs old

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5 yrs old


5 yrs old




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3 dr.

2 0 2 2

Otember, His Majelty's Piate

to l on




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8ît. 31b.


2 dr

Mr. Hopper's ch. g. Lit. Ld Egremont's gr. h. gle Pickle, 5 yrs old

Grey Trentham, 6 Even betting on Brandy Nan; Ld Oxford's b. h. Bruiser,

yrs old, 8ft. 121b after the second heat, 6 to 4 on

aged, sit. (lamed) I 3

dr Delta

In running the second

heat, some people croiling the At WARWICK.

Course within the distance, ran N Tuesday, the 2d of Sep. against Bruiser, and nearly threw of roogs, for fix yr olds, car Grey Trentham the favourite ; rying 12ft - 4 mile heats.

after the first heat, 2 L Titchfield's c. , h.

Bruiser ; after the dead heat, 3 Quetlavaca, by Diomed

to i on Grey Trentham, Mr. C. Taylor's b. g. Hel

Fifty Pounds for all ages ;

4.mile heats. Quetlavaca the favourite.

Mr. G. Villier's Between the heats for His Ma by Faggergill, 5 yrs old jesty's Plate, a Sweepstakes of jogs each, for all ages; the owner

Mr. Demander's b f. Miss
of the second horse entitled to Warwick, 4 yrs old, 8ft. 3
his itake - heats, the last mile. Mr. Whardle's br. h. Micro.
With this condition that the scope, aged, Sit. glb.
winner was to be sold for roogs, 3 to i on Microscope.
-jf demanded, &c. (14 Subfcri.
Mr. Harris's Sislet fo Mo.

ther Bunch, by Mer-
cury, 3 yrs old, yft. volbo ir

N Tuetday the 20 of SepMr G. Villiers's b g by

teinber, sol. for four yr Faggergill, 5 yrs old, 9ft.

olds, ft. zib. five yr olds, sit. 31b

0 2 2 ||3lb. lix yr olds, sit. ub and Fifty Pounds for all ages ;

agei', git. Maiden fillies allowed 4-mile heats.

The winner of one gol.

Plate, this year, carrying 3lb. Ld Oxford's b c. Polyanthus, by Potso's, 4 yrs

extra, of two sib.--3-mile heais. old, Sit. ilb

Mi. T. Hutchinson's br. Ld Egremont's gr. h. Grey

h. Constitution, by Drone

old 5 yrs

2 II Trentham, 6 yrs old, gít. alb


b. dr


Lucy, 5 yrs old
Grey Tientham the favourite.

Sir H. Williamson's b. f.

dr On Wednesday the 3d, 5clfor

Arethufa, 4 yrs old all ages ;--4-mile heats,

On Wednesday the 3d, the Mr. Elliott's b. m. Muie

Cup, free for any horie, &c. exspinner, by Guildford,

cept the winner of a great Sub. 5 yrs old, $ite glbe 30II fcription at York, in the present



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yrs old

year ;

three yr olds, a feather ; / yr olds, Sít. 41b. Maiden Colts four yr olds, 7ft, 7lb. five yr allowed alb. maiden fillies, 3lb. olds, 8t. 3lb. fix yr olds sit 2-mile-heats. 10lb. and aged, gft. Fillies ala

Mr. Fletcher's ch. c. Trimlowed alb. four miles.

buih, by Young MorSir J. Webb's b. m. Constant,

wick, 3 yrs old

Mr. Clifton s b. c. Camby Highflyer, 5 yrs old Mr. T. Hutchinson's Consti

phire, 4 yrs old


Ld Dundas's ch. c. by tution, 5 yrs Ld Darlington's bh. St. Eagle, 3 yrs old

3 George, 5 yrs

3 Hunter's Sweepstakes of logs Mr. Robertson's br. h. Tickle

each, rode by gentlemen, Izit. Toby, aged

4 four-miles. (7 subscribers) Mr. Mason's b, c Epicure, 4 yrs old

Mr. Milbank's bh. Pelican,

5 Mr. Pierse's b. f. Rosalie, 4 by Young Marske, aged

6 Mr. Mason's b. g. Albion Mr. Clifton's b. c. Tapioca, 3

Mr. Wardell's b. b. Saxe Co.



Mr. Norton's b g. Dicky Spot 4 7 to 4 against Tickle Toby, 5 to

2 agft Constant, and 10 to 1 agft Constitution.

At HEREFORD. Sweepstakes of zogs each, for


, fillies tember, sol. for all ages; 7ft. 121b-once round the course

4-mile heats. (10 Subscribers)

Mr. Snell's b. m. Delta, Mr. J. Fenton's gr. c. by by Lexicon, 6 yrs old, Delpini, dam by Ancaster

Sit. 12lb.

2 II Mr. T. Field's b. f. by High

Mr. Rushton's ch.h Reguflyer, out of Wren

lus, fix yrs old, glt 5lb. Ld Dundas's ch. c. by Eagle, (broke down) dam by Telemachus


Col. Colby's ch. h. Ad.
Mr, Hamilton's ch. c. by King venturer, aged, git. 61b. dif

Fergus, dam by Snap
Mr. Clifton's b. c Ceder, by

3 to 4 on Regulus. Ruler


On Thufday the 4th, 5ol. for Sir H. Williamson's f. by 2, 3, and 4 yr olds ; -2.mile

Phenomenon, dam by Eclipse 6 heats.
Mr. Garforth's ch c. by Young
Morwick, dam by High-

Mr. Darling's b. c. Edwin, flyer


by Potso's, 4 yrs old, sft

1 Sir H. Williamson's filly the fa. Ld Derby's b.c. Kidney, 4

vourite, and 4 to 1 agst the yrs old, sit. 5lb winner

Fifty Pounds for horses that On Thursday the 4th, sol. for had not won a Plate of greater three yr olds, zít. 41b. and four value ;-4-inile heats.



I dr


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