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yrs old

yrs old


yrs old

5 yrs old

3 yrs old, and

Sir T. Dundas's ch. c.

On Thursday the 31st, the On Thursday the 31st,

Silver Bowl, free fur any horfe, Maiden Plate of gol for all ages'; carrying roft. ---4-mile heats. thrte yr olds, a feather; four yr Mr. Croke's Morgan Ratler, olus, 7ft alb. five yr olds, Sft. alb. by Mercury fix yr olds, 8ft. 12lb. and aged, gft. | Mr. Dilly's b. g. Tally-ho; 22 Mares allowed alb. - 4-mile heats: Mr. Wickham's b. m. Hazard


dr Ld A. Hamilton's b. c. 4

The Members' Plate of sot.

6 1 I for 4 yr olds, 7ft. 7lb. five yr Mr. Hutchinson's bi f. 4 olds, Sit

. 5lb. fix yr cids, gft. and

15 3 | aged, gft. 41b the winner of a Mr. Smith's gr. c. Neck

Plate this year, carrying 3ib. or Nothing, 4 yrs old

3 4 2 extra. -4-mile heats, Mr Shepherd's b. f. Mad

Mr. Brereton's Young Mereap, 4 yrs old

2 7 5 cutio, by Mercury, 5 yrs Sir T. Dundas's ch. c. 3

old Mr. Sotheron's gr. C. 3 yrs

Mr. Annefly's Mafter of

Arts, 5 yrs old old

Mr. M. Dilly's ch. h. Valiant Mr. Bethell's b. f. Bonny Lass,

3 dr Mr. Mason's b. h. Whitley, 5 yrs

Mercutio the favourite. old, also started, but could not

On Friday the 1st of August, a be placed.

Maiden Plate of gol. for all ages; On Friday the firft of August, four yr olds carrying 74. 4lb. and 5ol. for horses that never won a fix yr olds, sit. iolb.-4-mile prize of greater value; weight heats. for age.-4 mile heats, was won Mr. W. Bailey's br. c. Fort by

William, by Highflyer, Sir C. Turner's r. c. Confederacy, out of Bat's dam, 4 yrs I ] 3 yrs old, carrying a feather.

Sir F. Evelyn's br. h. ty

Mercury, 6 yrs old
Sir F. Evelyn's horse the fa.

N Wednesday the 30th of

July, His Majesty's Plate of 100 s, for fix yr olds, carrying

At LEWES. 12ft. -4-mile heats. Mr. Annelly's ch. h. Pan.

N Thursday, July the 3if,

the Produce Stakes of zoogs dolpho, by Pretender Mr. Serte's b. h. Degville

each'; colts, 8ft, 7lb. fillies, 8it. Ld Egremont's b.


41b. over the course. Stump

3. 3 dr Sir H. Fetherston's b. f. by Mr Croke's b. g. Morgan

Diomed, out of Cecilia Ratler

4 4 dr D. of Norfolk's gr f. by DunMr. F. Bullock's bl.

gannon Flash

Ld Egremont's b. c. by HighEven betting on Iegville agst flyer, out of Venus

3 the field,

6 to 4 agft Sir H. Fetherstone, 2





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5 dr


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2 to 1



to i agst Ld Egremont's colt, Ld Egremont's Brother to Preand 3 to i agst the D. of Nor cipitate, gft. 61b. folk's filly.

5 and 6 to 4 on Waxy. Sweepstakes of 25gs each, for

On Friday, August the ift, the hunters; four miles. Four Sub.

County Plate of gol. for all ages ; fcribers.

heats two miles and a half. Ld Sackville's b. m. by High

Sir F. Poole's br. h. Mentor, flyer, 4 yrs old, nift. rode by Ld Villiers

by Justice, aged, 8ft. ;lb. I

Sir H. Fetherstone's ch. c. Mr. Northey's b. g. by Mer

Guatimozin, 4 yrs old, cury, 5 yrs old, rift. 7.b. rode by himself

7st. glb.

2 dr

Guatimożin the favourite.
on Mr. Northey's geld.

A Handicap Plate, given by the A Sweepstakes of rogs each, for

Members of the Borough ;-heats, 3 yr olds; the last mile and half of two miles and a half. the course. (6 Subscribers.) Sir C. Bunbury's gt. C. Mr. Durand's b. f Her.

Robin Grey, by Diomed, mione, by Sir Peter Teazle

4 yrs old, 8ft 3lb. out of Paulina,~-walked over. Mr. Goodison's b. c. Dal. A Sweepstakes of 20ogs each,

ham, 4 yrs old, 8ft. for '4 yr old colts, S1t 7lb. and 5 to 4 on Dalham, and after the fillies, 8ft. 410. over the Course. heat, four and 5 to i on Robin (6 Subscribers.)

Grey. Ld Egremont's brother to On Saturday the 2d, a Sub.

Precipitate, by Mercury 1 fcription of 10 guineas each, four Sir H. Fetherftone's ch. c. miles. (4 Subscribers.)

Mr. Bullock's b. c. Royalist

Ld Egremont's Brother to

3 D. of Bedford's b.

Precipitate walked over Highflyer, dam by Comet

4 The Ladies' Plate, value bogs. D. of Norfolk's g. f. by Dun

for all ages;---four miles. gannon one on the brother to Pre

Sir F. Poole's b. c. Waxy, walked cipitate His Majesty's Plate of 1oogs,

Sir J. Shelley's b. f. Trevesina, for 6 yr olds, raft --4 mile heats. by Highflyer, 4 yrs old, 8ft. beat Mr Rider's ch. b. Quetla

Mr Northey's b' g. by Mercury, vača, by Diomed

5 yrs old 8ft. ylb the last mile Ld Sackville's b. m Peggy

and half of the course, 2598. Sir F. Poole's b. m. Kezia

3 3

a to von Trevefina. 2 'to i on Peggy, and 6 to 1 agít The Town Plate of golimo Cuetlavaca.

heats, two miles and a half. The Duke of Richraond's Plate Ld Sackville's b. m. Peggy, of gol for Sussex-bred horses

by Trumpator, 6 yrs old four miles.

8. alb.

2 1 1 Sir F. Poole's b. Ć. Waxy, by

Sir F. Poole's br. h. Mentor, Pot8o's, gft, 6lb.

aged, 8it glb


c. by

3 to






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4 yrs old





Sir J. Shelley' b. f. Tre Marquis of Donegall's m.

vesma, 4 yrs old, 7ft. lb. i 3 dr Virgin, by Joe Andrews, Even betting, and 6 to 5, on Peg

4 2 gy; after the heat, the same;

Mr. Jones's b. m. Miss Warafter the second heat, 5 to i

wick, by Boston, 4 yrs old 2 dif Peggy.

Ld Stamford's b. h. Tiger,
by Drone, 4 yrs old

3 fell Mr. R. R. Berkeley's br. b. WORCESTER.

m. Sall the Blinker, by Volunteer, 5 yrs old 5

dif 6 to N Tuesday, August 12, in

4 on Mother Redcap, before the morning, a subscription

starting; and after the first of sgs each, for horfes, mares,

heat, 6 to 2 she won. or geldings, the property of sub

WEDNESDAY, AUG. 13. fcribers, that have never plate, sweepstakes, or match, be

In the Afternoon. fore the, ist day of March, preceding the day of running, 3 yr

A Cup value 40l. and sol. in olds to carry 6it. 4 yr olds, zít. specie, for hunters, the property 61b. 5 yr olds, 81t: sib! 6 yr olds, of frecholders, and proved to 8ft. 131b. and aged, gft

. 21bI have been bred in the county of mares allowed 31b the best of Worcester; to carry 12ft. that three 2-mile heats, 12 subscri. have been regularly hunted the bers.

last season, that have never Mr. RR. Berkeley's br. b.

for a plate, match, or sweepm. Sall the Blinker, by

stakes, nor paid nor recd. ft. nor Volunteer, 5 yrs old

been trained, nor had a sweat as

I I Powell Snell, Esqr's. h. To.

à running horse, before the 25th paz

2 dr

of March, 1794; to be certified Mr. R. R. Berkeley's ch, m.

to have been the property of

such freeholder, at least four Matron, by Woodpecker,

months before the day of run. 6 yrs old


dr Topaz was lamed the firit heat.

ning. The best of three 4-mile

heats. The same day in the after. Mr. Izod's ch.

Mr. Izod's ch. g. Young noon,

Maiden Purse of gol. Pumpkin, by Pumpkin, 6 given by the Members for the City; for horses, mares, or gel. Mr. Hammond's ch g. Dardings, that have never

ter, by Pumpkin, aged 3 plate, match, or sweepstakes, nor James Payne, Esqr's. b. g. secd. ft. before the first day of Whipper in, by Warwick, May, 1794 ; 4 yr olds, 7ft. 71b.

6 yrs old

3 5 yr olds, 81t. alb. 6 yr olds, '81t

A good Kace, iolb. and ageri, 9tt. mares allowed zlb bridle and faddle in fied; upon which the Cup and

Young Pumpkin was disquali. cluded. The best of three 4.mile Plate was

ran for again by Darter heats.

and Whipper-in, which was won Mr. Darling's ch. m. Mother by Darter, beating Whipper-in

Redcap, by Rockingham, about a whip's leagth. 4 yrs old


yrs old




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yrs old

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Nan, í yrs


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sol. for




On Thursday the 14th, 50!, for Mr. Girdler's bl. c. Bishop four old colts. 7t five yr olds; 8ft Blaze, 4 yrs old

3 fix yr olds, 8t 91b. and aged, 9ft. Mr. Dawson's 5, c. four 2lb Mares allowed 31b :nd the

3 winner of a plate this year, car On Wednesday the 6th, gol. rying 3lb extra.-4 mile heats.

for four yr olds, 7ft 5lb. five' yr Mr. Darlings b c. Edwin, olds, 8it. 3lb. 6 yr olds, Sít. 10lb. by Potgo's, 4 yrs old

and aged kilt. The winner of a Mr. Benton's b. m Mule.

Plate or Sueepiakes, in 1794, spinner, 5 yrs

3 carrying 416 extra, of two blb. Mr Jones's ch. m. Brandy

1-mile heats.
Ld Clermont's br h. by Er.


Mr. Dawson's b. h Co-

riander, aged
N Tuesday, August the sth,

he and 4 to i on Coriander. the Town Plate of

On Thursday the 7th, 501. for all ages;---4-mile heats.

all ages ; four yr olds, 6ft. 12lb. Sir J. Lade's b. h. Serpent,

and fix yr old, Sit. 5lb. The by Eclipse, aged 91t. 5lb I

winner to be sold for 150gs if deMr. Turner's br. c. General

manded, &c.--4 mile heats. 4 yrs old, 7ft. rolb

Ld Clermont's bl.c. S.


by Saltram, 4 yrs old 1 On Wednesday the 6th, Solb

Mr Hatton's' br. h. Wafer, for three and four yr olds ;-2 mile heats Sir F. Poole's b. c. Mealy; by Potgo's, 4 yrs old, sit

At DERBY. iolb. Mr. Dundas's br. c. Top

N Tuesday, August the şth,

à Maiden Plate of sól given gallant, four yrs old, sit, volb

by his Grace the Duke of De. Mr. Turner's br. f. Tuzzy

vonshire, for three yr olds, 7ft.

21b four yr olds, 8ft. 5lb five yr muzzy, 4 yrs old, 8it. 215, (ran

olds, Sit. 121b. fix yr olds, git. out of the course )

3 dif

2lb. and aged, 91t. 415. Mares and geldings atlowed 2lb.-.

.-2. mile heats.

Mr. Robinson's b.

Mark, by Weasel, 4 yrs
N Tuesday, August the 5th, old

501. for three yr olds, 7ft. Ld Donegall's b. c. Aaron, four yr olds, 8st. glb. and five ye 3 yrs olds, gít. 3 b. The winner of a Sir H. Harper's bf by Plate or Sweepstakes in 1724,

his Son of Herod, 3 yrs 3 3 3 carrying 4lb. of two, 6lb. extra, Mr. Darling's b. c by 2 mile heats.

Dungannon, 4 yrs old Ld Clermont's b. c. Payna.

(ran out of he course) dir: tor, by Trumpator, 3 yrs

On Wedhesday the 6th, sol. old

for three yr olds, 6st. four to VOL. IV. No. XXIV.




6 yrs old

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for jogs.

olds, 7ft. 3lb. five yr olds, Sft. Sir F. Poole's b. c. by Fortu-
3lb, 6 yr olds8it glb. and aged,
9ft. The winner of one Plate Mr Butler's f. Miss Wilson,
this year, carrying 31b. extra, of by Countryman, dam by
two, slb ---4-mile heats.

Mr. Armstrong's b. f

Mr. E. Crip's b. c. Snip, by
Miss Muiton, by King

Satellite, out of Sinner's
Fergus, 4 yrs old
3 2 1 1 dam

3 Mr. Taylor's b.g. Helmet,

Mr. Snell's b f. Janetta, by
by Javelin, six

4 1

| exicon, out of Psyché 4 Mri Sitwell's ch. f. Rally

Mr. Day's b. c. Fortitude, by For4 yrs

I 3 4 3 tunio, out of Hirondelle; Mr. Mr. Ralph's b. h. Mer

· Day's b. c. Sir Firdinand, by senger, by Phænome

Fortunio, out of Magnolia ; non, 5 yrs old

and Mr. Jones's b. c. Frederick, by Fortunio, dam by Lexicon ;

also started but were not placed. At CIRENCESTER.

On Friday the 8th, Ld SherN Thursday, August the 7th. borne's Cl mentina, by Dungan

5cl. for horses of all ages non, 3 yrs old, 8ft. 416. beat Mr. and qualifications; -4-mile 'heats. Jones's Frederick, 2 yrs old), 6ft: With this condition, that the the last three quarters of a mile, winner was to be sold for 120gs, if demanded, &c.

Mr. Darling's Mother RedMr. Harris's b, c Edwin, Cap, by Rockingham, 4 yrs old, by Pot80's, 4 yrs old, 7it.

it beat Mr Dilly's Delta, 6 yrs nib.

old, Sit. 416. for five guineas Mr Darling's ch. f. Mother each, to which was added 17gs. Red Cap, 4 yrs old, 7st.

Produce Sweepstakes of zogs glb.

4 rach. (3 Subscribers.) Mr. Cauty's b. h. Alder

Mr. Day's Sir Ferdinand, man, aged, gft.

7 3 by Fortunio, out of Mag. Mr. M. Dilly's ch. h. Va


walkcd over
liant, 5 yrs old, 8ft, 4]b. 6 4
Mr. Bailey's br. c. Fort

William, four yrs old,
7ft. rolb.


5 Mr Brereton's b. h. Young

N Monday the 11th of AlMercut.o, 5 yrs old, Sit.

guit, Her Majesty's Plate glb.

3 dr of joogs for four yr old fillies,
Mr. Northey's b m. Fairy, carrying 8it. 7lb-2-mile heats.
5 yrs old, Sít llb.

5 dr D. of Grafton's ch. f. Gar-
N. B. Fdivin' was demanded by land, by Mercury
the owner of the second horfe.

D. of Bedford s br f. Cælia, 1 2 3
Suveepftakes of joys cach, for Sir H. Fetherston's b. f by
two yr old colts, 8it. and fillies, Dion ed
zit. iilb. those got by untrieci Cælia the Favourite.
Itallions, allowed b. and those Steepitakes of: logs each, 5
ont of mares, whose produce had Subscribers --2-mile heats.
not ftarted, 3lb - the firaight Mr. Efdaile's gr, m. Mary
half mile. (io Subscribers.)




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