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At STOCKBRIDGE. Mr. Brereton's b. h. Young N Wednesday, July the 2d,

Mercutio, by Mercury, 5 sol. for three yr olds, 7ft. slb. and four yr olds, 8ft. 121b. Mr. Hyde's b. g. by Boxer, The winner of a Plate in 1994,

aged carrying 3lb. extra. Mares and Mr. Turnor's b. f. Tuzzimuzzi, geldings allowed 21b. 2-mile

3 heats.

Mr. Edward's b f. Hybla, 4 Ld Oxford's b. c. Polyanthus,

4 4

Lá Belfast's Chaffinch, 5 yrs by Pot So's, 4 yrs old

old Mr. Turnor's br. c. General,

5 5

Mr Serle's b. m. by Diomed, 4 yrs old (3lb. extra) 4

6 Mr. O'Hara's b. c. Holt, 3 yrs


old (ran on the wrong fide of the post)

dis old

3 Mr. Dundas's ch. c. Jack of

Sweepstakes of rogs each, for Newbury, 3 yrs old (31b. four yr old colts, 81. zlb. and extra)

o dr fillies, sit. 41b.--two miles. (3 Mr. Bacon's br. f. Fruitless, by

subscribers). Rockingham, 3 yrs old

Mr. (Hara's b.c. Cymbeline, Mr. Harris's gr. f. Fancy, 3 yrs

by Anvil old

Mr. Turnor's Tuzzimuzzi Mr. Dilly's b. g. by Mercury, 4 Sweepstakes of iogs each, for

three yr old colts, 8ft. and fillies, Mr Lade's b. c. 3 yrs old, also it. islb.--the lait mile. (9 lub

started, but were not placed. fcribers. Sweepstakes of 10gs each, for

Mr. Durs b. c. Play or four yr olds, 7st. five yr olds, 8ft.

Pay, by Ulyffes, dam by 21b. fix yr olds, 8ft. jolb. and Herod aged, gft. --four miles. (7 Sub- Mr. T. Dilly's ch. c. by Erasfcribers)

mus, out of Tabitha Sir J. Lade's Serpent, by Ec. Mr. Baldock's b. f. Hop-picker, lipse, aged

by Dungannon

3 Mr. O'Hara's Cymbeline, 4 Mr. Lade's b f. by Mercury 4 Mr. Baldock's Hop planter, 5

3 Lá Oxford's Transit, 5 yrs old


4 Mr. Lade’s Don Quixote, aged 5

Hunters' Sweepstakes (3 Sub-
scribers) weight 121t.

N Thursday, July the 17th,
solb. for hunters, 12ft.

-45 Mr. Scott's b g. by Mercury, miles, dam by Trentham

Mr. Baird's b. h, Basto Ld Belfast's gr. m Fame

Mr. Swann's ch. h. Fox-hunter 2 On Thursday, the zd, a Maiden

Foxhunter died very soon after Plate of 50l. given by the Mem

the race. bers, for three yr olds, yst. four yr olds, 8ft. slb. five yr olds, gít.

On Friday the 18th, the sogs fix yr olds, gft 116. and aged, git. for all ages.-- +-mile heats. 7lb Mares and geldings allowed Mr. Baird's Louisa, by Highalb.-3 mile heats.

Ayer aged VOL.IV. No. XXIII.



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yrs old

for toogs.



Mr Gregson's Archer, 5 yrs yr olds, zit. alb. five yr olds, siti old

I 3 2 415. fix yr olds, 8ft.' qolb. and Mr. Smith's ch f. Charmer, aged, 8ft. 12lb.---4-mile heats. A 4 yrs

3 2 3

winner of one Plate or Sweep[First Day's Race omitted in last stakes in the prefent year, carNumber. ]

rying glb. of two or more, 5lb. On Monday, July the 14th, zib.

extra. Mares and geldings allowed the City plate of golb. Mr. Peacock's ch. c. Peacock i

Mr. Crompton's b. f.

Drowfy, by Drone, Mr. Cotterel's ch. m. Lady dif

04 31 1 Mr. Lockley's br. h. Telescope, aged

3 2 1 2 2 Ať PRESTON.

Mr. Clifton's b. h. Ci.
tizen, aged

S14 3.3 ON Tuesday, July the 22d,

501. given by the Earl of Mr Lord sb. m. Mulė. Derby, for three yr olds, yst. alb.

spinner, 5 yrs and four yr olds, Sít. 416. — 2.

Mr. Hamilton's ch. h. mile heats. A winner of

Young Traveller, 6 Plate or Sweepftakes in the pre

4 5

dr fent year, carrying 31b of two or Mr. Tarleton's b. f. by Sir Peter more, 5lb. extra. Fillies allowed Teazle, ont of Nelly, beat Id 2lb.

Derby's b f. by Sir Peter Teazle, Mr. Craddock's b. f. by

out of 'Fame, 8ft. each, 2 miles, Delpini, 3 yrs old Ld Derby's b. c. Kidney, 4 yrs

I 4 2 2 Mr. Clifton's b. c. Nine.

At BLANDFORD. ty-three, 4 yrs old

N Mr. Crompton's b. f.

a Hunters Sweepstakes of Drowsy, 4 yrs old

3 2 5 logs each, wt. 12ft. four miles, Mr. Armitrong's b. f. Miss

(five subscribers.) Mufton, 4 yrs old 5 5 4

Ld Belfast's gr. m Fane On Wednesday the 23d, Mr. Drax Grosvenor's b. m. Sweepstakes of 20gs each, with Princess de Cobourg sogs added by the Town, for three yrs old colts, 8it and fillies, 7ft.

Fifty Pounds for horses that had

not won a Plate of that value fince. 1216.-two mile heats. (7 Subsferibers).

March, 1793 ; four yr olds, 8ft. Mr. Field's b. f. by High

alb. five yr olds, git. fix yr olds,

oft. 61b. and aged, oft. 10!b.4. Ayer, out of Wren

1 2 1

mile heats. Mr Fletcher's ch. c. by Young Morwick, damn by

Mr. Cauty's b. h. Alderman, Matchein

by Potso's, aged

3 Mr. Crompton's ch. c.

Ld Belfast's gr m. Fame, aged 2 2 Ambush

Fifty Pounds for

4 yr

olds. Mr. Clayton's bl. c. by Lau

No Race. Mr Jones's Young rel, out of Moorpout 4 4 4 Rockingham, recd 10gs.

On Thursday the 24th, the On Thursday, the 24th, gol. Members' Purse of sol. for four for four yr olds, 7ft 12lb. five yo



On Wednesday, July the 23d,




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old colts,

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5 yrs old

2 1 2

olds, &it. ralb. fix yr olds, gft. 3lb. At BRIGHTHELMSTONE. and aged, gst. 6lb. the winner of and of two glb. extra.-four mile Prince of Wales's Stakes of gogs one Plate this year, carrying 31b. ON Friday, July the 25th, the heats.

each, h. ft. for three yr Sir J. Lade's b. h. Serpent, Sit. 5lb. and fillies, sít. 3lb. that by Eclipse, aged

did ftart for the Prince's Mr. Northey's br. m. Fairy, Stakes at Newmarket. The last

4 2 mile. (Six Subscribers.) Mr Jones's b.c. Young Rockingham, 4 yrs old

Sir C. Bunbury's f by Diomed, out

3 3 Ld Belfast's b. r.. Thalia, aged 2 dr

of Giantess, walked over. Sweepstakes of rogs each, for

Fifty Pounds for all ages, four all ages; four miles, (four Sub yr olds, 7ft. 410.--4-mile hears.fcribers.)

With this condition, that the winLd Bellast's ch. c. by Woodpecker demanded, &c.

ner was to be sold for 150gs. if 3 yrs old, walked over.

Mr. Goodison's b. c. Dal

ham, by Diomed, 4 yrs

I 2 I

Mr. Ladbroke's ch. c. Nea-

politan, 4 yrs old
N Wednesday the 23d of

Even betting sol. for horses, &c. bred in Gla- three yr olds, zit. 61b. four yr olds,

On Saturday the 26th, gol for morganshire.--4-mile heats.

8{t. Tilb. and five yr olds, gft

. 71b. Mr. Wrixon's ch. h. Lord A winner of a Plate or SweepHowe, 5 yrs old, gst,

stakes in 1794, carrying 3lb. extra. Mr. Morgan's b. f. Anna

of two, ylb.

Heats, the New Maria, three yrs old, 6ft. Course, about a mile and three (broke down)

quarters. Lady Mackworth's b. m. Vixen, aged, 9ft. 7lb. 3 dif Sir C. Bunbury's Robin

Grey, by Diomed, 4 yrs On Friday the 25th, 50l for all

old ages; three yr olds, 5ft. 7lb. and

olds, sit

. ;lb. and Mr. Goodison's b. c. Dalfour yr olds, 8ft. the winner of a

ham, 4 yrs old (ran out of Plate before the first of March

the course)

dif laft, carrying slb. extra, and of one fince, 7lb. extra. -four mile 5 to 2 on Robin Grey. heats.

On Monday the 28th, a Handi. Mr. Demander's b. f. Miss

cap Plate of sol for four, five, fix Warwick, 4 yrs old

yr olds, and aged horses.--Heats, Mr. Puleston's b.f Address,

the New Course. Mr. Myers's ch. c. Guy, Mr. Day's ch. h. Guatiino

zin, by Diomed, 4 yrs 4 yrs old (ran out of the course) 3 dir old, zft. uilb.

3. II Mr. Hurst's b. f. by Mer Sir C. Bunbury's Robin cury, 3 yrs old (ran out

Grey, four yrs old, Sft. of the course)




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4 yrs old

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Mr. Goodison's b. c. Dal. Ld Kensington's b h. Hyder ham, four yrs old, Sit.

Ally 2lb.

5 4 2 Mr. Vaughan's b. g Harle. Mr. Ladbroke's ch.


3 Neapolitan, 4 yrs old, Mr. Colby's b. g Cadet

3 Sít.

4. 3 dr Mr. Taylor's b g. Sportsman 4 dr Mr. Elmore's b h. Tick,

6 yrs old, gft. alb. 2 z dr 2 to I agst Robin Grey, and 10

At BURFORD. to i agft Guatimozin.

On Tuesday the 29th of July,

His Majesty's Plate of 100gs,

for five yr olds, carrying gft. At HAVERFORDWEST.

3-mile heats. ON N Monday, July the 28th, Ld Egremont's ch. h. Cin.

5ol. for horses bred in Pem. nabar, by Mercury broke, Carmarthen, or Cardigan Ld Oxford's b. h. Transit shire, 12ft.-3-mile heats.

Mr. Jones's b. m. Brandy Ld Kenfington's b. h. Hyder

Nan Ally

Mr. Adams's b. h. Nameless


dr Mr. Jones's ch. g. Silver

Mr. Snell's ch. h. Loyalty 5 dr Spoon, aged

Ld Sherborne's f. Clementina, Mr. Robert's ch. m. Juliet dif by Dungannon, 8ft. beat Mr. Mr. J. Vaughan's b. g. Harle. Waller's b. f. by Challenger, zit

. quin, rode by the Owner, beat Mr.

jilb.--the last mile and half, for Brigstocke's b. m. Forester, rode 100gs. by Captain O'Lloyd, 13ft. each,

Sweepstakes of 20gs each, for 4-mile heats, for gol.

three yr old fillies, 8ft. from the On Wednesday the 30th, a Free King's Plate Starting Post, in, Plate of gol. for all ages ---4-mile Four Subscribers.) heats.

Mr. Harris's b. f. fifter to Mr. Colby's ch h. Adven,

Mother Bunch, by Merturer, aged, 8st. 121b

cury Mr. Campbell's ch.c. Pastor, Ld Shelborne's f. Clementina 4 yrs old, 7ft, ;lb.

On Wednesday the 30th, sol. Fifty Pounds for three yr olds, for all ages; five yr olds, &ít. 6lb. 8it. glb. and four yr olds; it and aged, 91t. the winner of a Plate glb. bred in any of the three this year, carrying 3lb. extra.above-mentioned Counties, fillies 4-mile heats. and geldings allowed 3lb.--2-mile Ld Oxford's Transit, by Merheats

çury, 5 yrs Mr. Colby's br. g, Lilliput I Mr. Annertley's No PretenMr Rock's br, f. Cream of

der, aged

3 Tartar

Mr. Rain's Spearinan, aged 2 3 On Thursday. the 31st, 5ol. for Sweepstakes of jogs each, with horses that have been regularly zogs given by the Stewards, for hunted a season, in any of the two yr olds, st. 4lb. and three yt above Counties, rode by Gentle- olds, Sít. 4lb. fillies allowed 41b. mnen, 13ft.-3-inile heats.

Heats, from the Top of the Hill,



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2 yrs old

6 5 5

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in-The Owner of the 2d horse A Sweepstakes of togs each, received back his stake.

for three yr olds, carrying a feather ; four yr olds, ift. 1

12lb. Mr. Harris's b. f. fifter to

five yr olds, 8ft. 6lb. fix yr olds, Mother Bunch, 3 yrs old Sit. 121b. and aged, oft alb.(5lb. extra)

Mares allowed 3lb.--3-noile heats. Mr Jones's b. f. Mary's (15 Subscribers Dream, 3 yrs old

Mr. Clifton's br. f. by Sir Mr. Dilly's b. c. Belshazzar,

Peter Teazle, 3 yrs old

5.11 3 3

Ld Donegall's b. c. by Joe Mr. Edwin's d. c. by Eraf

Andrews, 3 yrs old

3 2 2 mus, 3 yrs

4 4 Ld Stamford's b. c. by Mr. Ram's b. c. Hearty Cock, 3 yrs

Weasel, 4 yrs old 4 4 3

5 5 Sir R. Brooke's r. h. TomMr. Annesley's br. c. by

my, 6 yrs Pharamond, 3 yrs old 6 6

2 6 old

4 Sir Joho Leicester's ch, m.

Rose, 5 yrs old

Sir G. Armytage's ch. c.

Foreigner, 4 yrs old



Mr. Leicester's b. c. by Vandal, N Tuesday, July 29th, sol.

for 3 yr olds, óst, 1116. and 3 yrs old, 6ft. beat Mr. Chola four yr olds, 8ft.' A winner of mondeley's b. f. by Jerry Sneak, one Plate this year, carrying 31b. 3 yrs old, 5ft. 12.b. for 100gs. and two or more, glb. extra.- On Thursday the 31st, 501. for Fillies and geldings allowed 2lb. four yr olds, 7ft. 7lb. and five yr 2-mile heats.

olds, 8ft. 31b. A winner of a

Plate this year, carrying 3lb. Ld Derby's b. c. Kidney,

extra-Mares allowed by Pot 80's, 4 yrs old 3 II

mile heats. Mr. Tatton's ch. f. Betsey White, 4 yrs old

1 3 3

Mr. Lord's bi, m. Mule. Mr. Clifton's ch. c. Loy.

spinner, by Guildford, alift, 4 yrs

4 2 2 3 yrs

old Mr. l'Anson's b.f. Heroine;

Mr.Clifton's ch c. Loyalist 4 yrs

4 yrs

Loyalist fell lame in running the On Wednesday the 30th, a

second heat. Maiden Plate of 401. for four yr olds, 7st. 7lb. five yr olds, 8ft. lix yr olds, 8ft. 7lb, and aged, 8ft. 121b. Mares allowed zlb.4 mile

At DURHAM. heats.

N Wednesday, July the 30th,

a Maiden Plate of sol. for Mr. Armstrong's b. f. Miss

three yr old colts, Sit. and fillies, Muston, by King Fergus,

7st. iilb --2-mile heats.

3 I 1 Sir G. Armytage's br. h.

Sir C. Turner's r. c. Con.
Little John, 5 yrs old


141 La Stamford's b. c. Tyger,

Mr. Bethell's b. f. Bonny
4 yrs


4 2 1 Mr. Foster's ch. c. Caliban, Mr. R. W. Peirse's b. f.

4 3 3 2 yrs old Mr. Serle's gr. c. Snow


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2 dr

O z dr

4 yrs old

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2 dir

52 dir

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