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yrs old



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50l. for

Mr. E. Dilly's b. c. Owen 81b. five yr olds, gft. fix yr olds,

Tudor, by Rockingham, gft. 4lb. and aged, gft. 61b. Mares 4 yrs old, 7ft

allowed 3lb. and the winner of a Mr. Lockley's b. m. Ruby, Plate in 1794, carrying 3lb. extra. 6 yrs old, Sit. lb.

-2 mile heats Mr. Smyth Owen's br. h.

Sir F. Standish's gr. C. Ding Darling, aged, oft 4 3 Darsham, 4 yrs old

4 1! Mr. Dolphin's ch. c. Young Sir C. Bunbury's Robin, Mercury, 4 yrs old, ; ft. 3 4 Grey, 4 yrs old

2 3 On Thursday, the 26th, sol. Mr. Goodisson's Tick, 6 yrs for all ages.--4-mile heats.


5 5 2 Mr. Rushton's ch.h. Regu.

Mr. Girdler's br. c. Bishop elus, by Young Morwick,

Blaze, by Pharamond, 4 6 yrs old, gft. alb.

3 4 4 Mr. Jones's ch. n. Brandy

Mr. Wilson's

b. f. by Nan, 5 yrs old

Highflyer, 3 yrs old
(31b. extra).

2 3 dr 6 to 4 either Dorsham or Robin At IPSWICH.

Grey won.
N Tuesday, July the ist,

His Majesty's Place of 100gs for four yr old horses, &c. car

At GRANTHAM. rying gft.-heats, two miles and a N Tuesday, July the itt, a quarter.

Maiden Plate of Sir F. Poole's b c. Waxy,

three yr olds, 71t. slb. four yr by Potso's

olds, sit. 5lb five yr olds, sit. Sir C. Bunbury's Robin

Iztb fix yr olds, yit. alb. and Grey

2 dr aged, gft. 416. Mares and geld

ings allowed 3lb.--2-mile heats, y to i on Waxy. On Wednesday the żd, sol. for Sir W. Vavasour's br.

old four yr olds, carrying zit. 6lb. Sir G. Ármytage's br. h.

5.6.311 five yr olds, Sft. 41b. lix yr olds,

Little John, 5 yrs

4 1 2 3 2 8ft. 'glb. and aged, çit.--4 mile Mr. King's ch. c Warheats. The winner of a Plate in

wick, 4 yrs old

3 2 3 1794, carrying 41b. extra. The

Ld Fitzwilliam's b. c. winner to be sold for 200gs, if Warrior, 4 yrs old demanded, &c.

3 2 4 4

Mr. Dixon's b. h. True
Sir F. Standish's gr. c.

Briton, 5 yrs
Darsham, by Crop, 4

Mr. Inchley's b. h.
3 3 1 1
Brobdignag, 5 yrs

6 dr Mr. Hatton's Wafer, 6

Mr. Sims's b. m. by

dam by Ld Clermont's Halkin,

Highflyer, 5 yrs old 7

dr aged (41b. extra)

On Wednesday the ad, a SubMr. Goodiffon's Tick, 6

scription Purse, for horses, &c. yrs old

4. 4 3 dr the property of freemen or inha. 5 and 6 to 4 agst Halkin.. bitants of Grantham, 2-mile heats, On Thursday the 3d, gol. for was won by 3 yr olds, zit. four yr olds, 8ft. Mr. Cooper's b. g. Khian, aged


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c. 3 yrs


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35 On Thursday the 3d, the Mem, by 2 yr old colts, carrying 8ft. bers' Plate of sol. for all ages - 21b. fillies 88. the Two yr old 4-mile heats.

Course. Those out of mares, Mr. Wilson's b h. Patriot, whose produce had not started by Rockingham, 4 yrs

before the end of the July Meetold, 7ft. 7.1b

1 ing, 1793, allowed 3lb. (14 SubMr. Elliot's b. g. by Jave.

lin, 6 yrs old, 81. 6lb 2 D. of Bedford's b c. brother to

Portia, by Volunteer
Mr. Golding's b. f. by Justice,

out of Bruiser's dam

Le Grosvenor's br f by Justice, N Wednesday, July the 2d,

out of Dido's fifter

3 Ld Oxford's Polyanthus, Mr. Golding's bl. c. brother to

Minos won the Plate, ac two heats; Sir

4 I. Lade's Serpent, the Sweep. Ld Grosvenor's b. f. by Alexanitakes for all ages; and Mr.

der, out of Editha ; Mr. BulScott's b. g. by Mercury, the

Jock's b. c. by Buzaglo, out of Hunters' Stakes

á fister to Crassus (whose pro

duce had not started) Ld Cler. On Thursday, the 3d, the Mai.

mont's b. f. by Truinpator, den Plate won by Mr.

out of Peggy, and Mr. Panton's Brereton's Young Mercutio; the

b. c. by Mercury, out of Tree. Sweepstakes for four yr olds, by Mr. O'Hara's Cymbeline; and

creeper's dam, also started, but

the Judge could place only the that for the three yr olds, by Mr.

first Durand's Play or Pay (late Mars).

5 to 4 on Brother to Portia, 5 to

i agít Mr. Golding's two.

Ld Egremont's Seagull, by NEWMARKET,

Woodpecker, aged, 7ft. 121b. beat JULY MEETING, 1794.

Ld Sackville's Kite Car, 5 yrs MONDAY, JULY 7th.

old, eft. 5lb. two middle miles,

"IFTY guineas for four yr
old., 71t. 5lb. five yr olds,

13 to 8 on Seagull.
Sit. 5 lb. fix yr olds, sit. lb. and
aged, git. R. C. with this condi.
tion, that the winner was to be Mr. Galwey's Aurora, by Pot.
sold for 150gs, if demanded, &c. 80's, 7ft. 131b. beat Mr. Panton's
Sir C. Bunbury's gr. C. Robin

Young Gull, 8ft. 21b. Ab. M. Grey, by Diomed, 4 yrs old

sogs. Ld Sackville's br. h. Spider, 6

7 to 4 on Aurora.

,2 Sweepstakes of 25gs each, 2 yr Là Clermont's bl. c. Sweeper, old Course, by 2 yr olds.

-3. Ld Clermont's gr. c. by Flori. : 6 and 7 to i agft Robin Grey, 7

zel, out of Eve, 8ft. 3lb. to 4 on Spider, and 5 to 2 agít Mr. Bullock's br. c. by BuzaSweeper,

glo, 8ft, ilb. The third and last year of the Ld Grosvenor's f. by Pot80's, July Stakes of šogs each, 40 ft.

8ft. gib.

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yrs old

4 yrs old




6 to 5

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4 yrs old


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6 to 5 on Ld Grosvenor's filly, 61 A Subfcription Plate of 501.

to 4 agft Ld Clermont's colt, for three yr olds, 7ft. 5lb. four yr

to i agst Mr. Bullock's olds, 8ft. 2/b. five yr olds, 8ft

. 7lb. colt,

fix yr olds, 81t. jobb. and aged, The first year of a Sweepstakes Sit. 12/b. Ditch Mile - With this of scogs each, h. ft. by four yr condition, that the winner, with old colts, carrying 8ft 71b, fillies, his engagements, was to be fold 8ft. IIb. D. I. (7 subscribers)

for 200gs, if demanded, &c. Ld Grosvenor's ch. ,c. Dori Ld Clermont's b. m. Heroine, : cles, by Potlo's, out of Per by Phenomenon, 5 yrs old dira

I Sir C. Bunbury's gr. c. Robin D. of Bedford's b. c. Hydra , Grey, 4 yrs old 3 to i on Doricles.

Mr. Bullock's br. c. Clothier,

4 yrs Sixty Guineas, for three yr


3 olds, 6st. glb. four yr olds, 8ft.

3 to i on Heroine. five yr olds, 8ft. Slb. fix yr olds,

Fifty Pounds for three yr old 8it. i zlb. and aged 91. D.I.

colts and fillies, carrying eft. the Ld Sackville's gr. h. Silver, last mile and a distance of B. G. by Mercury, i yrs

old D. of Grafton's br c. Grouse,

D. of Bedford's ch. f. Jessica,

by Volunteer Ld Oxfords b. h. Bruiser, aged 3

D. of Grafton's b. f. Drab, by Ld Grosvenor's ch. g. Excise

Highflyer out of Hebe

Ld Grosvenor's b. c. by Sir man, aged

4 Ld Clermont's br. e. Paynator,

Peter, out of Zilia

3 5 6 to 4 on Jeffica, 5 to z agst Crab, Ld Egremont's b. h. Seagull, and

3 to i agit Lord Grosvenor's aged

6 colt, 7 10 4 aght Seagull, 3 to i agft Sil.

Mr. Pratt's grey poney, by ver, 4 to i agit Exciseman, 10 Bourdeaux, beat. Mr. Williams's 10 i agit Paynator, and 11 to i bay poney, 7ft. each, Two midagft Grouse.

dle miles, 20gs.

3 to i on Mr. Prate's poney. WEDNESDAY. Sweepstakes of 200gs each, by three yr old colts, carrying 8ft. alb. Across the Flat.


LYME, D of Grafton's brc. Rector, brother to Rally, by Trum

N Tuesday, the ift of July, pator

a Maiden Purse of sol. for D. of Bedford's b. c. by Vo. three yr olds, a feather; four yr lunteer, out of Nettletop

olds, žit. alb. five yr olds, st. fix LI Grosvenor's b. c. by Sir

yr olds, eft. blb. and aged, 8ft. Peter, out of Zilia (who ran


Mares allowed alb.-** out of the Course)

mile heats.

3 5 to 4 on Rector, 3 to', agft Ld Mr. Crompton's ch. f. Cir.

Grosvenor's coli, and 4 to 1 çallian, by King Fergus, agit che D. of Bedford's colt.



3. yrs old



3 yrs old

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yrs. old

Mr. Lockley's b. m. Ruby, On Thursday the roth, 50l. for Ő yrs old

3 three and four yr olds. ----2-mile Ld Donegall's bl. c. Load.

heats. ftone, 4 yrs old

3 Mr. Wardle's ch. c. by J11On Wednesday the 2d, sol, for piter, 4 yrs old, sit 7lb. three yr olds, 6ft. 71b. and four Mr. Tatton's ch. f. Fanny, yr olds, 8ft. Fillies allowed 3lb.

4 yrs old, &ft. Blb. The winner of one sol. in the prefent year, carrying 3lb. extra.

On Friday the rith, gol. for of more, 510.-2-mile heats.

three yr olds, a feather ; four yt

olds, zit. lb. five yr olds Sít. Mr. Tatton's ch. f. Fanuy,. 3lb. fix yr olds, 8ft. rolb. and by Diomed, 4 yrs old

aged, git. 2!b. The winner of Mri Wardle's chic. by Ju one Plate this year, carrying 3/h. piter, 4 yrs old

3 of two, 5lb. extra, except for Mr Dilley's b. c. Owen three and four yr olds, which Tudor. 4 yrs old


carried only alb. extra, for one On Thursday the 3d, the Mem

or more Plates ; mares ałtowed bers' Purse of sol. for three

21b --4-mile heats.

yr olds, carrying a feather; four yr | Mr. Clifton's b h. Cha. olds, 7ft. 71b. five yr olds, 8ft. 316. riot, by Highflyer, 5 fix yr olds, Sít. iolb. and aged,

3 2 1 9ft. A winner of one Plate this Mr. Barry's b. h. Berga year, carrying 3lb. of two, 5lb.

mot, aged

2 1 2 2 of three or more, 7lb. extra. Ld Donegall's 'ch. h. Mares allowed alb.-4.mile heats. Weasel, 5 yrs old Ld Donegall's br. m. Gil

Mr. Crompton's ch. f liflower, by Highflyer,

Circassian, 3 yrs old dif aged

2 II Mr. Rushton's ch. h. Re. gulus, fix yrs old, (two


I 2 2

N Tuesday, July the 15th,

His Majesty's Plate of 100gs,

for four yr olds, 7ft.' 41b. five yo At NANTWICH.

olds, Sit gll fix yr olds, gít. 5lb. ON

N Wednesday, July the 9th, and aged, 20ft.--4-mile beats. . a Sweepstakes of 155 each,

Mr. Gorwood's br. for horses, the property of the Subscribers on the day of naming,

Freeman, by Falcon, (April the st) four yr olds, 7ft. Mr. Smith's ch. m. Char10lb. five yr olds, 8ft. 6lb. fix yr old-, 8ft. 121b. and aged, gft. alb. Mares and geldings allowed zlb. Mr. Baird's b. h. by

Drone --3-mile heats. (8 subscribers)

4 5 3

Mr. Peacock's ch. c. Pea. Sir R. Brooke's h.

cock Tommy, by Tommy, 6

Mr W. R. Mause's ch.c.

2 4dr

Mr. Cotterel's gr. m. Sally dif Mr Clifton's br c. Ninety

Mr. Peatie's ch. g Merry three, 4 yrs old



13 dr

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4 yrs old

3 II


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5 3 dr

yrs old

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5 yrs old


I 3 dr


ny Lass


On Wedne!day the 16th, the , fix yr olds and aged, gft. 416.Noblemen and Gentlemen's Sub- fouť miles. {cription of sogs, for all ages.- Ld Oxford's b. h. Tranfit, by 4 mile heats.

Mercury, 5 yrs old Ld A. Hamilton's bay

Mr. Baldock's Hop-planter, horse

4 1 2 1 Mr. Baird's ch, h. Trim

Mr O'Hara's Cymbeline, 4 yrs
3 2 1 2

3 Mr. Gorwood's br. c.

Mr. Lade's Don Quixote, aged 4 Freeman Mr. Gregson's b. h. Ar

Fifty Pounds for three and four olds.

mile heats. cher

2 dr Mr. Swan's b. h. Ratler dif

Ld Oxford's b. c. Polyanthus, by Mr. Robb's b. m. Bon

Pot8o's, walked over. dis On Thursday the 17th, the

Ladie' Purse of 5cl. for any horse, &c. that never won Plate,

Match, or Sweepstakes, of that At WINCHESTER.

value; four yr olds, 7ft !21b. N Tuesday, July the 15th, 8ft. 1316. and aged, aft, alb

five yr olds, 8ft, 7lb. fix yr olds, His Majesty's Plate of 100gs, for fix yr olds,. 12ft. -4-mile

4-mile heats. heats.

Mr. Darling's ch. f. Mo. Ld Sackville's b. m. Peggy,

ther Ret Cap, by Rockby Trumpator

ingham, 4 yrs old Ld 'Egremont's. b, h. Stag.

Ld Egremont's b.g. Stump, hunter, by Trentham

4 1 2 3 2

Mr. Price's bl. h. Critic, Mr. Croke's b. h. Petworth


5 yrs

2 3 3 A Sweepstakes of 20gs each, Sir F. Evelyn's b. h. by for three yr old colts, 8it. fillies, Mercury, 6 yrs old 7ft. rilb.--the last mile. (8 Sub-Mr. Dolphin's ch. c. by scribers)

Spectre, 4 yrs old

5 dr Mr. Durand's b. c. Play or Pay,

Mr. Chute's ch. f. Solitary,

6 dif by Ulysses, walked over.

Mr. Frogley's b. f. Ruth, On Wednesday the 16th, the

dil City Purse of 501. for any horse Mr. Serle's b. m. 6 yrs that did not win the King's Plate old

dif this year ; five yr olds, 8ft. 41b.

The Hunters' Plate of sol. fix yr olds, gft. and aged, gít, 61b.-4. mile heats.

given by the Members for the

County, by horfes, &c. bona fide Sir J. Lade's Serpent, by the property of freeholders, 3-mile Eclipse, aged

heats, 12 ft. was won at two heats, Mr. Brereton's b. h Young by Mr. Wickham's bay mare. Mercutio, 5 yrs old

Sir J. Lade’s Serpent, oft. A Sweepstakes of 1ogs each, recd. ft. from Major Brereton's for three yr olds, 7ft.four yr Mercutio, 7ft. four miles, 100gs, olds, 8it. five yr olds, 8ft. 1olb. h. ft.

I 2

5 yrs old

3 4 dr

4 yrs old

4 yrs old


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