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19 Mr. Cradock's b. f. by Dela

Ld Derby's b. c. Kidney,! pini, out of Pencil's dam


by Porso's, 4 yrs old I Mr. Jolliff's b. c. by Jupiter, Ld Donegall's bl, c. Loadout of Mortonia


3 2 Mr. Garfortb's ch, c. by

Mr. Wardle's ch. c. by Vo,

lunteer Young Morwick, dam by

3 - Highflyer

6. On Thursday the 8th, the Gold Mr. Sotheron's ro. c. by Jupi. Cups value sol. given by Earl ter, damy by Babraham

Grosvenor, for four yr olds, 7ft, Blank


slb. five yr olds, 8ft. 2lb. fix yo

olds, Sít. 1 lb. and aged, gft. ib. Sweepstakes of 20gs each, for

-4-mile heats. two yr old fillies, carrying 8ft.a mile and half. (7 Subscribers.)

Mr. Rushton's ch, h Re. Mr. Clifton's b. f. by Sir Pe

gulus, by Young Mor

wick, 6 yrs old 4 ter Teazle, out of a Marske

Sir R. Brooke's ro. h. mare

Tommy, fix
Mr. Garforth's ch. f. by



Mr. Smith Barry's Ber-
Young Morwick, out of

gamot, aged

3 3 Mr. G. Crompton's ch. f.

Mr. Ralph's b. h. MefCircassian, by King Fergus

senger, 5 yrs old

dr 3

Mr. Wray's br. h. Grog,
Mr. Bethell's ch. f. by Young
Morwick, dam by Syphon

aged (bolted)

5. dif 4

On Friday the gth, sol. for all

ages.-4-mile heats. At CHESTER.

Mr. Robertsop's br. h. Tic

klToby, by Alfred, aged 1 ON

N Monday, May the 5th, no Mr. Lord's b. m. Mulespin.

race for the City Plate, two of the three horses entered, being

ner, 5 yrs old


Mr. Wray's Grog, aged drawh.


On Saturday the Toth, the Mr. Robertson's Tickle Toby

beaten horses of the week, ran

for the remainder of Monday's On Tuesday the 6th, a Maiden

Plate (391. 1os.) wt. for age. Plate of sol, for four yr olds, 7ft. 4-mile heats. 6lb. five yr olds, 8ft. 6lby fix yr Mr. Lord's Mulespinner, hy olds, Sit. glb. and aged, 8ft. 121b. Guildford ---4-nile heats.

Mr. Ralph's Messenger

3 Mr. Anson's br.

Sir R. Brooke's Tommy 3 Maskerillo, by Young Marike, 4 yrs old

4 Ld Donegall's br. c. Fox,


3 3 L A. Hamilton's b. c.

YORK SPRING MEETING, 1794. by Diomed, 4 yrs old 3 Mr. Wardle's ch. h. by THE

HURSDAY, May 29, a Hun. ter's Stakes of rogs. each, po

. Revenge, 5 yrs old 4 4

p. (to be rode by gentlemen 12ft.) On Wednesday the 7th, sol.

4-miles. for four yr old colts, 8st. 4lb. Hon: George Monfon’s ch. m. and fillies, 8ft, Hb.--2-mile heats.

by Boxer, dam by Eclipse.



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4 yrs old

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Mr. Brandling's br. h. Dissenter, Sir Rowland Winn's ch, m. by

: by True Blue, a son of Herod. Carbuncle, dam by Alfred. Mr. Wilson's br. m. Molly' Long Sir George Armytage's br. h.

legs, by Saltram, dam by He. Little John, by Dungannon, rod.

dam by Highflyer. Mr. Crompton's br. m. Honey Col. Beaumont's b. b. Brutus. Bee, by Drone.

Mr. Wilson's br.'m. Molly LongMr. Parkhurst's b. b. by Balance. legs. Mr. T. Fenton's 51. m. Mezzo Mr. T. Fenton's bl. m. Mezzo

tinto, by Carabineer, dam by tinto. · Marík, own after to Champion. Mr, Jewison's b. m: Shepherdess. Mr. C. Mason's b. b. Whitley, Mr. Milbank's b. h. Pallas, by

by Orpheus, out of Sandhop Young Marík. per's dam by Herod.

Mr. W. Lee's b. h. Wentworth, Mr. Seymour's gr. m. Ann, by by Philips's Arabian, dam by Emperor.

Highflyer. Mr. Jewison's b. m. Shepherdess, Mr. J. Reece's gr. h. by Leices.

by Phenomenon, dam by Al. ter, dam by Atlas. fred.

Earl Fitzwilliam, Sir Thomas Capt. Norton, Mr. Fawkes Pilkington, Major Hewitson are Mr. Galk

subscribers, but did not name. Are subscribers, but have not named.

EPSOM, 1794


Mr. Durant's b. f. by High

flyer, out of Eyebright, agft Mr. Last day, a Hunter's Stakes of

Turnor's b. f. Henrietta, by Sal. 4ogs tach, p. p. (to be rode by

tram, dam by Highflyer, out of gentlemen, 121t.) 4-mile heats.

Little Anthony's dam, 8ft. each, Capt. Deny's br. g. Spectacles, by the last half mile of the Courfe,

Paymaster, dam by Fitzherod. Capt. Norton's b. g. Dicky Spot, by Carbuncle, dam by Prince

ASCOT, 1794
F. Quaffaw.
Capt. Dundas's b. h. by Orpheus,

Mr. Crofy's Victor, 8ft. agst dam by Herod.

Mr. Broadhurst's Stirling, 7ft. Capt. Wardle's b. h. Saxe Co

10lb. the New Mile, iooys. bourg, by Boudrow, dam by

Mr. Cookson's Chambooé, Le Sang Mr. Milbank's b. h. Pelican, by aged, 8ft. ?lb. agst Ld Falkland's Young Marík.

b. c. by Highflyer, out of NutMr. C. Mafon's br. h. Albion,

cracker, 4 yrs old, 71:. 316, the

New Mile, for 50gs, P. P. by Magog, dam by Twigg. Mr. Halteil is á subscriber, but

TUESDAY. did not name.

Month after Epsom Meeting, WAKEFIELD, YORKSHIRE, 1794.

1794.--Mr. Durand's f. by Sala

tram, out of a fisier to Rocker, First day, a Hunter's Stakes of agít Mr. Dowson's f. Lady Hughes, logs each, p. p. to carry 12ft. by Clayhall, 8ft. each, two miles, one 4 mile heat.

200, h. ft.

200gs h. ft.




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3 yrs old

5 dr

5 yrs old



4 dr

5 dr

At B A T H.

Mr. Waller's b. f. by Chal.
N Tuesday, May the 13th,

lenger, 3 yrs old

2 3 a maiden plate of sol. for Mr. Band's b. f. Peg, 4 yrs

old three yr olds, 6st. 3lb. four

4 4 yr olds, žít. 71b five yr olds St. 416. Mr. Ram's ch. f. Buttermilk, fix yr olds, 8ft. jolb. and aged, 8st. 1 alb. Mares and geldings al. The last year of the Bath Cup, lowed 3lb.-4 mile heats.

a subscription of togs each, for, Mr. Heal's b. h. Aspa

four yr olds, 7ft 7lb, five yr olds, ragus, by King Fergus,

Sit zib, fix yr olds, oft ilb, and

2 2 1 1 aged, gst 81b, mares and geldings Mr. Snell's bl. h. by

allowed 3lb, four miles. (8 Sub-, Critic, 5 yrs old (ran

fcribers.) out of the course the second heat)

Mr. Brereton's Young Mer

I 3 2 2 Mr. Demander's b. f.

cutio, 5 yrs old Miss Warwick, 4 yrs

Ld Le Despencer's b. c. Ed. old

win, 4 yrs


3 133 Mr. Dolphin's ch. c.

Mr. Band's ch. g. Crop, 7 st 715 Young Mercury, 4 yrs

beat Mr. Brereton s crop gelding, yrs old

7ft four miles for 100gs. Mr. Berkley's ch. m.

On Thursday, the 15th, 50l. Matron, 6 yrs old

free for any horse carrying oft Mr. Chichester's br. h.

the winner of a plate 3lb extra, Peterborough,


of two slb. Mares and geldings (lame)


allowed 3lb.--4 mile heats. Sweepstakes ' of zogs each, for horses that have won nothing in Mr. Berkeley's ch. m. Ma1793 ; four yr olds, 7ft zlb, five

tron, by Woodpecker

Mr. Snell's b. m. Delta, (2 yr olds, 8ft zlb-two miles.

plates) Mr. Brereton's b. h. Young Ms. Heal's b. h. Asparagus Mercutio, by Mercury, 5 (1 Plate)

3 3 Mr. Dundas's br. f. Cleopatra, A subscription of sgs each (5 4 yrs old (lame)

subscribers) to which was added Mr. Lyne's b. f. Romana, 4 a silver cup and cover, given by


the ladies of Bath, for maiden Mr. Beachy's b. c. Owen Tu horses; four yr olds, 8ft, five yr dor, 4 yrs old

4 olds, gft, fix yr olds, gft 71b, and Mr. T. Dilly's ch. h. Tanta aged ioft, mares and geldings ala lus, 5 yrs old


lowed 3lb. On Wednesday the 14th, gol. Mr. Beachy's Owen Tufor 3 yr olds, 7ft 3lb, four yr dor, by Rockingham, 4 olds sí olb, fillies and geldings

4 1 2 allowed 316--2 mile heats. Mr. Lyne's f. Romana, 4 Mr. Dundas's ch. c. Jack of

Newberry, by Woodpeck Mr. Jones's ch. c. by Do-
er, 3 yrs

rimant, 4 yrs old
Mr. Dolphin's ch. c. Phan Mr. Demander's b. f. Miss
tom, 4 yrs old

Warwick, 4 yrs old 3

dr VOL. IV. No. XXI.



yrs old


yrs old

yrs old

yrs old

23 dir




Ld Le Dispencer's Edwin, by Pot8os, oft beat Mr, Band’s ch.

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3 yrs old

yrs old

2 adr

4 4 do

for three yr old coles, carrying

6st 71b, fillies 6ft 5lb. four yr old At MIDDLEHAM.

colts 8it 31b, fillies sit. A win.

ner of one gol. in the present N Tuesday, May the 13th, a year carrying 31b, extra. and of


two or more, 5lb, extra.2 mile

heats. 4 mile heats. Mr. Donner's b. h. by

Mr. Clifton's b. c. Ta. Drone, 5 yrs old 3 0 1 1

pioca, 3 yrs old

3 3 It Sir H. Williamson's colt

Ld Derby's b. c. Kid-
I 3 3 2
ney, 4 yrs old

2 1 2 2 Mr. l'Anton's ch, g. 5

Sir G. Armytage's ch.
c. Foreigner, 4 yrs

1 2 3 dr
Mr. Bethell's ch. f. Cre-
mona, 3 yrs


On Tuesday the 20th, a Mai. N Wednesday, May the 14th, carrying zit 81b five yr olds 8st

den Plate of sol. for 4, yr olds, a sweepstakes of rogs for three yr old colts, 8ft, and fil? 6lb, fix yr old and aged horses Site

131b, mares allowed alb.-4 mile lies, 7 st alb.--two miles.

heats. Mr. Hutchinson's b. c. by Dungannon, out of a fifter

Col. Legh's ch. c. Loyalist, to Juniper Mr. Bethell's b. f. by Magnum

Mr. Jolliff's b, c. Young

Pofthumous, 4 yrs old Bonum

I 3.2

Mr. Janson's ch. g. 6 yrs Mr. R. W. Peirse's b. f. by

old Young Marke

4 4 3

3 Sir R. Cotton's br. h. Fil.
Sir C. Turner's c. by Jupiter 4
Mr. Cradock's ch, c. Leia

Mr. Crompton's b. g. Dick
Spott, 6 yrs old

3.5 dr On Thursday the 15th, sol. for 3: yr olds, 6ft rolb, and four yr On Wednesday the 21st, sol. olds, 8ft, fillies allowed zlb. The given by Thomas L. Brooke, winuer of a fitty carrying 3lb ex- Esq. for all ages ; four yr olds, tra. .—2 mile heats.

carrying 7ft 7lb, fix yr olds and Mr. Gorwood's br.

aged gst ilb, mares and geldings Freeman, by Falcon, 4

allowed alb. A winner of gol. in

the present year, carrying 31b

3 1 1 Mr. Robinson's brother to

extra. and of two or more, glb, Palmflower, 4 yrs old


mile heats.

3 3 Mr. Hutchinson's ch. c.

Mr. Robertson's br. h. Tic. by King Fergus, 4 yrs old 4 2 2 kle Toby, by Alfred, aged 1 ! Sir C. Turner's b. f. La. Mr. Lowther's ch. c. Mini. vinia, 4 yrs old .2 dr. mus, 4 yrs old

2 2 NEW.

4 yrs old

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bert, 5 yrs,

2 2 dr



yrs old

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course, sogs.

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Second Spring Meeting

Ld Egremont's Seagul, by Wood.

pecker, beat Mr. Dutton's Golden MONDAY, MAY 19th,

Rod, oft ulb each. Two yr old R. Bullock's ch. c. by Bụza.

7 to 4 on Seagull. 41b, beat Mr. Galwey's f. by Pan D. of Bedford's f. Hermia, by taloon, given him by Mr. Ver- Florizel,' 2 yrs 7ít zlb, beat Mf. non, gít 21b, first half of Ab, M. Panton's Young Gull, 3. yrs old, gogs.

oft ulb, Y. C. 50gs. 5 to 4 on Mr. Bullock's colt.

2 to i and 5 to 2 on Hermia, Sweepstakes of 1oogs each, hy Sweepstakes of 1oogs each, 80 three yr old colts, carrying Sit fr. first balf of Ab. M. 8t 3lb -31b, fillies Sft R. M.

(5 Subferibers) Sir F. Standish's b. c. brother D. of Bedford's b. c: brother

to Tree creeper, by Wood to Portia, by Volunteer pecker

Ld Grusvenor's-f. by Alexander D. of Bedford's c. by Fidget,

out of Editha dam by Eclipse, out of Spi Ld Darlington's f. Louisa, by der

Highflyer, out of Cuinegonde 3 Mr. Wyndham's c. by Drone, 5 to 2 on the brother to Portia. dam by Marquis

3 Sir H. Featherstone's fifter to

The Jockey Club Plate for

horses, &c. the proper of MemMontezuma

bers of the. Jockey Club, carrying 5 to 4 on Sir F. Standish's colt.

8it7lb, B, C. Ld Darlington's Halberd by Mr. Wilson's chih. Buzzard, Javelin, beat, the D. of Bedford's by Woodpecker Dare Devil, zit glb each, across Mr Taylor 's b. h., St. George the Flat, joogs.

D. of Queensberry's ch, shu 6 to 4 on Halbert. Buftler

3 Ld Clermont's Peggy, by

La Grosvenor's ch. g. Excife

4 Trumpator, Sft, beat Ld Egremont's Grey Trentham, 8A 31b, 3 ito ! agit Buzzard, 5 to i agit.

St. George, 2 to 1 agst Cori

ander, 4 to į againit Excise . 7 to 4 on Peggy

man, and jo to i agit Bustler. Mr. Bullock's Silver, by Mercu Fifty pounds for four yr olds, ry, 8ft 3lb, beat Mr. Taylor's St. 17st. glb, five yr olds, sit 61b. fix George, 8ft 71b, both 5 yrs old, yr olds, sit 121b, and aged gít, D. I. 200gs.

Dukes's course. 11 to 8 on Silver.

Ld Egremont's ch, h. Cinna

bar, by Mercutio, 5 yrs old Mr. Wilson's Lurcher by Dun- Mr Wilson's b. h. Lurcher, 5


old gannon, 5 yrs old 8ft 21b. recd. 150gs from the D. of Bedford's Mr. Wyndham's ch. c. Mon '. Teucer, 4 yrs old, 7ft 7lb, D.I. key, 4 yrs old, (ran out of 3oogs. 200 forfeita

the Course

3 6 and 7 to 4 on Lurcher.

D. of


B. C. roogs.


d 2

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