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Coal-pit, sufferings of Lieutenant

George Spearing in one, go
Bailiff outwitted, 160

Cocking, 86, 129, 283
Barnet race journal, 276 Colours of a good horse, 139
Bat, the, a sonnet, 122

Compliment, a whimsicalone, 157
horses, 218

Contrasts, sporting, 18, 94
Beautremont, Abbé, ludicrous Corsica, account of the animals
anecdote of the, 159

in that island, 272
Big Ben, death of, 44. epitaph op Country, horses of this, in antient
63. farther account of, 77

times, 72
Billiards, the game of, 46

Crane with one leg, 129
Biographical Sketch of Pope the Cricket, 117, 173, 226, 284, 339
ufurer, 259

Crim. Con. 149, 273
Bilop, Mr. exploits of his trot. Cuckoo, natural history of the, 9
ting mare, 237

Curiofity, a natural one, 176
Birch and drake, singular fa&t of, Curious epitaph, 115

Curious method of catching filh
Biographical sketch of Pope the

and wild fowl, 313
ufurer, 259
Bow, instructions for drawing the,

Breach of promise of marriage, Decision on a lottery case, 251.
fingular trial for, 111

the game laws, 261. in the
British synonomy, 113

King's Bench, respecting lot-
Brodhead's masqued gala, 31 tery insurances, 171
Bull fight at Madrid, description Deaths of celebrated stallions, 17
of one, 130

of the hare, 272
Bulls in England, reflections on Deer killing, ancient and modern
the making, 115

method of, 183
Bullock hunter, the, 148

Defence of the game laws, 14
Bustard, natural history of the, Description of traps to catch fa-

bles, &c. 74. a modern bull-

fight at Madrid, 130

Digest of the laws concerning

game, 24, 79
Chess, origin of the game of, 255 Diomed, pedigree and perform-
Casalnuovo, account of dog-eat. ances of, 70
ers at, 87

Dispatches, a sporting General's,
Cafe, a new one, for the opinion 16
of the judges, 348

Diversions and games of the Spa-
Cavendin, pedigree and exploits niards, account of the, 22
of, 30

Dog eaters at Cafalouovo, 87
Celebrated stallions, deaths of, Dogs-flesh, Indian feast of, 185.

remarkable instance of fidelity
Character of a gentleman jockey, in one, 271

Drawing the bow, instructions
Chase, historical essay on the, for, 20
12, 73. royal, 59.112.

Drone, pedigree and performances
Clergyman, the jockey, 208
Çlerks of Courses, alphabetical Duel between a dog and a man,
list of, 163



of, 49

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of, 40


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Flanagain's plan for the defence

of London, 51
Easter hunt on Epping Forest, 3 Fontainville Forest, account of,
Effeétual reniedy for the bite of a 38. prologue to, 63, epilogue
mad dog, 197

to, 64
Elephant, manner of taking the, Forests, the origin and antiquity

in the ifland of Ceylon, 83
Effay, historical, on the chafe, 12 Fox chase, an extraordinary one,
Epilogue to Fontainville Forest,
6, to the jew

Fox, extraordinary scent, and
Epigram, 123

death of a, 27. and places
Epitaph on Big Ben, 63. A cu hunter, analogy of the, 321

rious one, 115. a singular one, France, on the game laws of, 61
179. in a country church yard, French atheistical anecdote, 144
ib, on a horse, 242, in Pancras mammation, Peter Pinder's def-
church-yard, 288. on Benja cription of, 180
min Bradley, 348. on Michael Further account of Big Ben, 77

Churchman, ibid
Eppiag Foreft, hunt on, 3

Equestrian and Pedestrian per Game Laws, decisions on the, 261
formance, 6. Sports in France, Gaffer Gray, 177

Game of Billiards, on the, 46.
Exhibition of sporting subjects at Hazard, 85. Ombre, 201.Whist
the Royal Academy, 67

Extempore, 232

Gaine Laws, defence of the, 1.4
Extraordinary leap over a five. Digest of the, 24, 79. On the,

barred gate, 70. scent and death in France, 61
of a fox, 27. traveller, 258 Games and diversions of Spaniards

account of the, 22, 109

Game, prejudice of inhabitants of
Fallow hounds, the nature of, S. W. part of England to, 128

Gaming, on, 240 Origin of an
Farewell Address, Miss Wallis's allezory, 165

Game laws relating to angling,
Farriery, treatise on, 133, 189, 203, 253, On the 251

Profecution for killing,
Faro and rouge et noir, method 294. Alt for the preservation
of playing, 43

of, 298
Fashionable Friends, 178

Game of happiness, 14?
Fatal confequences from the bite 'Gaming, nodeft apology in de-

of a man dog, 297
Feast of wit, or sportfinan's hall, Gavelkind, invicta, or 287

51, 99, 158, 215, 268, 334 General Goldworthy, 5
Female Jockey Club, trial of the Gentleman jockey, character of

publisher of, 262
Fete of triumph and benevolence, General officer, anecdote of a, 187

General rules to be observed in
Fidelity in dogs, ; fingular instan angling, 10
ces of, 141

Gondoliers song, 61
Fish and wild fowl, curious me Grous, natural history of the, 88
thod of catching them, 313 Guana, manner of hunting the

by the ancient Indians. 316



fence of, 219

One, 265


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Intelligence, sporting, 57, 115,

172, 225, Law, 222, 276, 241,
Hamlets Soliloquy, parody of, 177 | Invicta or Gavelkind, 287
Happiness, the game of, 143 Invitation to the feathered race,
Hare, death of the, 272

Hawking, pheafant, 211

Jackalls, mode of hunting by, 166
Hazard, the game of, 85

Jew, account of the new comedy
Heath, Ascot, 129

called the, 96. Prologue to the
Hen, remarkable instance of lon). 121. Epilogue to ditto, 121
gevity in one, ut

Jocky Clergyman, the, 208
Hints to Horsemen, 42

Jockies, 'Scheme for improving
Historical effay, on the chase, 12 the breed of them, 318

Jolly Huntsman, 186
Hobron's choice, explanation of
the old adage of, 168

Horse, epitaph on one, 242
Horse, properties of a good one, King's Bench, trial in the, 26,

135. Colours of, 139. Odd treat Decifion in the, respecting lot-
ment of in Morroco, 141. Age tery insurances, 171
of, how to know, 322

Kifes, race of, 260
Horses of this country in ancient
times, 72, Curious particulars

of, 146. On the torturing of, Law case, 4. Intelligence, 222
188. Remarks on the rigid ex Laws, game, defense of the, 14
ercise of, 199

Leap, extraordinary, over a five
Horsemen, hints to, 42

barred gate, 70
Horse Race, fingular one, 94, Leech worm, observations on the,

Recent decision respecting an 271
unfound one, 205

Lewis, the late Mr. Charles,
Houunds, race and antiquity of, anecdotes of lim, 167

Licence, sporting without a, 24
How to be happy, accoun: of, 307 Lieut. George Spearing, his fuf-
Humming bird, natural history of, fering, 7, 90, 146

Lodoiska, account of the dramatic
Hunter, the fox and place, 32 1 romance of, 155. Songs in, 178
Hunting Anecdotes of the late Logic, new, 48
king of Spain, 50

London, Flanagain's plan for the
Hunting, observations on, by Dr.

defense of; 54
Johnson, 200

Lottery anecdote, recent, 28.
the fox, 211

Decisions on a case, 251
Hunting in Wales, ancient man. Lottery insurances, decifions in

ner of, 164. On, 221. The the King's Bench, refpecting, 171
wild horse, 321

Louis XV. anecdote of, 5
Huntsman, the jolly, 186 Love and Honour, account of, 97

Songs in, 122

Longevity in a hen, remarkable

instance of, 111
Incongruous adoption, 84"

Luck and Play, 151
Indian feast of dog's flesh, 185
Inscription, 248

Instructions for drawing the bow, Mad Dog, effectual remedy for

20. Inexperienced sportsman, the bight of a, 197, 238
in shooting, 238


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gaming, 218

Mange, remedy for the, 26 Odd treatment of horses in Mor-
Manner of taking and killing the

rocco, 141
Pacos. 25. the elephant in the Ode, 123
Inand of Ceylon, 83

Ogden's trotting mare, 31
Mariners, the feeping, 65 Old England, pedigree and ex-
Masqued Gala, Mrs. Broadhead's

ploits of, 156

Old Nick, a sporting chara&er
Masquerade at Ranelagh, 106 161 1
Match, a singing 175

Ombre, the game of, 29 1
Mad dog, fatal consequences Origin and antiquity of forests,
from the bight of, 297

Manner of taking turtle doves, Original puff, 158

107. hunting the guana by the Origin of the game of chefs, 255
ancient Indians, 316

gaming an allegory,
Marriage, breach of promise of

singular trial for, ni

the character of Shylock
Method of playing faro and rouge 1314
et noirc, 43

Methoe of taking the antelope,

Packet Boat, account of the new
Mode of hunting by jackalls,

opera of the, 98

Paeos, manner of taking and kil.
Modest apology in defense of

ling the, 25

Parody of Hamlet's soliloquy,
Modern Method of hunting the

whale, 75, 169

Particulars of the horses of this
Monody, a, 179

counry, 146
Montague, E. W. Esq. anecdotes Pedestrian and equestrian per-
of, 141

formances, 6
Mulé and free martin, extraordi. Pedigree and performances of
nary produce of. 206

Cavendish, 30, of Drone, 49,

of Diomed, 70, of Old England

156, of Walnut, ib. of Spa-
Natural Curiosity, 176

dille, 157. of Windlestone,
Natural History of the cuckoo, 9 309

quail, 86. grous, 88. wolf, Peter Pindar's description of the
104. humming bird, 168. bur French nation, 180
tard, 213

Performances, fingular equestrian
Nature and complexion of whyte and pedestrian, 6

houunds, 265 the fallow Pheasant hawking, 211
houund, 318. dunne houund, Philidore Mr. anecdotes of him,
319. blacke houund, 320

Netley Abbey, account of, 39, Piedmontese, the, 347
songs in, 62

Place and fox hunter, 321
New logic, 48

Play and luck, on, 151
Newmarket, account of, 29 Poaching defined, 315
Nuns song, the, 61

Poney mare, fingular phenome-

non of one, 241

Poor Peg, 62
Observations on hunting, by Pope the Usurer, biographical
Dr. Johnson, 200. on pye

Áketch of him, 259
makings, issi the leech worm Portraits, sporting, 33, 100


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game, 128

Pray remember the poor, 288 Scot's Songs, 123
Prejudice of the inhabitants of the Seclusion, verses on, 233
South Weit part of England to Sentiments, the game ot, 296

Shipwreck, the, 233
Produce of the mule and free Shooting, a poem, 290, 345
martin, 206

Shooting, instructions for inex.
Prologue to Fontainville forest, perienced sportsmen in, 237
63, to the jew, 12!

Shylock, origin of that charac-
Properties of a good horse, 135

ter, 314
Profecution for killing game, 294 Similies to Nancy, 234
Puff, original, 158

Singular fact of a bitch and a
Pye making, observations on, 185

drake, 267

Singular Epitaph, 179. equestrian

and pedestrian performances, 6
Quail, natural history of the, 86 Singular horfe race, 94

Singular instance of fidelity in

dogs, 141
Rabbits nurtured by a cat, 128 Singular Phenomenon of a poney
Race, invitation to the feathered, mare, 241

Singing Match, 175
Racing, 86, at Tourney, 127 Song, the nun's, 61. Gondolier's
Races, stewards of, for 1793, 92. ib. in Nettley Abbey, 62. the
Ranelagh, masquerade at; 106, sleeping mariners, 63. in Love
Race against time, 171, of kisses, and Honour, 122. by R. B.

Sheridan, Esq. 123. in the
Race and antiquity of houunds, Packet Boat, 124. in Lodoiska,

178. by Cymon B. 179. the
Raphoe, anecdote of the bishop Glorious First of June, 231,

Les Poissards Anglois, 232, 234
Recent Lottery anecdote, 28 the Watchmań, 288. the Ewe-
Remarkable race, 30, 163

Bughts, 347
Remedy for the mange, 26, for Sonnet, 233, 289

the bite of a mad dog, 197, 258 Spaniards, account of the games
Retort, veterinarian, 21

and diversions of the, 22, 109
Review, sporting, 81

Spain, king of, hunting anec-
Reflexions on the making bulls dotes of the late, 50
in England, 115

Spadille, pedigree and perfora
Remarkable instance of fidelity, mances of, 157
in a dog, 271

Spearing, Lieutenant George, his
Pigid exercise of horses, remarks suffererings, 7, 90, 146
on, 199

Sporting apecdotes, 28, 56
Rose, poem on a, 347

contrasts, 18, 94
Royal chase, 5, 112

General's dispatches, 16
Rules, general, to be observed in

intelligence, 57, 115,
angling, 10

172, 225, 279, 341
Runner, the, a punning epiftle,

portraits, 33, 100

without a licence, 24

review, 81

subjects, exhibition of,
Scheme for improving the breed at the Royal Academy, 67
of jockies, 318


of 130


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