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month old, and had been taken Severn, near Arlington Wash, from her fome days.

was drawn into the river by a

falmon which had taken the bait, The following accident which and was drowned. jately happened at Knightsbridge, we mention as a caution: By the inprudence of a gentleman

The little fracas between Lady of the Sunday Whip, in driving Archer and Lady Buckinghamthe horse before a gentleman's shire, respecting the disputed chariot, he was killed by the gig

number of cocks on a card, is ad. shaft: the gentleman was very justed; and they now leave their much cut, and otherwise bruised.

names at each other's door with Let this be a warning for cocknies

as much ease and indifference as to keep a tight rein.

We are sorry to learn from Mrs. Paul Benfield has jult Dublin, that Lord Jocelyn, while launched a vefper-blue curricle, hunting near Finglass, tell from in which she gracefully drives a his horle, by which accident his pair of the most elegant pied blood skull was fractured.

galloways that the park can pro

duce. We presume it is a circum. ftance worth recording in the Mr. Whitbread is at the head annals of lotteries, respe&ting of the dashing curricle.cers of the 29,257. This number was drawn

day, as his nimble pair of bi-coo. a prize of 251. in the Irish lottery

loured bloods daily demonstrate to 1791, and cool. in the Engiish the admiring gazers of Picca1791. Also a to!. and 20l. prize dilly! in the next Irimh and English ; a 10l, in the last limh, and on the 5th day of the last English lottery a prize of 10,000l.

A mort 'time fioce, between

the hours of four and five in the The new Faro table in Palll morning, Lievitevant M-ll, of Mall has been fpiritediy reinon).

the Herefordshire mililin, struck strated against by Lady B

his tent, at his head-quarters Lady A--, and Mrs. So, as near Oxford-street, and set off, injurious to the rights of the re by forced marches, to Gretoa. gular female bankers, fo long on green, there to enlift under the the punting establishment. banners of Hymer, with the fair

daughter of General P --, of There are no less than fix fa. | Manchester.square. The Gene. Mionable houses at the west end ral pursued the fugitives, with a of ihe town, the establillements Itiong detachment of light cavala of which are totally fupported by "y, for upwards of three leagues, the profits of the Faro-lable!

but could not come up with

thein, The Faro-table at Mrs. Concannon's, has now the greatest The Marchioness of Antrim run of fashionable play,

gave å ball a few days fince, in



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20 to

Sporting Intelligence. Dublin, which was diftinguished the season, even in our coldest by this circumstance of elegant climates. feftivity. :-Seven ladies of fashion danced a Scots Ballet, in a space, BETI ING ROOM. defended against the crowd of the

THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 1794. ball-room by young noblemen, who witheld the company by

Betted on the Oatlands. barriers of ribband. The ladies were in a uniform drefs of white

9 to 1. against Monkey, for the muslin, trimmed with blue rib.

Oatlands bands, blue fafhes, petticoats

8 to i against Lurcher for trimmed with silver, white pur

ditto hao head dresses, spangled with

100 to 12 against Buzzard for Silver, and blue ribbands.


100 to 9 against Dalin for ditto On Monday, March 31, and

I against Halbert for the three following days was

ditto fought at the Cock-pit Royal, in

100 to i against Ld Clermont for Newmarket, a main of Cocks,

ditto between the gentlemen of Cam A guinea taken for 100, between bridg-fhire and the gentlemen of Coriander and Buzzard, for Suffolk, Thewing 21 cocks in the ditto Inain on each side, for 10 guineas 6 to 1. against Tim Tartlet, a battle, and 100 guineas the odd

for the St. Leger Staket battle, which was won by the for

at Doncaster mer 5 battles a-head.

8 to 1 against Lord Derby for Feeders, Marshall for Cam.

the Oaks bridgeshire, and Mitchell for Suffolk.

April 14, a battle was fought

at Utoxeter, between the noted Thursday, April 3, was played Sam Smith, a fhoemaker of that ou Mead Green, near Taunton, place, and Gregory, a jeweller, à grand match at coits, between

for 10 guineas a-fide, which afMr. John Elinfley, of Biddeford,

ter a sharp contest of 35 minutes, and the noted player Mr. Har.

was won by the latter. pen of Barnstable, (the rubber of ii games for 50 guineas) which A remarkable fith was lately was won by the former 4 games taken up among the rocks at a-head.

Newbiegen by the sea, in Nor

thumberland, which, as far as we An elopement has lately taken have yet an opportunity of enplace in the fashionable world. quiring, appears to be a nonThe lady of Lord C-has gone defcript ; jis lengib, exclusive of orf with the Rev. G-C-, its tail, which was broken off, who is likewise married.

was above eight feet; its breadth

about one fcor, and tapered very A young lady of thirteen has

little from head to tail; its thick. just eloped con-amore, with the man ness was no way proportional to of her heart, from a boarding, iss lize, being very thin aad Aat; school in the north. This surely it had no fin on its lelly, but the demonstrates the forwardness of dorsal fin exiended the whole

Jength. Its skin was granulated
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Sporting Intelligence. all over, and had a fhining, Glvery one, like a fox's head, quite appearance, with stripes of light picked to the bone, and the hind grey colour, running in a lon-quarters of one of the dogs gitudinal direction the whole whole. length of the oth: its back was marked with tho't brown streaks, MODERN PROPENSITIES. which crossed it in a contrary


Some little time ago, at an inn rection : its head, which

not an hundred miles from the much mutilated, was mort, and

town of Rochdale, in Lancashire, covered with strong incruftations.

gentlemen, who resided From the top of it there there, undertook for a trilling faid in be two spines, like horns,

wager, to convince the company which were broken off, and like. present, which could masticate wise two mort ones hung down a pound of veal cutlets, lix pota. from the under part just behind

toes, two lices of bread; and the gills, the ends of which were

drink a pint of ale each, in the broken: it had only one gut; its least time. The contest was. liver was of a most beautiful ver

much to the edification of the milion colour ; and its flesh was spectators. At the completion of beautifully white and clear.

the first eight ounces, it was con•

fidered by the knowing ones that A gentleman wagered twenty i would be a dend heat: and was guineas with

a neighbouring in fact won by only half a mouthTportsman in the Borgh of An. ftruther, in Scotland, that he that the other gentleman did his

ful. It was, however, allowed, would not kill twenty hares be best ; and as the jockeys term it, fore 5 o'clock that afternoon,

he put all in. This curious wa. with greyhounds; and five gui- ger' was completed in two minutes neas that he would not start forty; and forty-five seconds. The gentleman took the bet and gained it, having killed twenty.

BETTING ROOM. four hares before three o'clock, and started three times the nuin THURSDAY, APRIL 17,1794. ber required.

A inost fingular accident lately 100 to 12 againit Silver happened to Mr. Roche's fox

1 agaimít Lurcher hounds, in Pembrokeshire.--In.

I against Buzzard a thick foggy day, fuur of the

I against Coriander best hounds were lost in the

I against Hulbert Hook Wood ; and notwitstand

si to 4. against Cinnabar, for ing the strictest search was made

the Sweepstakes by the Coliic:s in the coal-nines, and a conqderable reward offer

LEICESTER, APRII. 12. ed, no account whatever could be On Wednesday night a trial at had of them. About three weeks pugilism took place at the Queen's afterwards, a Collier fancied he Head. Thornton, between Han. heard a noile in a pit near the vah Elliot and a noted bruiser road-fide; procuring a rope, he out of Derbyshire, which, after went down, and found one bitch a sharp and hard-fought contest alive, and in excellent order : the of two hours, was terminated in skulls of the others, and a smaller favour of the female.



5 to 5 to 9 to

20 to

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To nuptial bliss we'll now aspire,

And beauty's triumph fhew, While beam our eyes with youthful fire,

While yet our bosoms glow To Venus, and the winged Boy,

We'l! confecrate our lives ; Chate Nuns shall feel a double joy,

As mothers and as wives.'

his guns;


"HRO' the peasants, rebellion her ve

nom has spread, And the wholesome coercion of justice is

fled; Uncontrolld every farmer, nay cottager

rune, To range o'er the fie!ds with his dogs and And cach ploughman exults and trium

phantly bears, To his children and wife, the plump phea.

fants and hares ! Tho' once if he dared thus to sport and to

dally, He had tugg'd for his life in the king's

royal gally; O ne'er may fueh freedom in Britain pre

vail, May the 'Squire still commit to the hulks,

or the jail, The felons, who dare e'en to throw a Night

glance, On a partridge or hare that's brought over

froin France ;* And left poachers fhould ever escape from Imprison and whip, without judge or

jury: May our Lords and our Commons asso

ciate together, And join in this cause like birds of a fea.

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his fury,


ther ;

To enforce the game laws, may they always

afsemble, laformers to cherish, rake yeomen to


Let us chant our Seignoras to hail,

No Gondolier fleeps, or is stupid.: The favourites of Venus here fail,

And we are the Sailors of Cupid,

See the advertisement of the Noblemen and Go lemon associated for the preservation of the game.

All night our sóft Beauties may boat,

To sport and enjoy their sweet fun; They may do what they please while they

float, And go home with the light of the Sun.


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