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to the concealment" of "allong D'fentation of one of the oldest

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Sporting Portraits. No. III.

wonder our distinguished women Nothing could surpass the ex-
donot adopt the more exhilirating quisite varieties of the scene. A
plan of Mrs. Broadhead, and birth-day gala, is only a series of
blend with the amusement of a modifications of embroidery-an
ball, the captivating charms of a incessant change of foils and flow.
masque. Here the spirits are set ers, and plumes and taffels: but
afloat, ; the inventive taste, and here every age, and every country
the luxuriant fancy are called combined their fores, and the eye
forth, and all the talents for re was every instant struck, and ri.
partee, whim, and gaité de ceur vetted by new attraction.
put into emulative contention.
Beauty receives additional graces
from the unbounded licence that SPORTING PORTRAITS.
a masque gives to its drapery.

No. III.
The restraint of custom, by which
the fine moulded arm is doomed

a long
fleeve the shape to the tyranny, and most distinguished characters
and the distortion of stays-the upon the TURF, in judgment, in-
hair to the twisting and discolour: genuity, invention, and success... No
ing of artifice, are all dispensed man living has been more illiber-
with; and polithed taste restoring ally treated by the prostituted
to nature its due influence, aims

prints of the day, nor has any only to heighten by simplicity its man on earth deserved it LESS. charms. Caprice undoubtedly Entitled by birth and FORTUNE may disfigure the most enchanting to the comforts of life, he has form to enjoy in the crowd for a enjoyed them without restraint, time the delights of solitude, and otally indifferent to the cynical to refuie op breaking her dis caprice of individuals on the one guise with

more triumph her hani, or the jaundiced eye of Tway; such was the mischievous envious malevolence on the other. wile of some of our shining beau But amidst the general pursuit of ries. They withdrew their rays pleasure to which his life has been from the brilliant hemisphere for devoted, those pleasures have more than half the night, playfully been the enjoyment of a man of to enjoy the devotion paid to their rank, undebased by the long lift aunts and mothers, and to laugh of fruindling degradations that fo at the confusion of their admiréis lamentingly mark the juvenile on restoring their lustre to the sprigs of modern nobility. A taste scene. The counterfeit, however, for, and patronage of the fine did not always profper. The arts, a predilection for beautiful beautiful, Miss K

though women, rich wines, a desire The had shrouded her fine form in to excel on the turf, and ex. mournfui fable, could pot concealceed in calculation, have ever the Grecian contour from ena been the distinguilhed traits moured gallantry-nor was it and ultimate gratification of his poslible for Mrs. R. by thrinking GRACE's ambition. In all which from observation under the aura he has been individually success. pices of a more glittering.com. ful. When E of

Mhe panion to elude the eye of inqui. contrived and executed schemes. Gitive rapture.

of expedition, which were believed Vol. IV, No. XIX.



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Sporting Portraits. No. III.


by his competitors to be abfo. JOCKEY CLUB, one of his lads that Jutely impracticable ; of these his was going to ride (in consequence CARRIAGE MATCH, and convey of his light weight) calling his ing a letter fifty miles within an grace afide, asked him too soon hour, (inclosed in a cricket ball and too loud, " How he was to and handed from one to the other ride to day? perfectly convinced of wenty-four expert cricketers) he was overheard, his grace with will ever remain lasting remem a well affected surprise exclaimed brancers. In all his engagements " Why take the lead and keep it upon the turf he bas preserved a to be sure ! How the d most unsullied and distinguished | would you ride ? Amidst his eminence, paying and receiving grace's various successes and inwith an unimpeached integrity, finite proofs of judgment, so far and has always piqued himself fuperior to his long list of cotem. more upon the excellence than poraries, noue, perhaps, can be the

extent of his stud; his produced more in point, than the MATCHES have not been so 10. performances of his horse Dash, merous as those of many other 1 (by Florizei) in the year 1789. PORTRAITS, but they have ge On Tuesday, in the first spring nerally been upon a more meeting, he received googs forpanded scale and brilliant termi. feit from LORD DERBY's Sir Peter nation. He and his rider Dick Teazle, the fix mile course. 1000gs Goodison, have generally gone h. f. On Monday, in the second hand in hand in their fuccefs, spring meeting, he beat Mr. and there is every reason to be Hallam's b. b. by Highflyer, 8ft. lieve, that in a single instance they 716. each B. Ć. 1000gs. On have never deceived each other ; 1 Thursday, in the second O&ober for as his grace never closed a meeting, ofthe same year, he beat match without the corresponding H. R. H. the P. of Wales's Don fanction of his confidant, so it is Quixote, 81t. 3lb. each, fix mile naturally concluded in return, he coufe, googs and the Tuesday has been equally faithful to the se'nnight, following, he beac interest of his employer. During Lord Barrymore's Highlander, at so long and uninterrupted an at the same weight three times round tachment to the turf, his grace

the R. C. 6oogs winning exactly has never displayed the least want within the fix months, 30003s. Inof philosophy upon the unexpect.creasing years, and a repeated ed event of a race ; or ever en

fucceffion of every comfoit the tered into an engagement but

world has to beftow, feems, at where there was a great probabi. length to have lulled all his lity of becoming the winner. In grace's keener appetites to the ati emergencies his grace pre. apathy of age, and he glides toserved an invariable equanimiiy, wards the dissolution of life with and his cool serenity never for. every domestic gratification of sook him, even in moments of the HOSPITALITY arouud him. The greatest furprise or disappoint present temporary stagnation of

A fingular proof of this the turf, from which so many occurred at New market just as have lately (compulkvely) withthey were going to start for a drawn themselves, may have been fweepstakes, when his grace being one predominant realon, why. his engaged in a betting conversation grace's ftud are nearly all thrown with various members of the



Sporting Portraits, No. IV.


out of training, and disposed of to from a state of anxiety, to which the best advantage. His grace's by the restless ambition of its present pursuits feem chiefly con neighbours it had been so long fined to pedestrian parades, and compulsively subject. Rewarded alternate turns in the front of his dicinctly by his SOVEREIGN, by own manfion ; rational excur the REPRESENTATIVES of the fions with his phæton and ponies PEOPLE, and by the citizens of from the White Horse Cellar to


he retired from the Hyde Park Corner, and soine-field of war and the faction of times the longer and more labo POLITICS to enjoy the otium et rious journey of Park Lane, dignitate of domestic comfort, at Hyde Park, and home. There, the Lodge in Windsor Great Park, with occasional elegant enter

of which he had some years bę. tainments and accompanying con. fore been appointed RANGER. certs, (to the most brilliant of Here he engaged in all the ai the fashionable dulcineas and ope tracting pleasures of rurality; ratic beauties) seem likely to fill establised his stud and breeding the measure of his grace's sublu- stock, and with a portion of libenary enjoyments, and afford him rality equal (or superior) to daily opportunity in ruminating the grateful munificence of a geupon the various pleasures of this nerous people, retained and enlife, or the uncertainty of the fuo ployed in useful labour, a greater ture; that whether sooner or later number of industrious poor, than, Summoned to pass “the bourne," perhaps, ever way or may be seen he may exultingly lay his head in again, within the park or forest mental ease upon the pillow, and of Windsor. To his indefatigain paying the debt of NATURE

ble exertions, the present genegratefully exclaim

ration stands indebted for the va. ceived.

rious judicious crosses that have

brought the breed of BLOOD No. IV.

HORSES into such a state of unS "a poor epitome” of one of precedented perfection. The ori.

gin of all the most valuable ftal.

lious now in the kingdom, cenEst characters that this or any other country has produced: he of his own efforts to produce

tered in the happy combination the uncle of his PRESENT M-M, and as a comMANDER,

priority. CRAB.-MARSK.-HE.

Rod and Eclipse, were amongst a SPORTSMAN, and a MAN,

the most celebrated of his own 6 Take him for all in all,

breed, to which were annexed a ve. “ We ne'er shall look upon his like ry long list of progeny, that by his " again.”

death, and the “ fascinating flou

rich of the hammer," were "scatfor he was formed in “nature's tered to all the winds of heaven.” nicest moulit," that the world MARSK fell to the pofTeflion of might be taught to estimate per LORD ABINGDON, where he conÉECTION, Under the INFLUENCE tinued till his death. ECLIPSE, first of his COUNCILS, under the weight to WILDMAN, then partes equalis of his PERSONAL EXERTIONS that with O'KELLY, and lastly to monster REBELLION was subdued O.KELLY folus; as did the famous beyond the power of renovation, little horse Milksop, the their and the BRITISH NATION relieved first give and take horse in the

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66 value reo

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Sporting Portraits. No. V. kingdom, so named by his R. H. COUESE at Ascot, seemed to he in consequence of the dam's tak- the most favourite and predomiing frighi at him as soon as foaled, nant object of pursuit, laying and never could he brought to claim to every care and attention any association, so that he was lie that could pollibly constitute a terally brought up.. by hand. scene of the greatest and most un. Eclipse also derived his appella-fullied brilliancy. This, the hand tion from the circumstance of of Providence, (as the first object being brought forth during the of his heart) (pared him long great eclipfe of total " darkness enough to see complete, but just visible." His R. H. in his first in the moment of exultation, efforts for superiority, felt the when loaded with the grateful camortification that every inexpe- resses of an idolizing multitude, rienced liberal mind must be fùb and when absolutely arranging ject to, when surrounded by the the business of a Spring and autumn most voracious Jarks of every meeting at Ascot, to vie, in description. The family of the some degree, with the sport of Greeks were then as now exceedo | NEWMARKET, and when the ingly numerous, and to its various whole county was resounding with branches his R. H. was fora con. unprecedeuted plaudits; the allfiderable time most implicitly sub- wife and dispensing POWER!o whose servient; but as soon as it was dictates we must piously submit, possible for him to shake off the dropt the curtain of death upon effects of the embarkation, and such a life, such an accumulation Time had enabled him to produce of GOOD WILL and CHARITABLE stock of his own breed, and that PRACTICE to all mankind that is breed formed upon his well im but litile imitated, never can be exproved judgment, he took the lead, celled: in the happy retrospektion and in few years totally de- of which, one adinonition naturfeated every idea of competition, ally presents itself for the rumi. having, at the bnexpected hour of nation of every contemplatist of his DEATH, not only the most pure, human excellence, perfeet and correct, but the moit VALUABLE ftud of horses in his 66 GO Thou and DO LIKEWISE." possession, of any subject in the King's dominions. His loss was considered a ftill greater check

No. V.

S more pened just at the moment when the greatness the TURF and its enjoyments had brilliancy of execution ; without acquired the MERIDIAN of POPU descending to a minutiæ of its LARITY; it was the influenza of component parts, it must fuffice the day,

whore infection to take a transcient survey of the fresh objects were eternally be molt diftinguithing traits that con. coming subject, and io which ftitüte the aggrega:e. Born to a fashionable fafcination, the death full enjoymeni of hereditary fplenof so GREAT and so good a pro- «or, it can create no flight ray of moter gave an instantaneous ob- admiration that he mall inately struction. Amongst the nume- possess all the hauteur of ARISTOrous improvements incessantly CRATIC DIGNITY, looking with carrying on in and near his de. the most perfect contempt upon laghitud residence, the RACE the inferior and subordinate parts


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Sporting Portraits. No. V.


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of the creation. The sacred vo when every avenue to the heart lume of incontrovertible truths is generally open, totally unobhas justly taught us to believe, structed by the guardians that na. " the sins of the fathers are vi- turally relult from the effer. fired upon the children unto the vescence of experience. Thus third and fourth generation ;' instinctively prudent, and inhewithout searching deeper into the rently postelling the very Spirit repository of domestic recitals, it of trade, it can be no matter of becomes applicable only to ob. surprise that from the frigidity serve, that one of the ancestors of his sensations, and the systeof the present portrait drew'upon matic profit and lofs prospect of himself the contempt of the whole his studies, he thould be much kingdom, by negotiating a peace more than a match for every comthat was universally considered in. petitor within the dry and dreary glorious to the nation, and that walls of the university. a ftill nearer in the line of affinity, saturnine cast, and naturally a in the prime of life and univer- flave to his own imaginary greatfally admired for his virtues) un ness, he never became even fortunately lost his life in the temporary devotee to MOMUS, or chase. Succeeding to the family engaged in any of those bold and honours even in the days of in-exhilerating scenes, that give fpifancy, the annually accumulating rit to youth, and brilliancy to property amounted to an immen understanding. With all these lity at his coming of age ; and lights and shades of circumspecwhether he caught the infeclious tion he embarked bis life, and upfear of poverty and dread of a on the turf, divelted of every idea workhouse from a perusal of the of fear from the greatest arts or life of the late opulent and penurious ftudied exertions of the most MR. Elwes, or that he acquired powerful or designing of his oppolessons of prevention and prudence nents. From his earliest initiafrom the pecuniary annihilation tion his ftud were not only nu. of his juvenile contemporaries, merous, but of the most judicious certain it is his profufion or extra selection; he has never continued vagance has hitherto formed no less than thirty in constant trainpart of his practice upon the TURF ing, and from the great numbers or at the GAMING TABLE, That he is annually breeding, from the immense mass so judiciousy ac. first blood and stock in the kingquired by the political indufry of dom, there can be no doubt but his ancestors, our hero feems as will the almost unprecedented invariably determined to preserve prudence upon which bis engage. as though he had personally ar-ments are formed, that he muit filted in the accumulation with easily preserve the fuperiority the true spirit of two and a half he has so carefully acquirper cent, premium, and adopied ed over every competitor for

safe bind, safe find,” for his equestrian celebrity, Amidst all motto, at the winding up his ac the diftinguishing bleffings of pecount with the BULLS and BEARS cuniary immenfiiy, that on a grand settling day in the alley, infinite source of power to patroThis costivity, of constitution is so nize arts, asif merit, or relieve interwoven in his frame, that it distress, none of -the effence of displayed itself in what should be goalike Sterne's Jensibility seems the frolicsome days of youth, to have beeu predominant in the


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great and

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