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The Feast of Wit; or, Sportsman's Hall.

The military manoeuvres of the march through life, may we never
Dutch, in the last campaign, forsake the ftandard of freedom
nay be collected from the fol. and republicanism; and at the
lowing anecdotes: The death of evening of our days, when Death
an officer was lamented in a nu-

Thall call his folemn roll, may an
merous company.--" It was his unabted love for our country
ow'u fauli, “ observed a brother appear first on the muster, and
officer ; 6 his avarice was

the the sign for its happiness be the
cause of his death-five pounds evening gun of our lives.
would have saved his life. He
wanted a horse; I offered him The following curious hand-
one at 251.-he bought another bill, has been lately circulated
for 201. Had he not been fo about Edinburgh --
sparing, my horse would have " Thou shalt not steal.
enabled him to escape swiftly and "All persons whom it may
effectually froin the pursuit of concern are desired to take no-

tice, that steel traps of the largest

fize, for catching breakers of the BON MOT.

cighth commandment, are every An honest Crispin of the city night placed in the garden of St. of Chester, in conversation with Bernard, between Stockbridge and a tradesman on the subject of

the Water of Leith, on the that bank, very gravely told

north fide of the said

water ; the latter, that "the business in it that spring guns are set, to rake was all done between Roger the walls with mot, upon the Edwards and him!” The eluci. touch of a wire; and that a tent, dation of which simply was, that having in it an armed watchman, Roger, an honest publican, lives is pitched in the middle, with on one side of the bank, and

orders to fire without mercy,
Crispin on the other; ergo, the If, therefore, any evil-dispored
business was done between them. person or persons, falt attempt
This is not disimilar to the Irish to break into the grounds of St.
centinel, who, doing duty up to

Bernard, their blood be on their
the treasury wall, said he "sup own heads. Amen!
ported the treasury."

Of the fruit of the garden thou

falt not eaim for in the day that
A seaman of the Southampton thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely
packet, hearing the passengers be- die." Gen. xi. 17.
low deck rather boisterously loud,
hallooed down the companion To prove that the religious
* By G-d I won't fuffer this, fanatics of the present age are as
for I have the King's mails on foolish, if not as malevolent as
board." He was answered, “No! the political ones, a certain popu-
why then you must fling his feo lar preacher, in the neighbour-
males overboard.

hood of Hull, expressed hiinself

to this effect in one of his late AMERICAN MILITARY TOAST.

fermons. My friends, if you The militia of this state.-May neglect the opportunities which the call of our country beat the you enjoy under my ministry, reveille to every generous passion there is no doubt but your dam• of our bósom ; and the tatto 10

nation will be ten-fold at the those which are selfish. On our great day of judgement the Al.


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The Feast of Wit; or, Sportsman's Hall. mighty will address ine in this. It is hard to dispute against wire :"-" Mr. have you both Law and the Prophet. preached the gospel to these people ?

" Yes âr, but they would not hear me,'' 66 Would not they?

A gentleman of the parish of then send them to the hottest Horningshead, near Bury, place in hell."

drawn for a militia-man. He

went to Bury, and hired a {ubAn odd circumstance occurred ftitute. When the man, going a few days ago, in the New For to be attested, was asked how rest: -As some gentlemen were

many children he had,

he reriding near Brokenhurst, they plied, “ one at home with my wife, saw the hinder part of an ass and three in the church-yard.” hanging over the wall of a pound, The magiftrate concluded that I and were for some minutes loft

the three were dead and buried, in conjecture, as to the meaning and accordingly swore in the and nature of the accident, un substitute, who immediately jointil the other parts, such as the ed his regiment. It afterwards head and forelegs, made their ap- turned out that be had four pearance, when the passive' ani children living, three of whom mal fell into the highway. Be he sent into the church-yard 10 fore it had fufficiently recovered play whilft he was attested. The to stand upright, two sailors crept question at issue is, whether the over the wall, when the gentle above parish ought to pay the inen made enquiry into the bu town of Bury for the maintefiness, and were thus bluntly and nance of a wife and one child, bumanely answered by the fons of or three children? the, wave : Why, looke, ma. iter, we saw this here animal' THE BAILIFF OUTWITTED. aground without victuals d'ye A few days ago, the corpse of fee, and so my messinate and I a gentleman, as it was proceed. agreed to cut his cable, and give ing in a hearse to the burial him his liberty, becaule we have ground, was arrested by a sheriff's known, before now, what it is to officer and his followers, under a be at Mhort allowance !"

warrant as usual granted against the body.

The friends who followed, In a cause of tretspass, tried at inunediately left their coaches, Newcastle, Mr. Law, 'in behalf and told the officer, if he chofe, of his client, observed, that he he was welcome to the body, but would prophefy the business on he would neither have coffin, whic!: he was engaged, would Shroud, nor any one particle in foon be decide to Mr. Chambre, which the body was enveloped : on the opposite side, contended, and if he took them by force, he tha: bis learned friend must cer. thould be indicted for a highway tainly be mistaktin; that the trial robbery, as those matters were the had already iafted fix hours, and property of the executors : nay, from the variety of evidence yet They went further, and said, that to bring forward, there was as the deceased bad, by his will, probility of it continuing fix bequeathed his body to the cxe. hours longer'; " but," added be,

cutors, no execution would hold





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The Feast of Wit; or Sportsman's Hall. 337 good against the corpse, the pro. Deuteronomy, and first verse : cess must be against them. " When thou goeit out to battle

The bailiff, very properly, against thine enemies, and feeft being persuaded that the spirit of horses and chariots, and a peothe jaw meant a living, and not ple more than thou, be thou not a dead body, marched off, without afraid of then, for the Lord thy in Gifting on the legality of his cap. God is with thee."- Might not

the words of Shakespeare's VeThis is the first instance of the necian Merchant, Anthonio, in'. kind that has happened since the his remark on the Jew's fcriptu. arrest of the dead body of a Sferal quotation, for the justification riff of London, not inany years

of an ofurious contract, be well fince.

applied here. The a-l cam

cite Scripture for this purpose!An action was lately commen. ced by a bailiff against an attorney, for a Libel upon the charac. Various are the mistakes that ter of the former ; but the matter have arisen from the use of this was happily settled by the inter term : but that of a countryınan position of a thief.toker, who some months ago was, perhaps, acted as the common frienil of both the most fatal in its consequenparties.

He was going to London,

ard, amongst a number of friend. Four gentlemen of the Moulder ly. commiflions which he was delately set off from the town of fired to 'execute, was one from a Bolton, in Lancashire, on a seo female acquaintance, who lived cret expedition against a certain with the Lady Bountiful of the Buniface ta Bury. On their .ar: village, and for whom honeft rival, the landlord (having a few Hodge had a sneaking kindness, hours before settled the demand) It was written on a scrap of paproduced a bill and receipt, which per, and requested him * to purhe presented to their wondering chase a LADY'S PAD, (of a MODEeyes. The honest quartetto, ex RATE fize) in Tavistock-ftreet."pressing their astonishment rather Hodge, never suspecting that this in a tone of disappointment, in same pad was to be carried upon duced the host to offer them a a lady's belly; but lapposing it tankard of beer, and a fhilling was a nice little animal intended each, .which, in a jocular strain, to carry a lady upon its buck, (by he said was given 6 in the King's the assistance of a friend as unname•"--But, alas !--the catch. | learned in these matters as him. pales were caught in their turn. self) found the way to Tattersalls, For it turn’d out, that the Bury where, to speak the truth of him, landlord had got a beating-or- he bought a very handsome pony, der. So that, instead of being of a moderate size. Hodge rearrested himself, he arrested the turned into the country, riding whole covey-at least till they upon his plough-horse, and leads paid smart.

ing the pony, often congratula

ting himself on the choice he had The sermon preached at the arade, which, he had the happiconfecration of the military colours ne's to find, was hugely appro. in St. Ann's church, Manchester, ved of by the onlers and stablewas from the 20th chapter of l boys at every stage." No more


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of your lofty looks, Mifrefs Sufan,, friends (his late pursuit in life (quoth Hodge, as he jogged requiring such exertions as are along,) I think I may now fairly injurious to his health and conJook for smiles and approbationstitution) he quits the comic scene, on a bargain which has stood the wherein he has often rubbed away rest of so many judges." -Thus, the rest of care, to mount the apdid Hodge ruminate till the mo. praiser's pulpit, where the hamment in which he met the idol of

mer, of course, will fuperfede his wifhes. But no language can the brush, and the advertiser hopes, defcribe the surprize and disap- however aukwardly he may hanpointment which took pofleflion dle it at first, that, like the rest of both the parties. My Lady's

My Lady's of the fraternity, he hall soon cabinet was drawn upon, to pre.

find the way

To hit the right vent liyfterics!-Hodge ftared as nail


the kead' with it, if bereft of his fenres ! But the Therefore, if any person or per moft iragical part of the ftory is sons are poffeffed of more land yet to relate. The good Old than they wilh to monopolize, Lady infifted upon knowing the more houses than eligible te. meaning of this uproar; and the

nants, more books than the have oo fooner informed of the leifure to read, more pi&tures mistake, than the discharged Sufan than they have rooms to hang for--indelicacy.

them in, more houshold furi

niture than they can possibly find Curious Address of J. COLLINS, than they have customers to

use for, or more ftock in trade on his taking up the Business of

take off their hands ;-He will en: an AUCTIONEER.

deavour to rid them of all such He following address which incumbrances by a few fair com.

appeared in the Bath and ments on their intrinsic worth, several others of the country and a due descant on their repapers, in confequence of the spective claims to the title of a facetious JACK COLLINS com. good bargain; without violating mencing the business of an

his own veracity, or giving caule auctioneer in that city, we think to the purchaser to say he has entitled to the notice of our been imposed upon. In soit, readers, and therefore mall make to sum up his professional views Jo further apology for its in in a few words, whoever will sertion at this time.

do him the honour to become Jour COLLINS, author of the

his employers, they fall find Evening brush, having, for fe. that integrity, punctuality, and veral years paft, made the bu. dispatch,

dispatch, particularly in

all finers of an auctioneer his pecu grand article of SETTING ALL liar study, fo as to acquire a com. ACCOUNTS without the LEAST petent knowledge of the juit and DELAY, are the rules of con. specific value of property under duct to which be will rigidly every denomination whatsoever,

adhere, till the hammer of DEATH from a landid eftate to a lock of is uplifted to knock him down for mogl, from a mansion house to a a LOT of his own, and his den coop, and from a coach' and fix brother auctioneers Mall.exclaim, to a coral and bells; respectfully with sympathifing forrow, Alas, announces to the publie, that by Poor COLLINSI A Going! A the universal advice of his GOING! A GOING!


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Cricket Matcbes.

339 CRICKET MATCHES. Lately, a grand match of

cricket was played in Lord's *** It having been suggested to us Ground, Mary-le. bone, between

that in consequence of the great the Mary.ie-bone club and the
Space the insertion of the CRICKET Old Field Club, Berks, for 1000
Matches at full length takes guineas.
up, that the admittance of many Old Field Club, first in -Ü
Articles from our friendly Corref nings

103 > 146
pondents are delayed a confidera Ditto, second innings 43)
ble time ; unwilling as we are, Mary-le-bone Club, firft?
neceffity compels us to contra&i innings

145 them. We have only to hope, that Ditto, second innings 43

) the manner in which it has been done, will not give offence to the In favour of Old Field Club, I admirers of that noble and manly exercise.

On Saturday, August 2, Lately, a march of cricket was played a grand fingie match of played on Walden Common, be cricket in Lord's Ground, Marytween the cricketers of Great le.bone, between two gentlemen Sampford and Finchingfield, and of the Thursday's Mary-le-bone the cricketers of Saffron Walden, Club, for 100 guineas which won by the latter,

FIRST INNINGS. with ease, at one innings.

Barker, Esq. 70 b Barton, Esq. Saffron Walden, firkt ino} 156

Barton, Efq, o b Barker, Elg. nings

SECOND INNINGS. Sampford and Finching

Barton, Esq. 34 c Barker, Esq. field, first innings 38 74

Barker, Esq. won by one in. Ditto' Second ditto 36

nings and 36 runs. In favour of Saffron Walden 2

On Tuesday, August 5, a grand Sampford and Finchingfield, Lord's Ground, Mary-le-bone,

match of cricket was played in finding themselves so completely beaten, have refused to play the City of London, and eleven gen

between eleven gentlemen of the , gave them the liberty to make the fter, for 500 guineas.

tlemen of the City of Westmin. match more equal, to take any man out of Bocking club, or any

City of Westminster, first?

innings adjoining parif.

17! It is to be withed that Great City of London, firft in-1 Sampford and Finchingfield will nings


66 for the future, be cautious who

Ditto, second ditto

24 they challenge to play with.

In favour of Westminster 105 A short time since, a match of cricket was played at Chelmsford, between the cricketers' of Chelms On Tuesday the 12th, and ford, and those of Great Baddow, Wednesday the 13th August, a which was easily won by the lat- grand match of cricket rer,

played in Lord's Ground, Mary

le-bone, i

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