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30 Remarkable Race ---Pedigree and Exploits of Cavendish:

FROM NEWMARKET, TO the course : this heat was won by Lynn is

Pacolet, seemingly easy; the 4th

42 MILES Norwich

heat, which was upavards of thir50

teen ininutes in rudning, was won Oxford

81 Bury

easy, by Parlington ; the last heat,

1+ Canterbury

though sun in the dark, was run Ascot Heath

in less time, as supposed, than Yarmouth

of the former ones, and won

any 72

by balf a length, by Parlington. Bath

170 Brighton


114 87.



MAVENDISH was bred, by THE.; following remarkable Mr. Fenton, and got by

race was run at York, Au. Young Morwick; his damn hy gust 24, 1784.

Snap, Godolphin Arabian, Seda Eighty Pounds for horses and bury, Sanith's

son of Snake, give-and-take.-4 mile heats.'*"

Montague, Hautboy, Brimmer. Mr. Stapleton's ch. c.

In 1987, Cavendish, the property,

of Ms. Dennison, (then called Parlington, by Mora *** wick Ball; dam .by

Quintus) beat Col. Ratcliffe's br.

c. by Guldfinder, zit. 12lb. each, Matchem, 4 yrs old,

2-rnileg at? York Spring Meet. 6ft, rolb. 8oz.

0 3 2 1 1 Mr. Garforth's gr. colt,

ing, for roogs. 5 to i on Quin.

tus. The same meeting he won gol. Young Pacolét, by Pa

for 3 and 4 yr olds, beating tour colet, dam by Matchem

others ; 5. 10. 2 on Quintus. In 4 yrs old 6ft.8lb.rzoz. '0'4 12 2

1988, Quintus, (then Mr. FeuMr. Golding's b. c. Billy

ton's) won gol, for all ages, at by the Vernon Ara:

New Makon, beating two others. bian, 4 yrs old, 6ft.

At York Spring Meeting, he won 31b. 802.

the Stand Plase of sol. beating Dti. Allån son's ro.

Mr. Hutchinson's Florizel, Rat. : Düfty Miller, by South )


Jer, and Young Tuberose. Io fayer, 3 yrs old, 6t.

1789, then called Cavendish, (and Slb, 402.

35 dir:

the property of Mr. Baker), rode Parlington the favourite, after by. Thomas Field, he won the the 'fir tt heat, 6 and 7,49,4 op King's 100gs at Newcastle upon Billy ; after the second heat, 3. Tyne, beating at two most capit and 4 to i on Billy ; after the tal heats, Lord A Hamilton's third heat, 3 and 4 to i on Paco Spadille, (rode by John Mangles) let ; after the 4th beat, 6 and 7 to at startivg 6 to 4 on-Spadille: 4 on Parlington. The first heat after the heat 5 to 400 Caven was a good one betwixt the two dish. In the York August Meetfirst; the second heat, Billy woning he won the great subscription easy; Parlington led off for the for 6 years old and aged horses, bird heat briskly, which was an beating Windlestone, Dubfkelper exceeding good one for the first and Young Tuberose. In 1790, three miles, when Billy was he walked over for gol. at Newthrown down, by a man crossing castle upon Tyne. In the York


'4'7 dif

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Trotting Mare ---Mrs. Broadhead's Masqued Gala. 31 August Meeting he won the carrying 14 ftone; 10 miles in 33 King's 100gs, beating. Archibald. minutes; and at another time, The Saturday following he won the same number of miles in 32 the Ladies's Plate at 2 heats, beat. | minutes : also 30 miles in 2 hours. ing Mr. Wentworth's Actæon. In 1791, he won a Subscription of rogs each, at York Spring Mrs. BROADHE AD's MASQUED Meeting, (5 fubscribers) beatiog

GALA. Abba Thulle.'--. He won gol. at Manchester, beating Pigeon and * The following defcription of 2 others. He walked for 501. at the elegant MASQUED, GALA gi. Morpeth, won gol. at Dumfries, ven by Mrs. BRO A DHEAD, at and walked over for the King's her house in Portland Place, on Plate at Perth. In. 1792, he'won Thursday, April ioth, to a jeleet 50l at Durham, beating Grog, number of persons of fajhion, cerwho was drawn after the first

tainly claims the notice of the heat. The fame meeting he won Readers of the SPORTING MAS sol, beating the famous colt Hu.

GAZÍNE, and the Editor, in conti by, who was likewife drawn after

sequence bey's leave to present-it the first heat. At Stockton he

them. wOA 501. heating at two heats, Tamerlane

and Windleftone. Toccation, were in number The same meeting he won gol. about five hundred and fifty, and at 4 heats, bearing Grog, Corpo-the-company began to affemble sal, and Alexina, who was dif- about eleven o'clock. tanced the third heat. He is The rooms appropriated for now a stallion at Huworth, near their reception were newly paint. Darlington, Durham, at 3gs haed, and ornamented, with How a mare, and 55. the groom,

blood ers and various appropriate de. mares; country mares at 2gs and corations.-Bands of music were 25. 6d, each.

stacioned both above and below itairs,

· The characters though not very Mr. Ogden's celebrated Trot, fupported Black dominos being

numerous, were in geveral well TING MARE.

prohibited, blue ones were very T the immediate request of

Among those present the exploits of this remarkable The Prince in a blue domino; animal are well known, we have Mrs. Fitzherbert, in a black fancy got executed, from a painting in dress-Countess of Mexborough the posfellion of the owner, the in a fancy dress--Lady Auguza elegant engraving annexed, which Clavering, a house-maid, modeft we doubt not will be considered in her repariee to those who were as another effort on our part to anxious to retain her---Lady gain the approbation of all par Charlotte Campbell, a black lies. From a variety of instan. gauze dress, with silver: trimces of this mare's performances mings, and gracefully. thapod! 10 in trotting, we fele&t. The follow. her lovely figuresLady Týrçon. ing as the most extraordinary: the nel, in a fancy dresso Lady Dali trotted


4 miles in 12 minutes and wood, a beautifurt Turkisha llave 14 seconds ; 40 miles in. 31 hours, Mis. Rosso an Indian Psiircers,





Mrs. Broadhead's Masqued Gald." decked in all the fplendour and a German Baron and Baroneis, jewelry of the can-Mrs. Bald. boafting of fifteen Squarterings to win, a Grecian Beauty, in a their illustrious arms --- wo ele. crimson robe, lined with ernine gant females: in the habits of

Lady Wallace in the dress ac- Charles the. Firit's reign, with tually worn by the Oitoman Mi- feathers iostead of lans-East India nister, when presented at St. pabohs, their families, and Tuites, Jaines's-In fancy dresses, Lady out of number: Kirkcudbright, the Hon. Mits Mrs. Broadhead, the ainiable Maclellan, Mils Sturts, Mrs, and hofteis of the mangon, in an Miss Keppel, Mifs Thrales, Lady elegant yellow tiffany drels, with Grantiey, Lady Page Turner, the fame.coloured plumes in her Hon. Miss Townshends, Mis.head-dress, and a countenance Cawthorne, Miis Calverts, &c. displaying every thing that could

Among tlie males molt diftin- inspire mirch and feftivity. guithable were, Lord Eardley, as Glees were sung by Dignum, a chimney sweepeiche Hon. Mr. Suett, &c. in which the Prince Butler, a running footman-M. occasionally bore a part, Partle, as a grey fria-Mr. Rye. About two o'clock, iwo cha: croft a romp-Nir. Giegory, a ra&ters of a poiffarde and a fans c4+ damsel en bon point-Sir sy iney lotte, the latier with his sword Smith, an excellent one-a: med jai- pendant from a haiter round his lor-Lord Stiai mort-Lord Eli neck, endeavoured to force an bank-Charles Wyndbam-Har entrance without tickets, but was vey Afton-Lord Granuley-Sir inftantly repelled by the active John Dal wood, &c. &c.

spirit of the domeftics, There was also an admirable The fupper rooms were oiengroupe of syphies, who begged, ed soon after one o'clock, when a lung, and told fortunes, with profufion of every thing in sea. singular address--an excellent son was served up in a cold collar military character of Major Bullion, with ice creains, the belt of -an operatical groupe of favoy. wines, &c. &c. Country Dances ards, from the Travellers in Swit- and reels were spiritedly kept up zerland-two priests and a priest. ill a late hour. And at four efs of the sun, the latter by the o'clock the company began to redaughter of the Spanish Confui, tire, but the rooms all admirably drelles-Night, cleared till near fix. whose stars dropped from her la- We cannot, perhaps, give the ble vett as the morning dawned- tout ensemble of this festive Scene a one armed soldier- charactor

with greater satisfaction to oure istic waggoner, with his young selves, or our readers, than in master and mistress, whom he had the words of a'celebrated literary -brought to town-a humourous chasacter who was present : It welch man and his doxica pair was," says

this gentleman, of female laves, whore chains " such a variety in the routine wereincessantly breaking a good of fashionable parties, and so female pilgrim-a Flora, who hy fuperior to the elegant but a falte' ftep, scattered her role's vapid affembly at which, for five over the room-a graceful duenna nights in each week, the people with her crefcehka demi-triar of rank crowd together in multiand a failor, who cried young tudes, and breathe the heated air hunt abous af fw0 a pennyewa

of a close fuite of rooms, that we


were not

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