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Ancient and modern Method of market : where it must be owned DEER KILLING,

it is brouglit in the utmost per

fection in proof, look but at ON

Nihe commencement of the the shops near the manfion-house

venison season, one of the in the city, where venison is fold; copper-plates which accompas and particularly at Wright's, nies, the present Number of our Charing Crofs; the last mentioned Magazine,is KILLING THE Buek, gentleman we would recommend and may not be unacceptable to to our town and country friends, our epicurean as well as Sporting as a man in whom the utmost ho. readers.

nour and purkctuality dwells, both The old way of taking the in his buliness as a dealer in ve. deer was first by shooting and vison, as well as in the legal wounding him, and then to let a traffic of lottery tickets and

shares. down; but modern expert park. "When a deer is wounded, and keepers generally take aim with not kiiled, he immediately makes such certainty, as to bring the for his companions of the herd; buck to the ground without the but they, like faithless friends in assistance of the canine race; and human life, take every method this they are anxious of doing, in to avoid him. On this subject order to prevent the hounds tcar. we fhall close the present article ing him, which spoils the beauty with an extract from Shakespeare. of the venison in the London


184 Extra£t from Shakespeare's As You Like it. Jacques moralizing on a wounded Stood on the extremest verge of

the swift brook, Deer.

Augmenting i with tears

Duke Sen. But what said

Jaques ?

Did he not moralize this specta

cle? Act II. SCENE I.

i Lord. O yes, into a thouDuke Sen. Come, shall we go First

, for his weeping in the

fand fimilies. and kill us venison? And yet it irks me, the poor dap

needless stream; pled fools,

“ Poor deer," quoth he, “thou

mak'st a testament Being native burghers of this de. fert city,

" As worldlings do, giving thy

fum of more Should in their own confines, with forked heads

66 To that which had too much:" Have their round haunches gor'd.

Then being alone,

Left and abandon'd of his velvet i Lord. Indeed, my lord,

friends; The melancholy Jaques grieves

“ 'Tis right,” quoth he, “ thus

mifery doth part at that; And, in that kind, swears you do

66 The flux of company:" Anon,

a careless herd more usurp Than doth your brother that

Full of the pasture, jumps along hath banish'd you.

by him, To-day my Lord of Amiens and

And never stays to greet him; myself,

“Ay," quoth Jaques, Pid steal behind him, as he lay

“ Sweep on, you fat and greasy

citizens : along Under an oak, whose antique

66 'Tis just the fashion : Where

fore do you look root peeps out Upon ihe brook that brawls

“ Upon that “poor and broken along, this wood:

bankrupt there ?" To the which place a poor se.

Thus most invectively he pierceth questered ftag,

through That from the hunters' aim had

The body of the country, city, ta'en a hurt,

Yea, and of this

life; Did come to Janguifh; and, in deed, my lord,

swearing that we The wretch'd apimal heaved forth

Are mere ufurpers, tyrants, and such groans,

what's worse, That their discharge did stretch To fright the animals, and to kill

his leathern coat Almost to bursting; and the big

In their assigned and native dwelround tears


Duke Sen, and did you leave Cours'd one another down his innocent nose

him in this contempla

tion? In piteous chase : and thus the hairy fool,

2d Lord. We did my lord, Mych 'marked of the melancholy weeping and commenting Jaques,

Upon the fobbing deer.



them up,

Indian Feast of Dog's Flesh.


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To the EDITORS of the SPORTING by way of luxury, not from any MAGAZINE,

want or scarcity of other animal GENTLEMEN,

food; as (he favs) they eat the N your Magazine of May last, flesh of the bear, the buffalo, you gave us an account of the

the elk, the deer, the beaver, dog-eaters of Casalnuovo, Icice, and the racoon. Otaheite, &c. As a proof that I have sent you the above, (as the custom is prevalent in other a confirmation of what you have parts, I send you an extract from advanced of the existence of such Captain Carver's travels through a set of beings as dog eaters) in the interior parts of North Ame. order for your publication in rica, in 1766, 1767, and 1768. your entertaining Magazine, if After describing the ceremony you fhall confider it worthy of attending the admission of an insertion therein. Indian of the Naudowesfie nation

W. H. into one of their societies, he Bm-m, July 15, 1794. proceeds to give an account of the feast given in consequence of fuch admission as follows: To the EDITORS of the SPORTING 6. The dishes being brought

MAGAZINE. near me, I perceived that they

GENTLEMEN. consisted of dog's flesh; and I LTHOUGH I have looked

informed that at all their into Mrs. Piozzi's ingenious public grand feasts they never publication on British Synonomy, made ule of any other kind of and do not find that sportsmen food. For this purpose, at the and philofophers are the same defeast I am now speaking of, the scription of men; yet as I am new candidate provides fat dogs, induced to believe that many of if they can be procured at any the former are fond of good eatprice. In this custom of eating ing, and, of course, not totally dog's flesh, they resemble the in

deftitute of some little knowledge habitants of some of the coun of the culinary art, I beg leave to tries that lie on the north-east

propose to them the following borders of Ala.” p. 278. question, through the medium of

After fpeaking of the ceremony your valuable publication. attending their declarations of

In making a 'fruit pie, our war, he says.

housewives put a tea-cup within « This ceremony is followed it, which, they say, prevents the by dances, such as I have before juice from being expelled by the described ; and the whole con. heat, and accumulating it within cludes with a feast which usually its cavity: to account for this, I consists of dog's fies. This feast

told Mrs. $. a few evenings ago, is held in the hut or tent of the that the air contained in the cup chief warrior, to which all those is rarified by the heat, and con, who intend to accompany him fequently the most of it escapes, ; in his expedition, fend their dishes the pie then cooling, condensa to be filled.” P. 304.

tion follows, and the vacancy is Undoubted!y the pra&tice of filled by the juice of the fruit. eating dog's flesh extends to many But the rejected my opinion by other parts of the globe; but it observing to me, that if the pie appears by Captain Carver, that

be cut when recently baken, hot the Naudowelle Indians eat it from the oven, the “ luscious




Jolly Huntsman. treasure" will, nevertheless, be, who rewarded my turn of mind found below the cup.

with a place the most agreeable Crust is either short or flakey in the world to iny wishes; I mean Mrs. B. (who certainly makes that of huntsman. I have now moft divine pies) when she wishes trudged it on foot upwards of to constitute her crust of that forty years, and am able to trudge . leafy tenuity which is called on still with more activity than, faky, effects it by the aid of perhaps, you may imagine, were an egg.Now, here I am you to judge from the prefent puzzled than ever. Perhaps the dimensions of my carcase, being egg being beaten up with a fork, no less in girth than three honest entangles the air, which becomes yards. Thanks to my master's inti:dately diffuséd, and is after- bountiful copper can of beer, wards liberated by the heat; but which I swallow every morning as no operation of the rolling as regularly as I take my breath pin can obviate the laminated ings. This makes me strong structure of crust, after the evo and lusty as an eagle; by the lution of the air it assumes a strength of this balsamic cup of ftratified appearance.

canary, I preserve not only my These are the only theories I breath, bụt many a stout puss for have to offer, and I wish that my good master or his friends. some one deeply skilled in these Indeed my merry beagles, (for I mysteries would aslift me; for I must be induiged in calling them positively declare that I have not mine) are such as England, pereaten a bit of a pie of Mrs. S's. haps, cannot produce iheir equals making since I failed in my ex not a humdrum or a backfli, planation. Soerates brought phi der amongft them; for such I losophy from Heaven to Earth. immediately advance to the top Addifon led her into the drawing. of the first tree in my way, unless room, and I wish to defcend with one of my brother staffs takes the her into the kitchen.

trouble off my hands by accept. A NATIVE. ing of the present. And if a bab.

bler should happen to disconcert

my harmony, no endeavours are To the Editors of the Sporting wanting to reclaim the imperti. Magazine.

nent. When the lash has failed, GENTLEMEN,

I've known castration to have AM the son of honest indus a very good effect on the male, trious parents, who gave me

but a female I pronounce incu. such an education as their cir.

rable. By the exactness of my cumstances would allow, which discipline, I have brought my jufi served me to read and write pack to excellent order. I bave intelligibly. When I had gor

observed some excellent rules for thus far, instead of purfuing the the management of dogs in the small advantages of my educa. letters of your correspondent tion. I grew inexpreflibiy fond

Acastus, which I think do great of a pack of harriers in the neigh

credit to the writer, as well as · bourhood, and quitted all other your Magazine. But experience

profpeets for the diversion they makes perfect. - (saye the old afforded me; nor have Iany rea

adage) Had you heard our fon to be sorry for my choice, charming music after a famous as it recommended me to a very

old hare, when we run as hard as worthy and indulgent matter,

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Anecdote of a General Officer.


we could lay legs to the ground, an officer, though shabby, that for two hours and a half, you now and then, with great humimust have thought yourself in lity, begged the honour to be Elysium. Oh! what a delightful permitted going a Niilling with peal did they ring at her exit, 'till him, and had, by that means, my worship's honour's arrival picked up four or five; on him The constant custom of my fenli- the suspicion fell, and it was proble creatures! It was upon this oc posed to search himn first, who casion my inimitable Dowdy out- defiring to be heard, declared, did her former outdoings : it was

" I know the General well; yes on this occasion I drankthe copper he, nor all the powers upon can of scut ale to the immortal earth, shall subject me to a search memory of that ever memorable while I have life to oppose it. I puls, which had so often defeated declare, on the honour of a fol. my brother staffs and their crews, dier, I know nothing of the snuff. who must now one and all, green, box, and hope that will satisfy blue and humdrum, fit still while the man doubting: follow me I sing my lo triumphe.-Oh! Gen into the next room, where I will tlemen, I really believe I thould defend that honour, or perish !" turn author, did I think that such

-The eyes

of all were now subjects as I have now produced, turned on the General for an anwould be universally read: but I swer, who, clapping his hand fear they would be as little at eagerly down for his sword, felt tended to as the writer; there. The snuff-box (supposed to have fore I shall beg leave to subscribe passed round, and put there from myself your adinirer and constant habit) in a secret lide pocket of reader,

his breeches, made for that pur. Tom Trudge. pose. It is hardly to be con.

ceived the confusion that covered ANECDOTE of a late GENERAL him on the occafion, that he had OFFICER

ro lightly given way to suipi. LATE valuable and distip. cion. Remorse, mixed with a propenGty to gaming, that he wounded character (because poor) frequented places of every de- of his fellow' foldier, attacked Icription, where play was going him at once to forcibly, that he forward, without regarding the could only say to him, on leaving low company he met there. the room immediately, “ Sir, I At one of these places, one night, here, with great reason, ask your in the eagerness of his diversion, pardon, and I hope to find it he pulled out an exceeding valu. granted, from your breakfafting able gold snuff-box, richly set with me, and hereafter ranking with diamonds, took a pinch, and me among your friends." lc passed it round, keeping the dice may be easily supposed the invi. box four or five mains before he tation was complied with : when was out, when recollecting some. after some conversation, the Ge. thing of the circumstance, and neral conjured him to say what not perceiving the snuff-box, he could be the true reason that he sivore vehemently no man should should object to being searched: ftir till it was produced, and a " Why, General (returned the general search Mould ensue. On officeri, being upon half pay, his right, sat a person dressed as and friendless, I am obliged to


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