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Defence of ibe Game Laws.




of our government, no man can fond of the diverfion' they'afford, be of contequence without spend- and chufes to be rather idly ing a large portion of his time in busy, than industrioufly fo, he the country, and every additional may perfectly satisfy himself by inducement to this mode of life is attending, the hounds or grey. an additional security to hounds of tbe 'squire, or aslifting freedom and independence. the game-keeper with his gun. much question whethei our mo. But that laws dould be made to rals, or even our manners, are prevent the man, whose family greatly improved by that style of depends entirely on his . Jabour living which empties our country for support, from quitting biş seats to fill the metropolis, or fail, his plough, or his fpade, the large provincial towns; and to range the woods for the de. whether the manly character, Itruction of animals which afford which once diftinguished the a noble and manly diversion to Englishman, has not suffered their proprietor, I can conceive more on the side of firmness and

more inconsistent with jufintegrity, than it has gained on tice, than that he should be prethat of politeriefs and elegance, vented from entering the orchard, by sacrificing the rough sports of or the hen-rvost. the field to the softer a mosements As the beasts of the forest, and of the assembly and card-table. the fruits of the foil, are equally

I know the laws which are in common in a state of nature, so I forse to preserve those animals fee no reason why they may not which are the object of this di- be equally appropriated in a state version, are severely attacked by of civil society: and I appeal to the sentimental novel-writers of any person really conversant in. the present time; writers who, these kinds of fa&s, if he knows a without invention, 'honour, or fingle instance of one of those real knowledge of mankind, dress men, commonly called poachers, up fome improbable tale with af. whose profeffion is a violation or fected maximi of five feelings, the game laws, and againft whom and exquisite fenfibility; and en. alone they are ever executed with deavour to weaken the hearts, any severity, whole character ' inflame the passions, and nillead and sufferings could eoritie him the understandings of the rising to a tear, even from that most generation. These abound with sentimental of all sentimenral he. horrid Rories of the young and roes, " the man of feeling" him. ingenuous peasant torn froin his felf. weeping parents, and his dir: While I am thus defending the tracted bride ; and either hurried general principle of our game into a loathsome dungeon, or law's, I do not mean to stand banished to an unhealthy cli- forth as their champiou in every mate, only for the murder of a respect: they want great altera. hare or a partridge.

tion, as to the objects both of But I will venture to say, there their penalties and exemptions ; is hardly a day-labourer in the and I truft the time is not far difkingdom that may not, in a rea. tant when they will receive it fonable manner, be indulged witle from the wisdom and authority, the use of these animals by a pro- of parliament. per application; and if he is.



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1. Sporting General's Dispatches. SPORTING GENERAL'S DIS I judged an escape wholly im PATCHES.

Pul practicable. : The enemy finding

every retreal cut off by this more,

than trio of Chemaux-de-frize, To the EDITÓRS of the SPORTING preserved a profound filence, so MAGAZINE

as to leffen my belief of the truth GENTLEMEN,

of Hector's report,



and T you think the following let- length of services have rather ter from a military gentleinan

obscured his sagacity; I however to his friend (from whom he began firing fome mali hot, kad borrowed a few dogs for a

though rather from a motive to courling excurfion) worthy a

terrify, than any intent of car. place in your valuable Magazine, nage; this had an effect inimical the insertion will oblige,

to my wishes, for some rebel ios Your Old Correspondent,

habitants in my rear, (consisting

of a row. and nine pigs), left

J. J. B. their dwelling with fucb veloShorwich, Herts, March. 25. i city as, (by a coup-de-main) to

divert the , a:tention of Brutus I HAVE the honour to informand Cæsar, by which two re. you, that I moved with the de

were vacated, the enemy tachment you were pleased to in escaped, and thereby a glorious trust me with, confting of three opportunity of doing honour to grey hounds, two setters, and four the Nimrodian arms was unfor: couple of harriers, at day-break tunately loft. However, while I of the 18th instant, the weather regret the failure of this manque being rather unfavourable, pre- Vre, it is some confolation to vented, my, reaching Hare Hill find, that had it succeeded, the till seven A. M. where I received achievement would have been information from Hector (whom nothing more than an ancient I had previoully dispatched on a rabbit, the callousness and pusiba seconnoitering expedition), of animity, of which would have the enemy, being lodged in a disgraced your table, and degraded large thicket, strongly defended

my arnis,

After annihilating the by gorze, enormous bushes, a pig-stye (which I nould be forlarge ditch in front, and other ry you would deem less recon. sedoubtabled entrenchments, As cileable with huinanity than the I wished to dispose of the force love of the chace), I detached you had entrusted me with to the Hector on a defultory expedition beit advantage, I commanded the towards the west of Reynard. veteran Cæsar to watch, an en. Wood, with a view of dislodging trance into the redoubt; Alex- an old fox, who has long baffled ander to secure a retreat that the united efforts of horse, dog, seemed very eligible down al and

and gun; and whose ftrength narrow lane, while Nero, Clytus and curving seem to increase with and Brutus formed a farilar de- his success. In this I was also fence in an opposite quarter; unsuccessful, for his firmness is the rest headed by old Ventidius, of that tenacious nature, as must I placed as a " corps de referve" reuder him invincible; in vain to the whole, at the same time I tried every means human wif. forming a very formidable cir- dom could suggest, in order to cumvallation; and thus arranged, allure him to an open decisive



Dealbs of celebrated Stallions.

17 attack, and at last called in my hope, will be equally speedy, advanced and Aanking parties, wiin an opportunity of restoring and marched them off the ground verdure to Laurels that have in good order, with no other ae- been tinged only from the phy. quifitiou than this leffon, that sical and untoward incidents of lenient, not coinpulsive measures, the day. It would be a want of seem most likely to facilitate the gratitude not to express my hearty desired purpose.

commendations of the zeal and A combination of difficulties avidity shewn by every dog under then succeeded; a diluvion shower my command; 'if there was any added to bad and almost inac- contention, it arose from a nae ceffable roads, to increase which tural inpuise, a becoming emu-* poor Hector

Brew almost blind by lation in the chase, which should fatigue and want of food, (it being be most forward in obeying him? then three and a half P. M.) Cæsar who has the honour to be in a similar predicainent, Nero

Sir, Yours, &c. with a thorn in his foot, Alex

NAT. NIMROD. aider and Clytus in strong con. tention for an almost Aethier's -P. $. I send this difpatch by bone the former had accidentally an old tenant of yours, to whose picked up; 'iy ammunition near care and ariention (as guide), I jy exhausted, and what was left am indebted for our preservation; rendered useless by the late hea

and while I recommend him to vy rains; to complete which, my your notice, inuft alto refer you Rofinante was become spiritless to him for farther information. and tired, when luckily I elpied a manfion, apparently a mile from my then situation, but on enquiry found there was no other

DEATHS. of CELEBRATED STALaccess to it then by a circumjacent road, at least three miles by computation. Night appear- ASTO,

, found a guide would be essential year 1723 to my own and dogs preservation, Bay Bolton, at Bolton Hall, therefore engaged a stranger then Yorkshire, 1736, aged 31. fortunately pafling, the small ex- Fox, in Loid Portmore's ftud, pence of whien, when weighed in 1738, aged 23. with the neceflity, cannot but The Belgrade Turk, in poffer.

your concurring acqui- lion of s. Marmaduke Wyvill, escence. Thus affined and lup- abot the year 1740. ported, by an insuperable perse. Hartley's blind horse at Midverance and magnanimiry, we dleton Tyas, Richmond, Yorkreached the desired abode about fire, about the year 1741. nine at night, after having fur. Childers, in the Duke of De. mounied inoumerable and most vonshire's stud, about the year ineffable impediments. Our fo. 1741. journ in these quarters will not l'artner, at the latter end of the be any longer than the return of year 1747, aged 29. our ability to renew the chace Crab, on Christmas Day 1750, which, I have every reason to aged 28, Vol. IV. No. XIX.



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jog, and myself thus situated, " BASTO; in the Duke of De


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Snip, at Kenton Northumber- ON

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Sporting Contrasts.
The Godolphin Arabian, at For the SPORTING MAGAZINE,
Hogmagog, 1753, aged 29.

Cade, at Eastby, Richmond, SPORTING CONTRasts and Hu.
Yorkshire, 1756, aged 22.

MAN VICISSITUDES of the PREBolton Starling, at North

SENT DAY. Milford, Yorkshire, March 24,

(La fortune pale par toute.) 1756, aged 29.

NE of the greatest characters land, May, 8, 1757, aged 21.

upon the rurf, who formerYoung Cade, at Middleton !y pofleffed lome of the most vaTyas, Richmond, Yorkfhire, Nov.luable and successful horses in the 27, 1964, aged 17

kingdom, and won repeatedly

stakes and matches of a Tortoise, at Scarbro', by a

THOUmare breaking his leg, 1976, aged

SAND POUNDS each, is now walk

ing the streets overwhelmed with 14 Ampheon, about the year 1777. depreffion, forsaken by every friend, Le Sang, about the year 1777.

abandoned by every associate, Marske, in July 1779, aged 29,

without the consoling sensation Herod, at Newmarket, May 12,

of mental integrity, to alleviate 1780, aged 21.

the mortifying moment of rerros. Matchem, at Bywell, Hexham, pection, or a fingie ray of relief Northumberland, Feb. 21, 1981, beyond the desponding exclaina.

tion of, aged 33.

Morwelk Bail, at Mr. Pevers's. Scholes Park, Aberford, York

“ I am but NaN, and FATE do thou dif.

pose of me.” thire, Jan. 4, 1787. aged 25.

Chrysolite, as York, in the fummer 1789, aged 25.

A VERY few vears lias confti. Eclipse, at Cannon's, Surry, Cuted a contrast of a different Feb. 26, 1789, aged 25.

kind, for whilft we contemplate Goldfinder, in 1789, aged 25

the strange viciffitudes that eftab. Conductor, in August, 1790, lifh one part of the picture of aged 23.

life, an instantaneous tranfpofition Taggergill in August, 1791,

of the eye comes into immediate aged 25,

contact with Agamemnon, who Paymayfter, at Field House, within the memory of hundreds Darlington, Durham, in

1791, now living, visited the various aged 25

races in the vicinity of the meFlorizel, the latter end of the

tropolis by no other conveyance year 1791, aged 23,

than his pedeftrianindefatigability; S. Pepper, at Mr. Robson's,

ubere covered with duft, and most Brumpton, Richmond, Yorkshire, wretchedly apparelled, he preyed Jan. 15, 1793.

upon the lower claffus of indigence Mercury, in the spring, at Ld:

and rufticity, by pricking in the Egrenon's, Petworth Hall, Suf- belt, luftling in the hat, flipping a fex, 1793, aged 15.

card, and every species of decepTandem, at Mr. Tatterfall's, tion.

tion. His induflry, aided by a Highflyer Hall,: Ely, Cambridge, rigid adherence to fobriety, and in February, 1793, aged 20. an introduction to company (with Highflyer, at Mr. Tattersallis,

an improved address) by the va. High Ayer Hall

, Ely, Cambridge.riety of Jackalls retained for the shire, &, 18, 1793, aged 19. selection of Pigeons, has, wich the


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Sporting Contrafts.

19 advantage of superior penetration, The WHEEL of 'FORTUNE is and manual dexterity at certain so eternal in its revolutions, and fashionable games, (with an ac. the womb of TIME so incessantly curate and successful calculation

pregnant and replete with unex. of the odds in private and public)pected events, that it can create amassed a mine of wealth, that is but little surprise to see one who very generally estimated at no less was but a very few years a performer an aggregate, than one hundred upon the boards of a theatre, now thousand pounds :

16 Oh shame,

a performer in one of the greatest where is thy blush !” And who offices under administration, with thall dare arraign the dispensa a salary of five hundred pounds per tions of PROVIDENCE, when hun.annum; ur that his then MANAdreds of industrious mechanics, GER, (who before practised the the fathers of wretched families, vocation of a tallow chandler) are lingering within the dreary should now roll in his carriage walls of various prisons in this with a penfion from GOVERNMENT, LAND OF LIBERTY for debts of for inventing a plan for the more ten pounds. " The wretch of to- Speedy deftruétion of the most va. day may be happy to-morrow," LUABLE and ill-ufed part of the

more truly verified CREATION. than in a recent instance of noto. riety. But a very short time It is not an easy talk to decide since, (for it is alive in every whether the school of PROSPERITY memory) a suit was instituted in or adversity affords the most exone of the courts to obtain fatif, preffive lessons for instruction. So faction in damages for the feduc- | various are our pursuits, so varietion of, and elopement with the gated our paflions, and so very wife of a molt intimate friend, versatile our dispositions, that who had admitted the delinquent many who can bear with serenity to all the comforts of domestica- the chilling blasts of adversity, tion, all the humane and gentle become preternaturally exhiliratoffices of HOSPITALITY. The ed to a threatning degree of infansentiments of an IMPARTIALjury ity, by a powerful ray of approache coincided with the general opi- ing PROSPERITY. Concise and nion of an INDIGNANT public, and recent instance ! A noble earl national plaudits succeeded a VER- kisling the hand of his king in Dict for the PLAINTIFF with ten the morning, and boxing at a thousand pounds damages. So great tavern in the evening. “ARTES was the mock of encountering HONOR A BIT! the torrent of public contempt, that a trip to the continent

" There is a critical minute adopted in search of such waters in every man's life (says Mrs. of Lethe as might bury both the Centlivre) which if he can buc CAUSE and EFFECT in oblivion. Inlay hold of, he may make his this he has happily succeeded be. fortune :" of this incontrovertible yond the most eager hope and ex. fact, we have bourly accuniulate pectation he could possibly have ing instances. In the SPORTING formed, for the last month has world, many who seen him take his feat in the se- paratively mendicants, now sport NATE of his country, and falute Their CURRICLES, the hand of his sovER EIGN, O LADIES for their evening amüftTempora! O Morzs !






and is


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