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Account of the New Dramatic Romance called Lodoiska. 155

Y performed

is strikingly descriptive of a lady Lodoiska had been betrothed, of rank and fortune, leaping over

with Prince Lapauski's approbaa five barred gate in the neigh- tion, to the Count Floreski; but bourhood of Windsor, and who the lover having opposed the mav be frequently seen with bis Prince' at an election of a King, majesty's hounds during the he withdraws bis consent to their hunting season. It is not im- marriage, and conceals his daughprobable, but that in a future ter from the Count, who, wbiitt Number we may give some anec. in search of her with his faithful dotes of this personage, which fervant Varbel, encounters Kerawe trufi, will be equally accept. Khan and his Tartars in a forest, able to our readers, as they are preparing to attack the Baron honourable to herself.

Lovinki's castle: an engagement ensues, when Floreski having van

quished Kera Khan, gives him I HE THEATRE,

his life; in return for his gene

rofily, the Tartar promises his DRURY LAN E.

everlasting friendship, and for

the present leads away his horde. JUNE

Floreski discovers that Lodoiska 'ESTERDAY evening was is confined by the Baron, 10 for the first

whom she had been entrusted by time, the so long talked of dra.

her father, in a tower of the carmatic romance of Lodoiska, being tle; he and Varbel gain adinite a free translation, by Mr. Kem.

tance as mellengers from Luble, of the celebrated French

pauski; but the prince himself Piece of that name.

arriving, the impostor is dif

covered. Lodoiska, fondly atDRAMATIS PERSONÆ.

tached to Floreski, informs her

father how barbarously she has Prince Lupauski Mr. Aikin

been treated by Lovinski, who deCount Floreski Mr. Kelly

termined not to lose her, orders Baron Lovinski Mr. Palmer

the Prince, Lodoilki, Floreiki, Varbel Mr. Bannister, jun.

and Varbel to be instantly seiAdolphus

Mr; Caulfield Gustavus

zed. The Baron, resolved to get Mr. Trueman Sebastian

Mr. Fairbrother rid of his rival, is giving direcMichael

tions for his execution, when Casimir Mr. Benson

Kera Khan, with the horde of Stanislaus

Mr. Webb 1 Page Master Welsh

tartars, storms the castle, and 2 Page Master Gregson

rescues them; the lovers are uni. Princess Lodoiska Mrs, Crouch

ted, and the piece concludes.

Expectation had been mucha Guards and Attendants.

raised respecting this piece, and TARTARS.

never, we believe, has it been Kera Khan

Mr. Barrymore more amply gratified. To fentiIthorak

Mr. Dignum
Mr. Sedgwick

ments the most elegant, and the Japhis Mr, hannister

neatest dialogue, is added mulic, Kajah

Mr. C. Kemble in point of compofition, proba. Tamuri Mr. Banks

bly never surpaffed : the choruffes Camazin Mr. Boimaison

in particular, where the Tartars, Captives, Horde, &c. &c.

at the instance of Kera Khan, Scene, Poland, swear eternal friend thip with



Mr. Bland


Pedigree, &c. of Old England and Walnut.

Count Floreski, was beyond any | Trinculo, Ranfom, Guyler, thing in its effect that we bave Gaudy,

Gaudy, Imperatrix, Didapper, ever heard; and we must, in jur Rival, Forefter, Manillare, grantice to the chorus-fingers, say, of Ambidexter, Dexter, that this effect was not a little Miss Judy, Hydáfpes, Adonis, heightened by their acting as well Drowsy, Hornet, &c. a grandam as, singing, the ideas which they of Bacchus, Prior, &c. &c. were to convey a praise which we cannot at all times bestow on them.

The feenery was, beyond de Pedigree and PERFORMANCES scription, beautiful; and the de.

of WALNUT. corations, unprecedently magoi. ficent and appropriate.

ALNUT ,was bred by Ld We have not room to particu•

A. Hamilton, and foaled Jarize the merits of each perfor- in 1786. He was got by Highmer. All we can, therefore, at flyer, out of Maiden, by Matchpresent say, is that we never faw em, Squirt, Mogul, Bay Bolany of them to greater advantage; ton, Pulleine's Chernut Arabian, and it must be highly gratifying Rockwood, Bustler. Maiden to Mr. Kemble's feelings as ma was own Gister to Pumpkin, Co. nager, that we are enabled to

nundrum, Ranthos,. Enigma, add, that there was not one of Riddle, Miss Timms, Purity, and them who did not appear as much the dam of Prince Ferdinand, and interested, as if the piece had the dam of Challenger. Otho, been his own.

Matron, Leveret, Young Mai*** For the most approved Songs den, &c. &c. in this Piece, see our Poetical

In 1989, Walnut, the firft time Department.

of starting, run a Sweepstakes of 220gs for 3 yr olds at Richmond, beating Enchanter, Zanga, and

another: 4 to 1 against Walnut. PEDIGREE and PERFORMANCES The O&tober Meeting at New of OLD ENGLAND.

Malton, he won a Sweepstakes

of 16ogs for 3 yr olds, beating E was bred by the Earl of Pewett, Tamerlane, Ostrich, and

Godolphin, and foaled in another : 6 to 4 on Walnut. 1741. He was got by his lord. In 1790, he won a Sweepstakes Thip’s Arabian, out of the Hart of 175gs, at York Auguft' Meetley little mare, by Bartlett's ing, beating Pewett, Harold, and childers, gr. (Fly Whig) by another: 3 to I Walnut. William's Arabian at Wood The same week he won the Great ftock, Sir Victor's Barb, Grey Subfcription of 295. for 4 yr Whynot, son of the Fenwick olds, beating Telescope, EnBarb. Old England won two chanter, Tickle Toby, Toby, King's Plates, 7ogs at Burford, and Camilla : 7 to 4 on Walnut. and fix fifties. He afterwards At Doncaster he walked over for was a stallion in Mr. Le les's a subscription of dogs, and next stud, and was fire of Amaran day won at three 2-mile heats, a thus, Fonndling, Syren, Lotha purse of cool, for 3 and 4 yr olds, rio, Britannicus, "Mr. Good. beating Harold and Telescope, 4 ricke's famous mare, the dam of to i on Walnut,




Pedigree, &c. of Spadille.- A Whimsical Compliment. 157 In 1791, at the York August Bustler; after the second heat, 3 Meeting, he won the great fub to i on Spadille. In 1789, at scription of 2951. for 5 yr olds, York Auguft Meeting, he won beating Creeper and Telescope: the great Subscription of 3011.55

At Doncaster for 5-yr olds, beating Cavendish. he won a Sweepstakes of Sogs, Pegasus, and Auguftus: 2 to 1 beating Guftavus and Pewett: agft Spadille, and 6 to 4 he beat 5 to i on Walnut. He never Cavendish. In 1790, he never Itarted after, and was never beat started. In 1791, at York. Aubut once, which was by Tickle. guft Meeting, he won a SweepToby, for the great Subscrip- Itakes of 175gs for all ages, beat. tion at York, the Day after he ing Guftavus, Fox, and Travelbeat Creeper: the odds were 4 ler: 5 to 4 on Spadille. He only to i against Tickle Toby. He is started once after, at Doncaster, now a stallion at Ainderby Stee where he was beat by a ch. c. of ple, Notthallerton, Yorkshire, at Mr. Hutchinson's, after a very jogs a mare. and jos. 6d. the hard heat: 5 to 4 on Spadille, groom.

and 5 to 2 agst the colt." He is now a stallion, and covers at the

same place ds Walnut, at 5g$. PEDIGRBE and PERFORMANCES each mare, and 56. the groom.


A. Hamilton, and foaled in

A WHIMSICAL COMPLIMENT. 3784. He was got by Highflyer, out of Flora, by Squirrel, Snap, Regulus, Bartlett's Childers, a report was so current of Honeywood's Arabian, out of

an intended diffolution of parliathe dam of the two True Blues,

ment, that Soho Horne Tooke In 1787, Spadille, firft time of actually renewed his canvass as ftarting, won the St. Legers Stakes

a candidate to reprefent the city for

of Westminster in parliament. 3 yr olds, at Doncafter, beating Eamund, Graf.

In his progress he made applicaton, No, No, and 2 others. In tion to a housekeeper who did October meeting, at New Mal.

not dislike his principles, though ton, he wou a Sweep?takes of he had no great regard for his 220gs, for 3 yr olds, beating Dr. person, and received the follow.

ing answer:

66 Citizen! I have Nim: 5 to i on Spadille. In

too much republican veranity not 1788, at two heats, he won gol. for 3 and 4 yr olds, at Alnwick,

to confess that I by no means beating 2 others: 6 to 4 on Spa

like you ; but still

'fhall cer

you dille, °At Doncaster, Mr. Went. tainly have my vote, as you are the worth's b. c. Spadille, 8ft. 316. for one particular reason, to have a

man of all others whom I willi, beat Mr. Baker's ch. c. Caven dish, sit. 716. 4 miles, 30035: 6 seat in the house of commons.” to 4 on Spadille. Ai ihe Taine “ May I beg (faid Tooke) to meeting he won at three 2 mile know what that particular reason heats, 1001, for 3 and 4-yr olds, may be?"-" Because, (replied beating Bustler, Edmund, Men.

the other) I never knew you to tor, and Thistle; at tarting, 3 to

get into any company which you 1; after ihe first heat, 5 to i on

did not contrive to knock up. VOL. IV. -No. XXI.


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THE Poet Laureat having this that another would have followed

lay of our gracious sovereign in ference of his wife.
the two last lines of his ode only,
reminds us of a certain divine,

who preached at St. Mary's, Cam-
bridge, not many Christmas-days

A gentleman of the first order fince, and who forgetting the oc of the comb, in the metropolis, casion, it is presumed, till he had gives the following very pleasing mounted the rostrum, concluded information to the fashionable his moral essay with “ the grace world: “ He is happy to inform of our Lord Jesus Christ, who was the nobility and gentry, that, duborn on this day; &c.”

ring the campaign in Flanders,

he regularly imports, from the A Bishop's Epitaph, from a Tomb- feat of war, a choice affortment

fone in the Isle of Man. of human hair (English, Austrian “In this house, which I have and French) which, for length borrowed of my brethren, the and beauty, he begs leave to reworms, lie I, Samuel, by divine commend to the notice of the lapermission late bishop of this dies; and from the large im. island, in hopes of the resurrec. portations of late, he can untion to eternal life. Reader,

dertake to sell 20 per cent. less stop ;' view the lord Bishop's pa

than has been known for several lace and smile!”

years past."


A man who is skilful in the

An open note was sent lately to cure of scabby and foald heads, a fifhmonger near Smithfield, ingives us, by public advertisement, forming him, that by the next his address at an eating house! conveyance his friend would send

him fome excellent pike, which AlateIpswich Journal mentions must be used immediately. A as a fact, that, in honour of the neighbour, who saw the note lie king's birth-day, a person of that open, gave information at one of town had a jound tooth drawn, and the public offices, that the fisher




The Feast of Wit; or, Sportsman's Hall. man was a confounded Jacobin, i One day, in a journey towards and was, in the course of the Lorraine, dressed almost like a week, to receive ten thousand country curate, with his caffock pikes from Birmingham! His trusled up, coarse worsted stockshop on the next day was filled ings, and thick shoes, with a large with officers; the long expected staff in his hand, he had got two parcel at length arrived ; when, or three hours journey before his lo! it presented half a dozen of attendants. He arrives at an inn, excellent pike, two of which the enters the kitchen, where his apalderman purchased for his din. pearance occasioned no great sen

sation. In an upper room, four

officers, petit maitres, belonging Piovano Arlotto, an Italian ec to the regiment Du Roi, were clesiastic of facetious memory, prattling to the servant maids, in passing through Naples, went to waiting for their dinner, which pay his respects to Alphonso, the occupied, and almost distracted reigning Monarch.

The king the landlady. The abbé Beaufrebeing informed by one of his montinquires if there be any one, courtiers, that Piovano was a

in the inn with whom he may man of wit and pleasantry, and dine. The landlady, looking'at that he kept a book in which he him over her shoulder, answers, sat down all the faults committed that there are only four genile. by the principal men of the age, men in the house; but if he wil! said to him, “ Signor Piovano, wait a little some carriers were is not my name in your book?" expected, with whom he may fit "I will fee,” replied Piovano, at table. Beaufremont, who saw and the king having ordered the an adventure in his stile, desires book to he fetched, he opened it a maid to request permiffion from and read, “ fault committed by the officers to admit him to their Alphonso, king of Naples, in mess. The maid goes up, des. having given twelve thousand cribes the personage; the officers, forins of gold to a German who wishing to divert themselves at was at his court, for the purpose the expence of so odd an inmate, of buying some German horses consent.

Beaufremont appears, - Why is that a is taken for a country curate, or a fault?" (said the king)—“because village schoolmaster; and is re(replied Piovano) the man will ceived with epigrams and false keep your money, and never re. compliments. The malicious turn."-" But fuppofe (laid the abbé prolongs the mistake by an king) he should bring me my assumed fimplicity. They fit. horses, or restore my money?" down to table, the worst pieces “ Then (replied Piovano) I will are put on his plate; his niece is scratch out your majesty's name, I spoken of; he is rallied on his and put his in its place.”

connexion with his servant maid :

in short, he is treated with every The abbé Beaufremont, of impertinence in which such fops Scey-sur-Saone, in France, al-abound. His patience, and the though always followed by nu- wine, encrease their petulance. merous servants, stately horses, The desert comes in. The abbe's and brilliant carriages, loved, in nofe was a little long, and rehis odd way, to steal often from ceives many a fillip. At length the lustre which attended him. he hears a noise in the yard : his


for him."


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