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British Synonymy. witnessed, But whatever wel they try a field, che grace and learn from foreign nations, 'tis elegance with which they hunt it never to play--inless at cards in over, and the variety of attitudes deed (for getting money is alike in which they stand, and point pleasing to the natives of every the game, are wonderfully pleacountry)-but the innocent and fing, and seduce a man to conti. rural pastimes of one's youth can nue the sport sometimes even to be enjoyed no where except at serious fatigue. Setting, meanhome. 'Of these, in our Gothic time, is of a far less active gelanguage, continental visitants nius, and fit enough for the most will find distinctions almost in- delicate lady to participate : as numerable; but I will point out here is no blood to fright, no only the very obvious ones, be-cruelty to fock her feelings; the cause, if they reside at all in dis. pursuit in this case ending only tant provinces, much of the remotely, not immediately, in the evening conversation turns upon death of those partridge that fall the excellency of our dogs, and at every stroke of the gunner. the success of the chase.

A fine summer evening is the Hunting, then, means the pur. true season for this amusement, suit of hare, fox, or stag, by when the still air, and fading hounds bred for the purpose, and glow of the horizon encourage a trained to the employ; while train of reflections, not disturbed; courfing is chiefly a trial of swift-. but directed by your beautiful, ness and skiil between thiee grey- your obedient spaniel towards the hounds held in a lealk, for the contemplation of man's native purpose of Nipping them sepa- superiority; while that lovely, rately at the hare, which their that intelligent creature trusts quick eye easily discerns and not himself; but yielding his opi. finds, though among the fallows, nion to that of his master, al. where her brown colour and though often well apprised by naclose-clapt ears conceal her, till ture where the covey lies, conspeed seems still likelier to pro- tentedly quarters all the stubble vide for her defence. Such too over at the command of his fo. is lier power, and such her skill, vereign, appearing deeply intethat, in a country full of uplandsrested too in that very search he and rising grounds, fewer than a could at pleasure put an imme. leash of greyhounds can seldom diate end to, by preferring his catch her, so lightly does the often - tried experience. skim the hedge-rows, so swift When, however, he has permif. descend the hill, before the dif- fion to declare the truth, how appointed dog, whom, turning gently, and with what flattering Mort, she eludes; scales the steep manners does he avow it! how àscent again before he is able to meekly manifest his modest tranf. stop his own speed, and dipping ports! while couching close for on the other side, leaves him (for the net to pass over, and close-in want of scent) perplexed and both himself and the game, he loft, the moment she is out of his kindly reserves all the fatigues view. Shooting with pointers is a of the evening for himself; all the different diverfion, and consists pleasure and profit for lis male chiefly in your own ingenuity to ter ! But enough on this detake the aim; while the fagacity lightful theme, despised by many of your quadruped affociates when 'without knowing why; for after



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inmoral Practice of making“ U we wives of John Dale,

laid upon

Curious Epitaph.-Sporting Intelligence. 115 all, it is man's Magna Charta, , in such estimation, as to leap at granted by God in days of great the extraordinary price of five antiquity, to hold dominion over guineas a cow: and it is, perinferior natures, and subjugate, haps, a circunstance worth menby reason, the brute creation; tioning, that Mr. Fowler, of Rollengaging the affections of some bright, in Oxfordshire, in 1789, with our carefles, and making for ten bull calves, refused 500 ourselves formidable to others by guineas ! our power.

Curious EPITAPH at BAKEWELL REFLECTIONS on the incestuous and


TNDER this tomb lie the Bulls in ENGLAND.

wives of Commiunicaied by a Lady.

of Bakewell, Barber - Surgeon, T has long been an established born at Sheldon. His first wife,

maxim, that, to improve the Elizabeth, was the daughter of breed of bulls and cows, it is Godfrey Foljambe, of Bakewell; necessary to cross it with others his second wife, Sarah, was the of an alien stock, under an

daughter of Bloodworth opinion, that continuing to breed “ Know, posterity, that on the from the same line weakens the 8th of April, in the year of grace stock. This idea, however root

1757, the rambling remains of ed it may have been in the minds the abovefaid John Dale were, of former practitioners, is now

in the 86th year of his pilgrim

his two wives. entirely set aside by the modern age, practice of breeding, not from This thing in life might raise fome jealousy,

Here all three lie together lovingly; the same line only, but from the

But from embraces here po pleasure flows, same family : the incestuous fire Alike are here all human joys and woes: and the daughter, the son and Here Sarah's chiding, Joho no longer hears, the mother, the brother and the And old John's rambling Sarah no more fifter, are now permitted to im- A period's come to all their toilsome lives, prove their own kind. - This The good man's quiet, ftill are both his practice is well known, under

wives. * the term of breeding in-and-in; and, in this way, it is said, the SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. improvement of the several breeds has advanced rapidly to a

N , age or nation.

The practice of letting out bulls afternoon, Blyth and Mofs, two by the season has also contribu- noted fighters, met on the com. ted much towards the improve. mon near Battle-bridge, Effex, ment of a valuable breed; for where it had been agreed they one bull, thus employed, instead Thould figlit for five guineas ; a of being useful to his proprietor ring was roped in, and a large only, may,

in a few
years, ex-

concourse of people attended ; tend the benefits of his stock they fought near twenty minutes, through a whole district; and so when a dispute arising respecting fully are the stock.masters con Blyth's falling, which by many vinced of its advantages, that was asTerted to be accidental; it eighty guineas have been given was therefore agreed by the umfor the use of a bull for one fea- pires that the money flould be fon. Some of these animals are withdrawn.

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Sporting Intelligence. During the races at Chester, 3 to i agft.Ld Grosvenor's Doxy last month, a main of cocks was f. for the Oaks. fought, between the gentlemen of 5 to 2 agst the D. of Bedford's Cheshire, (Sunley, feeder) and Dungannon c. out of Leonora, the gentlemen of Leicestershire, for the Derby. (Lister, feeder) for 2ogs a battle, 6 to 4 Ld Egremont's Grey Horse and googs the main, which was against Ld Clermont's Peggy. won by the latter, 21 to 14, who also got 5 to 4 in the byes.

6 to 4 Cayenne wins the

1200gs. Mr. Donner's Drone colt, who won at 5 heats, at Malton, laft O&tober, run 14 heats for 3 plates, viz. 4 at Stockton, 5 at Borough

On Saturday May 3, Mr. Phil. bridge, and 5 at Malton. And lidor played three games against what is further remarkable, John three good chess-players at the Sheperd, who rode Drowsey, the same time. Two of the games winner at 5 heats, at Borough-he performed blindfold, and the bridge, rode the above colt" at third he looked over the boards. Malion: two circumstances not The blindfold games were against to be paralleled in racing.

Mr. Hull and Chevalier de la
Radiere, a French Emigrant.-

Mr. Bowdler moved for Mr.
Yesterday was rung at our

Phillidor against Mr. Hull, Mr. church, for the first time, by the Rameau moved for him against Maid:tone Society of Ringers, in the Chevalier. The game look. three hours and 36 minutes, a ing at the boards he played against peal of 5000 changes of Maidstone Mr. Wilson. This was one of new bob major royal: the 7th, the most interesting matches ever 8th, 9th and 10th bells were to

witnessed by the amateurs. Mr. gether the right way behind 300 Phillidor was wonderfully clear times.

in his memory, and actually won The above peal was composed the three games, after two hours and called by Mr. Thomas King strong conteft. What is remark

able, all the games ended at the

same time, and were won by On Monday, April 24, Mr. only a pawn advantage. There Holt's peal of 5040 grandfire was a very large and elegant comtripples (with the sixth bell the pany present. obfervation) was rung at St. Pe. ter's in Nottingham, in three

On the morning of the 6th of hours and thirty minutes, by the May, as Mr. Robertson, of Car. Junior Society in that town, who tle. Hall, near Milford, was going also

rang it (with the seventh out for the diversion of otterbell the observation) on Shrove hunting (an amusement common Tuesday morning last.

in that country) he was suddenly

saluted with the cry of some of BETTING ROOM,

his hounds on finding a fox. THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1794. His fondness for the sport indu

ced him to encourage his little 6 to 4 Lurcher against Ld Grof-pack, consisting only of seven

venor for the Main of the Oat. I dogs, which, however, compelled lands,




Sporting Intelligence.

113 the nightly robber of the hen On Saturday, Tay the zoth, a roost to abandon his covert, and smart foot-race was decided on seek protection from his affail-the Brighton turnpike-road, beant by flight. After an excellively | tween a Lincolnshire man and hard run of upwards of ten miles, another of this town, commonly they forced him to enter the called the Pyeman. They ran fix town of Haverford West, and in miles for a purse of twenty guino small degree astonished the neas, which was won by the lat. natives of that place.

ter, who ran his ground over in 31 minutes and a half.

CRICK E T. On Tuesday, May 13, and the following day, a grand match of cricket was played in Lord's Grounds, Mary-le-bone, between eight gentlemen of the Mary-le-bone Club, and four men given, against eleven gentlemen of London, for five hundred guineas a-lide.





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Hon. Mr. Tufton sen. 6 Lord 6 c W. Beeston, Esq.
Ray b ditto


b Lord Hon. Mr. Twisleton c Dale

c Mr. Dale Ingram b Lord

c Mr. Jackson Hon. Mr. Tufton, jun. b ditto

5 b Lord Nicoll, Esq. c J. Beeston, Esq. b ditto Clark, Esq. c Dale

26 b ditto Bedster run out

6 b ditto Mellifh, Esq.b Lord

c Golding, Esq. Brandling, Esq. c. J. Beeston, Efq. 12 b Lord R. Walpole, Esq. not out

9 c Golding, Esq. Sylvester b Lord

not out Byes


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1 6

W. Beeston, Esq. c Clarke, Esq. 4 c Ray
Briden, Esq. run out

8 run out Wheeler, Esq. run out

5 b Bedster J. Beeston, Eiq. c Bedster

5 c R. Walpole, Esq. Rice, Esq. c. Hon. Mr. Tufton, jun. o c Sylvester Mr. Dale b Bedster

3 b Bedster Mr. Jackson b ditto

b ditto Wall, Esq. b Sylvester

not out Graham b ditto

25 b Bedster Goldham, Esq. b Nicoll, Esq. 9

c Mellish. Esq. Lord not out

c Bedster Byes 4


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Total 64



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and was confined to the circuit DINARY

of half a mile. The wager of ten May 14, a man of 55 years of guineas, 'for which the walk age completed his walk' of an was undertaken, was performed hundred miles, within fix mi- i with the utmost ease, upon a prutes of 24 hours, upon Clap. scale of comparison, as he has hain Common. He began about previously walked over the same twelve o'clock the preceding day, space of ground at Brighton, in

22 hours.

On Wednesday, May 21, and the following day, a grand match of cricket was played in Lord's Ground, Mary.le-bone, between nine gentlemen of the Mary-le-bone club, with two men given, against eleven of London, for five hundred guineas:


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