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Ranelagh Masquerade. RANELAGH MASQUERADE. , of such there were, in the present

APRIL 30th.

instance, too liberal a sprinkling.

The Wierd Sisters
O the credit of the con.
ductors of this elegant place that of face.

other witchery about them than of amusement, we must say, that

A Mercury was well drefred and there never appeared a more happy that was alí, for (perhaps sensible society than that which was made up of the masques, dominos and enough of his colloquial inca.

pacity) he delivered a neatly printed undisguised visitors, who mingled Ode to May, which was unforin the festive scene of Wednesday tunately nonsense ; however, to do night.

him justice, by the aid of the Before Tupper, about 1500


convivial glass, he found, at a assembled; neither was this num

late hour, at which end of him ber much diminished till day. This wit really lay-id eft, in his light.

heels; not Harlequin himself was Characters, as is too frequent

a match for him. ly the case in London, compared with the mass, were but few, and these, were only to mention a

To speak of character after of those few, a very small part throng of women disgustingly me. indeed deserved any notice for tamorphosed into male forms, their ability, or even for their at- and of men vice versa; sailors, tempts, to entertain. The most entitled to notice Gazette-hawkers, &c. &c. as also

chimney - sweepers, scullions, was a Katterfelto and his Black

a few fools of the theatres. Cat, who kept his head clear for

Some of the fancy dresses were the purposes of conjuration, as long as his auditors were but very elegant these were chiefly

Turkish ficiently collected to relish his

The fire-works in the garden tricks. A Charlotte Cordé, risen from the good success, in consequence of

were played off with unusually grave, was all night brandishing the dryness and serenity of the her fanguinary dagger in pursuit evening, and were very beautiful, of Roberfpierre, whom the vow

The supper and wines were as ed to Maratise in due time.

good as we had a right to expect, A Sleep-walker and Sleep-talker and plentiful. - Several persons perambulated and muttered tillit of fathion were in the round; but was time for all the world to

we did not see the Prince among wake and speak to the purpose. them : the rotunda was not

A tallbeggar deserves particular cleared at seven o'clock. credit for being, while excellently well drest in chara&ter, perfectly clean in his garb, which was evidently made up for the occa. To the Editors of the Sporting fion according to the dictates of a


GENTLEMEN, most picturesque taste. - We mean this as a hint to those who APPENING few days in low characters at masquerades since, to make an evening's only become noticeable in pro. excursion in eager hope and ex. portion as our senses are offended pectation of fumbling over some by their external filth, and per-mental relaxation, " FORTUNE,” fectly natural vulgarity of manners, (“my lucky genius!--my better

5 stars!

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Manner of taking Turtle Doves.

107 stars !"-or by whatever appella- of any man, to arraign his verae tion in the sublimity of your city where no cause of accusation phraseology you will 'permit my or suspicion has arisen, (particu. leader to be called) accidentally larly where nothing can be gained introduced me to a nocturnal af- by unqualified affertions), yet I semblage of the most celebrated cannot but recal to memory a re(felf-Selected) sportsmen the king. mark' I have somewhere seen, dom has to boast. Politics, that there are a class of people STOCKS, CAMPAIGNS, Victo- who entertainingly sport false. RIES, MONARCHIES, ARISTOCRA hoods till they believe them to CIES, REPUBLICs, and such dan. be Facts. gerous topics constituted no part This being admitted, I must of the conversation. The sports confess it has made me warp very of the field-the best guns-shots considerably in my original idea -dogs-horses, and the imagi- of shooting with the long bow, and nary) exploits of their masters of the public distinction between totally abforbed every other con- Truth and falsehood; and I now fideration. Wonders (absolute submit it to your long experience impoffibilities) increased with the and superior judgment, as some circulation of the glass, and part of the world (from a palpamongst others, the following able deficiency of intellect) were assertions were made with the undoubtedly generated when the most solemn assurances of their Fathers were drunk, and the veracity.

MOTHERS asleep, whether many One had " killed feventeen of that description may not brace and a half of birds in one become habitually addicted to day from his own gun, without dreaming, and sport the efferves. missing a single shot.—A second cence of their nocturnal lucubra“had left his flaunch old pointer tions, without the necessary prestanding at a jack snipe, while he caution to observe whether their went home two miles for his

AUDITORS are awake. gun, and returning, sprung the

Your's, &c. bird and killed it to his point.A third “ had trotted his hackney

SNORE 'EM! twelve miles an hour, for three hours, without drawing bit, and at the conclusion of his journey, Manner of taking Turtle Doves coming over Finchley Common in the dulk of the evening, being

between GNATIA and TARANattacked by a highwayman, he

From Swinburne's Travels

in the Two Sicilies, struck down his pistol, stuck Spurs to his horse, and beat him at a NATIA was the last stage canter.—All these things, Gen but one of Horace's jour. tlemen, do very well for the box ney to_Brundufium, and now of a buck's eating- house, particu. called Terre d'Aanazzo. Little larly when decorated with the remains, except part of the ram. exhilarating glafs, and the enli- parts which, near the sea, are vening fumes of tobacco; but in entire as high up as the bottom the more serene moments of re. of the battlements. The town flection, permit me to observe, seems to have been square, and that although I have too great a its principal streets drawn in respect for the supposed integrity straight lines. The view to.

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Manner of taking Turtle Doves. wards Monopoli is extremely were now to be had tolerably beautiful,

drinkable; so that I was obliged Want of water caused the de to content myself with the water ftru&tion of Gnatia; a scarcity I of a cistern full of tadpoles, and had an opportunity of being qualify it with a large quantity made sensible of, and which na of wine that resembled treacle turally explains Horace's phrase more than the juice of the grape. of

When I held the pitcher to my

lips, formed a dam 'with a 66 Gnatia lymphis knife, to prevent the little frogs Iratis extruita."

from fipping down my throat.

Till that day I had but an imAs we were trotting along the perfect idea of thirst. burning sands, one of the ser As soon as we had recruited vants, (already half-dead with our strength and spirits, we left heat and fatigue) had the addi-the inn, and retired gradually , tional ill fortune of being fright from the sea, drawing up toened almost out of his wits; he wards the hills, through oliveon a sudden gave a loud shriek, groves that afforded us a very and threw himself from his horse, welcome shade. Flocks of turtle. crying out that he was a dead doves skimmed across the road; man; for either a scorpion, a ta- but though they frequently Autrantula, or a ferpent had ftung tered near me, I respected the him on the instep. On pulling virtues ascribed to them by the off his boot, I found that his ter- poets too much to think of shootTors and pains were caused by the ing at them. Young ones are rays of the sun, which had pe- esteemed a great dainty. netrated through a hole in the The mode of killing them upper-leather, and raised a blister is very fingular: when the fun on the skin.

is vertical, and the sky clear, Soon after we arrived at a a couple of sportsmen drive small single house, consisting of into the olive-grounds in an a kitchen, loft, and stable, lately open chaise, and move flowly, erected for the convenience of but

continually round the travellers, by the agents of the trees, till they spy a dove fit. Order of Malta, to which the ting upon the boughs. The land belongs. The kitchen was poor bird, ftruck with the untoo hot for me to breathe in, usual fight, or giddy with the and the other two apartments as rotation of the wheels, fixes its full of fleas as Shakespeare's inn eyes upon them, and whirls its at Rochester; fo that my only head round in imitation of their refuge was the narrow shade of inution. When the eye of the the house, which was contracted turtle is thus fascinated, one of every minute more and more, as the fowlers flips out of the car. the fun advanced towards the riage, and fires his piece. Little meridian. Behind the house then stone basons full of water, are also I sat down. to dine upon the fare frequently placed for the doves we had brought in our wallet. to drink at, while the shooter Unluckily I had not thought of lies in ainbuscade behind wine and water; neither of which buih.


Account of the Games and Diversions of the Spaniards. 109 Account of the GAMES and Di., whom visits are received, and are VERSIONS of the SPANIARDS. as a prelude to the tertulias : but, ( Concluded from page 24. ).

on great occasions, when a wed

ding, christening, or tbe birthTHI THE Spanish nation has a de- day of the head of a family is to

cided taste for dancing, and be celebrated, the refresco bethe greatest aptitude to excel in comes an important and very exthe art. The Seguidilla, as well pensive affair. Allthe family acas the Fandango, is a dance pecu- quaintance are invited; and, in liar to the Spaniards: the figure proportion as they arrive, the is formed by eight persons; at men separate from the women, each corner the four couple re The latter take their seats in a trace, though but momentarily, particular chamber, and etiquette the principal movements of the requires they should remain alone Fandango. A spanish female, till all the company be affembled, dancing the Seguidilla, dressed or at least till the men stand up in character, accompanying the without approaching them. The instrument with castanets, and lady of the house, waits for them marking the measure with her under a canopy, in a place set heel with uncommon precision, is a part in the hall, which in ancient certainly one of the most seducing manners, not yet entirely abolishobjects which love can employ ed, was called the estrado, over to extend his empire.

which is usually fufpended an Besides the dances peculiar to image of the Virgin. The apthe nation, the Spaniards have pearance of the refresco, at length adopted those of other countries, enlivens every countenance, and without excepting the minuet; | infuses joy into every heart: conbut the noble, decent, and eafy versation becomes animated, and graces of this dance escape them. the sexes approach each other. It appears, however, have The company are first presented many attractions in the eyes of with large glasses of water, in the Spaniards, and makes an ef. which little fugar-loaves, (called sential part of their education. azucar esponjado, or rosado) square,

But balls and concerts are not and of a very spongy substance, the only entertainments at which are diffolved: there are succeeded the Spaniards assemble. They by chocolate, the favourite rehave also their tertulias and re freshment twice a day of the frescos. The tertulias are af. Spaniards, and which is believed semblies very similar to those of to be so nourishing, or at least so France. Perhaps inore liberty innocent, that it is not refused to reigns in the former, but languor persons dangerously ill. After sometimes establishes its throne the chocolate come all sorts of there, as well as in the midst of confectionary. It is hardly pofthe French circles.

sible to conceal the profusion with We are told, by the Chevalier which all these delicacies are de Bourgoanne, that their refrer distributed. People are not only cos, the invention of luxury and cloyed with them in the house of greediness, contribute no less festivity, but they put quantities than the tertulias to facilitate the of them into paper, and even intercourse of the two

sexes. into their hats and handkerchiefs; These, in general, are only light and the servants are speedily dir. repafts, prepared for persons from patched home with the precious




Extraordinary Fox Chace.

favings, which serve to cover the but have a good heart, and easily table of more than one miser for yield to reason, when it is possible several days. Though such en to induce them to listen to it. tertainments weigh heavily on The spanish women in general, the economy of individuals, it have eyes so lively, expressive, has, like all other abufes, become and intelligent, that, had they no sacred by length of time, and no other charms, they would be person has sufficient courage to thought handsome. Bourgoanne's be the first to shake off the yoke. Travels, III. 356. Bourgoanne's Tr. 194.

Though Mr. Swinburne, in his A ball or card-tables generally general picture of the Spanish fucceed the refresco; but it very women, exhibits a likeness, it is feldom happens that the enter-by no means a flattering one: he tainment is concluded with a fup-rays, the Spanish are, in general, per. This is always a very fru- little and thin, but almost all have gal repast with the Spaniards, and sparkling black eyes, full of exat which they rarely affemble.

presion. It is not the fashion The Chevalier de Bourgoanne here, as in France, to "heighten draws the following volup- their eclat with paint. They are tuous portrait of the young endowed, by nature, with a great ladies. 'Nothing, (says he) is deal of wit and lively repartee; more engaging ihan a young fe- but, for want of the polish and male Spaniard, of fifteen years of succours of education, their wit age: a face perfectly oval; hair of remains obscured by the rudest a fine clear auburn, equally di- ignorance, and most ridiculous vided on the forehead, and only prejudices. Not one talent do bound by a filk net; large black they possess; nor do they ever eyes; a mouth full of graces; an work, read, write, or touch'any attitude always modeft; a simple musical instrument: their cortejo, habit of neat black serge, exactly or gallant, seems their only playfitting the body, and gently pref- thing. Sivinburne's Tr. II. 217 sing the wrist; a little hand per The Spanish theatre is nearly fectly proportioned: in fine, what it was in the last century: everything charms in these youth- it is full of defects, incidents, unful virgins. They recal to our reasonably succeed each other, and recollection the softness, beauty, are without probability; inequadress, and fimplicity of the young ,lities are numerous, and every Grecian females, of whom an. thing is confounded. tiquity has left such elegant models: the angels in Spanish Extraordinary Fox Chase by the comedy, are always represented

Duke of BEAUFORT'S HOUNDS by young girls. Bourgoanne's Tr.

at Castle Coombe, The fame intelligent traveller also gives us his sentiments on TT is unnecessary for us to take the Spanish ladies in general ; he says, the countenance of the so much better

much better appropriated, Spanish women is extremely with another account of this finsensible, and full of vivacity. gular chace, it having been al. They express themselves with ready fully described in page rapidity, and have a seducing 285 of Volume III. we fall only volubility of speech: they are therefore, make this short addi. hasty, opinionated, and passionate; tion, by way of introducing the


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